TV Interview

I did a short interview today on Worldfocus.  They tell me it will be played this evening and will be on their website as well.  pl

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7 Responses to TV Interview

  1. YT says:

    Col. sir, it’s not available on their site. Dunno why. I mean I’m just a couple days late.

  2. Maureen Lang says:

    Try the link in my comment above yours. Just used it & it worked fine for me.
    Best of luck.

  3. fnord says:

    Gdamn, youre good. Most precise comment I have heard in a long while. (Whats with the left ear? ;-))

  4. Patrick Lang says:

    It’s genetic and indicative of descent from ancient Celtic kings. We all have this sacred marking. Call me, Ranger. pl

  5. YT says:

    Maureen Lang : Thanks. Must be a slow internet connection that’s preventin’ me from watchin’. A Happy New Year to ya!

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