Trump, Pompeo and the State IG


There is no doubt that Trump kept a lot of Obama Administration political appointees in their jobs when he took over and that has proven to be a bad mistake.  Many of them have consistently cooperated with his enemies in efforts to "get" him.  There is also no doubt that he had the legal right to remove these people.  He did not remove them.  Why he did not escapees me.  He seems to think that they were his employees and that confronted with the possibility of a loss of jobs and income, they would see their best interests served by acting loyally towards him.  He does not seem to have understood that political purpose could be more powerful as a motivator than a federal government paycheck.  IMO he tends to look down on "employees" as a disposable group.  A lot of entrepreneurial business people are like that in spite of all the BS about how much they love their work force.

Well, pilgrims, this Obama appointed non civil service IG launched investigations into Pompey's (first in his class at USMA) use of career government employees to run personal errands for him.  This is a clear violation of the law.  The LAW.  This IG was also investigating the Trump Administration's sales of military equipment to Saudi Barbaria without regard to restrictions put on such sales by Congress.

When asked about that Trump claimed to know nothing about such events and expressed the opinion that Pompeo's time is so valuable that he should be able to do whatever he chooses with people who work for the State Department.  With regard to the Saudi sales he said that the sales were profitable and that is enough to justify anything.

1.  We have never wanted a monarch in this country.

2.  An attitude like that expressed to the press may tilt the scales in what is bound to be a close election in favor of the Leftist Democrats including their Neo-Bolshevik wing.

Idiocy!  pl

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  1. Fred says:

    ” employees to run errands for him”
    Pompeo doesn’t have enough of his own money to hire somebody to do that? Haven’t there been enough examples of similar conduct by members of congress and appointees in former administrations for him to figure that out? I guess being first in your class denotes academic performance rather than reasoning ability.

  2. BillWade says:

    Another problem for President Trump is he might lose a bit of his base if the DOJ doesn’t start indicting folks, I don’t think they will buy the “he’s going to be kicking a%% after winning the re-election” line. AG Barr isn’t helping either with his remarks today.
    But, the governors of the blue states are giving Trump some help with their more severe lock downs.
    Pompey will be toast before Trump is.

  3. turcopolier says:

    Graduating class standing at USMA affects choice of branch assignment and first duty assignment. It is based on a “whole person” score some of which is academic but a lot of it is peer ratings. IOW he is a glad hander. Just look at his fat, smiley face. The Congress for some reason satisfactory to itself has established positions in the armed for “enlisted aides” for flag officers. These are sergeants who applied for the job and who are trained in butler/valet/cook duties. My father used to refer to them as “dog robbers.” If SECSTATE wants such people, the next appropriation bill should contain such a provision.

  4. Laura Wilson says:

    Trump is now taking Hydroxychloroquine which may potentially result in adverse effects on the central nervous system, mainly irritability, nervousness, emotional changes, nightmares, and even true psychoses.
    Hang on, it could get more interesting.
    P.S. THE LAW isn’t exactly a concept that these guys rally around.

  5. There is a so many laws on the books that I imagine it is next to impossible not to break some of them due to ignorance. Use of career government employees to run personal errands for him is probably more work than many career government employees do on a daily basis. The deplorables for the most part have contempt for many career government employees outside the Armed Services. Nobody in his base will give two hoots about another rooster IG crying in the wind about the law. It’s a stupid law. Probably never prosecuted anybody for breaking this law until this administration. Like the Logan Act.

  6. turcopolier says:

    Harlan Easley
    Absolute bullshit! Did you ever work for the US government? Most of them work long hours for not a lot of money. Too bad Pompey did not put you out walking his dog?

  7. turcopolier says:

    Laura Wilson
    More doctor worshipping bullshit. I took it every week for a year.

  8. SRW says:

    If I were a betting man I would wager Trump is lying (there I said the word) about taking Hydroxychloroquine. I don’t know how or why his doctor would approve it for him, especially since he’s supposedly taking it as a prophylactic. On the other hand, his former doctor, Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson was said to freely prescribe pills.

  9. doug says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with Pompeo but it seems what Trump should have done is call Linick in and get his story but apparently he just fired him at Pompeo’s request.
    Linick is saying he isn’t even allowed back in State to collect his personal things. This in spite of the law that his termination is supposed to occur 30 days after notification of Congress.
    But enforcing the law is a function of the executive branch and the buck stops with Trump.
    But this is really bad trying to maintain morale. And that’s hard enough when much of the bureaucracy already dislikes Trump. Trump just makes it harder and it’s just sad.
    My company once had to fire a VP for putting his girlfriend’s air/hotel tab on his expense report. Even though he was highly valuable. The gal in accounting that reported it was shaking she was so nervous.

  10. Mathias Alexander says:

    “that confronted with the possibility of a loss of jobs and income, they would see their best interests served by acting loyally towards him”
    They might be rewarded with better jobs abd income later on if they are disloyal.

  11. brutus canneloni says:

    never mind trump will be reelected.there is still a few bits and pieces leftover from the the previous butler that need tidying up.for sure.

  12. srw says:

    Found this JAMA article about malaria treatment in Vietnam during that conflict. Wonder if the drug described had the same possible adverse effects as the hydroxychloroquine that Trump is pushing?
    April 6, 1970
    Malaria Chemoprophylaxis In Vietnam and Post-Vietnam
    William R. Bunge, MC
    JAMA. 1970;212(1):159. doi:10.1001/jama.1970.03170140115032
    To the Editor.— While stationed in Vietnam, US servicemen take a pill once a week which contains chloroquine phosphate, 500 mg (equivalent to 300 mg of the base), and primaquine phosphate, 79 mg (equivalent to 45 mg of the base).The combination of chloroquine and primaquine has proved much more effective—100% effective in servicemen who take the pill regularly—than chloroquine alone for the prevention of malaria due to Plasmodium vivax. However, it has no prophylactic value for malaria due to P falciparum in Southeast Asia. Therefore, those servicemen stationed in an area where falciparum malaria is endemic take a daily dose of dapsone, 25 mg, in addition to the chloroquine-primaquine pill.Upon return to the United States, servicemen are instructed to take one chloroquine-primaquine pill weekly, for eight weeks following departure from Vietnam.

  13. Horace says:

    “We have never wanted a monarch in this country.”
    We never wanted a fake democracy two-party system where both parties are owned by transnational financialists hell-bent on destroying European civilization either. I don’t want a monarchy, but rule by a king who is one of us would be preferable to rule by a cabal of foreign hedge fund managers wearing the flayed skin of our murdered republic like a ghillie suit.

  14. Laura Wilson says:

    brutus canneloni…butler? I was raised by a Louisiana lady…message received.

  15. brutus canneloni says:

    laura wilson.there are 2 sides to every butler.
    How did Union General Butler treat runaway slaves?
    He helped create the legal idea of effectively freeing fugitive slaves by designating them as contraband of war in service of military objectives, which led to a political groundswell in the North which included general emancipation and the end of slavery as official war goals

  16. turcopolier says:

    brutus canneloni
    More self righteous BS, Abolition became popular generally in the North when the butcher’s bill became too enormous to be justified by Nationalist consolidation as a goal.

  17. brutus canneloni says:

    Probably but getting back to butler.A little known fact contributing to his stance on black slaves was his affair with a black woman who was a fugitive slave he met in new orleans while observing slaves dancing at congo square.As it turned out,she was related to the black musician louis armstrong.

  18. turcopolier says:

    brutus canneloni
    Well, bless them. “Is this a great country or what?”

  19. JP Billen says:

    Pompeo is totally deficient in leadership qualities and honor. He is an embarrassment to the Army and to West Point. I served with buck privates that had more integrity.

  20. brutus canneloni says:

    indeed there is the “butler” and there is “Chauncey gardiner” in the movie “Being there”…best political comedy ever
    Chance the gardener…..Is there a tv upstairs.I like to watch

  21. DORSEY GARDNER says:

    Pompeo’s boss is Netanyahu. Trump is just a middle man.

  22. brutus canneloni says:

    It has been proven that women have better hearing than men after age 50,whereas men have better eyesight.
    Hence the saying…The more you see the less you here.

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