Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat Party

The Dems will rue the day she left. The way is now open for this Vegan Hindu to make her way to the top. Some will be surprised that I favor her given her attitude with regard to the Ukraine War. I, too, have the soldier’s hatred of war. I respect her attitude even though I disagree with it. She is on the Left? Good. We need some sound people on the Left in this country. pl

Tulsi Gabbard – Wikipedia

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  1. John Merryman. says:

    You don’t think her central point is valid on both sides of the aisle, that we are in the grip of an enlist cabal, with no regard for anything other than their collective ego?
    It does seem quite a few on the right side of the spectrum are starting to weather the slings and arrows of the media hysteria to look at the big picture.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I loathe Marxism and the destruction being wrought on my beloved Army and my alma mater by the Democrat Laft but I take your point. I am not a Republican.

    • Jimmy_W says:

      Most of the “rising stars” on the Right are still gatekeepers and grifters trying to keep up with the rising populist discontent. They are all trying to divert the People away from Christian Nationalism.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Who do you have in mind?

        • Jimmy_W says:

          Anyone Ben Shapiro can invite, or can get on Fox News, are probably gatekeepers or grifters. It is difficult to say if Tucker Carlson is compromised, but his messaging is definitely bounded.

      • John Merryman. says:

        Are you sure Christian Nationalism isn’t just the fundamentalism of the conservatives, like wokism is the fundamentalism of the liberals?
        I see it as a fairly classic case of divide and conquer, to distract from the real power, the banks.
        When the medium enabling markets is privately held, we are all just tenant farmers to the banks.
        Government used to be private once and the monarchists insisted “mob rule” would never work.
        The only thing the grifters allowed in government now can do effectively, is create the debt the banks need to function. The secret sauce of capitalism is public debt backing private wealth.
        Remember Jesus was all peace, love and turn the other cheek, except when it came to the money changers. It was after he took a stick to them that he got himself crucified.

        • Jimmy_w says:

          “Conservatives” never conserved anything. “Conservatism” was always a ruse to distract the agrarians into supporting civic nationalism and crony capitalism.

        • “the real power, the banks”

          Oh, bullshit.
          Do the banks push transgenderism?
          Do they push colossal levels of immigration?
          Do they demonize the police?
          Did they push wars against any Arab state which posed a potential threat to Israel?
          Did they demonize whites?
          (See Susan Sarandon, Tim Wise, and Noel Ignatiev for some that did.)

          The effort to blame “the banks”, or the MIC, or the WEF,
          is merely an effort to avoid looking at who is really responsible for
          the titanic changes that have occurred in America since, say, 1950,
          and the totally unnecessary but extraordinarily costly wars that have occurred with states constituting a threat to Israel, and with Russia over Ukraine.

      • LeaNder says:

        What is Christian Nationalism. Examples in history?

  2. Quartered Safe Out Here (QSOH) says:

    Good news. FOX News has been ‘grooming’ her and scheduling face time on their popular evening newscasts. Look like it’s paying off.

    • Fred says:

      LOL “Fox News groomed”. Did you miss out on the Krishna connection too?

      • Barbara Ann says:


        I’m not sold on this whole member-of-a-Krishna-cult thing. The cult membership I was far more concerned about was her WEF Young Global Leader status – since 2015. In May this year she unequivocally disavowed the WEF saying “Their [WEF] totalitarian dream of a so-called “Great Reset” where people own nothing and are tracked/monitored with every step, must be condemned by us all”. Given that the Dems’ entire Build Back Better program is merely the GR agenda implemented as political policy, I’m a little puzzled as to why she hung on for another 5 months.

        • Bill Roche says:

          BA; Since I am a sexist slob and she is prettier than most politicians she already has my attn. Seriously, I don’t know “who/what” she is and that is what America will have to find out. Although I like a rare steak now and then her veggies are her business. Raised a very strict Miss. Synod Lutheran, these days I am an agnostic dabbling in Arianism so her Hinduism is her business. I wonder if she’ll discuss “caste” w/t woke media? What is important to me is her defense of individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution and State Constitutions. She said she took her oath to that document seriously. Like many other old geezers on this post who served I remember the very day I took my oath and still take it seriously. As long as she can respect differences and apply common sense she gets my attn. But she has openly expressed socialism. That is a bad economic system and often devolves to communism to maintain it. I need to know much more about that. She is young. Young people grow and change. Often for the better if they have a good heart and brain. We’ll see.

      • TTG says:


        That was interesting, not because of Hindu or even Krishna connections, but because of the this secretive political power centric sub-cult. If Tulsi further in a political career, the truth of all this is bound to come out. I still admire her independent views, but this appears to be some weird shit.

        • Fred says:


          I suspect that a Hindu or Krishna adherent is not likely to get elected president any time soon. The funneling of money to relatives or associates has always had negative consequences in US politics and is easy fodder for the press. I’m surprised this didn’t get more air time when it first came out.

          Barbara Ann,

          We’re watching the ‘great reset’ in action right now. Especially in Europe.

          Besides being a career politician and reserve officer what has Tulsi G actually done? She’s been helped every step of the way in her political career, or been unusually lucky. Now that the party is about to take a 50-75 seat shellacking in the House she conveniently makes an announcement of leaving the party that is greated by:
          Widespread press coverage. Imagine that. It’s almost like prep work to be positioned for the next new thing.

          Meanwhile did you see the news that the Obama administration offered Steele $1 million if he could prove that Trump was simpathetic to Russia? A tiny bit of news covered up by this ‘immense’ news of the great career politician Tulsi G of Hawaii.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          That Girl by Stevie Wonder

          I noticed that the Beatles sang This Boy, so I listened, expecting to hear an answer verse using “that girl” but it was mostly This Boy and That Boy.

          TG. That Girl?

          Little Eva from north of Geneva – her beau was a vegetarian.

          Burning alive the wives after the husbands died. A religious practice. But it won’t catch on these days I don’t think. At least I hope not.

          So I’ll be the lookout for pols with initials TB. But I won’t know if it’s this or that. Wait. Our leader. The initial of his last name. But my ignorance persists.

          Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughn – Matchbox Blues

          Albert King was the greatest guitarist who ever lived.
          He was left handed so he played it upside down with the treble strings on top. And he wasn’t a politician or in a cult.

  3. Whitewall says:

    Gabbard comes across as her own woman and not just another in a string of ‘greasy pole climbers’. Good for her.

  4. Bill Roche says:

    Our host says he is not a Republican. At 76 and a lifetime (I’ve been a political nerd since I was 14!) of interest in politics I don’t know anymore what I am. I know what I hold dear and it is not what the Dem/Soc Party offers America today. The issue today is Gabbard. The timing of her announcement is interesting. She has enough time to establish herself as a VP possibility for “someone”. Is she a socialists? I believe socialism is a terrible political/economic system for running a country and I’ve read on the internet that she is. I think Pat would remind me to question my source. She seems to have her head screwed on right on ideas of God, country, individualism, liberty, and gasp, patriotism. Today seems my day for controversy, so here goes. For all of his braggadocio/vanity I thought Trump did a good job and would vote for him again. A Trump/Gabbard ticket intrigues me. It might be a common sense ticket. What’s the word all the talking heads use today..”resonate”. I think a common sense ticket would resonate w/t electorate.

    • JamesT says:

      Bill Roche,

      I would love a Trump/Gabbard ticket. That would be terrific.

      • different clue says:

        I don’t think Gabbard will ever have anything to do with Trump or another Trump Administration, if there is one. I have to believe that she has seen how he uses and exploits people, and then discards their empty sucked-dry husk when that husk is of no further use to Trump.

        That is just a purely amateur psychographic guess-impression on my part, to be sure.

        • JamesT says:

          How else can Tulsi ever become president? That is clearly her ambition.

          • different clue says:

            She is still young. She has time to mature and develop and study the field and the situation. If she were to run for House or Senate for Hawaii as an independent and/or part of a new party still to be invented, and if she were to defeat her DemParty target in that scenario, that would demomstrate political comeback capability and political warfighting capacity on her part and would be the beginning of growing her own ( and maybe that new party’s own) independent free-standing power base and presence.

            For someone as relatively young as she still is, there are many paths to the Presidency not involving Trump.

    • Mishkilji says:

      A Vegan Hindu on the right side God in the current GOP?


      The notion Trump can make a common sense appeal is laughable.

      Trump has one thing on his mind: Trump

      • Fred says:


        Trump did manage to defeat Hilary and drained enough of the swamp that no one can unsee those who live in it.

        • Mishkilji says:


          Trump defeated the worse political candidate in our lifetime, even a deeply flawed McGovern had a moral center.

          Drain the Swamp?–Even a dolt like Hercules cleaned the Aegean stables in a day. Besides a pre-written list of Supreme Court nominees and a tax law written by the GOP’s McConnell wing what did he accomplish?

          • Fred says:


            Hercules was a demi-god, Trump an egotistical builder from NYC. What did the latter do? Kept us out of war, drilled enough to get gas to $2 a gallon in most of the Republic, helped create economic conditions such that wages were rising while unemployement was falling (black unemployment the lowest on record), and fought against making vaccines mandatory, and fought against mandatory vax passports; and, of course, triggered all the left to show their true colors. But there very worst thing he did: Bought all the Covid hysteria and the con job Fauci and company foisted on us all. Here’s the latest revelation from the EU on Pfizer saying their vax was never tested for prevention of viral spread. It is just one more exposure on what our elites did to us, and proof that everone, including Trump, can be scammed.


            Nothing to see here, hey, look at the pretty lady from Hawaii and her important news…..

          • TTG says:


            Didn’t he get gas to $2 a gallon by allowing the country to lock down and crash the economy?

          • Fred says:


            What does “drill, baby drill” mean? Why otherwise would Biden’s executive orders affecting oil and gas leases and drilling be necessary? (https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/27/biden-suspends-oil-and-gas-drilling-in-series-of.html) And no, he refused to sign an executive order to lock down and opposed the governors who did issue such orders, as you well remember.

        • different clue says:

          Hillary was pure poison. I voted for Trump to do my part to defeat the Hillarrhoid and keep it out of office. In my case, that had little to do with Trump himself, and was mostly due to Clinton herself. ( Though I must confess that when Trump was tearing down his RepParty opponents in the primaries, I was intrigued by his willingness to kick sh!t over sideways and stomp on it).

          The DemParty wouldn’t let me have my Sanders, so I wouldn’t let it have its Hillarrhoid.

  5. Notfakebot says:

    Good picture of her. She was always more of an independent. I’m basically in agreement with John Merryman, but I wouldn’t call it a cabal. Borgist is how I’ve seen it defined in the past on these pages. Borgist is still a good descriptor.

    Fox News has been grooming her? Gatekeepers on the right? QSOH and JW, you two serve as prime examples of how singlemindedness on the left and right are unwilling to entertain the idea there is a middle path still. Frankly it’s saying something when Tulsi Gabbard is a middle of the road type when she herself was mentored by Dennis Kucinich.

    • different clue says:

      Gabbard/Kucinich might be an interesting ticket. Gabbard as the tough and experienced young warrior President and Kucinich as the wise old adviser who won’t be able to exert any real power behind the scenes; but will just strictly be able to give trustworthy advice and input plus advance Gabbard’s agenda at certain crucial pain-points where a Vice President can make an actual difference.

      Then again , a Ventura/Gabbard or a Gabbard/Ventura ticket might be interesting also.

      And if asked about leaving the Democratic Party, she could truthfully say . . . ” I didn’t leave the Democratic Party until the Democratic Party left me first.” If she could find the right made-for-TV words to say it in, she could even talk about the Democratic Party’s cynical betrayal of her all through the primaries, and then its vile aggression against her by running a Pelosi-picked creature to oppose her in a Hawaii primary. I can’t remember whether she actually tried running against the Pelosi-p-icked Clintobamacrat creature or whether she saw the writing on the wall and tactically retreated for a while.

      I like to think she has a hard heart toward those who deserve it. I like to think that she considers revenge a dish best served over and over and over again.”

    • Jimmy_w says:

      The center failed a long time ago. Moderation and Centrism are stupid and lazy mental crutches, when faced with exclusive extremes.

      Remember that the centrist Synthesis is a Marxist / Hegelian invention.

  6. Valuenotfound says:

    Col Lang,

    The dems are probably happy to see her go. She’s off message these days after all.

    Didn’t she endorse Bernie, a communist in socialist’s clothes, in 2016 (https://www.cnn.com/2016/02/28/politics/tulsi-gabbard-endorses-bernie-sanders/index.html)? Isn’t she also notoriously anti-2A?

    If the warmongering and wokeness is all that drove her out of the party but she holds on to rest of the positions, that’s problematic. I’m not a republican either but I can’t get behind that AT ALL She could end up being a reasonable voice in the wilderness without a home.

    Btw, “sound people on the Left” is an oxymoron. At least today’s left.

    • different clue says:

      I will try to keep this comment short enough that it falls short of the ” too much left-wing discourse” limits which have been clearly set out for us here.

      Yesterday’s Left was a power-and-money Left. Today’s Left is a racial grievance and cultural wokeness left, all about trying to extort ritual displays of guilt and self-abasement from White identified people, who are themselves supposed to compete for the ” I’m more ashamed and guilty than anyone” prize.

      Its not your grandfather’s Left.

      • Pat Lang says:

        You are right. I tolerate a few Leftists here as foils.

        • John Merryman says:

          Which is more than the tech companies and media will allow, of the right.
          Without two sides of the coin, there is no coin.

          • Jimmy_W says:

            Dualism is a false-dichotomy. Evil is not the necessary condition for Good to exist.

            Just because there is a coin, does not mean that the coin should be there. For example, there are two sides: Do Drugs and Abstain Drugs. Just because there is this Drug coin does not mean the coin is valid. Of course the answer is always Abstain.

  7. John Merryman says:

    I come from a long line of Democrats. One of my ancestors, Louis McLane Sr, was Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of the Treasury, before getting on the wrong side the defunding the Second Bank of The United States issue, so he was promoted to Sec of State, then ambassador to England.
    His son, Louis Jr, basically founded Wells Fargo. Wells and Fargo were the investors.
    My great grandfather, Edwin Warfield, was Democratic governor of Maryland for one term, before they forced him out, for not being hard enough on the Blacks. He also founded a bank, Fidelity Trust, in Baltimore, that has since been gobbled up by the big banks. So some family history on the issues.
    I’m going to Vote Republican, at least in the Federal races, this election.

    • Datil D says:

      John Merryman

      Your not alone voting Republican coming from a long line of Democrats. If my father, who held local office as a Democrat, was alive today I expect even he would be voting Republican on the Federal level.

      • John Merryman says:

        Last election, I just wrote in Assange/Manning.
        They had the guts to stand up for what they saw as right.
        Someone with a spine.
        I’ve been advocating for a Rand Paul/Tulsi Gabbard ticket for awhile now.

  8. Lars says:

    Tulsi Gabbard has been more of a curiosity than any policy creator and I have not seen anything that has changed that. She has her fan club, but so did Harold Stassen. She was not a very good or popular Democrat and I doubt that she will be much of a Republican, but she can try. Obviously, she is making some kind of statement, albeit an obscure one.

  9. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Believe The “Creator”…Inspired Mr Trump To Run..Because He Had The Dynamics and Will to Inspire Millions of Patriotic American Citizens Who Loved the United States as Law and Order Constitutional Republic.. That Provides Rights and Due Process..
    nd Foresaw that If Mr Trump Made That FREE WILL Choice..He Would Preserve The Constitution and The Supreme Court Balance during His Administration..

    If Hillary Clinton Had Won Then..It Would Be All over For Americans by Now.. You Can See How Dramatic The Spiritual War Fare Has Been to Capture Hearts and Minds After
    The RAGE of Trumps Win..And The CONTRAST of a Biden/DNC/ Administration..
    That Went on a Rampage of Deliberate destruction..All You Need to do is
    Look at The Bios/Backgrounds of His Cabinet of Foreigners..And Haters of a Value Based System of Faith and Moral Decency..
    So. at a Time when we have Gotten to The Obvious “Armageddon” Moment..For All Races And Cultures…Let Us See What the Creator Allows..And Why Tulsi and others..
    May be the Ones..To Bring a Balance to the Scales..And More Hope..For Our Freedom
    as the Mid Terms..And World War 3 ..Are The Next Reality..

    I Am a Believer…Without God..There is No Hope..for mankind..Its daily Dramatic Spiritual Warfare…Good Vs Evil..Lies..Deceptions….or TRUTH..

    • Bill Roche says:

      I think Trump did a great job despite being besieged by Socialist, media, RINOs, academia, and the creatures of the black lagoon. Whether there was divine inspiration meh.. But I am forever glad he denied the Harpy and can only hope for better in ’24. Another correspondent herein suggested Paul/Gabbard. Funny, a Libertarian and a Socialists. But both seem level headed and love America. Stranger things … as the man said.

  10. TV says:

    Biden won… and it IS all over for Americans.
    Republicans taking the House in November will mean NOTHING.
    Just slightly different color of swamp creatures.
    Show me the REAL difference between McConnell and Schumer.

    • Bill Roche says:

      TV; I’ll try. Schumer is a socialists. They hate the constitution and don’t much like America either. They like socialism and are willing to be fascists to get it. They are ideologues who don’t value personal liberty.
      McConnell is a child of the ’48 Dewey Republicans. They are pro. pols. They don’t care about left or right. They care about electoral office b/c it is lucrative. He is a typical Rino swamp creature and a non ideologue. He’ll swing any way the wind blows. There hasn’t been a real Rep. Party since 1948.
      That is the state of American politics today. There are socialists who wish to destroy America and Republicans who don’t care if they do as long as they still have a place at the table.

      Let’s talk Trump. He is hated by Socialists and their sycophants b/c he fought them. He is hated by Reps (RINOs) and their sycophants b/c he exposed them. IMHO despite his personal conceit (we DONT know if that is true. We only know what the press has “taught” us about him. Their “method” was to sully him as their intent was to hate him. The MSM is but a propaganda house organ for socialism) he did good things for America in his first term. The RINO rep. establishment d/n want him back and neither do the socialists.

      If you are interested look into Thomas Dewey and the Boys of ’48; the connection to 4 time elected FDR, the socialist mvmnt in America, and the abandonment of the Libertarian/Conservative Coalition (Taft(both), Coolidge, Hoover). It will explain American politics today. best.

    • Fred says:


      Congratulations. The difference between McConnell and Schumer is Marrick Garland is Attorney General and not Justice Garland.

  11. KjHeart says:

    It is about time Gabbard made this move – one more person not going blindly over the cliff that the current Democrat party (and associates) seem to be heading.

    I was not sure about Tulsi (as a person) until Hillary went after her and accused her of ‘colluding with Putin’ – Hillary behaves the worst toward people that have an actual moral compass.

  12. VietnamVet says:


    I admit my biases. Tulsi Gabbard is the only politician to who I’ve donated money – $25. I voted mostly a straight Democratic ticket to protect my civil service benefits but voted Republican, now and then, i.e. Robert Ehrlich. I mostly believed the propaganda until 2003 and the crazy Iraq Invasion. I vowed never to vote Republican again. I’ve kept the promise since but might break it to vote for Larry Hogan to deny Joe Biden a second term. Around 2013 I threw my Barrack Obama T-shirt in the trash.

    This November I’ve decided to not to vote for any incumbent; just the Green Party or leave the circle unmarked. There are no progressive Democrats anymore where I live. Voting is the only power I have left – that’s not much.

    My belief is that when the Plutocrats seized back control of government and deep-sixed the New Deal and Great Society; democracy was intentionally terminated. Wokeism and Identity Politics is simply modern “divide and rule”. The Western Empire is the supra corporate-state above the no longer sovereign western nation states. It is rule by and for corporations. The ruling part of the empire is called the “Deep State” and includes the Five-Eyes Intelligence Agencies. Inexplicitly, around 2014, the Overlords decided to have a war with the Russian Federation — most likely to gain control of its energy and resources. Cheap extraction of oil and minerals is finished in the West. But the election of Donald Trump put it off for four years.

    Only wealthy War Mongers and Profiteers and their Overseers are Insiders now. Everyone else is on the outside of the Club. Note how Elon Musk’s peace plan was hooted away. Who exactly took out three or the four Nord Stream natural gas pipelines from Russia to Germany?

    Steve Bannon says that American politics is now a horseshoe. My view is that the Center is now radical autocrat war lovers not moderates. The left and right are joining together in self defense.

    World War III is escalating towards a “no holds barred” state. If the war doesn’t end in a global nuclear war holocaust, and if democracy is not restored, corporate money is not banned, and the fairness doctrine is not reinstated; secession into eleven or so surviving ethnic territories is inevitable. Just like the USSR 30 years ago, the USA will be no more but many will pretend that it still exists.

    • elkern says:

      I agree with much of your analysis, though IMO, the MSM went into full anti-Russia mode in 2014 mostly because it’s intervention in Syria blocked the PNAC/Yinon plan to turn Syria into a failed state like Iraq.

  13. Pat Lang says:

    Trump “crashed” and locked down the economy? What? With tax cuts and regulation reduction? C’mon man! As for Tulsi’s Krishna connection. IMO that is CUTE.

    • TTG says:


      I said he allowed the country to lock down and crash the economy. That’s what caused $2 a gallon gasoline. Trump didn’t cause the lock down or crash any more than he caused the $2 dollar gas price. Nor did he bring on the Covid pestilence. He just happened to be in charge when it all happened. His tax cuts caused the debt to skyrocket. His regulation reduction largely led to allowing the corporate elite to more easily fleece the rest of us, although I’m sure some of that reduction must have done somebody some good.

      Tulsi’s Hinduism and Krishna connections will be more a curiosity than anything else. Her desire to leave the elite cabal of warmongers is admirable. She’s been consistent on that point. She hasn’t yet repudiated Bernie’s socialist platform. She’s still against fossil fuels and is death on nuclear power. She wouldn’t sign onto the GND because AOC left the door open for nuclear. She has clearly burnt the bridge to the DNC, but I don’t see her accepting the current core tenets of the Trump RNC. Maybe she can do the impossible and seek a third way.

      • Fred says:


        “He just happened to be in charge when it all happened.”

        You think the president is commander in chief of the citizens, or just the boss of all the states and those governors better do what the president says?

        “His tax cuts caused the debt to skyrocket.” How much money did he cause the Fed to print? What power does the president have over the FED?

        “She’s still against fossil fuels and is death on nuclear power. ”
        That alone will keep Tusli from getting elected president.

        • TTG says:


          Yes, the president of the US has very little if any control over the course of the economy, especially the world economy. No one seems to be aware of that lately. Trump and the then Republican controlled Congress failed to cut spending when they cut taxes. Thus the skyrocketing debt.

          • Fred says:


            What has Biden done since taking office? Over to you sir.

          • TTG says:


            Major bills signed are the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Inflation Reduction Act and the Chips and Science Act. He also herded NATO into becoming a real alliance again.

          • Fred says:


            The first executive order drove oil prices up drasticlly by cancelling oil drilling leases and cancelling construction of the Keystone pipeline. To save earth from global warming, now called Climate Change, of course. Those major bills you praise did what to the debt that you were so worried about just minutes ago? How much did that IRA act reduce federal spending? What did those NATO and EU sanctions do to the European and US economies? On a bright note I’ll be making some nice change this week consutling on the ongoing implosion in the automotive supply base. Biden’s been good to me that way. Hasn’t helped my now “201K”any though.

          • TTG says:


            Cancelling the pipeline and drilling leases is not what drove oil prices up. The pipeline never pumped one drop and it would only be Canadian tar sands if it ever did. The oil leases wouldn’t have produced a drop of oil for at least five years. The price of oil first shot up due to supply and demand. The economy and demand rose dramatically in early 2021. Supply didn’t. It contracted during the worldwide Covid lockdown. The war in Ukraine and the NATO/EU sanctions then drove prices up again. Now with worries of another economic slowdown on the way, oil prices are beginning to drop. That not what oil producers and investors want. They will restrict pumping and refining to keep prices and profits high.

            Biden boasts about reducing debt. That’s only true in comparison to the debt of 2020 and 2021 when spending skyrocketed. Federal spending certainly didn’t go down. It just returned to 2019 levels. Since I don’t invest in the stock market casino, I haven’t lost a penny. I got out of that as I entered retirement. My retirement and other savings are benefiting from the higher interest rates. Glad I and my sons have no debt. But I’m also seeing the inflationary price rises.

          • LeaNder says:

            He also herded NATO into becoming a real alliance again.

            Yes. But didn’t the vast majority here question the raison d’être of the NATO, post 1989 … ? Not saying you or the Colonel did.

            Concerning present US politics and the war in the Ukraine, the two items below are interesting.

            First, Gabbard’s speech at CPAC/

            She tells us she went to Poland and the Ukraine after her (was it?) latest military tour, but otherwise is no expert on “New Europe”.

            She also refers to freedom of speech? The right to say what you think? Versus as supported below there is no freedom for Syrian/Russian propaganda.

            Here a “New Eastern European” perspective:
            American agents of misinformation: Tulsi Gabbard, Russian propaganda and article 88, [is a] Kremlin apologists spreading disinformation during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine can be found on both sides of the aisle in US politics.October 12, 2022 – Alan Cunningham

            The danger of Gabbard’s use by the Russian government and the appropriate consequences

            Gabbard’s comments are not surprising considering the number of people in both the political sphere and on social media who espouse Russian or non-Western aligned views. However, her comments are particularly surprising given her position within the US Armed Forces. In addition to her political career, Gabbard is a currently serving Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) in the US Army Reserve, assigned to the United States Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs Command-Airborne (USCAPOC(A)) as a Civil Affairs Officer. According to the official webpage of the US Army Special Operations Recruiting Battalion, any Civil Affairs Officer must be eligible for (and maintain) a Top-Secret Security Clearance, one of the most demanding and stringent security clearances within the United States government.

            Within the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the military legal system, there is one area in which Gabbard’s comments could land her in hot water. Under 10 US Code § 888 – Article 88, “Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct”.

            How would the suggested Trump/Gabbard ticket deal with present matters?

            Not much different?

          • TTG says:


            NATO was an alliance in search of a mission after the fall of the WTO and USSR. I. Colonel Lang and many others saw no reason for its continued existence. However, this year Putin most emphatically renewed the raison d’être for NATO. Prior to this year, who would have foreseen Finland and Sweden applying to join NATO? For now NATO has plenty reason for being. There is no need to search outside of Europe for additional missions.

            Tulsi is fervently anti-war and anti-intervention. But she is just as fervently anti-jihadi. Whether her Hinduism and the ongoing Hindu-Islam animosity have anything to do with that, I don’t know. Nonintervention in foreign affairs is a widely and long held belief in the American public. Public opinion against joining the fight against Hitler was strong. We did not want to get involved until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. On the other hand, we also have a wide streak of manifest destiny running through us. The two are often in conflict.

            I don’t see a Trump/Gabbard ticket ever coming to fruition. The two are very different. But I also don’t see either one of them willing to stand in the way of Moscow’s recidivism.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Biden herded NATO into becoming a real alliance again? C’mon man, doesn’t Putin even get to claim credit for that?

          • TTG says:

            Barbara Ann,

            True. Biden wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the tireless efforts of Putin breathing new life into the alliance.

          • jld says:


            “However, this year Putin most emphatically renewed the raison d’être for NATO.”
            This looks more like a chicken and egg problem.
            Did Putin renewed NATO raison d’être or did NATO triggered Putin?

          • Fred says:


            Most Americans are not government retirees with generous pensions. The purchasing power of your savings is being and will continue to be eaten away by inflation for years to come.

            “Federal spending certainly didn’t go down. ” Ergo….

            “The oil leases wouldn’t have produced a drop of oil for at least five years. ”

            What is a futures contract and what impact does that have on a corporations decisions on capital spending?

            What comparrision point are you referring to in “economy increasing”, the 2020 forced lock down low to 2021 demand or the 2019 peak to 2021 demand, those are two entirely different things?

            What made oil supplies higher and prices lower during Trump’s term in office? How could that possibly have occurred if oil companies were purposely restraining supply to drive up prices like the OPEC cartel is doing right now?

          • LeaNder says:

            Public opinion against joining the fight against Hitler was strong.

            I am very, very aware of the larger US scene at the time from isolationists around the America First Committee et all to the pacifist/conscientious objectors/anti-war front not least around the the later founders of Pacifica Radio. Read a lot about the larger topic.

            Why do you feel you have to slip WWII and Adolf in here? Kaip kitaip pažadinti mano sąžinę? Nereikalinga.

          • TTG says:


            I only used that as an example because it’s such an obvious example. Plus, I recently watched the latest Ken Burns documentary “The US and the Holocaust.” The US public’s isolationism was a major theme of the series. I did not do it to awaken your consciousness. After I posted that comment, I thought it might be a little too pointed. It wasn’t my intention. Sorry.

          • Regarding the “America First” movement before WW2
            (discussed by TTG and LeaNder in this thread),
            the 1940 des Moines speech of Charles A. Lindbergh makes for interesting reading even today.


            At that webpage, you can even hear audio recordings of his voice, giving the speech.

            IMO, the arguments he made then
            have some relevance to the situation today.

  14. Lars says:

    Political shape shifting frequently create more problems for the actor than it solves. She may become a media darling at Fox News, but that will hardly help politically and as it has been said: Live by the media and die by the media.

    Then there is the problem of having to account for what you used to believe and explain why you now don’t. That seldom creates a good picture and the media nowadays is all about the pictures.

  15. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Dont understand how any normal Rational..Balanced..Person with any Morals..Religious or NOT..Can Constantly Bash What Mr Trump was attempting to Do
    For The GOOD of the People of the United States..All People..Family People With Children..People whos Homes..Towns…Countys and Are Being Shot up..Burned Down..
    Murdered In All Public and Private Places…Disgusting..You Really have to be a very
    Irrational and Immoral Person to Defend The Progressive Attacks on the American People and Society..I Live in a Far Left Ruled..Governor ..Mayors..Cilty Councils..School Boards..All Levels…Gasoline here is Now Over $5 Dollars..to 5.50 a Gallon..Diesel is over $5 Dollar ..Our Govenor..will Double our State Gas Next next Janurary… We Just Ordered Our Winter Fuel OIL…$900 for 200 hundred gallons..
    Biggest State Sales Tax..Propery Taxes…5000 a Year..I have Repaid My Home Price three times in Propery Taxs…We live in a DOD Town.. Democrat Council..Towns Dead

    ..Druggers by our House All Day..Syringes in our Yard with Piles of Shit after the Druggers Inject..ODs every Day..You now…China…Illegals in Every Store..Everyone Getting Mugged…or robbed every Day…Hospital waiting Rooms Maxed out 50 patients waiting..Nurses Crying Begging for Help..I Flushed a guy out yesterday down the Alley..40s Heavy Tattoos..Mask on..Had an Automatic pisto in his Hand..I Do Daily and Night Security on My Block Constantly..
    That Didnt happen three years ago.. When Mr Trump Supported the Police..And Closed The Borders..The Cartels..Criminals..Politicians at all Levels and Many Liberals have Gone Crazy since 2000 when The Real Crimes Started..COLLUSION..?

    • Bill Roche says:

      My solution is Trump/Gabbard/Paul/Noem/DeSantis. Is there anyone who thinks America, domestically/internationally, is better with socialist in power?

  16. Al says:

    Gabbard, who has a history of making Putin-friendly comments, failed to answer Hannity’s direct question on supporting Ukraine and instead dumped on Biden.
    Fox News:
    Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday pressed former Democrat and current right-wing media darling Tulsi Gabbard on whether she believes the U.S. has a “moral obligation” to provide support to Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia.

    Gabbard, who claimed earlier this week that the Democratic Party is being controlled by “an elitist cabal of warmongers,” has openly questioned the aid measures the U.S. has taken since the Russian invasion in February. It’s comments like those that have earned her adulation from Hannity’s more isolationist-sounding colleague Tucker Carlson, who gushed Tuesday that “every Republican candidate” who comes on his show should sound like her.

    Hannity, not shy about calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “thug” and “murderer,” asked Gabbard what the U.S.’s role should be regarding Ukraine. “Do we stand by and say that’s your problem, or do we have a moral obligation to say we’re not going to let anybody kill innocent men, women and children?”

    Gabbard avoided answering the question directly, instead reiterating her stance that President Biden has been escalating the war rather than working “to bring these parties together.” But as the former Hawaii congresswoman was poised to invoke the words of President John F. Kennedy to make her case that a “negotiated, peaceful solution” was possible, Hannity interjected:

    “If I may—we can have a dialogue about it. If you look at it though, he invaded a sovereign country. He’s claiming it to be his own. If anyone said, ‘Hawaii is ours,’ I know it’s your home state, I don’t think you would like that and would want America to come defend you, wouldn’t you?”

    “Well,” Gabbard replied, “Hawaii is part of the United States. So yes, that would be a problem for the United States.”

    “Once somebody invades a country and kills innocent men, women and children, does the world have an obligation to stop it early, or do you give in to nuclear blackmail?” continued Hannity, who has bristled before at Gabbard’s Putin-friendly talking points. “Somebody could say I’m going to nuke you if you dare support Ukraine or whatever country it happens to be.”

    “If the moral obligation is to do what we can to end the suffering of the Ukrainian people, who are suffering death and destruction, it’s to bring about an end to this war as quickly as possible,” Gabbard said. “President Biden has failed to do that, and he has failed the American people, the people of Ukraine, and the world in doing that.”

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