Trump’s next Syria move – “A War Game.”


(editorial analysis)

It seems evident that the SAA will clean up the rebel held area in Sweida east of the M-5 highway.  When that is done they will line up north of Daraa City facing the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights.  The deployment should be 20 miles or so wide.  They will then attack toward the Heights to clear rebels from SW Syria.  This will be "all in," an attack with "horse, foot and guns" as they said in olden times.  IMO they will make good progress since most of the really hard asses in the SAA have been assembled for the task. 

DJT will then hear the siren song of his family, the Zionist lobby, Bibi's government and various cats and dogs insisting that US Air be committed against this "threat against Israel."  The nuttier people in Israel have been trying to claim that the attacking force will have in it a lot of Iranians and Hizbullahis in SAA uniform.  That suggestion fell apart when the IDF G-2 himself stated that it was untrue.  Even Liberman the Mad has admitted it is not true.  How inconvenient.  Well, the White Helmets will probably come forward to say that the IDF was mistaken.

DJT is making peacemaker noises.  By his actions we will judge him.  pl

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