Truth About COVID is Not a Conspiracy

US tops 4,000 daily deaths from coronavirus

Facts are a wonderful thing. Especially when you are talking about Covid and how to fight it. Let’s start with masks. The Worldometers database is very straightforward on this issue. If masks worked as advertised then we would expect that the states that have the toughest mask mandates would have the fewest infections. Conversely, those states with no mask mandates would have the highest infections. So compare New York and Massachusetts, two of the states with the most stringent mask mandates with Florida, a beacon of freedom:

New York deaths per million — 3288

Massachusetts deaths per million — 3121

Florida deaths per million — 2980

What makes this number so significant is that Florida has more people over the age of 65 (20.1%) than any other state. The over 65 crowd is the highest risk population for catching covid and is statistically most likely to die. New York ranks number 25 (16.1%) and Massachusetts is number 24 (16.2%). If the Covid prevention mandate of mask wearing was working as proclaimed by Biden and Fauci, Florida should be sitting at the top of the death toll. Nope. Florida is actually number 18 on deaths per million. Maybe that is another reason folks are moving to the Sunshine state.

There are still some sane souls in New York. As Cristina Laila reported tonight, a New York judge ruled the mask mandate unconstitutional.

If you did not see this tweet by Major Patriot, it is powerful gut punch for the pro-vaccine, pro-mask crowd:

I believe in science. I believe in facts. I believe in data. Sad we have so many medically credentialed men and women pushing nonsense as truth.

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10 Responses to Truth About COVID is Not a Conspiracy

  1. Babeltuap says:

    Over 100 million are not scared of the virus in the US. Maybe put a little more effort into next time at the weapons lab? Not Bubonic plague level but somewhat more lethal and you got yourselves a winner.

  2. TV says:

    Masks are purely social pressure – avoid being hassled by Karens and other little tyrants who think that a piece of paper kind of over your face keeps out nano sized germs.
    Vast majority of people are cowering sheep; challenge them and they back off.

  3. Deap says:

    Ran the latest numbers for my county – 836 total covid deaths in a county of 450,000 – 0.0012 percent – if in fact these were actually from-covid deaths, not the equally high renumeration with-covid deaths. And yes, most deaths were elderly with multiple co-morbidities.

    California still operates under onerous restrictions. I can’t go most anywhere, since I remain unvaxxed. The governor just extended our state of emergency again. Masks for all indoor activities and most continue to wear masks outdoors. Colleges shut down on campus classes again….. for Omicron … along with most other public services. K-12 gets yanked back and forth.

    Did our strict regulations prevent so relatively few deaths? Or did California not even come close to the lethal health threat originally imposed two very long and ruinous years ago? Only more data analysis will have the answers – which I fear will never change public attitudes, since so many in this state still preen and virtue-signal these restrictions as TDS theater.

    Official local media covid reports continue to be FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Death.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I don’t think there is much danger of the Free States enacting Fugitive Unvaxxed laws, so you should be safe if you decide to leave the Apartheid State of California.

      • Deap says:

        But once I leave the confines of the Calif Covid Ghetto, can I ever come back? (Presumption: that I would even want to once having tasted unmasked fweedom.)

        Apartheid is the wrong term to apply, since there are not enough people on the other side for the state to even segregate. We are left to only skulk about in gutters and attics after hours, kept out of any public view lest toxic molecules inadvertently emanate from our virginal pleural cavities.

  4. Michael Droy says:

    Metros and buses.
    Guaranteed to spread any virus. You can’t discuss covid factors without stating whether 1% or 15% of the population regular travel by public transport.

    Happy to be very sceptical about Masks and Lockdowns, but you can’t ignore the biggest transmission factors.

  5. Deap says:

    Independent incidence records from the US military health systems underscore potential post-covid injection harm, including 300% increase in miscarriages:

    The covid data is now circling back on the false covid narrative.

  6. JK/AR says:

    Yes Sir Mr. Johnson, facts are a wonderful thing!

    (Now it’s possible as I haven’t been recently able to maintain an internet presence – been in the process of a move/change in residence – this video may’ve been previously linked but as it’s from that Dr. John Campbell fellow citing CDC stuff …

    The study itself:

    & As the info is gleaned from California and New York [!] surely “it’s” up to snuff?

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