Washington DC Is Now a Complete Cesspool

American pathetic

Here is the White House.

This is disgusting.  My wife’s little country (near Afghanistan) keeps it nicer around their presidential palace.  It looks like the homeless forgot some of their stuff here.  What you can’t make out in the photo are three rows of fencing (in addition to the cement barriers) fronting the White House, because two aren’t enough, as well as leaves plastering Lafayette park that, from the looks of it, have not been collected since late October.  Either DC doesn’t have the money, or they can’t get their discount migrant leaf-blowers past security.

White House vicinity still scarred by riots

Here is another photo of the same spot, from a different angle.

Notice the missing half-brick pavers?  Here are some more.

They were torn up during the May 31st, 2020 BLM riot, to be thrown at the U.S. Secret Service and Park Police who defended the White House that evening.  There’s a video of the Federal line being pelted with a hail of masonry.  It was nine months ago.  That was closer to a real “insurrection.”  The DC Police bailed, they were nowhere to be found.  (Unlike the Capitol, this is city property, DC has jurisdiction here.)

Here is the now-famous, liberal “church” (using the term loosely) administrative building that was partially gutted during the May 31st riot.

It is across the park from the White House.  Is this a church or a zoo?  The fire is going on nine months old—why the fencing and cement double-barriers now?  To protect whom?  I worked around the corner for years, never saw anyone walking in or out of there.  Moreover, the rioters got the president they wanted; who’s going to burn it a second time?

As for the road damage in the foreground, you can’t see but it’s too deep to be from a burning car, there are holes several inches deep.  I think it was morons trying to chisel pieces to throw at the Feds defending the White House.

As it came out later, DC’s Democrat mayor let her police give some shields and helmets to the Feds, but she wanted no public role in defending Trump from the (90 percent white) BLM/Antifa mob, whom the Fake News called “peaceful protestors.”  Her police stayed so far clear of the White House that, in fact, several blocks north and east were left to the mercy of the mob.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs headquarters (Federal property) has fixed its broken windows, but you can still see marks on the asphalt where two cars were burned on the VA’s I Street side.  Here, you can see that one fire spread to a small tree, which had to be cut down.

Here, you can see what is perhaps a melted windshield that someone carved off one burned car and dumped on the sidewalk.  It will soon be nine months.  It’s still there.

Here is a smashed ATM, a minute’s walk away.  (At this spot, based on graffiti I saw there in June, Antifa had set up a “water point” for rioters to rehydrate.)  Nine months old.  A veritable open-air time capsule!

It was all just a game to the media, even local media

The Washington Post glossed over the damage in passing; they did not think much of it.  Didn’t seem important to them, in their own hometown.  It didn’t help their cause.  It would have helped if Trump’s Feds had done something crazy, like opened fire.  Short of that, it wasn’t worth more than a couple sentences—if that—of newsprint.

The Fake News cheered and ran interference for these “peaceful protestors” the whole time (the night of May 31st was but the wildest moment.)  An overreaction would have ended Trump’s presidency, right then and there.  They wanted a Kent State at the doorstep of the White House.  They had former SecDef Mattis publicly lined up to speak for a generals’ coup, the moment things got out of hand.

You can see how Trump was on a tightrope, and on top of that, around June 2nd, the mayor began harassing the National Guard he had brought in, trying to deny them hotel space and get them out of town.  It was just a few thousand of them, not 26,000 as for Biden’s inauguration last month.  You see the difference between then and now.  Future presidents take note:  Republicans in this town are denied equal protection of law.  But we knew that from the last four years.

Two blocks permanently closed for BLM painted letters

Here you can see a two-block stretch of 16th Street that—save for the I Street intersection—has been closed off indefinitely to protect the “Black Lives Matter” slogan hastily painted on June 5th.


“Black Lives” is on one side of I Street and “Matter” is on the other.  Why 16th?  Because it is precisely lined up and perpendicular to the White House, a big “F.U.” to Trump from June 2020.

Initially, the road was open but there was a posse sitting on lawn chairs under a tent awning near the intersection, smoking marijuana in broad daylight, guarding against anyone defacing the words (as had happened in New York.)  I don’t imagine that was covered in the Fake News.

That didn’t last long until the two blocks were closed off with rough-looking cement barriers, with the city declaring it a “pedestrian mall”, to be known as BLM Plaza, a designated space for public demonstrations, supposedly.  The road closure doesn’t prevent defacement, but it keeps the words looking fresh.

Really, it seems they are just protecting the paint from traffic.

No, I don’t feel threatened by the words; more power to all my black brothers and sisters.  But please tell your Democrat friends that the world was not “laughing at us because of Trump.”  I scan the foreign press more than the average Democrat and I can tell you, the world was and is laughing at us, period.

Next GOP prez: Get out of DC

In this post-Cold War, post-War on Terror political climate in which Americans once again see other Americans as enemies to be defeated, cleansed, and/or reeducated, it is no longer safe for any Republican administration to be engaged in Washington full time.  It would not be protected, and if it sought to protect itself, it would be condemned and sabotaged to the point of stirring up a high-level military mutiny, as per the Democrat script from early June 2020.

Any future Republican president should rent a resort or some rural hotels in Michigan or Indiana, and call them his or her capital for four years.  He should not be in DC at all.  It’s like Afghanistan—stop trying to conquer it, just leave it behind.  Move the Executive Office of the President (EOP)—the National Security Council, OMB, OPM—as well as all agency headquarters offices and the brass out there.  Put everyone on teleconference.  Make the underlings travel to the Heartland to report.  Make them spend their lunch money there.

Why should our capital be on one far edge of the country, anyway?  This isn’t 1787.  And, we’ve had “remote” government for a year now; there’s no need for DC.  You can’t legally move all the unionized petty bureaucrats, nor can you spend on new buildings without Congressional approval, but there is likely enough slush money in the EOP budget (might have to cut down on Air Force One travel and foreign summits) to temporarily relocate everyone of importance to anywhere you want.

Again, the leftists in this toxic town have proven that they will not protect Presidential administrations and politicians equally across parties.  They will use their moron foot-soldiers to bring you down, running cover for them in the national media, while condemning your own directionless morons (if you have any) as “domestic terrorists.”


As a Deplorable or any Republican, if you wish to protest Federal policies, do so at a Federal courthouse, agency regional headquarters, or other facility in your state or community.  Don’t ever come spend your money in DC.

Jacob Dreizin’s blog can be found here.

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5 Responses to Washington DC Is Now a Complete Cesspool

  1. Artemesia says:

    Family members worked around the corner from St. John’s church.
    Circumstances had me driving into DC around 45 times between March and June 2020.
    I saw the change, the boarded up windows not only on 16th St. but all the way up Wisconsin Ave. to Chevy Chase, where high-end retailers, banks, and smaller trendy restaurants boarded up. Guards slept in sleeping bags in front of Friendship Library in Tenleytown; Target a few doors up was boarded.
    I was at Lafayette Park & saw the crowds the day before the church was burned. I was relieved to see it was undamaged, tho if I recall it had been graffitied. The next day, part of it was burned. The Episcopal bishop condemned Trump for condemning those who defiled the church but she did not condemn the defilers.
    A utility building on the edge of the park, across from the church was covered with the vilest graffiti.
    I saw workers boarding up windows. I took photos of workers repairing damaged windows and doorways, and removing graffiti from stone buildings.
    I saw workers take down BLM banners from flagpoles where American flags had been torn down; at the foot of Whitehurst Freeway, or at K Street — I forget — I took photos of a homeless encampment where a giant American Flag was used as a tent. Gates and statues at the foot of the hill up to Georgetown University were vandalized.

    In mid-July Jamie Raskin, my congressman, appeared on TV and said “the protests were peaceful.” The next day I arranged to sell my house. After 17 years of creating a comfortable home, I could not allow myself to be represented by someone so obviously deceitful.
    I had been regretting my action: DC had been the source of much enrichment and information and I liked living nearby. Until reading Jacob Dreizen’s eyewitness testimony, news reports that the Capitol was surrounded by fences and barbed wire was an abstraction. The state of DC is a tragedy of immense proportions. It’s hard to know how the situation can be reversed.

  2. Deap says:

    Dr Jill needs to rethink her claimed FLOTUS project: re-uniting illegal families at the borders, and free community college for everyone. Instead she needs to channel Lady Bird Johnson and clean up her own backyard. Shocking, but not a surprising report. Lived there in the 1970’s after the civil rights riots and during Watergate – DH at the time worked for OMB – these blocks you show were my turf too.

    At least the public monuments were in good order and the NW was still desirable back then, during the Mayor Marion Berry days, but much of the rest city was a total cess pit. I remember coming in on the airport bus from the Baltimore-Wash thinking no city I had seen around the world at that time looked as burned out and desperate as many of the blocks right around out nation’s capital.

    How could this be our welcome to America for visitors? There is a difference between poverty and impoverishment seen around the world. Wash DC was impoverished. Wash DC had a spiritual malaise.

    This in the 1970’s included Kalorama Circle in the shadow of the WH and Capitol Hill in the shadow of Congress and the Supreme Court at that time (1970’s) – some of these neighborhoods sound like they have made a comeback since then, but life in much of the district at that time was full of crime and dereliction. You never wanted to make the wrong turn “around the block” off one of the main city diagonals and get lost, nor stop your car down at red lights, if you could keep going and keep moving.

    I never understood how Wash DC could be the face of our Nation. But I also did not understand the entropy of long-time Democrat rule at that time either. Since then, all Democrat- run cities in California evidence the same decline and human decrepitude. Raid the treasury and hire the relatives – the recipe for third world status continues to hold true in these cities in this our “wealthiest and freest” nation on earth.

    An American paradox. We are free to both build and free to destroy – all by individual choice. Not every0ne makes good decisions when handed the gifts of freedom. ACLU steps in slaps your hands and shuts down any attempts to have it any other way.

  3. TV says:

    I went to college in DC 55 years ago.
    It was a crime-infested disaster zone then.
    Whole sections (SE,SW) were “no go” for white people.
    Sounds like it found a way to actually get worse.
    And this was before they had an elected Mayor and city government.

    • Pat Lang says:


      I remember that period well. I was stationed here in language school in 1964. It was pretty awful, but it got better in SW with massive re-development. SE never improved but you could not really see it from the roads that ran along the river past Bolling AFB, etc. Now they have a leftist elected city government which demonstrates the lack of wisdom that went into granting of Home Rule for DC. That combined with the Pelosian fantasy of hordes of White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis about to hurt her precious self and you have a recipe for disaster.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    It is time to move our capital out of the swamp it was built on. If not done, then the best I can see happening there is something like the setting of Robocop – and it’s starting to resemble that movie quite a bit.
    I have been twice, and was never impressed in the first place. Malaysia, Indonesia, Moscow – even Kazakhstan are cleaner and more appealing. The rest of the world is far from impressed by the shithole we have today. Our capital makes it much easier to sell communism than capitalism.

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