” … US would look like Canada.”

“Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his record on handling the COVID-19 pandemic, remarking that if he did not stand up to the continued overreach by the federal government, the U.S. as a whole would be as severely locked down and economically depressed as Canada.

While Florida is returning to normal with sporting events returning to full capacity, DeSantis reminded “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin that children in the state had the benefit of in-person learning throughout the past schoolyear.

“You just have so many threats to freedom nowadays. And what we’re doing is we’ve essentially, ‘Katie, bar the door’ to protect Floridians and to protect their freedoms and opportunities. And you see it in a number of different ways,” said DeSantis, who himself recently topped former President Donald Trump in a prospective 2024 straw poll of conservatives.”

Comment: “Look like Canada? The Blue states pretty much do. I include Virginia among the Blue. People are fighting wokism in Loudon County but the issue is in doubt. For me an interesting side issue lies in the identity of people who choose to stand for election to school boards. There seems to be a pattern in which leftists systematically seek to take over school boards to gain control of curriculum. Clever. pl


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  1. TV says:

    School boards tend to be occupied by activist parents and spouses of teachers or teachers who work in another district. The parents are often the wine-drinking whiney white women types and you know where that usually goes.

  2. blue peacock says:

    “There seems to be a pattern in which leftists systematically seek to take over school boards to gain control of curriculum.”

    Col. Lang,

    Isn’t that how the system works? Activist groups take advantage of low turnout in the local elections. I recall stories not too long ago of “right wing” activists taking over school boards in some elections to get creationism in science curriculums. Now the pendulum is swinging left with wokeitsts saying advanced math is racist.

    I’ve always wondered what type of person is motivated to stand for local elections from county commissioners to fire districts and who funds their campaigns? It would appear ripe for organized groups to take advantage by providing all the elements required in a campaign from financing to pr & media to production of campaign materials.

    • AK says:

      “Activist groups take advantage of low turnout in the local elections.”

      This is how an open Socialist just won the mayor’s race in Buffalo. ~20k votes cast in a city of 200k, and she won by ~1,700. And like dutiful propagandists, the leftist media are attempting to frame this as some new watershed in acceptance and popularity for Socialism.

  3. Deap says:

    In California, the Democrat central committees seek out and select who they will back to run for local school boards. Teacher union support is the only requirement.

    Anyone else has to run against the well-oiled Democrat machines, which runs mainly on teacher union donations since they are the biggest PAC donors in California. Democrats in this state are highly skilled at marketing ,and highly disciplined GOTV efforts including making sure you sent it your mail-in ballot. Even show up at your door step to help you fill it out and deliver it for you.

    Early in the game they will tag any opponent to the chosen Democrats candidate with a cheap shot negative label, that sticks in the voters mind and often prevents any further self-identification. Their list of deceptive buzz words in their pro-teacher union marketing is legendary and always go for the emotional jugular.

    Any interested parent or community member who innocently walks into this Democrat mean-machine never runs for office ever again. Once burned by the local Democrat machine, twice shy.

    To the point in our local school board we had a “bye” race for several positions – no one even bothered to go against the teacher union incumbent who were then appointed and their names did not even show up on the ballot or allow write ins. And there were plenty of controversial issues at stake.

    Voters fundamentally bear the burden because they could vote the bastards out .But thy are rarely even aware who sits on their school boards let alone know their names or affiliations – they just see XYZ raised the most money, and is backed by the “Friends of Education” and has a cute little apple on their lawn signs.

    $1000 a year per teacher union dues builds up a huge political war chest in California. Think long and hard about a “civil service” system that we have created that takes what were originally our tax dollars (education funding) and turns them into teacher union dues which are used to screw us over even more and not even provide decent education for our kids.

    K-12 malaise, funded unceasingly by our own tax dollars and overseen by those ho get these tax dollars is about as corrupt as it gets. Remember this the next time Democrats scream “crony capitalism” or “corporations don’t care about the people or pay their fair share.”

    If you put the teachers unions on both sides of the bargaining table, the result is the horrible decline in US public education we see to day ….. certainly in the blue states.

    Visit Transparent California and pick any school district in the state to see what taxpayers are spending on public education in this state – it is not lack of money that caused this decline, it is lack of voter attention who let the teachers unions take over far too many school boards.

  4. Calle Jarny says:

    The upcoming NHL Stanley Cup finals will give us a perfect illustration of what Governor DeSantis is talking about.

    The Tampa Bay Lightning’s arena will be filled to the max with tens of thousands freely enjoying the moment & cheering their team on (masked or otherwise, their choice). A blessing to the players who played their hearts out last year against the vicious/cruel Dallas Stars, won the Cup, and were greeted with silence.

    Despite this being a miraculous & historical run for the Montreal Canadiens…the “land of hockey” is dictating that only a smattering of timid spectators be allowed inside the Bell Center. Their attempts at cheering, muffled by the mandatory masks.

    Will this contrast move the supposed “Habs fan” Justin Trudeau to change his cruel ways? Will he abandon “the great reset” and be the risk-taking maverick his father was? Find out, as the Stanley Cup finals begin Monday night!

  5. Calle Jarny says:

    I don’t think it’s appreciated by conservatives just how helpless and fearful liberals/progressives became during the reign of Bush Jr.

    They were being constantly lied to by the media & politicians. They watched wars unfold that were novel and horrifying. Then they had “cancel culture” imposed on them, for daring to speak out. It was a possibility that they could end up helpless subjects of intellectual inferiors or charlatans.

    They never went anywhere. They still maintain or rose to the positions typical for liberal sectors of societies (such as School Boards & other academic institutions).

    The problem is that they were radicalized by what they originally experienced. Then President Trump’s constant trolling reminded them again they could end up as subjects. So now they are primed to accept any strategy of power concentration the “elites” offer.

    They do not realize that they are being exploited in a larger con, and that a hellscape is being prepared for future generations of Americans. All they are fixated on is eliminating “the other side” – however cleverly the system allows them to do it.

    Of course their victory is not guaranteed. I noticed President Trump’s speech last night subtly addressed his past strategic mistakes. I also noticed “the other side” rising to their feet when he promised specific & targeted measures to fight back. They would not have done this during his first run, because they did not understand. They do it now because they have been stung too hard.

    • Fred says:

      The great Obama swept into power and did what, make speeches, collected the premier political virtue award 9 months in and launched a series of color revolutions. Remind me who got cancelled on the left? Obama’s opponents? Who “rises” to a school board position?

      • Calle Jarny says:

        Are you arguing against my views, or someone else’s?

        I was referring to the pre-Obama era. They are a well-oiled machine now, but back then the liberal movement was aimless & decentralized…whereas the conservatives had “full spectrum” loyalty of the media/corporations/military.

        Censorship? This was before social media, where the media/academic/political classes served as the only movers of public opinion. These pre-woke liberals saw news reports ignoring or dismissing their protests. And then examples being made with firings of the few “voices” of dissent (Donahue, Maher, & Banfield).

        If you read some of the internal e-mail’s that began the conspiracy of turning American media into an exclusively liberal “product”…it’s an example of what I was referring to, about liberals gravitating towards consistent roles in western/European societies. You may not recognize it because they are intelligent enough to “bend” & “blend” as the situation requires.

        These journalists felt they could “shill” for the good of the empire to a certain extent. But it was the over-reach & domination by those they considered charlatans & intellectual inferiors that created a sense of dread & resentment.

        It is those hidden feelings that have allowed the movement to snowball into the self-righteous & centralizing project we see today. This is why they are cold to the logical & correct arguments/concerns of “pre-woke” liberals like Michael Tracey & Tucker Carlson (not a typo). These men do not speak to what truly motivates them.

  6. TV says:

    Ah Canada or is it eh Canada?
    How’s that wonderful free healthcare for all working out?
    Their dirty secret is the US – with it’s evil profit-making health system – is Canada’s backup.
    Really serious surgery?
    Come here?
    Province can’t handle chemo-therapy?
    Send them here; I have personal knowledge of this.
    The nearest major medical center to me is 40 miles from Canada.
    Go to the parking garage and count the Canadian license plates; you’ll need more than 10 fingers, way more.

  7. scott s. says:

    So in Hawaii we will let mainland visitors in without testing if they have there vax entered in our system starting 8 Jul. There’s still indoors masking for all, except on military bases like Schofield Barracks. I estimate 50% or more are wearing masks outdoors.

    Meanwhile, the state has a single Governor appointed school board. Effectively the legislature is the Board. They passed a bill giving teachers a $2500 bonus this year, but it looks it will be vetoed (here, the state and local unions have a group collective bargaining system so giving a special deal to one union causes envy in the other ones).

    There was a lot of citizen activity over “common core”, and in our system it is fought mainly with the legislators. There aren’t many elected positions in this state. I get to vote for city/county councilman, mayor, prosecutor, representative, senator, and governor/lt gov. That’s it except for some entity called OHA which was intended for Hawaiians only but the supreme court ruled you couldn’t have a race-based election for a state entity.

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