Ukie missiles sink more Rooshian ships?

This split image taken from video purportedly shows a Russian patrol boat being destroyed in the Black Sea. (General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

“Ukraine’s military has released a video Monday purportedly showing two Russian patrol boats being blown up in the Black Sea. 

The clip begins with an aerial view of one Raptor-class boat in the water. The ship then bursts into a fireball, sending debris and sparks flying through the air.  

The second boat – which was on the move – suffers an identical fate. “

Comment: Was it Jellicoe who said at Jutland that there seemed to be something wrong with the British battle cruisers that day. pl

Ukraine releases video of 2 Russian ships allegedly being destroyed in Black Sea | Fox News

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12 Responses to Ukie missiles sink more Rooshian ships?

  1. TTG says:

    Bayraktars strike again, probably a Ukrainian Navy Byraktar. They’re doing okay without any ships. I know Turkey continued to sent replacements into Ukraine after the war started. Maybe they’re still coming.

  2. Leith says:

    More great PR for the Turkish Company that built the Bayraktar. Did those boats sink or burn to the waterline as some are claiming?

    On the 26th and the 30th the Ukrainians struck Russian occupied Zmiinyi (snake) Island. They claimed they took out three to four SAM Strela-10 SAM sites and a comms vehicle. That cleared the way for the Bayraktar to operate unopposed in that area, and take out those two Raptors. They have a crew of three and can carry 20 troops. Wonder if they were trying to reinforce Zmiinyi?

    Any insight into how fast that second Raptor was going when it was hit? They reportedly can do up to 48 or 50 knots. But were probably doing much less than that.

  3. Worth Pointing Out says:

    No, it was Beattie, not Jellicoe. Which is only right and proper, as it was Beattie’s mismanagement that made them go “boom”.

  4. cobo says:

    Obviously, a couple of the Roosky’s engine mates lit up a cigarette at the wrong time. How could the uber fantastico rooskies ever be caught with a hot grenade down their pants. That goes for the nukes, too. Yes, y’all rooskies b-a-d, but our nukes burn hell, too

    Put it all on hair trigger
    Lock onto everything and everyone that’s playing this game

    Then jump on them with everything we’ve got and keep a twitchy finger on those nukes – just do it

  5. Old Gun Pilot says:

    Russia is losing a sea battle against a foe who doesn’t have a navy. Gotta be a world record.

    • KjHeart says:

      Old Gun Pilot – thank for putting this in terms I can understand – I am always ‘treading water’ when I am immersed in military data and info

  6. Fred says:

    Were they made out of plywood like PT109? Just curious ’cause they’re smaller and slower. But congrats on proving the Bayratkar effective in combat. It doesn’t say much for Russian shipborne radar or the skill of the lookouts.

  7. Leith says:

    Longer video here. First one on the sitting duck hit at 4:38. Second hit was 13 minutes later at 4:51. Second guy knew he was in trouble, so took to high speed zigzagging to try to avoid the hit. Looks like he turned off his running light also. Must be a good stabilizer in the IR optics of the TB2, and a good target lock-on capability.

    As for Jutland, neither Jellicoe nor Beattie were cashiered. Both later were promoted to First Sea Lord, even though thousands of British sailors were killed that day. Both were goats IMHO. Didn’t the destroyers save the Brits from a complete disaster?

    • Worth Pointing Out says:

      Jellicoe led the Grand Fleet well that day, managing to “cross the T” of the High Seas Fleet twice. But he was badly led down by his subordinates: Beattie’s handling of the battlecruisers was appalling, and the light cruisers of the Grand Fleet (who were supposed to be Jellicoe’s eyes) who simply didn’t feed him the information that he needed.

      Scheer was horrified when he saw the Grand Fleet emerging out of the haze, and from that point his only intention was to disengage as fast as he could and run for home. He had zero interest in going toe-to-toe with the British, and it was the German destroyers (and the “death ride” of the German battlecruisers) that allowed the High Seas Fleet to escape.

      The main problem was time (it was already very late in the day when the British battleships joined the fight) and the limitations of communicating amongst such a large fleet under such poor visibility.

      But, no, Jellicoe did little wrong. Beattie didn’t do anything right, as far as I can tell.

  8. Babeltuap says:

    Nobody has formidable Navy except the US but even we get hit time to time. It happens. End of the day NATO does not have the ability to keep this up very long. Our interests payments are going to eventually be more than the entire DOD budget.

  9. scott s. says:

    Not sure our LCS would fare much better in similar situation.

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