Senator, Colonel (ret.), Martha McSally vs the rapists


"UCMJ art. 43(a). Offenses without a statute of limitations include: absence without leave, missing movement in a time of war; murder, rape and rape of a child, and any offense punishable by death. In Willenbring v. Neurauter, 48 M.J. 152 (C.A.A.F. 1998), aff’d, 57 M.J. 321 (C.A.A.F. 2002), the Court found that the statute of limitations under Article 43 does not bar trial for rape, as any offense “punishable by death” may be tried at any time without limitation, even if it is referred as a no…"  Michael Waddington


"On March 6, 2019, during a hearing on Sexual Assault and Misconduct in the Military at the United States Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel, McSally informed her colleagues that she had been raped by a superior officer while serving in the Air Force: "I also am a military sexual assault survivor, but unlike so many brave survivors, I didn’t report being sexually assaulted. Like so many women and men, I didn’t trust the system at the time. I blamed myself. I was ashamed and confused. I thought I was strong but felt powerless. The perpetrators abused their position of power in profound ways. In one case I was preyed upon and raped by a superior officer." McSally did not name the officer, but said she shares the disgust at the failures of the military system and many commanders to address sexual violence. Her revelation came over a month after fellow Senator Joni Ernst revealed that she was raped while in college."  wiki on McSally


Well, pilgrims, Colonel (ret.) Martha McSally is a US Air Force Academy graduate (USAFA).  In other words she was not just another pilot/aviator.  She was an insider in the USAFA insiders club in the USAF.  Just as there is a West Point graduates insiders club in the Army, the same thing is true in the Air Force. 

She is now an appointed US Senator from Arizona and a member of the powerful Armed Services Committee of the US Senate. 

There is no statute of limitations with regard to the crime of rape in the system of US military justice as created by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Well???  Where is it?  Where is the criminal prosecution for the person or persons (her plural) who she says abused her and in one case raped her?  Where is it?  The man or men involved are probably either retired from the USAF or dead.  That would mattes not.  Retired officers can be recalled to active duty for prosecution.  That is what it means to be "retired" as opposed to "former."  Was the alleged rapist her rater, i.e., the man who wrote her ticket for advancement?  Curious minds want to know.  pl

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