“… UFO sightings are ‘national security concern’: ‘Need to continue to pursue this'”

I know a bureaucratic evasion when I see one and yesterday’s hearing before a committee of the Huse of Representatives was certainly one such. It was very much like a scene from the old Brit TeeVee series “Yes, Minister.” Here we had the well briefed Deputy Minister of Defense for Intelligence backed up (supervised really) by a very polished and slippery CAREER SES who is Deputy Head of naval intelligence. Butter would not melt in the man’s mouth.

No actual naval officers appeared. They did not want to mislead the Congress?” Why? They have “gotten religion?”

The two civvie “slicky boys” served up some trvial imagery and then undermined their own exhibits. The Deputy head of Naval Intelligence actually said, “We do not believe there is any evidence of extra-terrestrial activity.” End of message but delivered with a smile while wearing his best suit.

Fortunately, the members of both parties did not believe it. More to follow…. pl

Rep. Wenstrup warns UFO sightings are ‘national security concern’: ‘Need to continue to pursue this’ | Fox News

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  1. MJ says:

    What’s the old cliche, “The truth will be stranger than fiction”.

    My WAG: These UFO’s are terrestrial life forms that fall into an “other” taxonomy.

  2. Fourth and Long says:



    Trinity was July 16, 1945. 7 years and 3 days later they report formations of saucers over Washington DC. Years ago I thought the aliens were signaling by buzzing Washington DC, headquarters of the military forces who dropped the bombs on Aug 6 and then Aug 9. In some accounts the saucers are described as flying in v formation from reflecting pool straight on to the White House. I thought they were trying to warn or perhaps even threaten Truman. 7 light years is almost but not quite twice the distance to the nearest planetary system, assuming one exists on proxima centuari. So 3.5 yrs for the x-rays from the blast to reach them, and 3.5 years for a voyage to earth assuming they can do near light speed. They picked the time well you might think – they probably assumed we’d see the connection via simple reasoning. Possibly they actually flew on Aug 6, 1945 and the dates have been changed or memories altered. They may have changed the reported distances to star systems too.

  3. walrus says:

    There is a very small error in our interpretation of the Einstein field equations that may allow for new physics – in fact it is crying out for new physics that would explain UFOs.

    Our incomprehension of it is what leaves us stuck with the big bang theory, dark matter, dark energy and various subatomic problems with bosons.

    There is no “arrow of time” – time is a local phenomenon, orthogonal to local space curvature. Minkowski realised it but tragically died before he could correct his pupils (einstein) math error. However the scientific establishment has invested billions in the current theory and won’t give up until confronted with visual evidence of anti-gravity, etc.

    • Polish Janitor says:

      Well you said it yourself, this is the exact function of scientific theory, that is until a better explanation and model is formed and proven and agreed by the scientific community the Big Bang is gonna be there for the time being. I think the BB’s quantum gravity theory has managed to hold up pretty well in providing answers to astrophysics and expanding our existing knowledge of the universe. Nevertheless, I’m still not convinced on the ET subject and the idea of UFOs being something like a form of intelligent entity that is superior to man and stuff. My dad, a retired air-force pilot however is a believer and claims to have visually tracked (not by his radar though) ‘some’ moving objects back in the 70s. With all being said, I think I find Bob Lazar’s account during his time at area-51 convincing and his podcast with Joe Rogan a few years ago was really cool to listen to.

  4. TTG says:

    Extraterrestrials are the most reasonable explanation that we can easily grasp, whether they be from another place, another time or another dimension. If they’re not the extraterrestrial beings themselves, maybe they’re extraterrestrial piloted craft or remotely piloted or autonomous craft from out there.

    On the other hand, they could be us observing the shamanic ecstasy of a band of Chukchi shamans. We could be witnessing a manifestation of a remote viewing experience. For all we know, it could be the shamanic ecstasy of a pod of dolphins. In my neophyte RV experiences, I’ve ranged over space and time both instantaneously and at break neck speeds. Who knows. Maybe I was somebody’s UAP.

    • mcohen says:

      Hi ttg.has your site been down in the last 4 hours.i was blocked and there was a notice that the site was down.strange.like some kind of ufo

    • morongobill says:

      This experience would make a great post.

    • jim ticehurst says:

      I Believe Air Craft built and used by Non Human Beings ..Probably Superior
      and highly advanced have existed..Since Mans Existence..Both Friendly…and Hostile..They have been observed Entering and leaving Water all over..Since they Communicated with The Sumerians..and Taught them Sciences and Skills..And recorded by Them..and by Ship Captains..and Passengers since then to Now with What The American Navy is recording…

      The Bible has recorded such events in Ezekiel… and the Beings occupying them.

      It also calls Lucifer…”The Prince of the Air”…Im sure he is a Very High Tech…AI Being.. So Anti Human..He would go with Robotics and Technology..To his Advantage..That Matter is becoming More Obvious..and will reach a Conclusion ..With Current International and Domestic Developments IMO..

      Other than that…all Other UFO Objects Recorded by NASA..and the Military are only See Flying From Earth Toward the Moon and back again..So..To Them..Earth seems to be Thier Priority..And Focus..and to some of them..The Preservation of Human Life..Which is Created..for a Purpose..

      • Fourth and Long says:

        I’ve lived in New York City for more years than I care to remember. I junked my old ford years ago and rely on cabs and car services to get farther than my local neighborhood. Many of the drivers are not native by birth to these shores. Very many of those whose cabs I’ve patronized have been from South America. A surprising proportion of those fellows report either seeing or speaking to people who have seen saucer shaped flying objects enter the ocean (on the west of SA) from the air or vice versa.

        My theory? 1) They associate with other cab and livery service drivers from the same area. 2) They discuss amongst themselves the relationships between conversations with customers and size of gratuity or tip.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    I have a feeling it’s better not knowing and whatever it is concurs.

  6. mcohen says:

    I will add my poem to the ufo experience ” called “Perry”

    Perry got the berry
    Smoke coming from his ear
    Off with the fairy
    Talking king lear

    Hanging from the mirror
    Furry numbers dice
    Pictures a little clearer
    The devil’s device

    He’s rolling a number
    Sees the lucky one
    Spins the tumbler
    Of his want two gun

    He hears no click
    But the hammers down
    Must be a trick
    In curlers and gown

    Back to the sticky
    Of his one box door
    Turns the key
    Its a losing score

    Teevee says what you’re thinking
    You’ll never want to leave
    No you haven’t been imagining
    You could be the believe

  7. Fred says:

    So do the UFO ‘people’ have some kind of government running the visits or are they just some ‘kids’ out for a joy ride to primative planets every now and again? If the former how many different planets and ‘races’ are there? If there is more than one race then do any of them like smog and petrochemical soup? Perhaps ours are a haute-couture of perfumery, a truly rare luxury. Maybe we could cut them a nice deal in exchange for some ‘climate change’ clean up gear. Just a thought. Then again maybe they only want to deal with a single planetary government, which would explain the jockeying between the NATO expansion wing and the China backed WHO expansion wings of Earth’s elites. Then there’s the Davos crowd….

    • Fourth and Long says:

      I read things backwards from time to time, partially for spurious insights, possibly due to quirky genetics as I noticed my dad, during long tedious trips by car, had a habit of reading place names on signs backwards either for his own amusement or ours, his children riding along. In memory of his efforts: UFO becomes OFU. And UFOS rearranges to SOFU.

      Those two I have little trouble deciphering. My guess is his long years flying four engine airplanes for the US Air Force during WW2 had an effect on him, and his crewmates as well, who needed ways to keep themselves awake etc.

      One day during a viewing of an episode of The Twilight Zone, sitting next to him in the suburban family room of our house, I asked him “what’s a gremlin?” Because the episode involved AirForce men who espied a strange wooly looking anthropoid who appeared to be climbing and scurrying around on the wings of their aircraft, possibly accounting for the havoc they were experiencing while flying their aircraft. And while watching it, he uttered verbally: Gremlins. “What’s a gremlin?” I asked, young lad that I was. “Gremlin is a word used by the Air Force to describe unusual visual phenomena experienced and reported by Air Force flight crew members during their flights and are considered to be manifestations of fatigue usually or psychological stress.”

      His response to my youthful questions about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was very unusual, but informative, and even more succinct than his explanation of “Gremlins.” My mother considered it outrageous and never left off reprimanding him for its calllous insensitivity, especially as a response to young children. But they remained married for all those years between 1946 and 2002, having met in 1936 or 37.

      It worries me greatly that men similar to my father might still populate the Air Forces of the United States of America.

      • Fred says:

        Fourth and Long,

        Gremlins are the ‘ghost in the machine’ of non-software technology. Try trouble shooting an intermittent elecrical problem in an old house or an old car some day. Or the engine knock that comes and goes and then one day just disappears.

  8. longarch says:

    So do the UFO ‘people’ have some kind of government running the visits or are they just some ‘kids’ out for a joy ride to primative planets every now and again? If the former how many different planets and ‘races’ are there? If there is more than one race then do any of them like smog and petrochemical soup? Perhaps ours are a haute-couture of perfumery, a truly rare luxury. Maybe we could cut them a nice deal in exchange for some ‘climate change’ clean up gear.

    If intelligent life exists anywhere, it probably exists in several places. Whether life arose from Nature or Nature’s God, the same creative impulse probably manifested multiple times.

    It would be interesting if it could be proven that UAPs are actually the side effects of remote viewing or remote influencing. Since Ingo Swann died, there has not been enough public attention on RV for my liking. But if UAP are just a side effect of earth’s RV, then they are not connected with any argument for life outside of earth.

    Politically speaking, I think the current Bidenista regime is embarrassed by many things, and wants to distract the public as much as possible. The slick dog-and-pony show might distract a few conspiracy theorists away from “Pizzagate” for a few hours. Meanwhile, Durham is doing solid work and the Deep State is doing whatever it does.

  9. William says:

    It was interesting that Representative Mike Gallagher introduced the “Wilson” memo into the Congressional record during the hearing. That document, if genuine (and I believe it is), establishes the USG has recovered crashed alien craft since at least 1947 and been reverse engineering them within waived or unacknowledged SAP programs, probably housed at Lockheed Martin but within the control of aspects of the USAF. It also tees up calling Admiral Wilson and Eric Davis to a future hearing. I understand that there is ongoing discussion of possible immunity agreements for such witnesses…

    This could raise tremendously difficult questions for the government – such as have you had contact with ET, and if so, how and when. Did you reach agreements. Did you assassinate Americans along the way, etc. etc.

    The mainstream media, a remarkably stupid entity, is beginning to realize it has been had… See, for example: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/05/16/intelligence-agencies-congress-ufo-hearing-00032713 – reporting by Bryan Bender on a “Skull and Bones” type organization within DOD, that “fetishize their secret society.”

  10. kodlu says:

    This is just one specific instance, but the story below claims that the sightings of swarming aerial objects off southern California were Drones, not UFOs.


    Of course this raises the question, publicly unanswered, of who is controlling these drones swarming around Navy ships.

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