Treat her like a Lady. Haven Monahan and the media’s propaganda war on women voters. – Fred

There has been much, much made of the conduct of Trump on that airplane ride from so long ago. It is certainly relevant now. Let's refresh our short term memories with a picture that is worth a thousand words:


Oopsy daisy, not the picture I was looking for. That  is perfectly appropriate conduct when you see a capable woman who spent years developing skills being acknowledged by her peers. 

BTW I’m with her. 

Here we are. Look closely and you know exactly what Octoman is thinking:

Octopussy (GQ)

BTW I’m with her, and her and her too. (A guy can dream, can’t he?) Ok, ok this reporting thing is hard. I’m not a professional like Judith Miller after all. 

Phew. Here we go, that’s more like it. See how he looks at her?  You know exactly what he’d like to do.


That’s really Deplorable. 

Back to Haven Monahan and the War on Women (voters). What is really important about this event from years a and  go? No it is not “I’m not a crook”; No, it is not “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. It’s not even  a chapter from that book that sold 80 million copies: fifty shades of grey. 

(classical references: and  )

Haven Monahan? Well she never existed but other "war on women" outrages certainly did.

What do the Tawana Brawley case, the Duke Lacrosse case and the Rolling Stone UVA story have in common? The  media did not do a fair and unbalanced investigation and report the facts. Not in any of them. Did anyone apologize for the abusive treatment of those who were innocent? Sure they did. Did they damage the people and institutions so attacked? You betcha. They damaged just about everyone involved, except the reporters and politicians.  What else do they have in common? They did not save a failing presidential campaign (though one did launch a successful New York politician). This tale just might though.  All it takes is a short attention span and a lack of critical thinking (a skill we used to teach in high schools and colleges). Keep this all in mind when we hear yet again some slam dunk evidence about what is going on in the election of 2016. 

Now in prelude to Wednesday's gladiatorial fun fest and for your listening pleasure:

I'm sure that won't be anyone's campaign theme song but I do wonder what Trump would look like in bell bottoms.  


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  1. Cortes says:

    The script, Sir, appears a tad lopsided.
    A woman’s sexual history is supposed to be sub rosa.
    A man’s is fair game. If his surname is Trump rather than Clinton.
    What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander. Which is what the “deplorables” appear to get and the gilded seem to be oblivious about. The “deplorables” actually seem to focus on tangible factors affecting their lives rather than nonsense.
    For avoidance of doubt, I’m from the UK. So just the observation of an outsider.

  2. optimax says:

    Where are the panties? Women always threw their panties at Tom Jones. The Borg obviously photoshopped the panties out.
    CNN and Huffpo know what the most important issue in this election is:

  3. AJ says:

    OT but VA-related news:
    Campaign trail: Spy center backs off Trump sign ban
    Mike Sienda already felt aggrieved when his boss at the National Ground Intelligence Center’s Rivanna Station told him in early September to not show up on grounds with his giant Trump-Pence signs on the side of his box truck.
    When he was told he couldn’t park on the federal property with a smaller Trump 2016: Make America Great Again sign in the back window of his Jeep, Sienda contacted the Rutherford Institute, a local civil rights org. And within two days of its attorneys writing NGIC October 12, he was told, uh, never mind, the smaller sign is just fine.
    “I think they realized it’s protected speech,” says Sienda.
    The spy center had cited the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in on-the-job campaigning, when it first banned Sienda’s box truck. However, the Rutherford Institute argues that the act says workers can exercise their rights “unless expressly prohibited by law,” and the regs allow bumper stickers on personal vehicles, and do not “expressly prohibit” signs over a certain size.
    Sienda still hasn’t gotten the okay to bring back the bigger signs on his truck, which the Rivanna Station called a “campaign vehicle.”
    “We’re going to ask them to clarify that,” says Rutherford founder John Whitehead. “If the government uses these terms, they have to define them.”
    NGIC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Sienda is happy with his partial victory. “I’m glad to be able to participate in the political process and not worry about doing anything wrong,” he says.

  4. Jack says:

    The tabloidification of our media is now on the asymptotic curve. Couple that with access journalism and top journalists as celebrities in the same social circles as the business, financial and political elite. Now add in the nanny state and PC culture. The end result is what we have now.
    With 24/7 news channels competing with reality TV and other shows, only sensationalism gets the views. TV and print are losing views as we’re getting more fragmented in our media consumption. As the line between reality and fiction blur, actors like governments and political campaigns as well as businesses use sophisticated media campaigns to persuade target audiences. Propaganda is on steroids. We’re now at a point like the people in the Soviet Union were when all the information was packaged and disseminated. No longer can we trust. Skepticism will continue to grow as reality does not comport with the salacious pablum being sold.
    One of these days we’ll hit the emperor has no clothes moment and this period of mass delusion will get shattered. Then the ugliness will show up as people will feel they were robbed when they have nothing. The fact that we’re treading water globally despite the massive debt growth and the trillions conjured up by central banks says we’re reaching the limits of this financial hoax.
    It is a testament to our gullibility and why media IO is being used more and more when a warmonger with a proven record of bad judgment can be manipulated to power. Hey, at least everyone feels so morally superior or at least pretends to be. Like the ultra liberal college professor who is a dirty racist or the evangelical preacher who is a closet gay.

  5. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to Fred and All,
    It’s kinda chickenshit to point this out, but Haven Monahan DID exist, at least in a young woman’s mind: JACKIE’S! But she created Haven as a guy; even though she did the texting to the classmate (a guy) named Ryan, who she was trying to make jealous, and get off his butt, and pay her some heed. So in order to help her find out if Haven Monahan liked her or not, and to explain more about certain other women around him–Ryan having remained a friend after she gave no sign of noticing having been rebuffed in HER advances. In fact, she had doubled down. (OH, WOW.) But the thing is, Ryan now having assumed the identify of a fictitious girl, say “Luisa”, began to seriously text back and forth about JACKIE. OF COURSE, THIS ACTUALLY WAS JACKIE ANSWERING BACK. She had also found a Tor application which created another telephone number when her text came through, from Haven Monahan or from Luisa. Or back and forth. So Ryan is the target but doesn’t know it, and he has now become a text-girl. Now Haven Monahan was supposed to have made Ryan jealous but didn’t. Cause he was apparently one of those rare things, an actual Virginia gentleman. So she upped the ante. She became ill. Quite ill. Lupus. Soon all four of them, two real and two her own creations, but getting more and more real by the minute, though I guess Ryan should be given some credit (and did he enjoy being Luisa?) were text messagiing about her impending death. Then she dropped the disese angle. She decided to go nuclear. Something was gonna have to give. She was going to nail the immovable object. Or make the first step in a career as a dean of students. For she had been working for a number of years with a group of young feminists who have launched a nation-wide organization to confront the university campus rape culture. Assuming it exists. Who knows? (You’d think it ought to, for heaven’s sake.) The ones who get the jobs are the ones who devote their lives to their Sisters after being sexually assaulted. That’s 101.
    The bomb was that she had been taken by “Haven Monahan” to a fraternity initiation and been forced to do all that we have so recently heard about. Then she text- messaged her nice gentlemanly classmate, Ryan, on his real identify. He and two other friends now went through a bad night. They met her off of University Avenue after midnight and found her in a red dress with blood on it, some cuts, and semi-hysterical. One of the friends, a girl, stayed with her, after they got her back to her dorm. She didn’t want the police then. Couldn’t deal with it. Had to sleep. Jackie didn’t want the hospital or the police next morning, either. This went on for some weeks. The friends were getting more and more worried. Jackie figured Ryan needed to chill out. She had it all under control. So she text messaged him that she and the Marquise, er Haven Monahan, had finally had a heart to heart talk. She had forgiven him. Haven had just been in the background, perhaps watching, perhaps giving orders. Showing her how the junior year abroad program at the Marquise’s Chateau at Silling goes?
    Then nobody did anything at all for a long time, which is the part I kind of like.
    Then her grades got bad. Who knows. It took a long time to set the whole thing up in her mind. She went to Dean Eramo…
    If you want to tune in to what is happening at this stage, the C-Ville weekly is on the job. Also, the Washington Post has redeemed itself with the story of Jackie and Haven Monahan. (Haven now has his/her Wikipedia mention.) The trial in C-Ville at the Federal courthouse is going into its third day tomorrow. The trial is going to last twelve days! Dean Eramo testified yesterday.
    Jackie (with Haven) testified by video deposition yesterday, I believe.
    I was born too soon. Back in the day this place was all guys and they burned pianos and such. Now the place is 65 per cent women.
    Oh brave new world!

  6. rjj says:

    is the media Fair Game game that new?
    keep wondering what Nixon’s real transgression might have been.

  7. AJ says:

    Did you ever see George Carlin’s routine on the owners of the America?? It sounds like Trump at one of his rallies. Lots of crude language but funny and spot on. And a good portion of the people at Carlin’s show probably laughed and said “how true”. Yet two decades later along comes a brash billionaire who’s boholden to no one and says he’ll end the corrupt system, and these same Carlin fans become self-righteously opposed to a troglodyte who doesn’t believe in climate change and open borders. And meanwhile Trump’s greatest support comes from guys who thought Larry the Cable Guy was funny. If Carlin were still alive it’d be interesting to get his take on the election. No doubt he’d be supporting Jill Stein, but I’d like to see if he would’ve sold out. Like pacifist sellout Noam Chomsky, who said he’s supporting Hillary because Trump doesn’t accept climate change.
    George Carlin: The Owners of America

  8. Tyler says:

    When someone keeps calling you deploreable, there’s the growing voice that says spit on your hands, raise a black flag, and get around to proving them right.

  9. Fred says:

    “Now the place is 65 per cent women.” I hear ya, but what kind of women? Hopefully not too many of the “…first step in a career as a dean of students. ” (Laughed at that thought).
    Twelve days for a trial? They must expect serious entertainment or serious money to be changing hands. That trial should be a mini-series.

  10. Fred says:

    The cover up.

  11. bks says:

    Because Trump refused to release his tax returns, we can assume that he’s beholden to someone. Otherwise, what was he afraid of?

  12. Castellio says:

    If we are (somehow) talking about contemporary women and their role in politics, it’s worthwhile listening to this:

  13. Fred says:

    Media coverage, unlike Hilary who had five staff members plead the 5th. They are afraid of criminal conviction – until after her inaugural.

  14. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to Tidewater,
    Marquise is the feminine counterpart of Marquis.
    OK. Thinking sideways. This leads to the Marquise von O, by Heinrich von Kleist. (Die Marquise von O.)
    Question. Is it not remarkable that a little group of Wahoos could stumble into a plot that seems right out of High German Romanticism?
    Further: It is interesting that the great Paris- based French/German filmmaker Eric Rohmer also made a late film based on von Kleist’s novel. His interpretation of “The Marquise von O.” got very good reviews.
    Further: Eric Rohmer’s ‘Six Moral Tales’ are available from the Criterion Collection.
    Remember. Once drove a considerable distance on a lovely fall afternoon into D.C. to an unknown theatre to watch “Claire’s Knee.”

  15. robt willmann says:

    Well, tonight (19 October) is another presidential “debate”, without two of the candidates, Dr. Jill Stein (Green party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian party). After Ross Perot partially messed up the racket in 1992 and appeared in the debates, the operators did not want that to happen again. Jesse Ventura won the Minnesota governor’s race after he was allowed to appear in debates and the voters got to see him. But when Ralph Nader ran for president in 2000, I think it was, he was not only not allowed to participate in the presidential debates, he was not even allowed into the location to watch a debate.
    Tonight’s debate “moderator” (ROFL) is Chris Wallace of Fox Newz. He is the son of Mike Wallace, who was on the CBS 60 Minutes program for a long time. Unfortunately, Chris Wallace is a full-fledged member of the Borg, as is seen early on in this familiar segment from the “Daily Show” in which a collection of video clips showed that 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul was not being mentioned after he did well in the Ames, Iowa straw poll–
    I think that the political operators were especially afraid of Jill Stein appearing in the debates, in spite of some of her political positions, because as a female candidate, she makes a better impression and is much more believable than Hillary Clinton.

  16. Fred says:

    I believe it was Franklin who said it best. We have a Republic, if we can keep it. However as some prominent Democrats pointed out, some in this years primaries:

  17. VietnamVet says:

    Having never texted in my life, the passions of Jackie Coakley or Anthony Weiner are of a different parallel universe. The 2016 election is a horror show broadcast live. Corporate media is 100% for Hillary Clinton. Her campaign is aimed at suburban and urban women and ascendant minorities, not loser white males. The outcome rests on how many women turn out and vote for their gender. First Bernie Sanders and now Donald Trump’s campaign were sabotaged. Fear is being used to maintain the status quo and to continue the looting.
    No matter who wins the results will be disastrous. Communication between classes and ethnicities is being cut. Corruption and Incompetence is endemic but treated as isolated events by the tabloid press. Disaster capitalism reigns. No one gets that it is the Irredeemables who guard the gates. Another world war with Russia looms.

  18. Tyler says:

    The future so bright I gotta wear shades, my man.

  19. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Isn’t it disgusting that the MSM ignores this story:
    We are ‘Terrified’ of Hillary – Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey
    The point these women are making is that the biggest issue today isn’t Bill Clinton’s past misdeeds,
    but the fact that Hillary Clinton, according to them, actively assisted in character assassinating these women who made claims against her husband,
    to the extent that they are even now “terrified”, in their own words,
    of her ruthlessness in attacking anything which threatens their power.
    If you watch the video, these women seem totally real.
    Their emotions are both very evident and very real (not a pose).
    When Trump presented them to the media before the second debate,
    the New York Times (or was it the WP? one of them anyhow) described it as “a stunt”.
    You’ve heard of “white trash” — sounds to me like the media deserves the epithet “PC trash”.

  20. Fred says:

    My knowledge of French cinema is pretty slim and mostly new material. These do sound like some classics though. Love in the Afternoon I may have seen. I believe the haute couture library here is likely to have a copy. Interesting that Jackie’s tale has such long roots.

  21. Edward Amame says:

    Is that still the view from inside the WND/Breitbart mind bubble today, Tyler?

  22. Fred says:

    Don’t know about that but I wonder about CNN which said the election can’t be hacked then said the Russians already hacked it.

  23. Edward Amame says:

    Don’t know why you felt you just had to respond to my comment to Tyler with a non sequitur.
    As to your post. You left out Shirley Sherrod. And Sandra Fluke. What a surprise.

  24. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to Fred,
    OK. I better get back down to earth.
    I was thinking, well, can’t you see a little bit of Cyrano here? And then there’s Jane Eyre, which I skipped reading. But which Jackie may have read or been assigned. There’s Wuthering Heights. Heathcliffe! Life in the countryside among the rural Britons. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
    Sexist thinking again, as I tend to drift off into. Does female Gothic come naturally to all women? Turns out there is something called “Gynocriticism.” They blame it on the Nineteenth Century British literary guys. Gave women writers two choices as models. Bad/good. Becky Sharp. Or Dorothea Brooke. Interesting. Maybe they have a point.
    Then there is Dobbin. Ends up boring the hell out of Jane, didn’t he? I am trying to remember. Women don’t like Dobbin types. The tall glass of water…
    Then it came to me! I am El Dummo! VAMPIRES!
    Some years back I was laughingly told by a nice woman who runs a small successful bookstore in South Carolina that it was odd, she was selling vampire books like crazy. She was having to reorder and reorder and the craze wasn’t stopping. Even the Slav in my life has picked up a thing about vampires, except, of course that where she comes from is not all that far from the Carpathians. (HMMMM. I must ask her a few questions.) She is very consistent in not missing the Vampire Diaries and some other stuff like dat. I have to go in the next room and read. I can’t help but notice that the soundtrack is a real clunker. She is a classical trained pianist. The Russians seem to respect about five composers, and that’s it. There are also only about five pianos. She got to play the best piano. (Blutner?) Once I mentioned Satie. Boom! She has never once complained about this lousy soundtrack. There is something else. I hear her sometimes talking in the kitchen. “No, no. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She is talking to the screen, in a mild conversational tone as if she has just looked up from her knitting.
    Is this something Slavic women do?
    I think Haven Montague has Vampire ancestry.

  25. Fred says:

    Thank you for confirmation that CNN ranks right up there with WND in not being a news organization.

  26. Tyler says:

    You sure are touchy today. You are going to be an unbearable lady on Nov 9th.

  27. Fred says:

    I certainly get the literary references but I thought Sabrina was a witch? Too bad she didn’t publish that tale as fiction, it would have made her a decent income.

  28. Edward Amame says:

    Oh, so that’s your point.
    I’m certainly not here to defend CNN if that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t watch cable news, esp CNN unless I want to see endlessly repeated videos of bus crashes. CNN’s been criticized for doing the same thing with Donald Trump rallies during the primary while practically ignoring the other GOP nominees. And then CNN hired his fired campaign manager as a network pundit…
    If you’re gonna accuse CNN of anything, it should be for more or less handing America candidate Trump. Is CNN in the bag for Hill? Beats me. If they are, it’s probably buyer’s remorse considering his ridiculous clown-show campaign and debate debacles.
    And you failed to address my point about Shirley Sherrod/Sandra Fluke and your post, so that kind of confirms that you’re a partisan and not some some above-it-all truth-teller.

  29. LeaNder says:

    You know exactly what he’d like to do.
    Fred, the most amusing debate I have ever witnessed, was a debate of a feminist, a former journalist, who once started “a feminist magazine”* I deeply disliked, and a good looking woman at one point in her life the lover of a famous German musician.
    It was absolutely amusing to watch Madame Alice Schwarzer struggling with her surprisingly eloquent and witty counterpart. I wasn’t really aware of her intelligence and wit before, since she somehow managed to make a career in the mantle of stupid beauty, after the musician was targeted by another beauty, I suppose.
    * concerning the magazine, I read ‘an alternative’ when one of my best girl friends discovered truth, feminism and the magazine. My “Courage” unfortunately didn’t survive versus Ms Schwarzer’s “Emma”. …

  30. Fred says:

    Just like women in Lake Woebegone feminists are always good looking, intelligent and witty.

  31. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to LeaNnder,
    I just looked at Ms. Schwartzer’s Wiki entry. Did you know that she managed to build up an account of four million Euros in a Zurich bank account over the years. Feminism and writing determinedly about it and probably steel discipline can pay. She let the money compound itself. Because she was less than candid when they allowed her to explain the account, just this last July she was fined for tax fraud –a six figure penalty!– by the local court of Cologne. She’s square with them now. I looked at her images. Alice Schwartzer seems like a force of nature!
    What interested me more though, were Ms. Schwartzer’s books, particularly her book on Petra Kelly and (Major General) Gert Bastian. (‘Deadly Love.’) Also Romy Schneider.
    I am afraid I understand what probably happened in the case of Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian. First, one needs to understand their bank balance. I don’t think they had much money left. And she couldn’t live without him. And he may very well have thought he was dying. I was shocked to see that they were on Murderpedia. Do you know the story of Elvira Madigan? Though this reverses that entirely.
    Question: do you think there is anything to it that he may have given some information to the Stasi? Bearing in mind that he knew WWIII was going to be fought on German soil? And had spoken out about that.
    I was talking about German Romanticism. Then came this… Of course, this is not that at all; this is real.
    Still… Those two are haunting. Poignant. Beautiful. And she had a very dark side, was half crazy, and he understood it all completely. Killed her and fell on his sword. I know a great deal about a case that in some ways approximates that. But they were young…
    I was entertained by your account of the debate. In America there is a term: a woman can turn into “a battle-axe.” (But Alice Schwartzer hewed her way forward in her career, and good for her.)
    Thank you. Your comment took me off on a side-ways excursion for a bit.

  32. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater says to Fred,
    Interesting. I think Sabrina could have gotten an advance. Either fiction or true crime. One thing that has come out in the last few days is that Jackie told Sabrina that she had been infected with syphilis from one of the pledges! Sabrina cannot deny that she knew this. Yet she never asked for a release from Jackie. With a release she could have gotten Jackie’s medical records, her high school records, and her university records. This would include possibly discovering any prior psychiatric treatment. It would have allowed Sabrina to go over to the hospital or clinic and talk to nurses, as well as doctors. “Oh yes, I remember that poor girl. It was terrible to see …etc. I would have thought that Sabrina would have fought tooth and nail, the first opening skirmish, to have a dinner with Jackie, and at the opportune moment, simply hand her a typed release to sign. If Jackie refused to sign the release, then Sabrina would have known that something was wrong. But that wouldn’t mean that Jackie’s story wasn’t potentially a terrific story. Sabrina simply needed the detachment and opportunism of many professional writers. The story would work either as fiction or as a true crime book. It was very probable that Jackie was going to make sure that the story blew up. She had worked hard on it; though her mental condition prevented her from understanding her own weaknesses.(Evidence of a personality disorder is reckless lying, inappropriate insouciance.) Jackie obviously saw a new kind of career here. It was the career that the young woman who introduced her to Dean Eramo had created for herself. Also, Jackie quite likely was caught up in and driven by hysteria.
    Sabrina was in a potentially advantageous position. And, by the way, a release is absolutely routine in writing about a criminal case, particularly from the point of view of a victim or perpetrator.
    That Sabrina did not ask for a release surprises me. That she went forward with the story, leaving the syphilis issue unexamined, unanswered, unexploited, suggests to me that a jury might infer from this “oversight” that she was satisfied that half a loaf was better than none. As far as her agenda was concerned. And if her deception here, a deliberate oversight of an issue that threatened her entire project, was ever brought to light, she would simply plead personal disorganization, pressure of a deadline, trust in a victim for whom she felt compassion. She has used the word “confusion,” in the last few days testimony.
    What Jackie did with her medical records problem was to change her story twice about who had them and where. She stalled in sending them to Sabrina until Sabrina was facing a deadline. That Jackie had told her and others that she had gotten syphilis from a violent sexual assault and was treated successfully for it, does not appear in the Rolling Stone story. I think that the seven member jury will have paid close attention to this oversight.

  33. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to Fred, turcopolier, All,
    About thirteen minutes ago Hawes Spencer, who has been covering the Rolling Stone trial for C-Ville Weekly, reported on Twitter that a jury verdict has been reached in the Rolling Stone libel trial. The jury has found all three defendants liable, and has concluded that there was “actual malice.”
    I agree with this conclusion. At the same time, I think the Committee ought to realize that Colonel Lang’s constant warnings about civilitas and common courtesy might also be noted as being very prudent about this question of liability and “actual malice.” Maybe it’s time to be a bit more careful about what is said and how it is said. I suspect that this is very big news for anyone writing or publishing anything, anywhere. The free-wheeling days of the Internet might be coming to an end.
    I know this verdict will be appealed for quite a few years. Still, I have had a bad feeling about the whole incident for a long time, and now, I confess, I feel kind of happy! I am going to get a holt of the Russian in my life, and we are going over the mountain (Afton) to Fishersville and look at a cabin for the cats, which will be hauled over to Ivy and put in place. With a fence around it, this part of the colony, will be safer, and warmer. And that could be the first step for the Cossack to get some sort of offically sanctioned recognition and help as a legit ‘rescue’ person.
    Which is what she is.
    Indian Summer comes after the first frost and lasts until it starts to get cold. I think we must be in Indian Summer now. I once read the famous account of a Scotch-Irish man who lived with them that the Indians were always very slow to get ready for winter. They had to scramble when it suddenly got bitter cold. Everything was just too fine. I feel the same way.

  34. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to Tidewater,
    Having remembered that it was James Adair, I now find that he has a good Wiki entry. Also, that his History of the American Indians can be found on the internet. An original copy, photocopied page by page. I had not remembered that he became so close to the Chickasaws he actually fought with them. Nor did I realize that the Chickasaws, a small nation, mostly located near Tupelo, Mississippi (?), were in a terrible, long drawn out struggle to save themselves from being exterminated by Europeans and Choctaws. I had not realized the tragic circumstances that underlie this book. It is essentially about the Chicksaws. A look, too, at a Chickasaw web-site will inform one more of what happened to them. My whole view of this book has completely changed. Many years ago I was talking with a South Carolinian, the poet James Mann, about this book and he said he was a descendent of James Adair. Adair was from County Antrim, Ireland, and may have regarded himself as being Irish. Some of those Irish counties, particularly in the north, are certainly a mix. I have seen the mountains of Scotland looming out there across the Irish sea from the Giant’s Causeway. Kennedy, for example, is an ancient Scottish name.

  35. Fred says:

    “civilitas and common courtesy”
    A very timely reminder. Thank you.

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