War Drums Over Ukraine Throbbing Louder

From Sicily To Ukraine, NATO Drones Risk Causing The Conflict To Explode

The Biden Administration is doing its damnedest to incite panic and provoke a war with Russia. There apparently are no adults left in Washington, DC. Start with Biden’s joke of a National Security Advisor:

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday that Americans in Ukraine should leave “as soon as possible,” CNN reports. The UK Foreign Office also urged its citizens to leave “while commercial means are available,” the BBC reports. Japan, Latvia, Norway and the Netherlands have also called on their citizens to leave.

It is not only NATO countries warning their citizens to flee. Israel ordered dependents to leave Kiev:

Israel said on Friday it was evacuating relatives of staff at its embassy in Kyiv, citing “an aggravation of the situation” in an apparent reference to the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

The Foreign Ministry statement further urged Israelis to avoid travelling to Ukraine and those there to “to avoid areas of tension”.

A massive propaganda effort is underway in the United States and the UK to prepare their respective citizens for a looming war:

An invasion by Russia “is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks,” while the subsequent ground attack would disrupt communications as well. “No one would be able to count on air, rail, or road departures once military action got under way,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan’s phrasing matched that of PBS National Security correspondent Nick Schifrin, who shortly before the White House press conference cited anonymous US officials to claim that Russia had in fact decided to attack. When asked about these reports, Sullivan said he had “not yet seen” them but they were wrong, and that the White House does not believe Russia has made a decision either way.

We have been through this kind of deception before. In the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq the American public were fed a daily buffet of lies about weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein conspiring with Osama Bin Laden. All a pretext to justify attacking Iraq.

But Iraq did not have a genuine Army capable of fighting us and the United States enjoyed complete air supremacy over Iraq. What we lacked was functional plan to pacify Iraq and ensure there was a functioning, effective government after we ousted Saddam and his Bath party. Even with those advantages the United States failed to pacify Iraq. We declared victory and left after 10 years of bloodshed. And to what purpose?

Now we are poking the Russian bear. The Russians deploy troops and military equipment and resources on their border with Ukraine and we cry foul. Yet we ignore our own provocative actions of sending millions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine and deploying offensive military forces in Poland and Romania. And we have troops in the Ukraine (“trainers”). I return again asking you to consider how we would react if Russia was doing the same thing in Mexico. We would send our troops to the southern border and build up our capabilities to stop a Russian backed invasion of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Our intelligence community, which failed to predict the collapse of the Afghan Government last August, appears to be engaged in wild speculation:

Pressed to provide details, Sullivan said the US intelligence community has assessed that Russian troop build-up near Ukraine suggests a “very distinct possibility that Russia might choose” to take military action “on a reasonably swift timeframe,” adding there is a “credible prospect” that this might happen in the coming days.

The intelligence community has “sufficient confidence” that there is a “distinct possibility” Putin “might” order an invasion before February 20, Sullivan told reporters, and that a “rapid assault on the city of Kiev” is considered a possibility.

He also repeated State Department spokesman Ned Price’s claim that Russia is working to fabricate a pretext for invasion with a “false flag operation” in eastern Ukraine. Just like Price, Sullivan offered no evidence for the claim.

Words like “might” are not terms that suggest the intel community is dealing with hard intel–such as an intercept of a Russian war plan or a conversation between Putin and Russian generals. If I am the Russians the tidal wave of dire warnings from the United States and the United Kingdom coupled with the deployment of NATO forces towards Russia’s western border would have me believing that the West is keen on provoking a fight in order to consolidate power in the Ukraine.

The biggest danger is that we are doing the equivalent of loading a slingshot, pulling it back and aiming it at someone we have been heckling relentlessly for the last 7 years. If we negligently or mistakenly fire we could ignite a horrific conflagration.

The wild card in this equation remains the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). I have seen no reports about their troop movements and activities. If the UAF decides to attack the militia forces in the Donbass and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine with US and UK weapons, I believe this is a red line that will provoke a Russian military response. Once that line is crossed the potential for the conflict to escalate into a full blown war is great.

Are you ready to send you sons and daughters to die on behalf of Ukraine?

ICSI believes that a Russian invasion of Ukraine will begin sometime between Sunday 13th February 2022 and Saturday 19th February 2022, based on the available Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and the latest assessment from the US Intelligence Community.

— International Centre for Strategic Intelligence (@ICSI_OSINT) February 11, 2022

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75 Responses to War Drums Over Ukraine Throbbing Louder

  1. southpoint says:

    “I return again asking you to consider how we would react if Russia was doing the same thing in Mexico. We would send our troops to the southern border and build up our capabilities to stop a Russian backed invasion of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.”

    The fact this question is never posed to Sullivan, Psaki, Blimken or Nod is de facto proof there is no journalist left with the b*lls to confront the megalomaniacs ruling this country.

    • TV says:

      The so-called “journalists” are never going to ask questions of their friends.
      The media and the Democrats are the same people.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      It would make no difference because Washington would never supply an answer to such a question.

      A toady like Sullivan would simply say that the question is invalid, and he will not be drawn into responding to pointless hypotheticals.

  2. Latari says:

    Why fight a war, if one is unable to win the peace?

    The US won the cold war and Russia warmly received US advisers in the 1990s. They were in the presidential office, in the ministries und the military, where they basically designed Post-Soviet Russia. Did they create a safer world?

  3. el sid says:

    BREAKING NEWS: US Truck Convoy heading to DC as early as MARCH!

    “National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday that Americans in D.C. should leave “as soon as possible,” CNN reports. The UK’s Geographically-Challenged Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also urged its citizens to leave “while commercial means are available,” the BBC reports. Japan, Latvia, Norway and the Netherlands have also called on their citizens to leave.”

    (Sorry about that. I couldn’t control myself.)

  4. Gerald says:

    sounds like preparation for a false flag attack of some sort to be sure. what are the chances of US/UK sponsored rogue Azov unit starting the ball rolling? Gas canisters have been seen in the area of the contact zone, prepared by ‘private contract’ (that itself could be Russian disinformation) To be completely fair neither the UAF nor the Russians seem to have adopted ‘attack/invade’ positions so … the US seems desperate to me and with its history of false flags to ‘get what it wants’ it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      The Nazi regime started their attack on Poland with a phony SS attack provocation using Concentration camp victims dressed in Polish uniforms on a Nazi radio station, “Sender Gleiwitz” on the border of the German province of Silesia and the Polish border areas which had been part of that province of Germany prior to Versailles Treaty border adjustments. The Biden regime thus will be going from using a provocation on January 6 2021, the “invasion” of Congress, reminiscent of the Reichstag Fire which the Nazis used to consolidate power to a fake “attack” on the Ukraine, based on “Sender Gleiwitz”, the other well-known Nazi provocation which led off their 1939 invasion of Poland. Only this time, armageddon is a distinct possibility.
      Are they so desperate seeing their covid bullshit being proven a fiasco that they are willing to risk ending it all with a final spin of the barrel hoping they get an empty chamber rather than blammo! as they point the revolver at their own head?

  5. MapleLeaf says:

    “the West is keen on provoking a fight”

    It is, and it will succeed this week.

  6. zmajcek says:

    The preparatory media barrage has been so intense that at this point something has to happen. If not the loss of credibility will be huge.
    The timing is also right, since the end of winter is approaching. This gives the EU some time to find alternate sources of gas.
    All that is needed now is a provocation strong enough to get Russia to lob some artillery into Ukraine.

    They would not be trying this against North Korea, but they are counting on Russia not to escalate into a full blown war with NATO.

    They can’t confront Russia militarily directly so they’ll nibble around the edges. They managed to take over most of Ukraine. Tried to take over Belarus, then Kazakhstan. Now they’ll try to weaken Russia by disrupting trade with the EU and at the same time force the EU to distance itself from RU and rejoin the fold.

    • John Credulous says:

      “We have been through this kind of deception before.”

      This is a game:

      Bait the hook and catch the fish.

      “Western” propaganda is about what the “West” wants – rumors of a war started by Russia.

      Russian propaganda is also about what the “West” wants – rumors of a war started by Russia.

      How does this work ? Russia “leaks” these hints. And the “West” – eager for confirmation – takes the bait.

      And then, no invasion, ever. One good way to wear out your adversary – false alarms.
      Also has the secondary effect of wearing out the Ukrainians. And trashing their economy. And for maintaining the initiative. And preempting Ukrainian attack on Donbas – hey guys no need to attack – let’s prepare for the invasion and guerilla warfare .

      You, the “West” want a war ? We’ll give you infinite war “foreplay”.

      The “West” is getting dis-orientated – not sure what part of OODA that is. Ah, ODDA.

  7. Poul says:

    For what purpose?

    Not much in it for the US but some of your hang-arounds, like Kuwait & Israel have benefited from the destruction of an effective Iraqi state.

    The new sectarian democracy is as effective as Lebanon & Bosnia-Herzegovina which is to say they are to busy with in-fighting to be a problem for the neighbourhood.

  8. tedrichard says:

    the covid campaign of fear and public control has failed or is failing rapidly all over the world. the wreckage at every level is percolating to the surface and blame is in process of being assigned. all fingers are pointing or will be pointing to incompetent at best and truly mendacious evil at worst …..public officials and wealthy private citizens who profited handsomely off this grotesquely overblown threat to the human race.

    ergo trust and confidence in governments mostly WESTERN is imploding everywhere which is now precipitating a full blown political panic from those in power who want to STAY in power.

    so like any magician worth his stuff a giant misdirection is now required. a war against russian nicely fills that requirement and might even get the public back on the side of the governments that wrecked their lives since early 2020 and keep lawsuits and mass firings of now comfortable political elites away.

    if only mr putin will cooperate and save us elites in the west from our own greed and evil we did against our own people. but mr putin seems indifferent to our plight. why won’t those russians be as blood thirsty and disingenuous as us they refuse to live up to the fairy tale story we sell about them to our population?

  9. Pat Lang says:

    Biden says we will not fight for Ukraine because that would lead to “world war.” What he has done is signal Putin that he has a free hand in Ukraine if he is willing to take whatever pain economic sanctions will bring. With the aid of China that should be possible. My WAG is that Russia will recognize the independence of the ethnically Russian eastern provinces and then behave as though they are part of the Russian Federation. If the rump Ukraine invades those provinces, Russia will defend them, and Biden will have caused a disaster whil searching for a distraction from the performance of his failed administration.

    • Mal says:

      Sir, that’s the same as the US told Saddam about Kuwait, look how that turned out. No trust, or as the Russians have been saying “non agreement capable”.

      Cheers Mal

    • Pat Lang says:

      The fierceness of Biden and company is saying that they “shut down” the Nordstream pipeline if the Russians misbehave is ridiculous. What the hell would they do? The Germans will not go along with that. Divers to sabotage the pipeline under the Baltic Sea? Absurd.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        If mean grandpa does unilaterally “bring an end to it” (NS2) he will hand Putin a tremendous propaganda victory – probably far outweighing the economic cost to Russia. ‘Shutting it down’ even IFO US-supplied (at a much higher price) Freedom Gas, will do considerable economic damage to Germany. Such action would also immediately highlight the recent remarks by Maria Zakharova about Germany’s lack of sovereignty. The political bloc in Germany wanting good relations with Russia would be handed a huge boost. It could even be the straw that breaks the NATO camel’s back.

        Nevertheless, given the pattern of self-defeating strategy towards Russia by the FP geniuses in State, it would not surprise me if this is exactly what happens.

      • Leith says:

        Cyber attack? Something similar to what happened to the Colonial Pipeline control computers last year?

      • Yeah, Right says:

        The example of “NATO will not expand one inch to the east” suggests that any “signaling” from Washington is not worth the paper it isn’t written on.

        Biden may very well think that it is a bad idea to jump into the middle of a war between Russia and Ukraine. Until that war starts, and then he changes his mind.

        Moscow would be crazy to base their moves on the assumption that Biden’s pre-war “signaling” can be relied upon.

    • Matt says:

      Mr Lang,

      do you think it’s possible that there is a rift in the leadership of Ukraine,

      their president in Kiev seems more disposed to conciliation but the Nationalist forces seem emboldened by whisperers from the CIA & MI6?

      to me the Ukraine looks like a two headed creature, the normal people who just want to lead their lives and the ethnic nationalist faction that always seems to have an axe to grind, in the 1930’s the nationalists had a beef with the Polish, since WW2 they’ve had a beef with Russia,

      if the Nationalists did launch an attack on the Eastern provinces and Russia obliterated them from a distance with stand off weapons it might kill two birds with one stone,
      end the threat to the Eastern provinces and remove the obstacle to meaningful dialogue and diplomacy?

      • TTG says:


        Ukraine is not the two headed creature you think it is. All the hard right parties garnered barely 2% of the vote in the last elections and won no seats in the Verkhovna Rada. The hard right would do better in the US today. 2014 to 2015 was the high water mark for the hard right and nazis in Ukraine. Since then, they’re returned to the fringe. Their militias were powerful and independent early on, maybe even more powerful than the derelict Ukrainian Army at that time. Now they’re part of the territorial army. They’re still there, but not like they were back in the day.

        • zmajcek says:

          It is not about the percentage. In 2014 out of two major political blocks, neither was a far right party. Yet they managed to come to the forefront, hijack the protests and turn it into a war zone.
          We still don’t know whose snipers started shooting at the protesters and the police.
          There are plenty of indications they were brought in by the far right.
          Look up leaked telephone call between the EU’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet on youtube if you are really interested.

          In Odessa a small number (less than 2%) of extremists massacred anti-Maidan protesters, and walked free, keeping a million people city in fear.

    • TTG says:


      It’s far more than a WAG on your part. The resolution to recognize the DPR and LPR is supported by the State Duma and the Kremlin. The resolution was introduced by Zyuganov, head of the CPRF and chair of the Committee of the State Duma for the CIS, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots. (I wonder what they have in mind for the rest of their compatriots.) The resolution is based on the 2014 decisions by the DPR and LPR to declare independence, the failure of Kyiv to implement the Minsk Accords and the included statement that “It is quite possible to compare the actions of the Ukrainian authorities with the genocide of their own people.”

      The resolution states that Russia is providing economic/humanitarian support to the DNR/LNR and that the resolution’s adoption will “create a legal basis for interstate relations that regulates all aspects of cooperation and mutual assistance, including security issues.” So Russian forces advancing to the present line of contact at a minimum would happen overnight in my opinion. I don’t know if Putin will be satisfied with that or if he would want to continue to the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk. If he stops at the line of contact, the new republics will just be internationally unrecognized wards of Moscow like Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

      • Pat Lang says:

        BTW LJ’s assertion that Iraq did not have a “genuine army” is incorrect. I watched them fight the Iranians from among them. By the time DIA (me) took over advising them they were as good as a WW2 army. Our sanctions and Saddam Hussein’s hatred and fear of them had weakened them greatly by the time we went to war against them.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Recognition of the breakaway republics by Russia would be a watershed moment, not least because it would mean Russia no longer believes the Minsk Protocol (& peace) are feasible. I can’t see the logic in recognition now unless Russia has resolved to go to war, which of course is possible.

        In July Putin said the following:

        Apparently, and I am becoming more and more convinced of this: Kiev simply does not need Donbas. Why? Because, firstly, the inhabitants of these regions will never accept the order that they have tried and are trying to impose by force, blockade and threats. And secondly, the outcome of both Minsk‑1 and Minsk‑2 which give a real chance to peacefully restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine by coming to an agreement directly with the DPR and LPR with Russia, Germany and France as mediators, contradicts the entire logic of the anti-Russia project. And it can only be sustained by the constant cultivation of the image of an internal and external enemy. And I would add – under the protection and control of the Western powers

        As you may know, this whole speech (VVP’s “Ukraine Opus”) became required reading for all Russian service personnel.


        • TTG says:

          Barbara Ann,

          I believe the logic in this recognition lies in Putin’s declaration that Belarus and Ukraine are, in fact, Russia and should be ruled from Moscow. If NATO and the US didn’t raise the stink they’re currently doing, Russia would be doing something a lot more aggressive to change the government in Kyiv, even if not an invasion. Putin can’t risk being seen as the one who lost Ukraine.

          Why now? The DNR and LNR are failing. Gone are the early days of the revolution when they had bold and fearless political and military leaders like Givi and others. Being a war zone for eight years has taken a heavy toll. The economy is crap. The population is leaving. The political leaders are as crooked as ever, even worse. In contrast to a Ukraine that is slowly improving with massive Western assistance and opening markets, the republics look even worse. That is a political nightmare for Putin. A successful Ukraine under Western tutelage, even if not in NATO, just magnifies this nightmare.

          • zmajcek says:

            It makes no sense for Russia to try and change the government in Kyiv now, when it would have been so much easier to do it in 2014. It definitely dropped the ball on Ukraine in 2014. The US would never have allowed such a thing to happen to an ally half the world away let alone to a close neighbour. Russia reacted much quicker in Kazakhstan though.

          • James says:


            I have read that one third of the prostitutes in Europe are Ukrainian women – so I am not sure that the Ukrainians are as happy under “Western tutelage” as you think they are … but as was the situation in Moscow in the 90s – the westerners are not unhappy.

          • Deap says:

            TGG: I recall having breakfast in one of the few western brand hotels in Urumqi, China in late 1990’s.

            Across the room was a larger table with some very beat up but younger Russian-looking women with their typical dark rooted, heavily peroxided yellow hair, along with some rather thuggish male breakfast companions.

            The two youngish women looked very sullen and morose and ordered only Heinikin beer for breakfast. They gave all indications of having had a very bad prior night. I had to assume they were trafficked Russian prostitutes. Or perhaps they were Ukrainian, or Romanian ……. it is a rough world out there. So no, this was not a victimless crime. But still may be a crime of opportunity.

      • Wouldn’t the best time to do this be later, maybe summer, even fall? Then Nato has pretty much fallen on its face and Ukraine has time to realize it will always have to deal with those to the East. Especially since they are more economically viable for the evident future.

        • TTG says:

          John Merryman,

          If we get through the next few weeks and Spring without any kind of Russian further incursion into Ukraine, NATO can say they won. They stood up to Putin and he backed down, even if he never had any intention of invading. IMO such crowing would only force Putin into taking some kind of action. If there’s no invasion, just be thankful and quiet. Ukraine will continue to solidify her ties to the West, but she may become less fearful of Moscow in time. Poland and Lithuania were mortal enemies during the interwar years. Now they’re bosom buddies again.

    • Could the communist party be a hang out on this, to further drive the hysteria in the West?
      It would seem an issue there isn’t any rush on and would become evident over time, that Ukraine’s economic future would be much better served by cooperating with Russia, than being US trap bait.

    • jim ticehurst says:

      for A Persective On This..I Read A Very Good Interview Tonight Over At CNN..Politics Site..It Was With Michael Kimmage…a Professor..at
      CATHOLIC University Of America..A Specialist..On US-Russia Relations..

      The Headline Reads..”What Created The.new,more Aggressive Putin ”

      It was by Zachery B. Wolf…

  10. Ed Lindgren says:

    Yesterday I checked out a copy of William J. Burns’ book ‘The Back Channel’ from the local public library. I skimmed the last chapter and read the first 100+ pages last evening.

    At the end of Chapter 3, in which Burns discusses his years serving at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow during the mid-1990s, he writes the following (page 111):

    “Applied to this first wave of NATO expansion [Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic] in Central Europe, Kennan’s comments [regarding Russian pushback] struck me as a little hyperbolic. It damaged prospects for future relations with Russia, but not fatally. Where we made a serious strategic mistake – and where Kennan was prescient – was in later letting inertia drive us to push for NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, despite Russia’s deep historical attachments to both states and even stronger protestations. That did indelible damage, and fed the appetite of a future Russian leadership for getting even.”

    This book was released in 2019, so presumably these comments reflect Mr. Burns’ recent thinking. He now occupies a key position as a member of the Biden national security team. I would be curious what advice he is providing the administration as the current crisis unfolds.

  11. Jim says:

    Where is the “smoking gun?”

    To Minks or not to Minsk, that is the question.

    The State of Israel/Zionist Entity in the Levant — their leadership during Arafat era was fond of saying no Palestinian had stature to: sign on the dotted line; to ensure Israeli “security.”

    My thoughts were that No Israeli could sign on the dotted line.

    Rabin, 73, assassinated after “signing on the dotted line.”

    Neither the official observers of Minsk — Germany and France — nor unofficial, the USA, have been able to convince Kiev to honor Minsk.

    Signed between Kiev and the Donbass, Russia, the third official observer of Minsk, say solution to crisis is to Minks — and not to. . . we have. . . this current drama.

    Rabin thought he could sign on the dotted line and yet the fact of the matter is his signature meant nothing.

    As nobelprize.org says: “Some Jews saw the Oslo Accords as a betrayal, and Rabin was assassinated by a religious fanatic in the autumn of 1995.”

    Is Minsk also a dead letter?

    It seems to me Russia’s direct military entry into Syria, on invitation of that government, in a way “froze” that conflict: to prevent US/Zionist/SyrianRebel victory.

    Russia says endgame is removal of all foreign forces and has mentioned UNSC Res #338, meaning Israel, too, must exit the country.

    It seem there is some general element of this viz. Ukraine: freeze conflict, and prevent its interests from being further damaged by western adventurism.

    Playing the “long game” as it were in Syria and regards Ukraine, in particular, and in general, this impacts its regional stature, role, and economic and military security.

    Poroshenko [Minsk, 2014] and Rabin [Oslo, 1993] ‘signed on the dotted line.’

    Rabin was assassinated; can any Ukraine leader implement Minsk, with any greater “success” than Rabin and Oslo?

    Four days ago, NYTimes headline: “What Are the Minsk Accords, and Could They Defuse the …”

    Eight years on, NYT discovers Minsk.

    International law in its reporting on foreign affairs has never been NYT’s strong suit. Better late than never?

    The Guardian, three days ago: “Can Ukraine and Russia be persuaded to abide by Minsk” [Russia is not a signatory of Minsk]

    CNN, two days ago: “Minsk agreement: Could it be a way out of the Ukraine-Russia …”

    WAP, yesterday:
    [[French and German officials say they have the support of the United States, but a spokesperson with the National Security Council declined to offer specifics.

    “We stand ready to support sincere efforts at progress from all sides — Ukraine, France and Germany, and Russia — to implement the Minsk agreements,” the spokesperson said.]]



    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      It would be funny if Ukraine’s comedian president Zelenski wandered off the reservation and agreed to some kind of deal with the Russians. I am sure that the NATO goons in Kiev would liquidate him if he tried.

      • A possibility. Ze must be realising that there is only one player in the game whose word he can trust.

      • Jim says:

        Quite recently, following a meeting with Blinken, Lavrov made a point of saying that he made it crystal clear to his US counterpart: France and Germany wanted Donbass to eschew their independence declarations, circa 2014, for Minsk to work.

        France and Germany, thus, eight years ago: acknowledged the significance of Donbass declaration of independence.

        And so: “Russia will recognize the independence of the ethnically Russian eastern provinces and then behave as though they are part of the Russian Federation” is totally in play — should things continue to unravel, as it were. . . .

        Briefly, related, an argument can be made that Rabin’s {Oslo-related} assassination is symptom of failure of US-led “rules based” order, in contradistinction to China-Russia endorsements of International Law and UNO.

        For quite similar reasons, the inability of a Ukraine political leader to implement Minsk, a big fat ditto.

        Also, it seems to me that had Russia wanted to militarily intervene, they would have done so in Feb. 2014; they did not, instead, Crimea, folded back into Russia.

        The following year, Syria invites Russia into country for help, and they agreed.

        To believe US and Israel and UK are not thinking about Israel-occupation of Golan, and whether . ? . ? . ? . would seem to me to not be the case, given current tensions and panoply of possibilities at this time and in future. . . .I am guessing that this Troika has more than Georgia on their minds, vis a vis the Golan occupation, going on 55 years come June.

  12. Fred says:

    “Are you ready to send…”

    I’m ready to send the two old guys in the coffee shop this morning discussing our need to fight there. (Happily told them that too) I’ll thrown in “mayor Pete” the transportation guy, the little old lady from South Carolina, all the retired flag officers saber rattling, and coke snorting painter extraordinaire Hunter Biden.

  13. Leith says:

    “Are you ready to send…”

    No. And neither is Biden. He is not anything like Bush Junior. There is no ‘éminence grise’ such as Bush’s VP, Deadeye Dick, lurking in the shadows pushing him to war. Biden doesn’t listen to nutso neocon GOP congressman Mike Waltz. Jake Sullivan is not Condoleeza Rice and Lloyd Austin is not Don Rumsfeld.

    Diplomacy is hard at work. Biden spoke on the phone with Putin today. SecDef Austin spoke today with DefMin Shoigu. General Milley spoke with General Gerasimov yesterday. Both the US and the EU still have embassies in the Ukraine and in Russia. The training instructors you speak of, Florida National Guard troops, have been pulled out of Ukraine. In the last 24 hours or longer here have been no reported ceasefire violations in the Donbass. The day before yesterday there were eight violations, all by troops of the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk.

    You seem to be yelling that the sky is falling Larry, or what we used to call ‘selling wolf tickets’.

  14. d74 says:

    Karl Rove, 2004:
    “We are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”
    (english -> french -> english, so perhaps not word for word)

    The Russians are not part of the empire. Anyway, the empire no longer acts, it causes. And the Russians don’t believe the empire’s words any more.

    Why no one understands this simple fact:
    Nobody wants the black hole called Ukraine anymore.

  15. Deap says:

    No wonder Biden needs to steal the headlines.

    From Durham’s latest court filing:

    “……Via Techno Fog’s SubStack: According to Durham, Joffe and his associates exploited internet data from “the Executive Office of the President of the United States” to further their own political agenda.

    ******They had come to possess this data as part of a “sensitive arrangement” with the U.S. government………………******!!!!!!!!!!

    NB: Joffe did work for the Clinton campaign via Susssman

  16. Fred says:

    Looks like Boris is abandoning his NATO ally Biden in his war.
    “All of them will be withdrawn,” Heappey told BBC Radio 4’s Today show. “There will be no British troops in Ukraine if there is to be a conflict there.”

    At least the Brits have their diversity training done.

  17. Marlene says:

    Fake or not, the air traffick took note, state of air space over Ukraine..Everybody recallls the MH17…


  18. Marlene says:

    Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), US anti-communist propaganda organ during the Cold War, is publishing cartoons dehumanizing Russians along the lines of Ukrainian supremacist nationalism …


    That at least half the population has been conditioned through two years to easily demonize other at the first noise started by the media is juts a concidence…

    This people plan long term…

  19. Marlene says:

    European countries most dependent on energy supplies from Russia…


    • Marlene says:

      Related to the countries mpst dependent, it seems governments could be throwing stones to their own roof, look above the position of Slovakia, and then take this into account, and what is the mood in the country….

      Protests in Slovakia against the military treaty signed with the US, considered by Prosecutor General Maroš Žilinka as “worse than the treaty signed with the USSR in 1968” (after the invasion by the Warsaw Pact) …

      People usually hate being oblied to freeze in the middle of the winter in Eastern Europe on behalf of foreign powers who remain safe and warm the other side of the Atlantic, as always has been through history…
      There will not be volunteers…Hence the European countries had to take out new “national security laws” , on Christmas, on the alibi of the “pandemic”, probably thinking of this outcome…Under these laws, citizens could be recruited by the state even to work with no pay and propriety and bank accounts could be requisitioned…
      While the people remained scared of and focused on the virus, they were making a wood bed for…

  20. Marlene says:

    Sorry to overextend myself in this thread, Mr. Johnson, but all the news I think are very relevant with regard war with Russia…

    No need to publish this.

  21. mcohen says:

    The fact that the thieves have run rampant in Ukraine while people like the workers living in the blocks of flats in places like luhansk and donetsk depend on tribal warlords to protect them is unacceptable.That guys like mandafort are fiddling around under trump and putin has allowed the mess to deteriorate to this point is a shame.fact is putin has lost it.and so have many other so called prime ministers and presidents.
    A tribunal of 25 International judges must be appointed with extraordinary powers to enforce the law.they must be backed by European and Russian rulers.

    Coal thieves must pay debts along with all the other thieves.Thats all they are.thieves.Who are stealing from all of ukraine.

  22. Leith says:

    UK Defense Minister, Ben Wallace, met with Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu yesterday (11 February). UK Chief of Defense Staff, Tony Radakin, was also on that trip to meet with General Valery Gerasimov. While in Moscow Wallace, Radakin, and their staff paid a visit to Russia’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    Nice painting in the background. Monty, Ike, Zhukov, and perhaps de Tassigny(?) in front of the burned-out hulk of Hitler’s Reichstag.


    Who is depicted by the marble statue on a pedestal in the far right?

  23. Barbara Ann says:


    A minor but important correction; US troops remain in Iraq, despite the Iraqi parliament demanding that they leave. Interestingly, the NYT chooses this moment to ask why.

    Re the war drums on Ukraine. The reason they have to be beaten so loud is to drown out any talk of the real issue, which goes far beyond Ukraine. Russia’s demands concern NATO and it is becoming increasingly clear they have chosen this moment to try and break the Alliance. Does anyone really want to see Article 5 tested if, for example, Russia decides not to wait for the missile bases in Romania & Poland to be removed? Lest we forget, Article 5 makes no obligation on any NATO member to use armed force to come to the aid of any member attacked, merely an obligation to “..assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary..”.

    During the Cold War when the US maintained a credible conventional deterrent in Europe the defense pact had some teeth. That is no longer the case. I have the feeling Moscow is going through a sorting process to determine which NATO countries are irredeemable enemies and which are not. Could we see the promised military technical measures applied to one or more of the former, while the latter group, having been advised of their status, are invited to consider what action they deem necessary in response? High stakes poker for sure, but then it has been apparent from the start that Russia, who feels a third patriotic war is being thrust upon her, feels a far higher level of commitment to this conflict than do any of the Allies. Anyway, for now Russia’s strategy seems to be to drive a wedge in between the 2 NATO groupings to try and achieve its breakup/neutering without bloodshed.

  24. V.I. says:

    The US lacks both the quality and quantity for any kind of army of occupation, let alone one that must deal with a stretched and vulnerable supply line and hostile civilians. If a draft is instituted the end result will be 1917. The present regime lacks the political will to authorize the discipline and cadre quality to call up the illegals, and the shock troops will be depleted quickly in a peer to peer conflict. The present generation lacks the ability to endure the realities of a protracted conflict. If the Administration imagines that they will survive the chaos unscathed, then one must question the sanity of the ruling class. Once the Pandora’s box is opened, the Humpty Dumpty on the Potomac will not be looking good.

  25. Deap says:

    Lengthy critique of the current Intelligence Community – the deepest of our unelected deep state. Answerable no-one, but the IC can and does exercises sinister power over anyone.

    Nothing new here for most; just renewed interest as much of America really is spinning out of control while the Durham court filings appear to finally confirm our worst fears recognizing the partisan take-over of our government institutions.


    Follow-up comments appreciated: Is this IC critique over-wrought…..or intentionally under-played?

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      No, Deap, I don’t think these concerns are overblown. Sundance and his compatriots, along with others out here keeping tabs on the IC’s activities and motivations are, sadly, voices crying in the wilderness of contemporary Western societies. These unelected, and largely unaccountable, people of the IC present a danger to the polity rather like that posed by the other face of the coin, the unelected, and largely unaccountable, people of the permanent bureaucracy; together they comprise a significant component of the Deep State. Our civilization has waded ever deeper into our own sucking La Brea tarpit of corruption and, to carry the metaphor further, our sunk, and Elite-imposed, societal costs. And the response from Our Leaders? Money printer goes brrrr…

      What can’t continue, ultimately won’t continue. We have been fleeced, the bill collector is hammering on the door, and those responsible for the disaster want us to answer the door while they abscond out the window.

  26. Persona Non Grata says:

    Regarding questioning the sanity the ruling class: that of the President, publicly threatening Russia with “severe costs,” is reminiscent of King Lear, Act II, Scene 4, just before he goes mad:

    “I will do such things—
    What they are yet I know not, but they shall be
    The terrors of the earth …”

  27. jim ticehurst says:

    “Lase Ditch Bid for Peace , Boris Johnson Leaving on Whistel Stop Tour of Europe”

    Daily Mail..Published Undrer NEWS,,,13-Feb 2000. Excellent Data..Videos,,States..

    Map of Entire Black Sea Arena,,, With All Current Military Weapons Positioned.

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