Thus Spoke Woke. …… A Review, by Fred


Thus Spoke Woke.  The monotonous song from the album  The Narrative by Drum Chief and the Indiginous Beatnicks. The sacred band that creates bad feelings the way a bad singer ruins a beautiful hymn sung by a fine choir. Because the Woke would rather be morally wrong than factually correct. Starting their long unawaited tour in Flyover Country  the Swamp.

Backup vocals by the Black Hebrew Isrealites.   (Best known for their hits <cesnored>, <redacted>, and <I can't possibly publish that in a blog like this>. ) (Ed note the link is to almost 2 hours of video. My, my Real News deep sixed vetted that, didn't they?)


Photo via VOX

Promotion by: CNN, Twitter, Faceborg and the entire cast of MSNPC INC.

Such as in this reporting by Savannah Guthrie "Twitter rips Savannah Guthrie for 'appalling' interview with Nicholas Sandmann on 'Today'"

Guthrie Sandman interview

Other Great tunes include:

The Narrartive    by: Comrade Marx and the Victimhood Group 

Now Hear This, Over and Over Again  by MSNPC (Muzak never sounded so sweet)

 A spiritual – I Heard the Cock Crow by Most  Rev. Roger Joseph Foys, D.D.  



I think there is a lesson there for us all.


Death Panels by Delegate Tran


I Will Pay Their Penalty for Simply Being   by Baby


Nothing to See Here, Move Along   by: Politicians and the Guess Which Party Group.

March For Life News Coverage  by Absolutely Nobody with ratings. Right to Life, what the heaven is that?

Trump's Innaugual Crowd was Bigger by the Womens March.        

Punch Back Twice as Hard by Barack Obama


(ed note: Great symbolism in the cover art by Hatr)

has been replaced by

Here, Have a Subpoena. No Realy, This is for You.  by the L Lin Wood P.C..

 I'm sure you will either love their tune or hate the cost. It's a must watch video that will play on MTV right after the  Planned Parenthood videos by Project Veritas.



In Review I must say that this album is one of the finest pieces of Neodemocraticsolcialistjustice Enlightenment in the Art of the Narrative to arrive this year. When you thought you would see bland news coverage of the 47th RTL March but get wall to wall coverage of a group of teenagers "assualting" a group you never heard of you know you have just seen one of the finest examples of Isloate and Swarm, Amplify and Double Down since the Alinsky tactics were analyzed by alt-rightwing Native American in Italy VOXday (not to be confused with alt-left wing VOX) you know you have a winner. (Ed note. Rule 13: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.". Don't you gals know picking on a teenager is now called bullying and 13 is a very unlucky number?)

This is a new textbook example of the craft of making news, not covering it; especially when it reflects poorly on The Party. This is sure to have more staying power than Bang! They shot holes in your history or POP there goes the narrative. As the Great Woke Women of Huffington Post would put it…..


So So Woke

Oops. I guess pink slips don't go with pink hats. Well, as the saying goes:


Copies available on line, pick up one soon becasue after Trump's speech tonight they'll only be available in a Kentucky Court Room or a memory hole near you.

I'm sure you are looking forward to the next review, "Have You Heard About? Of Course Not" The extended play version.

Featuring such great hits as:

I Left My Hanky Panky in San Francisco   by Kamala Harris

There was Nothing Behind the Green Door, it was all out in the Open   by Willie Brown

411 Grinder Gone Bad by Chicago MAGA

I already made you a sandwhich

I Fought Back by Jussie Smollett

I fought back

Persons of Interest from the album We Looked Through Hundreds of Hours of Video by The Chicago PD.



Don't Believe All Women, subtitled Facts Matter NOW 'cause I'm Woke    by Lord <Help Me> Lieutenant Governor Fairfax

Lt. Gov Fairfax via Politico


We Laughed All The Way To The Bank by The Ed Gillespie Campaign Strategists.

(ed note: Flip side to $29 Million, look what Robby Mook blew)

Blackface is Racist by Isn't That Just Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


Stayed tuned to more great reviews! Remember, they make the Intellectual Expectorant, we only review it.


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