Trump Pre-Empts 60 Minutes Hit Job by Larry C Johnson

Trump's Middel East Peace Deal

You gotta love Donald Trump. He finally realizes that the media cannot be trusted to ask honest questions and treat him fairly. Instead of asking him what is his favorite flavor of ice cream or whether he prefers kittens over puppies, CBS veteran Leslie Stahl feigns outrage and tries to ambush Trump with loaded questions.

Trump is having none of it. He counters every absurd assertion. The most glaring hatchet attempt by Stahl is her harping on the rising number of Covid cases. She is equating for the uninformed viewer that a rise in cases is the same as getting sick and dying.

But there is living proof sitting in front of her that even if you test positive and get sick from Covid, you can beat it and come back stronger than ever. In my own experience, I now have more than a half-dozen family members who have tested positive. A few were sick as if they had a bad flu. Some only had very mild symptoms and quickly recovered. None died.

Leslie Stahl is busy trying to play the fear card, figuring that the average American is so terrified that even the word "Covid" will reduce them to a puddle of quivering flesh. Not so.

What is so goddamn hypocritical of Leslie Stahl's hysterical posturing is her rant about masks (start at the 11:45 mark). Only later do we see the pictures posted by Trump's people of Miss Mask Crusader strolling around the White House without a mask. Talk about a double standard.

Trump Leaks Video of 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl After Cutting ...
Leslie Maskless at the White House

CBS is whining today that the White House breached some agreement. Good. Despite some press reports that Trump "stormed" off or walked out, you can see for yourself that CBS called a halt to give a five minute warning and Donald Trump announced, "I think you have enough." At that point he got up and ended the interview.

Good on Trump.

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5 Responses to Trump Pre-Empts 60 Minutes Hit Job by Larry C Johnson

  1. Fred says:

    Inside the Fake News sausage factory. Lesly is soooooo scared of slaves people without their masks.

  2. Deap says:

    Debate: Trump made it okay to vote for Trump. Mission accomplished.
    Biden was surprisingly weak in demeanor, voice and body language all though he was relatively coherent (as well as well-rehearsed). Trump was strong, contained and got his points out. Did not blink and did not blather.
    Biden left a huge string of lies that fact checking can refute. But I think we have moved past any need to “truth” now. It is time to just get this over with and put Biden finally to bed. And back to his counting house, counting all his money.
    Thank you President Trump, you did what you needed to do tonight. God speed. Now let’s keep making America great.

  3. optimax says:

    Biden hasn’t the stamina to function at the high level of energy the presidency demands. Everybody knows that; he just spent four days in cold storage. The only reason i’ve heard from Portland progressives positive about Joe is “he has a good heart.” The excitement of inaugeration will burst it. A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala.

  4. blue peacock says:

    “A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala.”
    Someone that didn’t get a single delegate in the Democratic primary and was check mated by Tulsi Gabbard on the debate stage on her resume strength of being a prosecutor. She definitely wasn’t woke when she sent blacks to prison for marijuana possession. Now she’s Ms. Woke. She neither will run the presidency. It will be the Obama administration retreads.

  5. Deap says:

    Kamala Harris was only “tough” as a prosecutor because the prison guards were campaigning for more lock-up. More lock-ups meant more prison guard union jobs and more government employee union dues flowing into Democrat coffers.
    Prison union guards were behind the “Three Strikes and You Are Out” momentum in the state of California at that time. Voters thought it was for law and order but in fact is was a push for more government jobs with benefits.
    Kamala Harris yet again was only doing the bidding of the lavish and now budget busting public employee unions in this state – that is her sole internal consistency, which is why she is so scattered when she tries to explain her ruinous public inconsistencies.
    The prison population grew so large that the court finally forced Gov Brown to release many of them because no new prisons were built, so now we have huge vagrant camps often full of released criminals and high increase of property theft crimes and “warming fires (cooking meth).
    Kamala Harris was never tough on crime; just easy on the prison guard unions. And now we are left with the mess she left behind before scampering off to fill Barbara Boxer’s notorious seat in the US Senate. Where she also did nothing for the state, since she immediately started running for President.
    Yes, we did this to ourselves – this is what a blue state looks and acts like. Once a critical tipping point has passed and the government employee unions fill the power vacuum, entrenching their power with a super-majority, there are no longer enough votes to undo this.
    Even though opposition is rising, the numbers of voters not now wholly dependent on the government along with the Silicon Valley High Tech Billionaires unholy alliance with this “progressive nightmare” it cannot be dislodged.
    There are belwether issues on the California ballot this election and they will determine the future direction of this state. Will voters of this continue to plunge off the cliff; or will they start pulling back?
    Keep in mind California has term limits – so you can see term limits solve nothing. They simply change the names; not the agenda.

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