Vaccine Billionaires and Human Guinea Pigs

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How do you make a potentially dangerous and ineffective drug appear like a miracle of modern science? You could, for instance, enrol only certain people in clinical trials and exclude others or bring the study to a close as soon as you see a spike in the data that implies evidence of effectiveness.

There are many ways to do it.

According to health practitioner and writer Craig Stellpflug in his article ‘Big Pharma: Getting away with murder’ (2012), the strategy is to get in quick, design the study to get the result you want, get out fast and make lots of money.

Stellpflug says:

“If a study comes up negative for your favorite drug, just don’t publish it! 68 per cent of all drug studies are swept under the carpet to keep those pesky side effects from being reported. Only 32 per cent of studies come up positive and a lot of those studies are ‘shortened’ to limit the long-term findings. Studies cut short were found to overestimate the study drug’s effectiveness and miss dangerous side effects and complications by an average of 30 per cent. This would explain the amazing 85 per cent drug study success rate in the hands of Big Pharma according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.”

Of course, it helps to get the regulatory agencies on board and to convince the media and health officials of the need for your wonder product and its efficacy and safety. In the process, well-paid career scientists and ‘science’ effectively become shaped and led by corporate profit margins and political processes.

And what better way to make a financial killing than by making a mountain out of a molehill and calling it a ‘pandemic’?” globalresearch

Comment: I look forward to a hearty discussion. pl

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  1. BillWade says:

    I just heard about this, Chlorine Dioxide, yesterday.
    Here’s a link to a video about it:

    Early in his presidency, Trump tweeted out a nonsense word, “Covfefe” that had a lot of folks wondering what the hell he meant, it never was explained. Then in the early stages of the pandemic he mentioned something about drinking bleach and was thoroughly pilloried by the “Establishment”. Chlorine Dioxide, as explained in the above video, is not bleach but it smells like bleach. It’s widely used at water treatment plants , it’s easily manufactured and considered very safe. I understand you can make it at home if you want to. I would venture to say that the pharmaceutical companies would like to keep this quiet. I have no idea if this stuff works but I thought I’d throw it out there, someone here may know about it, no?

    • Leith says:

      Back in the old days they also claimed it was a cure-all for HIV, cancer, autism, jaundice, and even for an abscessed tooth. At least two deaths have been attributed to it plus several close calls. Someone is making big bucks out of this snake oil. I would not use it other than as to kill the mold on the north wall of my barn; and I would advise family and friends not to use it either.

      • BillWade says:

        “At least two deaths have been attributed to it plus several close calls. Someone is making big bucks out of this snake oil. I would not use it other than as to kill the mold on the north wall of my barn; and I would advise family and friends not to use it either.”

        If we just change a few numbers we could say the same about the covid vaccines:

        At least 2000 deaths and tens of thousands of close calls!

        Are you getting the vaccine, I’m wondering?

        • Leith says:

          I wonder why would anyone take a treatment that claims it is good against both Covid and Cancer, HIV and Hepatitis, plus Autism and abscessed teeth?

          A miracle cure? Next week some quack will be selling it as a remedy against Alzheimers or Multiple Sclerosis.

  2. Walrus says:

    It’s your blog great leader, but with the greatest respect, your source for this article is the equivalent of Steele in relation to The infamous dossier.

    Yes, Big Pharma are not choirboys and I speak from commercial experience with Purdue Pharma, but they are not homicidal maniacs either. The current vaccine games are no more and no less than the usual pharma games, not part of some global conspiracy to “pollute our vital fluids”.

    I have written before that vaccine research has been a profitless academic and commercial backwater for at least forty years because vaccines are normally one shot lifetime prophylactics against third world diseases. As such they are sold for pennies to WHO and suchlike to vaccinate children in sub saharan Africa and the like.

    Covid 19 turns this backwater into a research and production hotbed, complete with carpetbaggers, get rich quick merchants, chiselers, frauds and grifters. Most of the anti vader’s I have. found actually have their own product to sell. Draw your own conclusions.

    I am sick (pardon the pun) of covid denialists, mask rejectors, ivermectin touts, germ warfare clowns and conspiracy nuts of all varieties.

    We are dealing with a nasty bug that targets the stupid and gullible among us; it is not deadly enough to generate a worldwide fear reflex that would justify a comprehensive response, for example if Covid 19 killed a lot of children.

    Instead, it is just serious enough to collapse our health systems while leaving the (young) gullible thinking:” What, me worry?” and carping about prevention measures.

    It is interesting sitting with folks who have pre existing conditions and know they will die if they catch it before they are vaccinated. Also to hear the emerging stories of friends and relatives who appear to have permanent disability after “recovering” from Covid.

    Your source does not inspire me any more than Steele: “ Craig Stellpflug is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ. With 17 years of clinical experience working with both brain disorders and cancer, Craig has seen first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the human body and has come to the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to health and vibrant living. You can find his daily health blog at and his articles and radio show archives at”.

    • Stueeeeeeeee says:

      Good grief. Sure the article’s source doesn’t have the credibility/credentials like the lair Fauci, the WHO, CDC, and from your perspective the CCP. One doesn’t need titles or degrees to see what is in front of one’s nose. The article’s claims are reasonable and closer to the truth than your lofty claim of cash register ethics to describe Big Pharma business practices.

      • walrus says:

        Your suggestion, like the article, is based on “negative evidence” aka “prove me wrong” – a logical impossibility.

    • ISL says:


      Not A Toot.

      Many more. Also large scale trials NOT in the US.

      If the US had done the large scale Ivermectin trials no EUA would have been legally possible for the experimental mRNA vaccines and no big Pharma vax Profits and no kickback to the FDA (45% of the FDA budget is from industry user fees).

    • Eric Newhill says:

      There is no evidence that the vaccines even work. We now see that vaccinated people are still contracting the virus.

      Of course, there is also now a “Delta” variant and the “experts” say the vaccine may not work against it. Guess what, there will be other emergent variants. Viruses evolve and mutate.

      Works/doesn’t work aside, why is it being administered to children and young adults who aren’t even at risk for covid? Why, if not greed? Are you a proponent of making people take drugs for conditions or risks they don’t have?
      Are you so desperate that you would be able to tell a pregnant women to take the vaccine, guaranteeing her it is safe, and then go home and happily look yourself in the mirror?

      • walrus says:

        Eric, with respect,

        1. The vaccine trains the immune system to respond to Covid 19 challenges. That response has been measured in humans. It appears, that the response is strong enough to fend off infection or at least reduce the severity of the infection.

        2. Delta variant? Yes. Flu mutates as well. Each year we get a “cocktail” flu vaccine of three or four of the latest variants. What’s wrong with expecting to treat covid the same way?

        3. Given to children? Not that I know of. Kids and young adults at risk? Apparently so.

        4.Pregnant women? Not prescribed as far as I know.

        Be aware that the physics of the virus are faster than our political and medical responses. You can wait 20 years for certainty or use our best guess (that is our best scientific belief) treatment today. Your choice.

        • Fred says:

          “What’s wrong with expecting to treat covid the same way?”

          That’s a great idea. Stop the lockdowns, treat those who are sick, let everyone else get on with living their lives; and eliminate immunity for pharmacuetical companies and those pushing the vaccine.

        • Lelush says:

          To your guess on pregnant women…Your are not well informed…

          The it is the precedents of political and medical responses….the total cover up and misguiding clues on the Spanish so called “Toxic Oil Syndrome”, pus the strange deaths of those who were in the right path of research to find the truth come to mind….

          Finally, a question that haunts me every time I read you throughout this “pandemic” promoting these dangerous shots ( whose benefit/risk equation has doubtful positive balance as the data is showing up…) , since you are in the pharma industry for profit….Have you already taken your mRNA shot?
          For to add to trust on your products, it would be great if you would be testing them on your own organisms before forcing them in mass into the population…just saying…At least, itwould sound a bit more ethical..

        • Lelush says:

          Another question that haunts me, why tere afre components of the mRNA vaccines which are secret, under confidential grounds by contract between pharma industry and governments, and what this add for trust and for security on prescription by medical doctors to their patients?

          Have the medical doctors any awareness of this fact and of the consequences that it carries for them while prescripting these meds?

          On the same regard, why are the MSM new “factchecker” agencies so busy trying to demonstrate that the mass innoculation of the whole wordl population with these mRNA products do not infringe the Nuremberg Code?

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Maybe it’s different Down Under, but in the US, the vaccine is being administered to pregnant women and children. Some school districts demand that 5 and 6 years be vaccinated. Pregnant women are also being encouraged to be vaccinated. Here’s a quote from the CDC, “Yes, if you are pregnant, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. You might want to have a conversation with your healthcare provider to help you decide whether to get vaccinated. While such a conversation might be helpful, it is not required before vaccination. Learn more about vaccination considerations for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding.” In the US, it’s all over the place that the vaccines are perfectly safe for children and pregnant women. That is the Borg’s message.

        • Carey says:

          > 3. Given to children? Not that I know of <

          Your so-called "vaccines" are being pushed hard for
          children as young as age twelve, despite there being no long-term studies on either their efficacy their safety. Your "not that I know
          of.." reeks of deliberate ignorance. Same for your comment on pregnant women (as you almost certainly know)..

          Stop lying, dude; you will feel better then.

    • Fred says:

      You’ve got more straw in your arguements than Oz’s scarecrow.

      What does the term “regulatory capture” mean to you? It’s not just electric utilies, zoning commissions and oil companies that such a term would apply to. Perhaps someone with Purdu Pharma experiene could comment about that in relation to the lawsuits over Oxycontin.
      How about evaluating the ‘information’ presented from what label an unreliable source?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Thalidomide provides a good example for how it sometimes functions in the real world.

        One must wonder why the Australian public health system goes to great lengths to independently evaluate, on a safety and benefit/cost basis which drugs will be included in the system’s formulary and at what price. Why don’t they just trust the drug companies? Mere bureaucratic waste? I thought it was a model system.

        • walrus says:

          Eric, many American drugs are worthless, in that they produce no better outcomes than existing treatments. That is why the Australian Pharmaceutical benefits scheme evaluates each and every one on its merits and compares it with what we are using now.

          A case in point in my day was all the companies who offered (for a not inconsiderable fee) to culture up your personal melanoma cells and turn it into your own personal melanoma vaccine. Last I heard, the result was no better than surgery, although I think it’s a neat idea if it can be made to work.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Yes. I know. I brought it up because I know you agree with me that your system is very good at performing that necessary analysis. My point is that it would be unnecessary if drug companies could be trusted to be honest brokers. So we both can agree that pharma can’t be trusted.

            How long did your system take to perform their usual analysis on the covid vaccines? Was it performed at all? If not, why are you trusting pharma all of the sudden?

      • walrus says:

        Fred, my experience of Purdue? They are fucking criminals, the whole Sackler family. That satisfy you?

        • Fred says:


          No. I would rather have you provide your analysis of the information our host linked to, from that source you labeled ‘not credible”?

          • walrus says:

            Fred, it is a physical impossibility to chase down every statement by the “prove me wrong” flat earth crowd and even if you do, they simply disbelieve you and change the theory slightly.

            Sure Vioxx was a disaster and big pharma were criminal in not responding faster and truthfully when the heart attacks started showing, but then saying vaccines are poisonous because of vioxx does not compute.

          • Fred says:


            “saying vaccines are poisonous because of vioxx ”

            As you know I said no such thing nor implied anything of the kind. I mentioned “regulatory capture”, which should certainly be a term you understand. It is highly relevant in what we see going on. Thanks for the hand waiving.

    • Bill H. says:

      “… folks who have pre existing conditions and know they will die if they catch it before they are vaccinated. “

      Let’s have a little less hysteria. I am 78 years old and have no fewer then three preexisting conditions, two of them severe. I caught it and not only did not die, I was never even hospitalized.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Bill H,
        Right. I know a few people who tested positive, had a bad cold or just felt run down for a few days, or maybe a week.

        The mechanism of the vaccine is to hyper jump start the immune system. Why do people with perfectly well functioning immune systems need a hyper jump start? Especially when that hyper jump start can obviously have serious known side effects – and possibly unknown as of yet serious ramifications. Why can’t we just let the natural immune system do its thing? It’s not nice or good to mess with mother nature.

        To my mind a fair analogy is athletes using steroids and other performance enhancing compounds. Yes, it gives them an edge in the short run, but in the long run, they experience internal systems breakdown and their testicles shrivel. The vaccines are the immune system equivalent of steroids.

        At any rate, you don’t make perfectly healthy people take drugs they don’t need, but that’s what is being done.

        • Carey says:

          > The vaccines are the immune system equivalent of steroids. <

          Well and accurately said- thank you.

          I'm in the control group until comprehensive, disinterested, long-term
          studies on these "vaccines" are all in. See VAERS reports
          on 7000+ deaths post-COVID vaccination.. the "vaccine" is what's
          deadly, not Da Covid.

  3. Harlan Easley says:

    I purposely avoided studying the vaccines and their clinical trials before the elderly members of my family were vaccinated. I did not want to influence their decision either for or against taking the vaccine. Also, I wanted them to have hope that the pandemic would not be a Sword of Damocles over their head every time they went out in public.

    I am glad I made that choice. Because my stress would have gone up considerably after they took the vaccine. My background includes working a year in a Microbiology Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a postgraduate student. I measured the C3 complement protein in male and female rats to see if there was a gender difference. The females had a higher titer so hypothetically the females innate immune system or primitive immune system was more active in fighting the initial onslaught from foreign invaders. Makes scientific sense when you consider women live longer on average and have more auto-immune issues. But that is pure speculation. I also scored in the top 5% of the National MCAT exam therefore earning my way into Medical School. I also stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

    Now saying all that. These vaccines would have been pulled from the market in any other time besides a pandemic. Especially for young healthy individuals. My view is nuanced.

    As the article says any Clinical Trial can be rigged for the outcome. Just look at the Ivermectin trial approved for Oxford in the UK. The parameter of the trial is to give the medicine upon day 14 of sickness upon hospitalization and only for 3 days. It is set up for failure. A complete joke. The drug must be given at the beginning. But back to the vaccines.

    Phase 3 of the Clinical Trials for the vaccines were in the late summer/early fall of 2019 for 3 months. First, C-19 is a seasonal virus. Would you test the flu vaccine in the summer? Also, the age group was heavily weighted toward the younger cohort. In addition, they ignored several severe side effects in the trial, consigning them to other illusionary reasons.

    Basically, these vaccines were going to be proven effective regardless of the data due to politics. The CDC & FDA had their prestige on the line. And Fauci is a megalomaniac narcissist.

    My biggest worry at the beginning was Antibody-dependent enhancement(ADE). There are times such as the Dengue Vaccine that makes a subsequent infection more deadly for a vaccinated person compared to an unvaccinated person.

    Also, I kept reading from veterinarians that any attempt at an effective vaccine for cats regarding a deadly coronavirus has been ineffective for 50 years due to ADE.

    Then I read the initial attempt to develop a vaccine against the much more deadly SARS coronavirus was a failure due to ADE. So I wondered if this would be a class issue? Coronaviruses due to being an RNA virus and rapid mutation may make a vaccine difficult or even dangerous due to ADE?

    Ok, as I said my view as of now is split. The vaccines appear to stimulate a strong antibody response in most individuals. Antibody response is one response of a multi-layer response offered by natural immunity. The vaccines enter the cells(via lipid nanoparticles – like dissolves like) and via RNA start producing the spike protein, the antigenic part of the virus that attaches to the host cells to enter. So theoretically, antibodies to this spike protein should prevent a future infection due to the antibodies attaching to the spike protein on the virus and preventing entry into the cell. In ADE, the opposite happens for reasons yet not clear. The antibodies attach to the virus and help it enter the cell causing infection and increased morbidity. The elderly I am uncertain of how robust their antibody response is to the vaccine due to many being functionally immune-compromised due to aging.

    The theory was the shot is given in the Deltoid muscle of the shoulder and the vaccine response with antibodies would be limited to this area. The lymph nodes would take the antibody response and via the lymphatic system you would be protected due to it being part of the circulatory system and the immune system.

    This clearly is not what happened in many vaccine recipients. One only has to look at the vaccine reactions to quickly determine that many vaccine recipients were having systemic reactions or localized reactions far from the shoulder. JFC, a clot in the brain is a clot in the brain. And now we have a worrisome sign of above average myocarditis in young healthy people. There is no “MILD” myocarditis. Google adult heart cells divide to find out yourself. There have been 5,243 reported deaths in the CDC VAERS reporting system. And they are 2 months behind entering data. Many believe intentionally. This compares to 79 reported deaths in 2019 for all vaccines.

    The vaccine was supposed to present the antigenic spike on the outside of the cell via the MHC I & II complex. There the immune system would recognize it and produce antibodies. But it is clear the antigenic spike is getting into the circulatory system by some unknown mechanism and causing problems for some recipients. Many propose mechanisms. The dose is too high for some. One dose size fits all seems suspect.

    The lipid nanoparticles due to being a lipid enter cells easily due to their phospholipid bilayer. Like dissolves like. Basic example: Water is polar. Oil is non polar. Water will not dissolve oil. Water is polar.

    There was an animal study done for the Japanese authorities on the pharmacokinetics of the vaccine. The study was done on Wister Han rats – general multipurpose model, safety and efficacy testing. This is normal. Rather test rats first than humans. Both are mammals so the knowledge gained is valuable. Well, the leaked study clearly showed diffuse distribution of the vaccine. Page 6 & 7.

    Now some good news. The UK elderly appear to be vaccinated at a high percentage. And cases of hospitalizations and deaths compared to the previous numbers appear to be down a factor of 4. So the vaccine may not prevent infection in some cases but do appear to attenuate severity so far. Of course, this is a seasonal virus and we won’t know how effective the vaccines are until this next Fall/Winter.

    And many evolutionary scientists believe that viruses become more transmissible but less lethal as time passes. Due to the virus wanting to replicate. So if it kills the host it can’t replicate anymore. I see evidence for this on the Delta variant in the UK. However, we won’t know for sure until this Fall/Winter whether we are dealing with an endemic virus like the flu or a virus that slowly disappears due to immunity and evolution like the past plagues eventually burned out.

    • Deap says:

      Hospital death rates for “covid” may be down not because of the inoculations, but stopping the initial over-treatment with ventilators for the patient’s “oxygen saturation” metric. Iatrogenicity……another topic kept in the shadows, when OPM is used to fund “universal health care”.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Yes. Many of the early deaths were due to overly aggressive treatment. This is particularly true on the East coast in places like NYC. I have personally heard physicians admit that. There was a steep learning curve in those first few months. Treatment protocols evolved and the odds of surviving a covid hospitalization have increased significantly.

        I am quite sure that deaths are also down due to development of natural immunity (something close to “herd immunity”) and simply because covid isn’t really very lethal – it only kills the most immunocompromised. Those people are dead now. To put it grimly, the low hanging fruit has been harvested and the next branches up are a lot harder to kill.

        IMO, the vaccines don’t afford much protection from contracting covid and becoming ill. Where is the clear real world evidence that it does?

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    Stellpflug is correct about how pharmaceuticals can be – and often are – brought across the FDA finish line. Yes, the file drawer effect is alive and well in pharma land. Of course the covid vaccines have not even gotten that far. They are experimental drugs and have not been through the normal approval process.

    Many prescription drugs newly approved by the FDA do not represent a marginal benefit greater than or equal to the marginal cost over already exiting options. In many cases it is challenging to identify any benefit at all – economic value or not – once the drug has been prescribed to masses in the real world. Then there are cases where the drug is found to be harmful once sufficient real world data is in.

    Even if we remove the greed factor and cheating (e.g. file drawer effect), it can be no other way. The test protocols are too limited. The sample sizes (number of test subjects) are too small. There is no way the pharma company or the FDA can know how a drug’s effects will play out in the real world where there are a gazillion variables introduced that weren’t in the tightly controlled test environments.

    How does the covid vaccine interact with other pharmaceuticals that a patient has been prescribed? What are the long term impacts on a developing fetus through newborn? What are the impacts on people of various ages with various pre-existing conditions? How does the vaccine interact with various immune systems and autoimmune responses? Spike proteins and RNA manipulation in human subjects aren’t exactly well studied areas of pharmacology. No one knows the answers to these and many more questions. There is no way they could – and when they reassure you that it’s all safe, they are quite deliberately lying and blowing sunshine up your backside for some purpose. That or the first and last words out of their mouths each morning and evening, respectively, are “Baah Baah”.

  5. Deap says:

    Agree, this is a topic fraught with false prophets on both sides of the equation – inside and outside of BigPharm. I long ago learned to track the details in official drug warning labels and research any footnoted studies at our local medical library, before ever considering taking any drug. Most of the “official” justification was materially lacking and often actually bogus.

    I also was a member for several decades on our local hospital bioethics committee starting in the 1980’s when RX medicine was getting marketed directly to consumers – our first area of study was BigPharm’s billion dollar mission to basically reward doctors for prescribing their particular brand – gifts, trips, “conferences”, and office swag.

    Government money on the table from Medicare, which set off a new feeding frenzy and the intentional creation of the “worried well” who were now primed to scoop up “preventive” pharmaceuticals based upon the merest whisper and prayer of efficacy, or tinkering with an unproven surrogate endpoint “metric”.

    This corruption of “first do no harm” medicine goes back a long way, but the big breakthrough was UpJohn’s Tagamet, which was the first to do direct to consumer (DTC) marketing on television, setting up huge profits coming now from patient demands, not from the more traditional doctor’s advice in the context of an individual’s own health status. Take a pill; don’t change your lifestyle habits was the seductive message. To the point it was even recommended to put Prozac into a municipal water supply. (!)

    My personal connection was being part of the pre-baby boom rush to medicalize “menopause” and experienced the massive push and intimidation to be put on “hormone replacement drugs” and I would be sorry if I did not take them. Seeing the damage these drugs were causing among friends made me start investigating the “science” behind them.

    Ultimate outcome – there was no science, but it was already a $2 billion dollar year industry and the baby boom numbers of women entering “menopause” was too big of a market sector for BigPharm to ignore. Scare them and harvest them was as far as the “medical science” went on this topic.

    Bottom line, there is far less science and a lot more money, other people’s money, to be made medicalizing America. The rise of third party payers worked hand and glove with the rise of BigPharm.

    There are a number of well-researched and footnoted books in the past – starting with the great cardio-vascular disease BigPharm rescue in the 1980s to the Great Menopause Big Pharm Rescue in the 1990’s, up and into the Great Covid Zombie Apocalypse wealth transfer in the 2020’s. They are well worth finding and reading. Past will be prologue – what “diseases” did they promise to cure and where are we now – pretty much in the same place as we were decades later but a lot poorer, with some being a lot richer.

    US medicine does a outstanding job in traumatic medicine, technology and repair, but “aging” genetic predisposition and life style conditions have yet to be “fixed” regardless of billions of OPM thrown at the attempt.

    The most frightening recent statement of all just came from Biden’s Secy of Health and Human Services Xavier Beccera, who has zero background in either credential – just one more pro-union swamp rat emerged out of the dross of Democrat California — to wit: we just spent one trillion dollars trying to keep you alive, you better believe we have an interest making sure you get inoculated.

    Make a cross with your finger and say 6666 when the “government” comes knocking and telling you what you must do with your “health”. Which is a shame, because epidemics are real and public health should be our front line friend.

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Well said!

    As a healthcare insurance guy, I like this, “Bottom line, there is far less science and a lot more money, other people’s money, to be made medicalizing America. The rise of third party payers worked hand and glove with the rise of BigPharm. ”

    We (insurance) get stuck paying – though we pass it along in the form of higher premiums – because if we don’t, we get attacked for denying patients critical treatments. Insurance tried, before my time, in the late ’80s and early ’90s, to put its foot down and bring some science, economics and general wisdom to the table. The PTSD from all of the lawsuits and media assaults still informs corporate decision making; too often just easier to just play along, pay and raise premiums. It’s a real goat screw.

    • Deap says:

      Good to get your insights Eric. Cost-containment which should interest us all too often founders on the shoals or irrational hysteria – you are trying to kill grandma. We dealt with “resource allocation” (who pays) a lot on the bioethics committee – still a major issue with this new “Alzheimer” drug costing $60,000 a year. Each difficult hospital case was all too frequently family members acting out long dysfunctional power dynamics at the family member’s death bed.

      Yes, for a short time there was blip called EBM – Evidence Base Medicine, which turned out to be a huge embarrassing admission once they found how little evidence backed many, if not most, medical proscriptions.

      When surveying health professionals about a particular clinical situation, they found there were at least 14 different responses, depending primarily on where they got their original professional training or what part of the country they practiced in.

      This is situational medicine, not scientific medicine. Underscoring many get well or not get well on criteria well out side the office setting. I remember once sitting in a professional meeting hearing the clinician admit it is always better to treat a patient who is already on the uphill track to recover. No further comment on that one.

      In the hospital setting, the mere mention of “I am talking to my lawyer” set off a frenzy of CYA over-treatment with the bills sent to insurance, not the party threatening litigation. Health care powers that asked for directives for no treatment – or directives for all treatment – became nonsensical when actually put into practice.

      What is “all treatment”, leading to another hot topic – futility of treatment. Which also met the brick wall, if you don’t do “everything” we will sue you.

      Ironically, it was the exposure to the “high cost of dying” and the often rapacious funeral industry that led to the even higher cost of dying in the hospital with demands to do everything ….for just one more day of life.

      What changed? Who was paying for this choice. It was a personal cost to die at home, funeral and burial. But one could die sanitized, on someone else’s dime in the hospital.

      My hope was the huge data base now in the hands of health insurance companies would shine light on efficacious care patterns and protocols, without revealing any personal patient data. But that never happened either.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        “My hope was the huge data base now in the hands of health insurance companies would shine light on efficacious care patterns and protocols, without revealing any personal patient data. But that never happened either.”

        True, for the reason I already mentioned. We use that data to incentivize evidence based medicine on both the providers’ (doctors/hospitals) part and the members’ (covered lives/patients/you), but that’s all we can do in most cases; gently incentivize through tight as possible reimbursement schedules, quality of care/best practices based reimbursement programs and provider education; all which helps bend the curve a bit, but doesn’t go to the core of the issue.

        We have been demonized by providers, the media, politicians and by an uninformed public – and we are the only source of comprehensive, accurate, highly detailed, healthcare data. If we say “no” outright, surely it is because we are cold hearted bastard greed monsters. So mostly our vast data resources are used for internal purposes – to understand cost trends and to contract as effectively as possible with providers and to set premiums to reflect trends in ever increasing utilization due to new drugs, procedures and associated technology on ever expanding intensive and extensive margin (more people treated and each for more conditions) for a given risk pool.

        This is one of the primary reasons why I say that socialized medicine is not the answer *unless it has the ability to simply say “no”*. Anything short of that continues to finance an ever growing array of treatment options with questionable efficacy and questionable cost/benefit ratios.

        • Deap says:

          Hope that insurance data bank is well preserved, so under different political/emotional climate it may finally be assessed for everyone’s benefit. It is a treasure trove, for the right persons to mine.

          The question I always pose to anyone demanding “universal health care”, is what exactly is health care in the first place. Define it first, and include words like rationing, futility, resource allocation and death panels. That brings the discussion to an abrupt end. But there is no such thing as “universal health care” so we should not be pouring money into a bottomless pit before we find an agreed way to define it.

          It is so muddled right now, it is amazing we even function as a relatively reasonable health care delivery system at all. “Socialist” health care countries have no difficulty with rationing, futility and death panels .They can not deliver health care without them.

          To me bottom line, health care is a commodity. We buy and sell it, and we use the professional services of others. It is not a right since no one has the right to the professional services of another’s labor, and it certainly is not a personally subjective entitlement which is an endless demand, rational or not – those are the ones that scream the loudest, and who have the least financial exposure to support their bottomless demands.

          One more anecdote from a few decades ago. A medical malpractice insurance company conducted their own internal survey, observing procedures conducted in the medical setting, to better understand what was their real exposure to possible “malpractice” claims.

          Their alleged conclusion is there was a fairly high exposure to potential”malpractice” claims in the routine medical setting, but they also noted the vast majority of patients who had filed malpractice claims were not victims of the faulty procedures they had observed. They just liked to file malpractice claims – and hoped for a settlement to avoid any publicity.

          This story may be an urban myth, but it did generate knowing chuckles from the doctors on the bio-ethics committee. They not only must heal the sick; they have to fend off the demands of the worried-well, as well.

    • Carey says:

      My understanding is that Life Insurance rates and underwriting requirements have remained little-changed since before the start of the “pandemic” PR-push
      in March 2020. If you have any info to share on that topic I’d love to hear it.


      • Eric Newhill says:

        Correct. The small cohort of people dying from covid weren’t buying life insurance. They weren’t able to mostly because they were near, at or past their expected death death date + the underlying conditions they had precluded it. And they are poor. Yes, that should tell everyone something about the threat level posed by covid, but there are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear because they are afraid.

        In healthcare insurance we made more money than we are legally allowed to in 2020 and had to look at premium rebates, etc. as remedies. Not only did we not see our covered lives die, we did not see a surge in expensive admissions to the hospitals. In fact, with millions of covered lives, our inpatient utilization declined during covid. Yes, that can be attributed to cancellations of elective surgeries and people being made too afraid to go to the hospitals for emergent issues ( bad thing). But all of that was supposed to make room for covid victims. It never happened. For a while I thought covid was a 100% scam based on what we were seeing. I now know that the fatalities and ICU admissions are amongst the indigent; the elderly poor inner city types that have have exaggerated issues and who are covered by government health programs. Again, the scam is how the powers that be made everyone afraid under the ruse that everyone is equally vulnerable to covid. Everyone is not and everyone doesn’t need the vaccine. If the vaccine works, then those at risk only taking should suffice. That is only something like 5% of the population. Pharma wouldn’t make their money and the government would have to relax control. Media would have had to find something else to get their hits. Maybe Trump would have won.

  7. Jose says:

    Remember when Trump talked about inserting Ultraviolet light inside the lungs to combat Wuhan COVID and everybody made fun of him?

    Check this video out:

    This video proves Trump was not wrong just unable to articulate reality, so the DNC allies stepped in to make him look even worse:

    I have no idea if this will work or not, just think it’s viable option to study,

    IMHO, we need to replace the CDC & NIH with a new organization that works for the American people not Big Pharma.

  8. Pat Lang says:

    “Jim” sent me this extract from CDC/VAERS records. pl

    CDC/VAERS Adverse Event Description
    This 86 year old male received the Covid shot on 1/20/21 and went to the ED on 1/23/21 and was admitted on 1/23/21 and again went to the ED and admitted on 4/4/21 and again to the ED on 4/26/21 with the diagnoses listed below and died on 5/4/21. D50.0 – Blood loss anemia I21.4 – NSTEMI (non-ST elevated myocardial infarction) (CMS/HCC) N17.9 – AKI (acute kidney injury) (CMS/HCC) S09.90XA – Closed head injury, initial encounter W19.XXXA – Fall, initial encounter S01.01XA – Laceration of scalp, initial encounter S06.5X9A – Subdural hematoma (CMS/HCC) S06.5X9A – Traumatic subdural hematoma (CMS/HCC) Z74.09, Z78.9 – Impaired mobility and ADLs

    On 1/23/21 the patient had a single-car accident, slid off icy road into snowbank. She was seen in our ER, diagnosed w/ trauma and L4 compression fracture. She was transported to Hospital for further trauma workup. We believe she was treated and released. On 1/31/21 the patient had a headache but did not seek medical attention. In the morning of 2/1 she became unresponsive and was pronounced dead on the scene when EMS arrived. Autopsy showed a left temporal subdural hematoma.
    Lab Data: CT lumbar spine: L4 compression fracture w/ retropulsion of fragments causing moderate narrowing of spinal canal Female 62

    Pt. presented to ED via EMS for emergent coma. EMS intubated patient in field due to respiratory failure. Pt. was severely hypertensive with nearly total loss of brainstem reflexes. Patient had known L MCA cerebral aneurysm with appointment to undergo intervention to address in the near future. NCCT reported massive multifocal brain hemorrhage, SAH, SDH, and parenchymal hemmorhage with midline shift and subfalcine herniation. Due to dismal/poor prognosis, family requested withdrawal of support approximately 4 hours after presentation and patient expired shortly thereafter.
    Female 74

    Patient presented to the ER with a severe headache on 3/30. CT found subdural hematoma as well as intra-axial hemorrhage in the left axial lobe. The patient was life flighted from our facility.
    Female 73

    Patient presented to emergency room on 2/1/2021 with a chief complaint of having a chronic headache and fatigue following receipt of the Moderna vaccine 10 days prior. Following examination by the physician, the patient was diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma. The patient subsequently underwent decompressive surgery, however demonstrated worsening neurologic status over the next several days and ultimately expired on 2/4/2021.
    Male 76

    she was found unresponsive by family and taken to the ER on 4/1 where she was found to have a massive subdural hematoma. she was placed on comfort measures and passed away at the hospital. she had had a fall out of bed in the week before her ER admission.
    Female 84

    This 83 year old female received the vaccine on 2/26/21 and went to the ED on 4/22/21 and was admitted with Thrombocytopenia, acute renal failure, fall with subdural hematoma, clavicle fracture, anemia, head injury, anascara, hyperkalemia and died on 4/27/2021.

    on 1/13/2021 at 3:40am Cliff called for assistance. He lost his balance and had fallen. Cliff refused vitals, refused emergency department, denied hitting his head. As the day progressed patient developed a headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. He again declined the offer for the emergency room. At supper time wife and staff found Cliff unresponsive, 911 was called and he was taken to the emergency department. The ER did a CT scan and found an acute subdural hematoma. Patient was placed on comfort cares and expired at 3pm on 01/14/2021. Cliff did not have a history of falls.
    Male 88

    On January 26, patient lost his balance and fell, no injury. On January 28, patient, fell, no injury. In both cases falls were observed and were not to the head. On January 29 patient could not maintain his balance. Taken to hospital. MRI revealed large subdural hematoma. Craniotomy on January 30, by Dr. Approximately 10 days later, Hbg, was down to 7, unexplained internal bleeding Male 85

    Vax date 3/5/21
    3 days after vaccination, person was somewhat disoriented. 4th day after vaccination, patient fell, hit head and developed subdural hematoma from which he subsequently died.
    Lab Data: Cat scans on 3/9 (negative for bleeding); 3/10 (positive for bleeding and hematoma) Male 95

    Death Narrative: Patient was not previously COVID-19 positive and did not have any predisposing factors(PMH, allergies, etc) for experiencing an adverse drug event. The ADR did not occur at the time of the administration of the vaccine nor was there an ADR that occurred between the observation period and the date of death. Patient was 80 and discharged on 2/17/21 with hospice after falling and suffering a subdural hematoma. Patient was likely reaching end of life from metastatic prostate cancer before fall.
    Male 81

    Death on 4/4/2021 from subdural hematoma Male 85

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Cases involving people age 50 – 59 interest me more. The incidence of SDH is much lower in this age group and they are less likely to have confound conditions.

      Age 50 – 59. VAERS Case ID = 0921768-1 Vaccine = Pfizer No current illness for this event. No other medications for this event.
      Vaccine received at about 0900 on 01/04/2021 at her place of work, Medical Center, where she was employed as a housekeeper. About one hour after receiving the vaccine she experienced a hot flash, nausea, and feeling like she was going to pass out after she had bent down. Later at about 1500 hours she appeared tired and lethargic, then a short time later, at about 1600 hours, upon arrival to a friends home she complained of feeling hot and having difficulty breathing. She then collapsed, then when medics arrived, she was still breathing slowly then went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived.

      Age 50 – 59. VAERS case ID = 0930910-1 Vaccine = Moderna No current illness for this event. No other medications for this event

      Patient received COVID vaccination around 12:15pm. Patient was monitored for the appropriate amount of time by nursing staff. Patient passed away at 2:15pm.

      Age 50 – 59. VAERS Case ID = 0938118-1 Vaccine = Pfizer No known prior conditions or medications other than Vitamin D
      Vaccinated 2021-01-05. On 1/8/2021 17:30 patient taken to ER, cerebellar hemorrhage, stroke, aneurysm.

      There are pages of such descriptions at VAERS. Some were obviously seriously ill prior to vaccination with various underlying conditions, but many were not.

  9. Deap says:

    Tip for doing your own medical research: I like the NIH National Library of Medicine search engine and hopefully finding a “Cochrane Review” on a topic – they review research studies and assign a grade as to quality of the study itself, and sort our the various study findings based upon greater or lesser degrees of study reliability.

    Gold standard is of course the randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study over sufficient time – all too rare and very expensive. But considering the market and the consequences, it pays to look for studies that come as close as possible to that standard. But beware of “percentage reductions” claims, if they don’t provide the underlying data as well as overall study group demographics.

    Example: A menopause symptom product study claimed their product worked. They claimed this came from a “randomized, placebo controlled study” But looking at the data, there was a significant difference in the ages of the treated and the untreated groups of women – plus they were self-reporting symptoms – no objective criteria was used. .

    Since menopause symptoms are biologically a factor of the passage of time, they for the most part come and go on their own regardless of treatment. Like teen acne and puberty. In this “study” they just happened to “randomly” put the older women in the treatment group” who symptomatically would be getting better merely by the passage of time. And they just “randomly” put younger women into the placebo groups, who would be entering their high symptom stages anyway.

    Headlines were great, product was touted as “scientifically shown” but was it really a high standard placebo controlled randomized study? Only by digging into the data charts buried deep in thee footnoted study disclosed it was a very odd and highly strategic “randomization”, considering the nature of the condition studied.

    Just one example of playing with headlines and playing with statistics in “medical studies. If there is a product to sell at the other end.

  10. Jimmy_w says:

    Here is a validated treatment for Covid19 pneumonia: Liquid Breathing. . It will wash away all the gunk in your lungs while keeping you alive. There are a few potential complications, but better than traditional ventilators.

    They also recently experimented, successfully, with colon-based liquid breathing. Using your intestines instead of lungs. They only tried mouse for now, but scaling up is straightforward. So that’s an alternative to fix the tidal volume problem.

  11. Oilman2 says:

    Covid = Flu
    64 years old, no mask, working shoulder to shoulder with people getting sick and down for a week or two, then another bunch doing the same. I’m fine.
    Got tested at work weekly for 6 months – 10% of those tested at work had it in any given month. Again – lots coming down with the flu every week, then they show back up when it’s done.
    Masks are useless for protection from infectious disease – says so on the box to avoid liability. Having worn these same masks to mix chemicals, they do not even keep dust out of your nose – had dark brown boogers wearing a mask and mixing chemicals. If they don’t seal well enough to keep dust out, you gotta be stupid to believe they are containing or even restraining a virus particle.
    The fact that Covid was TOP story across the world for a year, and every media outlet sang the same tune should make most people realize they were/are being conned.

    Pertinet factoid: Colin Powell lied to the world about WMDs – no reason for people in high places not to lie to achieve the outcome they want – worked for Powell and Rumsfeld and company.

    I am not saying there is no virus. I AM saying it is far from deadly and even the inflated numbers have yet to constitute a true pandemic in terms of lethality.

    I no longer try to convince anyone of anything – I just do as I think best, and best is simply to let any flu run it’s course so my system develops resistance. But I have not caught this bug in spite of it having ample opportunity to ‘kill’ me.

    The fact that the medical community does not agree universally about any of the Covid related issues ought to tell people something irregular is going on.

    Quote of the day: “We’re the government, and we’re here to help.”

    • Carey says:

      > The fact that Covid was TOP story across the world for a year, and every media outlet sang the same tune should make most people realize they were/are being conned..


      ..I am not saying there is no virus. I AM saying it is far from deadly and even the inflated numbers have yet to constitute a true pandemic in terms of lethality.. <

      Hear, hear.. how can people not see (other than those *well-paid to not see*)
      this? See comments above on Life Insurance rates; and also, please show us the
      [curiously missing] excess mortality..

  12. frankie p says:

    Dr. Malone is worth reading, and his blog has a number of interesting posts in the past few weeks. He makes logical statements about the vaccines; he is not anti-vax. As a matter of fact, he worked on the earliest research to develop mRNA vaccines at the Salk institute in the 1980s.

    1. As long as these vaccines have received only EUA and not FDA Approval, they are still under research. Therefore, every person who receives a vaccine (both mRNA and virus vector recombinant DNA) is a research subject.
    2. Research subjects and prospective research subjects have a right to ALL information regarding the vaccines, adverse effects, new findings, etc.
    3. It is clear that some government health institutions and health systems are minimizing adverse effects. This can take many forms: Dr. Malone cites the case of a colleague, a clinical doctor from Canada, who duly reported six cases of strange adverse effects from the Pfizer vaccine to health authorities. He was surprised by the outcome. These authorities did NOT follow up with investigations. In each case, he received a letter saying that the authorities had determined that the adverse effects were NOT related to the vaccine. Any doctor in Canada who speaks out about these determinations is ridiculed by academy and runs the risk of losing his license to practice medicine. This is coercion and censorship.

    In summary, there is a need for full discussion and disclosure of information about mRNA reactogenicity and safety risks. It’s completely unacceptable and immoral that public health agencies would try to stifle this discussion and disclosure. All vaccine-related adverse effects must be investigated and the data must be rigorously analyzed. This is the only way forward from a scientific perspective.

  13. FWH says:

    The information on this website is so grounded and helpful. This discussion of vaccine efficacy is one example. I wish more people were exposed to it. Just a thought about the overall context:

    First off, reliable data is hard for most of us to come by. I gave up on death statistics since comorbidities badly confuse this data. Likewise, covid test results seem more than a bit confused. Was it Elon Musk who got two positive and two negative results? Leave it to him to think of doing his own audit. Other data also seems problematic.

    One piece of data that looks more reliable is overall average age of death. This average has been reported pretty much the same for covid patients as for the overall population. The sample size is large enough to overcome local distortions, and tools were probably not in place to manipulate this data. Somebody on the “Swiss Doctor” website seemed to dismiss this as coincidence and something peculiar about how this virus operates. After some pondering, I think it means that covid 19, itself, has had minimal impact.

    I don’t want to appear to minimize anyone’s death and its impact on family. But as pandemics go, this one has probably been more “sound and fury” than not. If the Black Death pandemic was 99% actual disease, this one is probably more the opposite made up of mostly fear and panic and only a small portion of disease. Fear and panic will sell many vaccine doses.

  14. JK of Arkansas says:

    Just stopped by to catch what’s going on and haven’t the time just now to study all that’s here yet – but shall. However my lapse I’ll proceed putting my 2¢ in by way of a 54 something minute interview with the inventor (and I think patent holder : see ) of these newfangled mRNA vaccines – he acknowledges there was and is some ‘sloppiness’ in this ongoing ‘maybe’catastrophe:

    I give you Dr. Robert Malone. Worth the time.

    • Bill H. says:

      The YouTube of Dr. Malone has been removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community standards guidelines.”

    • JK of Arkansas says:

      Well it would appear at least some of you may’ve had the opportunity to watch that video before it received the dreaded “Removed for violating our community standards.”

      On the bright side it was available for just over twenty four hours. To the best of my recollection it had garnered in the neighborhood of something like 1100+ comments so I can’t have been the only one found it informing.

      Excuse me while I check to see whether Dr. Malone’s blog is still accessible.

  15. Sam says:

    …the vaccine could actually make the COVID pandemic worse..

    Our study explaining the pathophysiology of acute COVID has been published by ERJ, the flagship scientific journal of the European Respiratory Society @ERSpublications. Here, we describe how severe COVID-19 is NOT a viral pneumonia, but a post-viral autoimmune attack of the lung.

    EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak emailed Anthony Fauci in 2017 outlining his collaborative research on a “bat-origin coronavirus” with the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Shi Zhengli, which included “doing assays to find out if it can infect human cells in the lab.”

    “vaccine escape mutations, will pose an imminent threat to the current crop of vaccines.”

    Vaccine-escape and fast-growing mutations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Spain, India, and other COVID-19-devastated countries

    A discussion on the origins of covid at Stanford Medical school

    Everyone should check out the list of 2221 projects that the NIH (i.e. US taxpayers) funded in China between 2010 and 2018.

    It will take someone extremely competent and effective to come in and dismantle the bureaucracy that did this.

    “Deployment of current Covid-19 vaccines in mass vaccination campaigns combined with the ongoing widespread circulation of Sars-CoV-2 can only increase immune selective pressure on Sars-CoV-2 spike protein and hence, further drive its adaptive evolution.”

    Given the horrific side effect profile and all the unknown unknowns around ADE, you’d have to be a fucking idiot to take this vaccine. But, imagine being suckered into taking it on a regular basis? There are no words for how dumb you would have to be to fall for such a scam.

    This statement is from one of the inventors of mRNA who along with Derrick Rossi wrote the original paper while at Harvard. Rossi went on found Moderna. The company was on the ropes financially as their mRNA based therapeutics for diseases like cancer were a flop. Covid bailed them out to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. Maybe they should build a shrine for Fauci who is the godfather of the virus.

    • blue peacock says:

      Thanks Sam for all the links. Some very interesting information and discussions.

      In looking further into the comment by Luigi Warren on the vaccine it is actually rather sobering. This guy seems legit.

      He got his Ph.D in Biology from Caltech, my alma mater. He was Derrick Rossi’s post-doc at Harvard where he and Rossi wrote the original paper on mRNA. Rossi then goes on to found Moderna based on the results of the research he and Luigi Warren did.

      Now Rossi is on record stating that he’s convinced the virus was engineered in a lab.

      So if Luigi Warren says “you’d have to be a fucking idiot to take this vaccine” folks should pay attention and dig further into it, especially if the efficacy trials were gamed. Clearly, the toxicology and safety trials have not been completed. I don’t see how the FDA could approve these vaccines with so many adverse reports unless it is a purely political decision. Pfizer has already requested FDA approve Emergency Use Authorization for a booster. The CEO in an investor call said that boosters are required for the different variants while they have tripled the cost of the vaccine.

      There’s something very fishy that Fauci, Daszak, Farrar, et al orchestrated in January 2020 a response that not only obfuscated their role in potentially creating the pandemic but brought together prominent science journals (Lancet, Science, etc), key virology researchers who are dependent on research grants from NIH, Wellcome Trust, etc as well as Big tech and Big Media to not only silence those questioning their natural origin theory but to discredit the dissenters as conspiracy theorists.

      Not only did they do that but they also created the impetus for mass vaccination with an unapproved experimental vaccine and squeezing those skeptical with requirements of vaccine passports. Europe I’ve heard has gone all “gestapo” requiring digital vaccine passport to travel within the EU. This has generated billions of dollars in revenues for Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and other big pharma players who have been immunized from liability when Trump negotiated the vaccine production deals with these companies. They have every incentive to push out these vaccines as boosters to grow the liability immunized revenue streams with growing volumes despite the fact that the safety trials have not been completed.

      This is the classic epitome of fascism – the merging of Big Business and Big Government. Big Government creating the rules and enforcement to benefit Big Business with de facto mandatory purchase requirement of an experimental medical product along with the marketing propaganda.

      • blue peacock says:

        Just wanted to add that Big Pharma is not always on the up & up.

        The base position should always be skeptical of claims by Big Government & Big Business since they have a track record of not being entirely truthful and more importantly to collude with Big Media to disseminate propaganda. Far too many cases to give them the benefit of doubt.

        • Fred says:


          The PDUFA Prescription Drug User Fee Act, passed in the ’90s. I believe it gives the NIH a “piece of the action” so to speak. Sure solves having congress ask questions about where the money is getting spent before you can get your funding.

  16. JK of Arkansas says:

    Acknowledging ‘frankie p’s’ providing the link to Dr. Malone’s blog above of July 10, 2021 at 8:22 pm:

    Just speaking for myself I think my only honorable route is to contact my Arkansas congressional delegation and suggest they hold a publicly held hearing – whether “bi-partisan” or not – and ensure its available on C-Span. ASAP.

    Aside from Dr. Malone appearing, Drs. Pierre Kory and Peter McCollough.

    While not medically trained myself I am the son of a physician and brother to three RNs (all deceased). Of the last five individuals who’ve had me into their homes, four were MDs who all are ‘treating physicians’ (unlike Fauci ever was). Of the last five visitors to my home, two were MDs, and one a Nurse Practitioner. In the interests of full disclosure, the other two was an old Navy pal while the last mentioned was asking funding for a car loan.

    • frankie p says:

      Malone on Tucker Carlson. Video still up on YouTube.

      I watched the video that you recommended. It was excellent, and it’s a CRIME that it is no longer available. It’s incredibly informative, and Dr. Malone has a special talent for describing complicated medical mechanisms in layman’s terms. This makes him very dangerous to the ivory tower public health people who want to tell you what science is. Actually, the fact that these videos are being removed is the best evidence supporting what Malone says is happening – a censorship of real information about adverse effects from Covid vaccines.

  17. Deap says:

    2020 Election Year “Covid: – the Great Wealth Reallocation and Poltical Reset

    1. Prevention – overkill with no science that justified draconian demands and impacts
    2. Education – global media driven mass hysteria
    3. Therapeutics – censored, rejected, mocked and cancelled
    4. Elimination – “vaccine” of dubious repute, safety and efficacy
    5. Data – tainted from the very beginning, faulty testing and faulty collection

    Deep state, Democrats and Big Tech media – you own this one 100%

  18. Sam says:

    Absolutely nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Zip. Nada. Nichts. Rien

    A pharma company that never ever produced a viable drug increases its Market Cap by 10x in a year….

    And is the patent owner for a unique genetic sequence seen in a very unusual virus

    Does anyone believe that the Democrats and the Republicans want a credible investigation into the pandemic and the pandemic response? I don’t hear MAGA Trump calling for it either.

    The questions everyone should ask is why are the leadership of both political parties and Big Media and Big Tech pulling out all the stops to cover up and obfuscate the origins, the decision making on the pandemic response including vaccine rollout and how to prevent such a pandemic from occurring in the future?

    • JK of Arkansas says:

      “Does anyone believe that the Democrats and the Republicans want a credible investigation into the pandemic and the pandemic response? I don’t hear MAGA Trump calling for it either.”

      Well Sam, ol’ MAGA Trump can’t hardly do that now can he?

      Now so far as the Democrats™ and the Republicans™ are concerned they can’t really do that either as there’s a new agenda afoot.

      (Being as I don’t care to plagiarize the gist of what I’m about to link to, to what my opinions are toward the likelihood any such investigation being carried out, I’ll not.

      However – careful “label substitutions” ie CRT, Racism et cetera becoming variations thematically replaced with Received Wisdom, The Science (aka Fauci) this blogpost succinctly states along the lines of what I would say if I were to so plagiarize. Which I won’t.)

      I foresee difficulty getting that through moderation so to effort its way onto this thread I’d merely tack this on – It’s all of a piece.

      • Pat Lang says:

        JK of Arkansas

        “I foresee difficulty getting that through moderation so to effort its way onto this thread I’d merely tack this on – It’s all of a piece.” Getting what through moderation? If you insult me you will post nothing.

        • JK of Arkansas says:

          My respectful apologies Sir, no insult intended.

          The “all of a piece” bit refers to the Biden agenda – or whoever is pulling the levers now, that agenda.

          My concern was solely owing to, in my paraphrasing the latter linked post to communicating the “Biden agenda” is multifaceted and detrimental to the Republic.

  19. Christian J. Chuba says:

    The second link did not work for me.
    The vaccine is saving lives and many, many more lives than are being lost because of side effects. – daily deaths, 7 day moving average U.S. and Russia
    The number of deaths in the unvaccinated U.S. was ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 now its about 100. The number of deaths in unvaccinated Russia is surging because of the ‘delta’ variant. Russia is basically an unvaccinated country because they can’t manufacture Sputnik V in any meaningful quantity and that is a real pity.
    Remember when people said, ‘covid is no worse than season influenza’? Seasonal influenza averages out to about 100 deaths per day but most of that would happen in winter. Trotting out some old person who had a bad experience days after taking a vaccine and screeching vaccines are baaaaaaad like Laura Ingraham did on her show ignores the larger number of old people who are still dying because they didn’t take the vaccine. LI really gets under my skin, an irritating real know-it-all, she reminds me of someone else I hate.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Christian Chuba,
      You have no way of knowing any of what you say. You are merely dutifully repeating government talking points.

      How many has the vaccine killed? The CDC admits it doesn’t know because in one survey they did, only 50% of the doctors were reporting the VAERS. I’d be very surprised if the real figure is 50%, knowing what I do about busy physicians. I’d bet the the figure is a lot lower.

      You do not know the vaccine is responsible for lower death rates. Hospitals learning how to treat and not kill covid patients – something that took a few months to develop – is one reason deaths are down. What about herd immunity? You don’t think we’re there yet? There have been tens of millions infected now with immunity; probably more than 100 million.

      Why are children being vaccinated? The total death count in the US since covid began is something like 400 child deaths attributed to the disease – and many of those attributions are dubious.

      You’re furthering the lie that the everyone is equally susceptible to covid. We know that isn’t true. The disease has killed, almost exclusively, the most elderly and the severely immunocompromised – and a few who have greater than normal autoimmune responses.

      Covid is no worse than seasonal flu. In fact, for those under 65 with normal immune systems, it is more mild than a seasonal flu. This is especially true for children.

      Have you been to Russia to what is happening there? Do you believe all of the stories in the US media about Russia? How about China?

  20. Bobo says:

    What have I learned in reading this Post and Comments over the past day. A lot but tell me where I’m wrong.
    1. Pfizer-Purdue & Moderna vaccines are solving the COVID problems but were not properly brought to market and have way too many people adversely affected by the vaccine.
    2. The THOUGHT POLICE are out of control.
    3. The CDC and FDA are not doing their jobs and allowing political & financial pressures to interfere with their decision making.
    4. Children are being injected with something that is not to their benefit and are being harmed.
    5. Ivermectin and other drugs are effective in treating this virus.
    6. Stop the vaccines and let Doctors treat this virus with available knowledge and drugs.

    • frankie p says:

      Where you are wrong:

      1. You say that there is a Pfizer-Purdue vaccine. Where did you get that? I believe that Pfizer cooperated with BioNTech, a German company.

      2. Ivermectin and other are effective in treating this virus.

      We need more research on this. As a matter of fact, we MUST avoid sweeping statements of the type that you make in your comment. “The CDC and FDA are not doing their jobs and allowing…” Most people in the CDC and FDA are doing their best with difficult jobs. We shouldn’t make this seem like it’s a conspiracy. Mistakes are being made, significant mistakes. The desire to label these mistakes as an overarching conspiracy does NOT help us in our quest for truth.

  21. Serge says:

    Still a corporate higher-up in the Clinical Trials big pharma biz, still not taking the Vax. Almost signed up for the J&J vax last week, due 100% to the overwhelming social pressure I am up against. Backed out last minute. Hard life going forward for men such as me. We gotta wear the Masks still in public, like slaves. I have to explain myself everywhere I go. Why aren’t I vaxxed yet?

    • Barbara Ann says:

      You provide a good description of a whole new pandemic; extraordinary levels of peer pressure to conform. In the post Trump era, obedience or otherwise to government diktat has become an acute social divide. Wear the mask, get the Vax, do whatever you are told – or regardless of your politics you’ll be taken for one of those wicked insurrection-loving conservatives. Hold fast Serge.

    • BillWade says:

      Brave stance, thank you!

  22. Carey says:

    ‘The Jab Propaganda Falls Apart: “Vaccinated” People Account for 60% of Covid-19 Deaths in the UK’:

    “A stunning revelation emerged recently that exposes the lies behind the global “vaccination” campaign in one of the leading nations when it comes to the percentage of people who have been fully jabbed. According to Public Health England data, 43% of Covid-19 fatalities in the UK were people who were fully “vaccinated”. Furthermore, a shocking 60% of Covid-19 deaths are attributed to people who have received at least one dose.

    What this tragic news reveals is something most of us who have been railing against these experimental “vaccines” have been saying for months only to be shouted down and dismissed as “antivaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”. There is a reason why truly safe and effective vaccines take on the average of 10-15 years to develop, test and garner approval for general use. That was not the case with these biotech corporation nostrums which were rushed into production after only three months of human trials..”

    • walrus says:

      Carey, you fail to fact check the story -the conclusion of the article you linked to is utter BS.

      they got their story from here (link below) then misrepresented its conclusions.

      • Carey says:

        Walrus: if only you’d do the same with your claims from above in this thread:

        Walrus said:
        > 3. Given to children? Not that I know of.
        4.Pregnant women? Not prescribed as far as I know. <

        Both of those claims are utterly false (notice commenter Walrus's very slippery caveat "as far as I know").

        I urge everyone to do their own *diligent* research regarding the so-called COVID "vaccines": your life might depend on it.

      • Carey says:

        No, Walrus; that was not the source for the Ghion Journal piece.
        What in the latter piece makes you say it was?

        When the vaxx-proponents [very slipperily] claim efficacy in the 90% range they are in fact talking about *reduction of symptoms*; not sterilizing immunity, or reduction of transmission. Balance a possible reduction of symptoms against the (now well-known) side
        effects from the “vaccines” like periocarditis, myocarditis, the recently-found neurological disorders (Janssen vaxx); and then
        the long-term side effects of the Covid “vaccines” that we have not yet seen (my guess is that there will be plenty more).

        I think you know all this, though.

  23. Carey says:

    “Is there any research on the long-term effects of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine?

    >>Because COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials only started in the summer of 2020, it’s not yet clear if the vaccines will have long-term effects.<>at least two months<< after being given the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Nothing to worry about there: "monitored for at least two months.."

    "Not that I'm aware of".


  24. Carey says:

    Sorry for the too-prolific posting, but this is as important as it gets- from the CDC’s link above:

    “Get a COVID-19 vaccine for your child as soon as you can.” pass, big time.

    “not that I’m aware of.”

  25. JK of Arkansas says:

    See the report from Bill H. (above July 11, 2021 at 10:58 am) and then my reply to him verifying I’d earlier discovered Youtube to have declared the Trialsite produced interview between its Dr. Erin Stair MD quizzing mRNA vaccine “discoverer” Dr. Robert Malone MD MS to wit:

    “This video has been removed from Youtube for violating our community guidelines.”

    Fairly soon following my initial finding of the removal I ‘finessed’ a communication to Trialsite (presumably) notifying them of the action taken and suggested Trialsite might “consider migrating your content.”

    Then … surprise surprise …

    I place it here rather than in the midst of where I originally inserted it simply on the offchance other readers here might wish to take what Dr. Malone has to say under consideration.

    Here’s the patent:

    And here’s what Google Scholar has up (for now)

  26. Sam says:

    I want to tell you about a story I spent the past month reporting. Remember Mylan Pharmaceuticals? That’s the company behind the Epipen controversy. Its CEO was famously Heather Bresch, daughter of Joe Manchin. Last year, Mylan merged with another company, forming Viatris.

    Read the above linked Twitter thread. This has been the story across many towns in heartland America. Manufacturing plants shutdown and new plants built overseas.

    This is the hollowing out of America supported by both political parties and the highest echelons in our government all at the behest of Wall St and the corporate titans. And going on for decades.

  27. Sudhi says:

    Many Thanks for the article and the informative comments.
    Some important articles on this topic –

    excerpt from this article –

    “The Moderna and Pfizer “alleged vaccine” trials have explicitly acknowledged that their gene therapy technology has no impact on viral infection or transmission whatsoever and merely conveys to the recipient the capacity to produce an S1 spike protein endogenously by the introduction of a synthetic mRNA sequence. Therefore, the basis for the
    Massachusetts statute and the Supreme Court’s determination is moot in this case.”

    To understand the procedures and assumptions that are foundational to the development of these ‘vaccines’ please take a look at the interview by Sonia Elijah of Dr. Robert Malone –

    “Reported Deaths post COVID Vaccine: Total 9,048”

    • blue peacock says:

      “The Moderna and Pfizer “alleged vaccine” trials have explicitly acknowledged that their gene therapy technology has no impact on viral infection or transmission…”

      I am no molecular biologist so I don’t get the nuance of this claim. From what I understand the vaccine incites an immune response for one spike protein not all the spike proteins that the virus has, so is considered “leaky”. Consequently, as the virus is under a lot of pressure to this one protein due to mass vaccination, it will be forced to mutate with other proteins. This means that the vaccine will need to be continuously updated to address these new proteins and booster shots required. Of course this is precisely what Big Pharma wants – a subscription model from a financial perspective.

      The other element of nuance is that the spike protein could create an auto-immune response that can itself be dangerous as it can attack normal cells.

      Further while the spike protein supposedly dissolves away after triggering the immune response, it appears that fragments of the spike can remain and has been observed in the lab. These fragments could coalesce and create new proteins which may trigger an adverse auto-immune response.

      The bottom line it appears is that a lot more study is required especially around safety & toxicology as well as the appropriate dosage. In a normal circumstance the FDA would neither approve it nor grant an EUA. However, a “perfect storm” with mass media hysteria & lockdowns has created the environment for the EUA which in effect has driven a huge experiment with hundreds of millions of people as subjects.

      What precedents are we creating here?

  28. smoke says:

    blue peacock –
    “These fragments could coalesce and create new proteins which may trigger an adverse auto-immune response.”

    There are a couple new papers that do posit an autoimmune-type of reaction, as a critical mechanism in severe covid cases and possibly in “long covid”. One paper observes an autoantibody against a critical protein for lung function, Annexin A2, present in the lungs in severe covid cases. Another paper finds that the antibody against the S2 protein in the covid spike may also attack the Annexin A2 protein.

    The author David Lee makes the argument: “We describe how severe COVID-19 is NOT a viral pneumonia, but a post-viral autoimmune attack of the lung.”

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