Virginia’s Black Lt. Governor Is No Emmett Till

I would like to write that the following is unbelievable, but that is not true. It is very believable given that Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, is a shameless horror of a human being. This man is still on the job despite two credible accusations of rape. The two women who  accused Fairfax two years ago of sexual assault are Vanessa Tyson  and Meredith Watson:

Tyson said she met Justin Fairfax at the Democratic convention in Boston in 2004 when he was a law student. She said he asked her to accompany him to his hotel room. . . . But suddenly, she said, he became violent, forcing her to perform oral sex. “He’s using his hand on the back of my neck. I couldn’t say anything cause I’m choking and gagging,” she said.

A tearful Watson recalled how he ( suddenly locked the door, turned off the lights and “did things you shouldn’t do to someone without their permission.” She said she tried to leave but he held her down and “forcibly assaulted and raped me.”

Both women are black Americans. But the Democrat establishment studiously has ignorned them.

But that fact did not prevent this shameless wretch from playing the race card:

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8 Responses to Virginia’s Black Lt. Governor Is No Emmett Till

  1. Ben says:

    WASHINGTON — Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax said during the state’s Democratic gubernatorial debate Tuesday night that he was treated like George Floyd and Emmett Till when DEMOCRATS immediately called for his resignation after two women accused him of sexual assault in 2019.

  2. Fred says:

    At least a democrat finally targeted Terry McAuliffe.

  3. Dan says:

    They do this to Kavanaugh and its not fair either there, to say the least.

    An accusation of rape is worth about as much as the paper its written on or bytes its transmitted through. If a victim wants an alleged perpetrator punished for their crimes, the allegation has to be made to official authorities in a timeframe that allows the accusation to be investigated.

    You don’t get to come back 10, or 30 years later, and say “this is what happened so this guy is no good”. Doesn’t work at all. Nor does it work to say “the Democrats are irrational about accusations, so we should be too”. Have to keep principles intact.

    • Fred says:

      Like it did for Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones? Accusations worked on getting Senator Frankin to resign, though I don’t think the Lt. Governor will do so any more than people thought Bill Clinton would.

      • Dan says:

        I could have been more clear…..I didnt mean to say they don’t work in terms of function. These sorts of accusations are definitely effective to destroy or paralyze a public figure.

        I meant that they just don’t work for me, on principle. I’m not a fan of this thing where women can hold an accusation in reserve until an important moment in their accused’s life, or even just until they feel “comfortable” alleging it. Really bad pattern.l of this last few years.

  4. exiled off mainstreet says:

    It is kind of like animal farm: some pigs are more equal than others and its racist to accuse favored pigs of rape even when the evidence unambiguously proves they are guilty.

  5. fakebot says:


    You should read what Larry wrote more carefully. He wrote Cuomo and Fairfax are hypocrites for their attacks on Kavanaugh. Larry then added PEOPLE who are connected and have the press on their side walk. Larry also mentioned the fact Democrats had called for Fairfax’s resignation.

    Democrats don’t suddenly get to be all high and might with their moral authority because this one time they demanded the resignation of Fairfax.

    The three of the last four Democratic presidential nominees prove the hypocrisy of your party:

    Hillary Clinton is on tape laughing about how she manipulated state evidence which helped to keep a pedophile rapist out of jail.

    Bill Clinton used to bite women and then forces himself on them. Some described these encounters as consensual, Juanita Broaddrick described it as rape.

    Joe Biden was accused by an office aid of unwanted kissing and inappropriately touching her vagina (Trump brags, Biden grabs). There are videos of him ogling and fondling women and girls who were clearly made uncomfortable by his creepy behavior.

    I’ve never seen Democrats or the press lining up to demand their resignations, have you?

    Like Orwell wrote, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

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