Vacation for all

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  1. heysailor says:

    Colonel, I share your frustration with the conmentariat and wish you hadn’t felt compelled to close things down during this most interesting time. The US has no good options since Jimmy Carter committed the ultimate act of sedition in the mid 90’s when he went to NKorea and said, a few minutes before we were going to launch and take out their one reactor, the he’d found peace in our time. We lost our best chance and we can’t lose another one. People will die but the question is: How many Americans?
    We need to destroy that country. Now. No thirty Tomahawks. Use nukes and do it right.

  2. raven says:

    Close it down and let THAT comment stand?? Jesus

  3. Thomas says:

    “We need to destroy that country. Now. No thirty Tomahawks. Use nukes and do it right.”
    Before jumping to your fatal conclusion, I would like to have a question answered, how did Kim’s crew at the Malaysian embassy find out his brother, the poor bastard, was in town?
    You see I believe the two accused female assassins when they said they did it for the money thinking it was a television prank, though I doubt the North Koreans thought that up on their own.
    My suspicion is on the CGTN reporter that was first to report the story, and in such detail. Leading to a further question which come into play, if true, does he have connections to certain Gamer in Macau, who gave him a heads up that you know who was making a family visit?
    Because this whole North Korea nuke story looks like an info op to attack the President. And having two gullible leaders go at each other helps the operators.

  4. David E. Solomon says:

    Your attitude is exactly what got us into the mess in Irag and Afganistan, conflicts which Colonel Lang was firmly opposed to.

  5. TonyL says:

    You sound like a worse lunatic than the guy you want destroy, that crazy Kim.

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