Uncle Joe’s Drive In Show


We watched this last night, all of it, every dreary, sycophantic, rehearsed moment of it.  It was strangely reminiscent of drive in movies back in the 50s.  All that was missing was the refreshment stand in the middle.  There were perhaps 100 people there plus production assistants.  This was an assemblage of hardline Democrats and a couple of what may have been Republicans enticed into this for effect.  Joe was well rehearsed and only made a few errors like the claim that if Trump had acted a bit earlier nobody would have died in the US.  Nobody.  His reversal of position on fracking is just amusing.  IMO if he does this well at a real debate with Trumpy, he will come off better than he deserves.  The GOPers should be careful in that context to do electronic screening for radio transmitters giving him the answers.  Jamming would be appropriate.

Contrast this with the Trump airport rally from somewhere in deepest, farthest Wisconsin.  There were several thousand there, resplendent in their red hats.  They roared and cheered for their savior.

I saw a video the other day of Joe arriving somewhere in Florida in his chartered jet.  In the clip he stands at the top of the rolling stairs and waves at the crowd who we are supposed to believe are off to the right.  But, the cameraman does not hold the shot and lets his focus drift to the direction toward which Joe is waving.  Unfortunately there is no one there. Nobody at all.

It is going to require a lot of mail in ballots to make Harris/Biden co-presidents.  pl

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16 Responses to Uncle Joe’s Drive In Show

  1. Fred says:

    At this point Trump should start challenging Kamala to a debate since she’s going to be defacto ruler. (Unless the Biden people have figured out for themselves she’ll be purging them – all oth them – once he’s gone.)
    “It is going to require a lot of mail in ballots to make Harris/Biden co-presidents” They’ve already gotten two judges to extend deadlines in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Nothing beats legislating from the bench.

  2. Jack says:

    While we’ll need to wait for the October surprise to gauge better the last minute swings, 80% of the electorate, maybe more, are always locked into their partisan holds in every election. It would appear that only 5-10% are really persuadable. There’s typically a swing to one side by the persuadables as voting begins. It invariably then comes down to enthusiasm. Who can turnout more of their voters?
    This year like most other years just a handful of states will decide. IMO, they are Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
    The bigger question is the Senate. The Democrats are in striking distance of a majority. If Trump wins the presidency but the Democrats win the Senate it would only increase impeachment attempts.

  3. Rick Merlotti says:

    Biden just means president Harris. Obama in a dress. Same scanty resume, a cipher with no principles except accrual of power. What could go wrong?

  4. egl says:

    Colonel — You’re evidently not a fan of Biden. Are you endorsing Trump?

  5. turcopolier says:

    Yes. He is the “lesser of two weevils.”

  6. Jim says:

    I am wondering if Biden is taking steroids.
    That’s the first question I’d ask him at the debate.

  7. BillWade says:

    The first scheduled debate is for Sep 29th, what if Joe calls in sick,can he be replaced, what about all the mail-in votes, can they be changed?

  8. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    As Fred noted above, the PA judiciary has extended the date for mail-in votes, making it now in the post by 5 PM on Friday November 6, three days after the November 3 (now largely fictional) national election day.
    Well, that way they, and other states with mail-in balloting can assess the voting patterns for several days to find out how much vote fraud they need to commit before sluicing fake ballots into their states totals.
    I like how they use the judicial system to just jerk the whole election rules around without even asking for the consent of the legislature. A moment of clarity, don’t you think? And right in line with the whole movement toward governing by fiat instead of legislation. A preview of what we could expect from the HARRIS-biden administration.

  9. Rick Merlotti says:

    I think he’s taking some sort of cocktail of things like Adderall, Red Bull and organic Psilocybin.

  10. PRC90 says:

    If Biden is finally seen as a sufficient liability then the DNC may still dump him on medical grounds even at this late hour (the ambulance got to the hospital in time and Joe is ok !).
    Rather than jamming the poor old gentleman I’d suggest Trump will be going as easy on him as possible to keep him on an even keel right to the end.
    Will Joe get Allen Ginsberg and Ruth Bader mixed up in his condolences ? The eleventh hour issue for many undecided real and actual voters will be which of the contenders handles the USSC replacement with the most credibility.
    Who will get their après-Ginsberg contingency plan going first ?

  11. ked says:

    Biden will get more of the popular vote, by an even larger margin than Hillary did. How his campaign games the EC is another matter. How Trump’s attempts to throw the election into chaos by encouraging his worshipers to vote both by mail & in-person (giving red state governors a shot at over-riding their state’s actual results) is yet another. In any case, mistaking adoring masses for certain victory, and a majority’s quietude for defeat overlooks the fact that everyone has already locked-in their vote. This ain’t the halcyon days of Presidential campaigning no more.

  12. Bill H says:

    I’ve read that series of books six times. I’m about ready to start a seventh.

  13. scott s. says:

    So Trump put out his list of possible Supreme Ct nominees, seems legit to ask Joe to name his.

  14. akaPatience says:

    I loved drive-ins when I was a kid and I’ve missed them ever since. They’re making a bit of a comeback in the Age of COVID. Unfortunately, feature films aren’t as good as they used to be…
    Is it possible Trump and pundits on FOX are doing Biden a favor by harping so much on his mental deficiency – and thus lowering expectations for his debate performances? While it’s true Biden’s had some MAJOR mental lapses, even frightening ones, it’s also obvious there are times when he seems lucid enough.
    I’ve been very surprised to read that polls show seniors favor Biden. Granted, polling may be TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE BS for the most part, especially considering how pathetic his campaign events have been so far. But could some senior voters be taking umbrage at the constant attacks on Biden’s mental lapses? While I support the POTUS, he’s admittedly not the most eloquent extemporaneous speaker either. Joe will likely be hopped up to the hilt for the debates which, while making him seem less senile, may make him more susceptible to hostile remarks like “dog-faced pony soldier”. I bet the TV ratings will be high, with Republicans hoping to see Biden crash and burn. But I’m preparing myself for the possibility that he’ll exceed expectations.

  15. Deap says:

    My guess is Biden is getting coached to repeat 10 generic lines and he will insert them at his own choosing. Much like Reagan’s very winning …there you go again. Give Biden 10 lines just like that, and he will appear to hit home runs with each question.

  16. J says:

    Assange has a PARDON at his fingertips if he wants it.
    Trump ‘Approved’ Assange Pardon In Exchange For Source Of DNC Leaks: Court Testimony

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