“Today is Friday” – Ernest Hemingway

"He looked pretty good up there today."  pl

Today is Friday


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8 Responses to “Today is Friday” – Ernest Hemingway

  1. The Twisted Genius says:

    I was not aware of this work. Rough men speaking volumes about death and life in very few words. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Charles I says:

    Nor I, nicely staged. What a richly cultured guy you are.
    The women stood by him. Thank heavens for them.

  3. JL Campos says:

    Thank you.

  4. JMGavin says:

    I find myself so often caught up in the mundane…I forget what really counts, and who did what, and for whom.

  5. optimax says:

    A lot of ideas and character development in one short scene. A true master. I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. turcopolier says:

    Yes, rough men like us and the other brothers here. A silly priest once tried to say I was like Longinus. I told him that he had no idea… pl

  7. The persistence of memory! Thanks PL

  8. SAC Brat says:

    Pulled it up and watched it yesterday with the kids. Thanks for posting this again. I always like to think about the facts of Holy Week.

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