Trudeau is Canadian? Amazing.

“OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Police arrested scores of demonstrators and towed away vehicles Friday in Canada’s besieged capital, and a stream of trucks started leaving under the pressure, raising authorities’ hopes for an end to the three-week protest against the country’s COVID-19 restrictions.

By evening, at least 100 people had been arrested, mostly on mischief charges, and nearly two dozen vehicles had been towed, including all of those blocking one of the city’s major streets, authorities said. One officer had a minor injury, but no protesters were hurt, interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell said.

Police “continue to push forward to take control of our streets,” he said, adding: “We will work day and night until this is completed.”

Those arrested included four protest leaders. One received bail while the others remained jailed.

The crackdown on the self-styled Freedom Convoy began in the morning, when hundreds of police, some in riot gear and some carrying automatic weapons, descended into the protest zone and began leading demonstrators away in handcuffs through the snowy streets as holdout truckers blared their horns.”

Comment: A columnist in The Telegraph writes that after a trip to Canada he found the Canadians to be “almost Comically polite.” No more. First Trudeau arrests you and seizes your money, then he threatens to kill your dog, and now police horses are used to trample demonstrators.

The Canadian government was careful to disarm the citizenry while creatures like Trudeau amassed power. That being the case, pilgrims, I suppose that this repression will “stick.”

BTW, what is that flag? pl

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  1. Marlene says:

    Trudeau can not backpedal, eventhough the very Bill Gates himself announced the vaccine fiasco in the very Munich Security Conference ( admitting the Omicron variant beats the mRNA vaccines in quality and velocity of acquired immunity and estimating it will be needed a decade or os to get effective vaccines against all repsiratory viruses…) because he has invested great in the vaccines business,.
    It seems that he committed with Pfizer to purchase 500 millions od vaccine doses, enough to revacunate the whole Canadian population 10 times, that the Trudeau Foundation has around 40% of shares in the company producing the nanolipids into which the mRNA is cehicuktated into the human body…
    I dunno what do you think, but that could be described as a huge conflict of interests.
    Even scores of his own political party are turning against him….

    On the other hand, the seizure of protestors and truckers bank accounts had the undesirable consequence of poeple tretiring their trust in Canadian banks and withdrawing their funds lets they are requsitioned under whatever adventuorus alibi, as the Great Reset plans drew all the way. The other day every Canadian bank online services were out of work with people unable to reach their accounts….

    In other disturbing turn of events, and not content with seizing truckers bank accounts, vehicles and even jailing the leaders of the protestors, Ottawa´s interim Police Chief announced he is working with social services “to have children removed from the area rpior to any sort of police action” leading people to ask, removed by whom, how, fro how long, in what seems all the way another way to blackmail the truckers and protestors now even hijacking their children.

    I fear this ammount as war crime….and this is all the way a war on the peoples….

    • Marlene says:

      …the Trudeau Foundation has around 40% of shares in the company producing the nanolipids into which the mRNA is vehiculated into the human body…

      A multibillion business….For a golden retirement..already in his fourties…The dream of any sluggard in the world has been…

      Sorry for the typos…

      Images of Mounting Police of Canada trampling their horses through and over the protestors bodies….It is now obvious for all the world to see, including the vaccinated one, that they consider us cattle and that our human condition was stripped from us through this tei years “pandemic”….

  2. gholleman says:

    Looks like the Eureka Flag.

  3. Marlene says:

    Colonel Lang,

    I would want to express my gratitude to you for allowing my comments full of typos and missplaced letters, which I write sometimes in a hurry, all the more, as I saw yesterday Barbara Ann commenting, you are an English linguist…( OMG! )

    You may find my comments, grammar and spelling as a pain to read, but I guess you still find the value of testimony in them more important than the form and style.

    God bless you, man…

    No need to post this comment.

  4. Nate Haan says:

    The biggest eye-opening lesson in the whole trucker protest has not come from Fidel’s bastard but from his Ukrainian-Canuck sidekick, Chrystia Freeland, the former Financial Times and The Economist writer. Freeland strangely chuckled when talking about freezing and seizing private and corporate banks account and cryptocurrency acccounts in exchanges and that this is set to continue.

    Note to self: learn about decentralized cryptocurrency, post haste.

    • The Beaver says:


      In total agreement with you wrt Chrystia. However, this is not the first time that the CDN govt goes after bank accounts. Both my late sister and I got penalized by the Canadian and UK govt after 9/11 because we happened to have Arabic first name – not surname but first name. Thus citi bank froze her accounts in the UK and off they went to the crown estate ( she had to fight hard to get her money back) whilst the CRA wanted to know whether I had a bank account in Scotland ( which I didn’t but I happened to have the same surname of someone else) and ING bank in Canada wanted to know my life story from the date I was born till 2001. I gave the middle finger to ING bank and demanded that the CRA prove to me when I had opened such account in Scotland .

    • It's Me. says:

      Yes, she is following her bloodline….. (Grandpa was a Nazis apparently).

      The Liberal party and a lot of cabinet have been taking over by WEF. Klaus Schwab has admitted this.

      The freedom protest is far from over, and it has only really started. There is so much video proof of police brutality, (including leaked RCMP text with RCMP officers laughing about the trampling of two protesters), it will be hard for the government to survive this. More Canadians are waking the f up. They vote on the Emergency act Tuesday…. should be interesting, it should fail, but, ……..

      • Pat Lang says:

        Its me

        Not exactly a Nazi but certainly a fellow traveler.

      • Marlene says:

        Are you Canadian?

        What do you think about this sudden police brutality?

        How can this be understood in a formerly so polite and welcoming democratic country?

        I say it because that sudden escalation in violence against peaceful people who mostly chanted and danced in the freeze does not seem a normal evolution in a country not used to this kind of abuses and have not suffered this in its recent history…

        I just seen a video where a police woman was trying to enter a closed cafe and in front of the refusla of the onwer she was menacing with broking the windows…Another video where a policeman suddenlly violently assaults a midaged woman who just wanted to go to a coffee shop in the other side of the street…

        Thus, this is not against the truckers any more, but against everybody who does not submit and bows, as the new police chief in Ottawa stated it will be.

        The people violently beating the protesters with their knees and fists and assaulting wayfarers and business seem a especial kind of people, I would even venture they are on drugs…or something worst..Could them be being neuromodulated?

        Of course, it could be your typical nazi undercover through all these years now finding themselves at ease….Or, simply, that these policemen and policewoman have realized no right assists now the citizenry and thus they will not be held accountable …

        I can not recall where but today I have read an official organism preparing legislation/protocols with regard a zombie invasion…

        Anyway, what the government is looking for is for a violent response by the protestors so that it can justify its new self awarded unlimited powers…

        • Marlene says:

          With the police roaming freely, without control, I fear we have entered the whole mafia state of the immediate fall of the USSR.

          Being the justice and the military absent, in this escenario, we could expect anyone taking over, even someone worst than Trudeau…

          Is it that what Trudeau tries to convey to the population, that if they continue insisting in overthrowing the government, chaos and arbitrariness will follow…?

  5. Paul Markham says:

    It’s the Eureka Flag from Australia. There was a miners rebellion in the Victorian goldfields in 1854 in response to the tyrannical, exploitative policies of the Victorian government. The miners burnt their mining permits, formed a stockade and defended themselves against the police and militia. There was eventually a battle and around two dozen protesters and police were killed. The flag is still flown in Australia as a protest or rebellious flag.

  6. Eliot says:


    “ Note to self: learn about decentralized cryptocurrency, post haste.”

    I’m not a technology person, but I believe governments will have an easier time seizing these crypto currencies, than bank accounts.

    Legal protections may be a fig leaf in the West, but there’s at least a bureaucratic process to restrain the government from taking your money. I also assume it would take more man hours to seize bank accounts, vs Crypto deposits.

    Crypto is also trackable, via the public ledgers.

    – Eliot

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Eliot, Nate

      Bitcoin was born as an idea to do exactly this – give people absolute sovereignty over their money, free from the risk of confiscation or transfer interdiction by the government or the banking system. It works. Short of someone physically taking the device you store your crypto keys on & getting hold of the password(s) to it, your cryptocurrency cannot be touched. I can also transfer $1B in bitcoin to anyone in the world in minutes and no one can stop me. The fundamental issue is there is no real Bitcoin economy. You can’t buy groceries with cryptocurrency, or in the few places where you can, it is done with a smartphone app which can be pulled at any time by the Big Tech gatekeepers, or under government pressure.

      The government does not have to confiscate your cryptocurrency, it just has to stop you spending it. This it can do simply by shutting down the exchanges where it gets turned into dollars. The exchanges are also subject to various legislation, including anti money laundering provisions. Not so long ago I cashed out my own small Bitcoin holding via an exchange. It took me several weeks to get my hands on the cash. I was assumed to be a money launderer and the onus was on me to provide a trail proving I was not.

      Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) are in development. This digital currency will be stored on a digital wallet linked to your Vaxx digital ID (yes, that’s what mandates are really for). These will do the very opposite of Bitcoin. Your entire wealth & ability to spend/buy anything will be switch-offable at the touch of a button. The Central Banks will have absolute power at last.

      Cash is king.

      • TTG says:

        Barbara Ann,

        “Cash is king.”

        You got that right. Barter is probably better, but more cumbersome and inflexible. But we’re long past those days. The last time I had a pure cash job was working as a farm hand on the Roaring Brook Poultry Farm. Arthur Sweitzer, the farm owner, would walk up to me every Friday among a sea of Rhode Island Reds and count out $60 in small bills for my 40 hours of feeding chickens, gathering and washing eggs and shoveling truckloads of chicken shit. It was a good job.

        Digital currency strikes me as little different from tulip bulbs, the worth is totally dependent on the whim and greed of speculators. It can’t be exchanged without a digital presence.

        I don’t see a great difference between the Vaxx digital ID and that little yellow shot book we all had. Granted the beauty of that shot book is that you controlled it along with what paper records existed in your doctor’s office. But there were a number of things, big things, you couldn’t do without that yellow shot record indicating you got the required vaccines. I respect your stand on vaccines. No vaccines. No Vaxx digital IDs. It’s simple. We can also opt out of credit scores, bank accounts, countless online accounts, drivers license, voter ID and even an SSN. Of course that would severely restrict what you can do in our present society. We can’t all find an Arthur Sweitzer to dole out the cash every Friday. But the choice is available to us if we truly want it.

        • blue peacock says:

          Cash is King until it is printed to such an extent that you’ll need wheelbarrows full to get a loaf of bread. The experience in countries from Weimar Germany to more recently Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe is that energy & food is what is King.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          My position is in regard to the social contract. Citizens’ participation in society must not be made conditional on a moveable feast labelled “health”. Respect for bodily sovereignty is the second vital red line beyond which lies Hellish dystopia.

          I am thinking of changing my nom de plume to John ‘the Savage’, as the essence of my philosophy can be encapsulated by his simple claim; the right to be unhappy. The WEF’s utopian, eugenicist and transhumanist project treats the human condition as a disease to be cured. It is unmitigated evil.

          Joy and woe are woven fine,
          A clothing for the soul divine,
          Under every grief and pine,
          Runs a joy with silken twine.
          It is right it should be so,
          We were made for joy and woe,
          And when this we rightly know,
          Through the world we safely go.

  7. Fred says:

    The post-modern elitist fish swims in the narrative sea. When faced with a “workers of the world unite” physical protest Trudeau’s first response was an escalation of the narrative language: bigots, racists, homophobes, “white supremacists. When that failed to compell the obedience of the working class he resorted to the suppressive tactics of the communists and is now escalating along that spectrum. One dead grandmother means nothing. Corporate Canada and global media are in lockstep support of Justin’s actions, which should scare all here, and terrify every elitist across the globe. Have they “extreme vetted” their armed bodyguards, their caterers, and the Amazon delivery guy? Justin may succeed, and if he does Canada fails. It will be just another dictatorship, albeit with maple syrup and poutine.

  8. Keyens says:

    As much as things have gotten problematic in our former Republic, I give thanks every day and indeed every hour that our Founding Fathers cast off the King. The tyrannical system that the English Crown enabled is what has turned Canada and Australia into totalitarian states, and Erin into a killing field. The PR value of all that Pomp and Circumstance will hopefully fall away now that the claws are out in the Commonwealth. It is time to hold the bastards accountable for the Irish Genocide as well. And we won’t even get into the the questions of just why the US was involved in WWI.
    The same PR levers that were learned in the English Empire are being applied by the Ziocons, though it would seem that with the ascension of Bidet the Emperor is being shown to have no clothes. As we all know, the so-called only Democracy in the ME is anything but, and our ‘Best Ally’ is the tail that wags the dog. We can only hope that the Great Reset will jettison the parasites that control both our foreign policies and unduly influence the domestic. If it takes a depression to do so, so be it. The body politic needs to be deloused.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      No. The Great Reset is exactly what you are witnessing in real time in Canada and across much of the world. Stage 1 is to mandate ‘vaccines’ for the whole populous as a means to digitally ID everyone. This will facilitate the introduction of an entirely cashless society (then you won’t even be able to donate cash to a trucker). Once that is accomplished the door of the digital prison will be slammed shut, quite possibly for ever.

      The GR is the brainchild of the very parasites you want rid of. If it succeeds it’ll be welcome to Huxley’s world in short order. If it fails it will only be through citizens revolting en masse against the likes of le tyran Justin & WEF Young Global Leader Chrystia Freeland. The Canadian people are in the fight of their lives.

      • Marlene says:

        New report from WEF, February 22…

        They explain their plans to establish phase by phase a wordlwide interoperable digital identification system.

        In other words, a digital identification system where data of all kinds can be included. Banking, medical, social, government, mobility. Just what is necessary to establish a system of social credits and centralized control for all aspects of your life, which we have been warning about for years.

        Klaus Schwab says:
        “The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increased focus on the power of medical data, specifically so-called vaccine passports. These passports by nature serve as a form of digital identity.”

        Thus they had already decided to jump to the ID, and take over of the bank accounts, there were truckers protests or there were not.

        This Dutch deputy explains it quite crystal clear, adding his inquiries on who makes profit into the European Comission…Just those most fiercely impossing the Digital Pass onto their populations.

      • Sam says:

        “The Canadian people are in the fight of their lives.“

        Barbara Ann,

        I posit that the majority of Canadians have already made the deal with their devil. It is the “fringe” minority who stand for liberty who are in the fight for their lives. Notice how many working class and middle class Canadians have turned out to support the truckers in Ottawa? Are the other truckers willing to go on a general strike?

        The same applies here. How many of us have stood up to mass surveillance, civil forfeiture, Patriot Act and so many other “emergency” laws?

      • Keyens says:

        The Great Reset is of course a move by the globalist crowd. I rather mockingly referred to this as a case of being careful what is wished for. An actual Reset would undermine the house of cards. After all, third world replacements can not maintain the consistent power grids needed for the digital economy, as well as the Stasi level control envisioned. No, once the Elois lose completely lose themselves in their Cloud Visions it is only a matter of time before the Morlocks take their share. One only has to look at the level of Cartel violence to imagine what can happen if the standard of living no longer keeps the imported workers busy.

        I know that the Gates crowd imagines a bug out to bunkers in New Zealand, but those members of the bugman ‘elites’ that lack personal yachts and/or aircraft will get to experience either 1917 or 1789 first hand. Or if they had any sense of historical irony, the return of an Aztec-style religion that is part and parcel of the Cartel mentality

  9. mal says:

    Relieved to hear today US Rep. Yvette Herrell, New Mexico, is tabling legislation to offer asylum to Canadian truckers and protesters who are being persecuted by their own government. Must visit there…..asylum, hmmm.

    Cheers Mal

  10. Sam says:

    We all owe the brave Canadians in the #FreedomConvoy a huge debt of gratitude for showing everyone what the Covid mandates were really all about.

    It’s not about health. It’s about power.

    Can anyone point to a randomized double-blind study that shows lockdowns and mask mandates prevent the infection and transmission of corona? Why are FDA and Pfizer fighting so hard to prevent the release of their clinical trial data?

  11. Harry says:

    I noticed exactly the same. Curious stuff. They must be rattled.

  12. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel, Apparently, its gone further, I watched on youtube a Canadian Conservative (party) member on Saturday say that Parliament was suspended (at least on Saturday).

    So our northern neighbor suddenly is no longer a democracy. For the moment this seems to be enraging Canadians – paraphrasing, Ben Franklin, “A Democracy, if You Can Keep It.”

  13. Marlene says:

    From the EU Parliament to the brave truckers and people in Canada….we know about you, we recognize you and realize we are in the same fight…

    From the brave truckers and people of Canada to the world….

  14. Marlene says:

    Canada grew from freezing bank accounts to direct police brutality against peaceful protestors….

  15. longarch says:

    Trudeau is Canadian?
    Not exactly. Trudeau is (as far as we can tell) half-Canadian and half-Cuban. His dad is uncertain. His genetic dad was probably Fidel Castro. His mom was somewhat insane. And his sexual past is probably blackmail-able. His legal father may have been blackmail-able.

    I suspect nothing will get better until the blackmail material held over the heads of politicians and similar “elites” has been exposed.

    There are many, many amateur bloggers who have been writing about this since 2016. That tier of material frequently gets reposted at; I don’t bother reposting it here because I assume everyone else is already aware of it and has already formed an opinion of it.

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