Ukraine–A Domestic Brawl That Is Not Our Fight

Gas prices could soar if Russia invades Ukraine - Miteeng

Friday night two New York police officers were shot trying to intervene in a domestic fight between a mother and son. One was killed and one was critically wounded. The survival of that officer remains in doubt. Ask any police officer about the risk of trying to separate warring parties, whether it is a fight between a husband and wife or a parent and child. It is damn dangerous and can go south fast.

The shooting that happened in that Harlem apartment last Friday is an apt metaphor for the United States sticking its nose in the internal affairs of Ukraine. You cannot understand the current situation without understanding the history of Ukraine during the last 100 years. The vast majority of Americans cannot find Ukraine on a map much less converse knowledgeably about the underlying ethnic and religious divisions that fractured this manufactured nation.

Please watch this short video. It provides an excellent overview:

Ukraine has a bloody, horrific past. While many Americans have trouble remembering what happened four years ago, the psyche wounds from the Holomodor, the Nazi invasion, the Soviet conquest of the Nazis and the Holocaust are still fresh and suppurating. The rancid pus oozing from this history continues to poison Ukraine’s politics, both domestic and international.

The Biden Administration and the Brits are busy trying to sell their respective citizens the lie that we are arming Ukraine to fend off a Russian effort to re-establish the Soviet empire. This is dangerous nonsense. Ukraine is not a Jeffersonian democracy yearning to breathe free air. It is a fractured country and now much of the West is hell bent on ignoring this reality and adopting saber rattling towards Russia while treating Ukraine as an expendable pawn.

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Whoever is directing Biden is either the most feeble minded moron we ever had calling shots or the biggest lunatic we ever had calling them. I’m leaning towards lunatic. Nobody could possibly be this stupid.

  2. blue peacock says:


    Yes, it makes no sense for us to be involved in the internal strife of Ukraine. We’re not supporting a Solidarity movement that wants to break free of totalitarianism as in Poland.

    It is also silly to think that Russia wants to take on all the troubles & dysfunction of Ukraine. At best they may want to cleave off the ethnically & linguistically Russian parts. None of this should be our concern especially any kind of military conflict.

    I think the recently forced to resign head of the German navy was correct in his observations and assessment in his discussion with his Indian counterparts.

    The question that keeps coming up is why are the folks in DC and in London constantly agitating & stirring the pot with falsehoods when it does not serve our interests? Why are the neocons so influential when they are such a failed group? And why are they so dominant in foreign policy in both our political parties? What gives?

    • Mal says:

      It’s serves the interests of The City of London and Tel Aviv, the USA is the pawn, with The Mad Hatter runing a shadow government somewhere in DC. Unless Joe Brandon really is in control……

      Cheers Mal

    • Dan Berg says:

      best argument I’ve seen: Putin stands in the way of “progressive globalism”

      • Rudeboy says:

        Where did you hear that argument? I’d love to read more on that as I agree. Plus, why has our country been obsessed with Ukraine? We all know much of the sordid story since 2014 but there must be so much we don’t know. What are the elites hidding?

  3. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    War drums are beaten by the MSM media louder and louder, one german media outlet even published the alleged russian military operation plan. Seems like they are in a hurry.

    But why? To secure EU’s dependence on the US before the showdown with China begins?

    Feels like a 1930’s redux, but with the roles reversed. Even if there is a new Munich conference of 1938, we all know where it led. If an elite decides to go to war, even in a democracy, we average people cannot really do anything. See FDR’s slow choke on Japan leading to Pearl Harbor.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Balint Somkuti, PhD

      To me it feels like 560BC. Biden’s oracles in the Borg have been consulted and are assuring him that if he makes war on Russia he will destroy a mighty empire.

  4. Michael Droy says:

    it is nothing to do with Ukraine. A poor mess no one wants responsibility for.
    Russia is no longer weak, and US/Nato has overreached across much of Europe.
    Most specifically it is the US missile site in Romania that provokes – it’s missiles can carry nukes. Then the planned site in Poland and afterwards the probable planned site in Ukraine.
    Russia may take out the site with hypesonic missiles. That is the threat. US can’t menton this because that would make it clear US defence missiles just don’t work.
    So talk about something else (Ukraine) and blame Russia when it does the something actually expected.

  5. zmajcek says:

    In a better world the US, UK and the EU would work with Russia to find economic and political solutions to the issues and bring about a prosperous and militarily neutral Ukraine.
    But no, coup, conflict, sanctions, war and more war is so much better.
    No wonder Elon Musk wants to escape to Mars.

  6. Fred says:


    regarding the cop killing, we can thank Barack Obama and BLM for creating the Ferguson Effect. The return of BLMism is driving violence in every blue metropolis in the Republic, with blacks killed and terrorized the most. As to Ukraine, let us praise with great praise the Vindman brothers, both on (previously) the National Security Council, both were from Ukraine. Their fixation on an ancestral enemey has damaged American interests for years. The fat one is still war mongering.

    Thank goodness the Southern border is secure. Does anyone know if General Milley is calling his opposites in Russia because he is worried the President is going to start WW3, or did that only apply to Trump?

  7. Condottiere says:

    Not our fight, but it is our Javelins, Stingers, and TOWs in the fight 🚀💥

  8. Claudius says:

    I think that the heart of this is the Uniparty’s long term desire to shift the population to a collectivist system; no free thinking individuals to challenge their dominance, right to rule, or confront them with their blunders. The WuFlu has failed to do this; perhaps the Russian bogey man will frighten the populace into quiet submission.
    There is a pattern. Look at the “Greatest Generation theme”; the depicted moral crusade of WW2 where the US saved the world from evil, thus spreading ” democracy”. (No mention of the Red Army which thrashed the bulk of the German Army, or of specific US national and British interest). In my lifetime Lincoln’s stated war aim of preserving the Union by military force has morphed into a great moral crusade to end slavery; no mention of the Tariff issue or of the view held by very many that the Constitution was a voluntary compact. (Lincoln’s own words on this have conveniently disappeared into the night and fog, as have his suppression of civil rights and his paper money program).
    WW1 is NOT mentioned, perhaps because Wilson’s efforts to circumvent strong domestic opposition are too close to the surface, and because his post war progressive program failed.
    The Uniparty has more impending failure on the horizon, such as a private and public pension fund implosion. From their standpoint and unified population is vital to their hold on power.

  9. akaPatience says:

    While food and fuel are always conveniently left out of the calculus, inflation shows no signs of abating. It’s truly corrosive and everyone feels the effect. Equity markets are tanking – lots of big losses continue to add up. More and more people are resisting Covid tyranny and are fed up with the “new normal”. Biden is likely permanently damaged goods – how can he possibly overcome the now-apparent cognitive decline? SO, the political class and MSM that were eager to get rid of Trump are beating war drums in an obvious Wag the Dog diversion. I’m not surprised but I hope sanity will overcome the zealotry.

  10. Leith says:

    As far as the Ukro-Nazis during the German occupation, they were as bad or worse than Himmler and Hitler. But how many Ukrainians served the Nazis? And where in the Ukraine were they from? There were perhaps only 200,000 Ukrainian Hiwi volunteers in the Ukrainian Liberation Army. Add another 30,000 (?) for the 14th Waffen SS Division, but a good portion of those were Slovak. Mostly they were from far western Oblasts that just a few years prior were provinces of Poland (Volnhia 1939) and Romania (Transnistria 1940). There were another 100,000 in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), but the UPA fought against both the Soviets and Nazi Germany.

    On the other hand close to seven million Ukrainians served in the Red Army or in Partisan bands fighting against the Nazis. 1.4 million of them were KIA. Another seven million Ukrainian civilians died during the war. Thousands of Ukrainian Red Army soldiers were awarded the Gold star medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Over 350 Marshals and Generals of the WW2 Red Army were Ukrainian including some of the most prominent such as Marshal Semyon Timoshenko who was twice made a Hero of the Soviet Union as was General Dmitry Lelyushenko and Partisan Commander Sydir Kovpak, plus VVS Ace and later General Ivan Kozhedub (three times a Hero of the Soviet Union with 60 solo victories). Other prominent WW2 Ukrainians were Marshals Malinovsky, Fedorenko, Moskalenko, Koshevoy, Grechko, Yeremenko, and Rudenko; Generals Apanasenko and Kostenko; Colonel-Generals Kirponios, Cherevichenko, and Kravchenko; and Admiral Nikolai Basistiy.

    And there were plenty of ethnic Russians who fought for the Germans. General Vlasov’s Russian Liberation Army had 50,000. Russian Cossack Atamans Glazkov and Krasnov collaborated with Hitler. Krasnov had an entire division of Don Cossacks who came from the Kuban or from the Donbas in southern Russia. That unit later became the nucleus of the XV SS Cossack Cavalry Corps. The ByeloRussians had plenty of collaborators plus two Waffen SS Divisions the 29th and 30th.

  11. sbin says:

    Failed empire digging faster.
    How embarrassing will it be for the most exceptional regime ever to get its ass kicked by a gas station masquerading as a country.

  12. Marlene says:

    In his editorial on the current events in Ukraine, Spanish exiled journalist César Vidal mentions a US intelligence document finished in August 1948, “US Objectives with respect to Russia”, classified as top secret, made at the request of James V. Forrestal, at the time SecDef, whose purpose was to articulate measures to weaken the USSR already in the midst of the Cold War.

    The text, of enormous interest, which remained hidden for years, said the following:

    “Although the Ukrainians have been an important and specific element in the Russian Empire, they have shown no signs of being a nation capable of successfully carrying out the responsibilities of independence.
    There is no clear dividing line between Russia and Ukraine, and it would be impossible to establish one.
    The cities on Ukrainian territory have been predominantly Russian and Jewish.
    The real basis of Ukrainian nationalism is the feeling of difference produced by a specific peasant dialect and by small differences in custom and folklore in rural districts.
    The political turmoil on the surface is generally the work of a few romantic intellectuals who have little concept of the responsibilities of government.
    Trying to separate Ukraine from the Russian economy and establishing it as something separate would be just as artificial and destructive as trying to separate the core belt, including the Great Lakes industrial zone, from the US economy.
    If any real border can be drawn in the Ukraine, it would logically have to be the border between the areas that traditionally give their religious submission to the Eastern Church and those that give it to the Church of Rome”

    He mentions that this really intelligent and accurate assesment remained in force through the US governments until the arrival of Zbigniev Brzezinsky as security advisor during Carter presidency, whose patological hatred of everything Russian would influence the US foreign policy from then on, a foreign policy which has meant blood, pain and misery not only for the US but also for the whole world.

    In an historical account of Ukraine, a word which means “border” because it really was the Russian border, he mentions the fact that the Ukrainian people fought ferociously the Polish and Lithuanian occupation, being as it was a Catholic power who opressed its Orthodox peoples. he mentions how during the Polish occupation the poles used to depositate the keys of the orthodox churches in the hands of the jews so that to humiliate the Ukrainian people.
    This ancient loathing of the Polish invaders they felt the Ukrainian people got reflected in Ukrainian literature works of universal relevance, like Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol.
    At the result, when the Ukrainians liberated themselves from the Polish yoke in the XVII century, they immediately reintegrated into the Russian Empire, a reintegration which was so complete and absolute that the Ukrainian Cossacks became an universal symbol of everything Russian for foreigners.

    The idea of the separation of Ukraine from Russia arose at the dawn of the 20th century from empires that saw the Russian Empire as their rival.
    An idea of the German Empire that in 1917 imposed the independence of the Ukraine to the Russian revolutionaries with the intention of turning the independent Ukraine into a satellite state. The same intentions that the British Empire harbored during the Russian Civil War.
    A German and British aspiration that remained so when the Bolsheviks became victorious in the civil war.

    On the alleged hatred for Russian oppression in which the current Ukrainian nationalists pretend to base their desire for independence from everything Russian, it is mentioned that except for the case of the Georgian Stalin, all of the Soviet “oppressors” were either Ukrainians or of Ukrainian ascendance ( Khruschev, Breznev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev…).

    • Marlene says:

      Btw, reading about James V. Forrestal, of whom I knew nothing so far, I am seeing he was dismissed at a still productive age and confined in a military hospital ward on grounds of paranoia, since he stated he was being followed full time by Israeli operatives, an alleged paranoia which ended being truth..

      A pity that the man died in strange circumstances at that hospital…

      Do you think his death had anything to do with this report on Ukraine he ordered?

      I doubt it was a suicide, the mutliple versions sound very weird…

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