We Need to Shoot Them All

A Wise LatinaX told us …  “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, and many on ventilators.” When EF Hutton Speaks a Supreme Court Justice speaks, …Uhm, people check to see if that matches the evidence presented to the court? Naw, would the Washington Post actually, wait, they did. Even the Hunter Biden Laptop news breaking (a ‘conspiracy theory’ now known to be true.) NY Post called her justiceness out on her falsehood.

How dare they do that! You know they are our greatest threat. The children. The unvaxxed children. “The vaccine requirement was issued on Dec. 23, 2021, and went into effect on Jan. 3. The COVID-19 mitigation requires indoor businesses to enforce a vaccine requirement for patrons ages five and older.

Danger! Danger! Danger! Children aged five and older, now a threat to the OK Boomers and assorted teachers. I wonder what the parents were doing? How dare they threaten us! Especially with trying to vote us out of power.

Chicago. New York City. Los Angeles.

Would the Biden loyal, democratic party loyal, teachers unions put politics above principle? Never! They know the children are their greatest risk, and thus we must.

Just shoot them. Shoot them all. The Children.

It’s been delayed, but it is not forgotten.

” As Justice Elena Kagan noted, “It’s an extraordinary use of emergency power occurring in an extraordinary circumstance, a circumstance that this country has never faced before.”” 1918 never happened. That pre-antibiotic – don’t be a racist and call it Spanish – flu, that never happened. Or at least never got taught at Princeton or Harvard. 1619, well that’s another story for another post…. 15 days to slow the spread of Trumps success? day 666. Rupt roh that’s not a good number, or an ‘extraordinary emergency’ either.

You kept the name of the Whistleblower secret; you need to do it again. Because you know in your heart that the American people can NOT be trusted with Natural Immunity. Just as the name of the Whistleblower can’t be mentioned in the US Senate Chambers, or released to the American People, you know Natural Immunity can’t be mentioned in testimony before the Supreme Court. How could we possibly trust the American People – with Natural Immunity. All that ended with 1984.

All pharmacuetical companies manufacturing mRNA vaccines have Congressionally Created immunity? Everyone knows that immunity politicians create, especially for Big Pharma, is superior to anything natural.

Opinion of the tweeter, not mine.

75% of virus deaths were people with 4 or more comorbidities…..”

THAT is NOT EVIDENCE BEFORE THE COURT! That’s just the CDC director saying something on TV. Wise Latinax saying something that is patently false does become evidence before the court, because his Supreme Soyness Roberts sure isn’t going to correct a woman. You notice that the Chief Soyness and the Supremes did not ask what the death rate amongst the zero cormobidities people were? Neither should you. Truth is trouble. Narrative uber alles.

So please let them Shoot them; again and again. Because “two dose of the vaccine offer limited protection, if any…” so says Congressionally immune Pfizer CEO.

A “vaccine”so effective you need to take it again and again. CNN Chaning tune? Oh my! I bet soon it will all be Trump’s fault, and vote Orange man bad Blue, again!

I wonder if all the Senators getting intel briefs will cash out before the crash as China sends yet another lab-leak plague across the globe? Lab leak? What lab leak? Nothing to see here, move along.

Mr. Chief Justice, you need this decision forced onto the public. Now. Before anything else comes out. Especially before this gets notice: 75% of virus deaths were people with 4 or more comorbidities. Or this. The voters might figure out that our politicians are just like the people our founders had to fight. We sure wouldn’t want that, otherwise, we’ll have to let all the non-Americans vote – for President, too!

So let us shoot the children, all of them, before Pfizer comes out and says you need five shots, not four. Fear not, at least you’ll have Judicial Branch immunity, because rules don’t apply to those who make them.

posted by Fred

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  1. jim ticehurst says:

    Good Post..Good Links…well one Fred

  2. TV says:

    You obviously don’t know of the clause in the Constitutions that says this document, and all rights thereof, is suspended during a pandemic as declared by the governing authorities.

  3. FWH says:

    I found a website, usmortality.com, that has been helpful to me. I like it partly because I can read the graphs. Its author sez it is based upon CDC data, uses 2015-2019 for baseline, adjusts for age and so on. It has graphs for nationwide and also for each state.

    The total excess deaths in 2020 is shown to be slightly over 400,000. This is way more than I thought and reflects the virus, well intended but still being refined medical protocol (remdesivir plus steroids plus intubation may equal a death sentence), plus other effects of the lockdowns.

    The main point I want to make regards excess deaths in the year 2021, coinciding with the vaccine rollout. The total is well over 400,000 according to usmortality.com, exceeding the amount for 2020. There are already reports that these deaths result from something like pandemic induced PTSD and derivative effects, but I think it is pretty clearly connected to the vaccines.

    Most of us have been mesmerized in the form of a pandemic. We have to hope that at least 5 Supreme Court Justices will escape the cloud and see things more clearly.

    • Fred says:

      According to the CDC 75% of those virus related deaths were people with multiple comorbidities, just like was being said a year ago. “Excess” is just a narrative fear generating word to ‘nudge’ people into the direction desired.

      • TTG says:


        You don’t think 75% or so of those who died of heart disease or cancer also had multiple comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity? Do those comorbidities negate the possibility of those deaths being caused by heart disease or cancer? Comorbidities and just general unhealthiness are contributing factors to cancer and heart disease deaths just as they are contributing factors to Covid deaths. The comorbidities = not Covid argument is just flat ass silly.

        • Fred says:


          I simply reported, and linked, to what the CDC director said.

          ” Do those comorbidities negate the possibility of those deaths being caused by heart disease or cancer? ”
          I am certain that heart disease and cancer killed plenty of people. I also know we don’t have a national policy on reducing obesity or a corporate push for that.

          • TTG says:


            Just read about that 75% comorbidities remark. Seems it was from a pre taped interview of Walensky referring to a study of 1.2 million vaccinated people in which 36 died. The 75% was among those 36 dead. Go figure. Anyways, I bet it’s still close to 75% of those who die have comorbidities… except maybe among those who die in freak accidents.


            You’re right about obesity. There aren’t many corporate wellness programs and we sure could use something like JFK’s President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Universal military or some other national service could do the trick as well.

  4. Marlene says:

    In the link to Project Veritas, in the video where Fauci appears, he is making that sign all the Bilderbergers usually do.

    That making coincide all the fingertips of both hands.

    It is a very unnatural thing to do to pass time….

  5. Babeltuap says:

    I unplugged from it the second he reversed from no mask to mask. The reasoning he stated was because there were not enough of them. Yeah, well what about us that had them like myself. No. Right out the gate he lied.

    From there I deleted all mainstream channels when they went to lockdown mode but REFUSED to lockdown our borders with 10’s of thousands entering unchecked in my own state and are still entering to this day.

    The next phase of my checking out was last week. I started my own home based company which I had been planning for a year. It is now legit. I do not care anymore. If you do not like circumstances others create for you then there is only one option; create them your damn self.

  6. Sam says:

    So let me get this straight, right now SCOTUS is deliberating on a mandate for a drug that the CEO of Pfizer states “…offers very limited protection if any.”

    The CEO also said that it doesn’t have the safety profile “that they had hoped for.” If you are keeping score, that means it’s neither as safe nor as effective as marketed


    Under these circumstances why continue with the mandate farce? That is not public health. How is it worker safety? That’s what SCOTUS should explore.

    • Fred says:


      No, no, no. They are deciding if the Executive Branch has power to order citizens to undergo medical treatment, amongst other things, by executive order (or administrative order issued by a bureaucrat in an executive branch department), based on the Legislative Branch creating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and ‘delegating’ such powers it alone possesses to the Executive Branch. Or more precisely to the ‘administrative state’. Which is not elected, or accountable, to anyone but the President, and often not even to him, as we saw with what they did to Trump. It matters not if it (this vax) is safe, unsafe, or even effective. If they have the power they can order you to do it. Obey! That’s what they are deciding. Or deciding on the end of the Republic and the beginning of our Utopioa, it depends on your point of view.

      • Sam says:


        IMO, that’s a slam dunk. The administrative state under no circumstance can order citizens to undertake a medical procedure if they choose not to. I don’t believe even the legislative branch has that authority. On its face and one doesn’t need to be a Princeton law school grad to get that it violates the “inalienable rights endowed by our Creator”.

        If the administrative state, the legislature, the executive branch and the judiciary can force you take a medical procedure then we don’t have a republic but instead a totalitarian state.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Our Creator must be rolling His eyes. We have forgotten how to recognize evil and so here we are: A great many people are deceived into willingly surrendering their unalienable Rights and some are even clamoring to have the Mark of the Beast upon them. It is up to the rest of us to resist with everything we have.

      • jim ticehurst says:

        I Already Saw Illustrations of Thier Point of View…When Other People were also Sent to Camps…Instead of Signs that Said “Shots Macht Frei”…It was ……But…We Are Not There Yet..Pilgrims..Are We…?? Naw…Never Happen Here..No Troops on Our Streets..We Got “Fweedom”…

  7. Sam says:

    European Union regulators warn that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible


    How many shots is too many? I’m under the impression that previous vaccines had years of testing before it was rolled out to the public en masse. In this case they shot up and compromised the control group so there can be no long term studies as was done previously.

  8. Sam says:

    The problem has been more a small cabal of arrogant, petty, and powerful science bureaucrats who were the primary drivers of the destructive zero covid fantasy. They never deserved our trust, but they came in the name of The Science(tm) and panicked a lot of reasonable people.


    If we thought Project Fear over Brexit by the establishment was bad, over Omicron it went to new extremes. 
    The modellers wanted us to panic. 
    They demanded draconian new restrictions. 
    But they got it spectacularly wrong and must now be held to account.


    It appears that just like here, the covidian fearmongers in the UK were on Defcon 5. Yes, this UK TV presenter is correct. We must hold these people accountable. There must be a price for the destruction they’ve wrought.

  9. Barbara Ann says:

    Fred – awesome, as always.

    Re “They are deciding if the Executive Branch has power to order citizens to undergo [mandatory] medical treatment..”, the wise Supremes may wish to consider an opinion their predecessors made almost exactly 49 years ago:

    “This right of privacy, whether it be founded in the Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action, as we feel it is, or, as the District Court determined, in the Ninth Amendment‘s reservation of rights to the people, is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy”
    Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 153 (1973) (my emphasis)

    If the termination of a pregnancy/killing of an unborn child (depending on your outlook) is an unenumerated right retained by the People, in what parallel universe is the right to decline injections of Heaven knows what into your body, mandated by federal/state government – directly or via whatever four letter acronym they invent, not similarly so?

    You are right, the decision is simple: Do the People retain any meaningful concept of liberty/sovereignty (even over their own bodies FFS) in the Republic or do we roll up our sleeves and bow down on our knees before an omnipotent Leviathan (your mention of “666” being highly relevant of course). The latter course is the fast track to a Brave New World in which we are merely tagged cattle for the State to do with what it will.

    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Hey hey, ho ho, Roe has got to go. Or something like that. Life? Can’t defend that. (Certainly not this court.) Life is the greatest threat to the OK Boomer generation. Always has been. How dare the young have all those years of life ahead of them when the Boomers have? What purpose do they have, now; besidess OMB?

  10. Sam says:

    Transcripts of the early 2020 exchanges on the #OriginOfCovid among leading scientists in the US & Europe show they were privately worried about a lab origin of Covid-19.

    Yet, publicly they authored Proximal Origin, which dismissed lab origin hypotheses.


    The acid test question: Will a Republican Congress seriously investigate the origins of the covid virus, if they gain a majority in the mid-terms? I don’t. We may get some kabuki however.

    We’ll still be on the “lesser evil” mantra just like a stuck vinyl record on repeat.

    • Sam says:

      UK and US scientists thought it was “likely that Covid accidentally leaked from a laboratory” but feared further debate would harm science.


      So the truth would harm The Science. It appears not only science but prevention and proper response to pandemics as well as holding those accountable for mass genocide have been sacrificed at the altar of protecting The Science.

      • scott s. says:

        that would be my bet. These guys are full of hubris. They experiment with coronavirus in bats and in the lab thinking they have a perfect handle on how things will work. Look at how they want to play with the human genome.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        When science need protecting from the truth the Enlightenment is over.

      • blue peacock says:

        Rand Paul says there is ’90 per cent probability’ that COVID came from Wuhan lab and was ‘engineered’ – and tears into ‘menace’ Fauci for ducking questions during Senate showdown


        Where’s the rest of the Republican caucus? MIA? Or on Big Pharma payroll? Pfizer is one of the biggest funders among Big Business of political campaigns across the aisle.

        Many in the GOP on the Big Tech payroll.

        • Sam says:

          Fauci knew from the very beginning that covid likely came from a Chinese lab. He took active steps to suppress the information and defame anyone who talked about it. This should be one of the greatest scandals in the history of the US. But instead it barely makes a wave.


          It’s interesting that Francis Collins and Tony Fauci’s response to credible evidence of a lab leak possibility was to treat the idea as a political problem and deem the scientists thinking it as fringe.


          Unredacted Feb 2020 emails between top experts discussing a possible lab-origin of Covid-19 has been made available by @GOPoversight.

          Jeremy Farrar: “He (Mike) is bothered by the furin site and has a hard time explain that as an event outside the lab.”


          Read the unredacted emails. Then compare what these guys said privately and the real conspiracy to hide what they knew and pretend it was something else publicly while attacking anyone who questioned the furin cleavage site as a conspiracy theorist. This is a scandal of epic proportions considering the consequences. Neither Trump nor Biden convened a grand jury. So, Tony, Collins and Daszak skate!

          • Sam says:


            Ryan Grimm lays it out in this segment. It should be obvious now to the many who can connect the dots between the intense efforts by Herr Tony to hide the incriminating evidence under the rug through the use of his grant money spigot to attacking any dissenters personally as fringe & conspiracy theorists and the simplest explanation for the furin cleavage site which is engineered in a lab.

            Let’s ask ourselves a hypothetical. What if this is an engineered virus? Should those responsible be held accountable for mass genocide? Did Tony & the CCP kill & maim more than Mao & Pol Pot?

          • Fred says:


            This is not a BB to post links and quotes. If you have nothing to contribute to but that go elsewhere.

          • jld says:

            “This is not a BB to post links and quotes.”

            Sorry but the CONTENT matter very much whether there is reason to comment or not.
            According to Mike Yeadon there is a crime going on.

          • Pat Lang says:


            Thank you.

      • Marlene says:

        The thing is that it is not, nor never was “The Science”, but the sciences, in plural, the singularization of the term obeys to an intent of consecrating a new religion, a new ideology

        What is the difference between IranianTV broadcasting all day psalms, chants, and official religious debates, and our Western media broadcasting all day for two years in a round the principles of the Covidian cult, promoting the astounding effects of the Big Pharma meds, plus the whole demonization of the unbelievers?

        In fact, the Iranian TV do not use to demonize any of its national minsorities, even if on grounds of country´s estability….

  11. Fred says:

    It looks like the deflection to hid the truth is back in play. Two days ago CDC director Walensky said 3,500 children hospitalized with the wuhan flu, now she doesn’t know. “likely less than”.

  12. Deap says:

    Author Berenson claims hospitals are now crowded with vaccine-harm triggered admissions; not because of a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

    Insurance coding prevents labeling any specific connection to the covid vaccine – just tossed together as generic “vaccine complications” admissions.

    Berenson wrote a critique of the administrative overkill response to “covid”-titled Pandemia


  13. Deap says:

    McConnell’s take down of Biden’s horrific George Wallace speech is perfect. All is forgiven, Mitch. Call home more often. Your new backbone looks good on you.

    No one could have delivered these lines better than Cocaine Mitch – who stoked the fires, but kept the temperatures down:


  14. Jim says:

    It is ~ 95% covid death — with at least one co-morbidity.

    Or, ~5% died of Sars CoV2-only = 41,519 deaths.

    830,365 total, the CDC says.

    This according to CDC, Jan. 9, 2022.

    [[For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.]]

    [[For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate.]]


    In August 2020, CDC said 6% deaths were of COVID-19-only.

    In Massachusetts, at the time, August 2020 — the state department of public health data said that COVID-19 deaths, with the disease, only fatal cause = 1.8%. This was 82 deaths of the 4,551 the DPH data said at the time.

    Back in June 2020, the CDC reported that nationally it was 7% covid-only; or 93% at least one co-morbidity — and: 2.5 was average number of co-morbidities.

    China reported in March 2020 a 0.9% rate, meaning 99.1% died had other, underlying health problems.



    • TTG says:


      Common comorbidities in those who die of heart disease or cancer, the two leading causes of death include cerebrovascular disease, COPD or asthma, diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, renal failure and peripheral vascular disease. It’s the human condition, especially in the US. Why do you think it would be different for Covid-19 deaths? I would even add obesity and leading a sedentary lifestyle to the list of comorbidities for all three of those leading causes of death.

      • Pat Lang says:

        The point is that deaths from COVID are being exaggerated.

        • TTG says:


          No more exaggerated than all those deaths from cancer and heart disease. Now if someone claims all those 800,000 deaths would never have occurred without covid, that would be an exaggeration. Covid just hastened the end in a lot of cases.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Nobody said “all.” Straw man.

          • Fred says:


            “Covid just hastened the end in a lot of cases.”
            The political response drove Trump out of office. The political doubling down is destroying freedoms across the Western world. Trudeau in Canada and Macron in France claiming unvaccinated are not citizens, that’s not the end of it, though it may by the beginning of the end of their governments.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Unmentioned thus far in this thread of commentary is the possible percentage of the mortalities of those supposedly infected by the virus – co-morbids or not – who may have actually died from the medical procedures or drugs administered following the “protocols”, specifically those intubated or administered remdesivir. Both of these interventions or drug regimens have been, and were early on, called into question as to their effectiveness or their safety.

      With the suspected numbers of those dying from medical errors of all kinds even before the onset of the Coof in mind, what are the chances that that pattern continued, or maybe was even exacerbated, in the panic. (I speak from experience; twice in my life, poor medical judgment or medical errors very nearly cost me my life).

  15. Sam says:

    Once again more comedy. UK edition.

    MP doesn’t know whether she attended Downing St Party


    Surprise! Surprise! Covidian lockdowners unafraid of maskless parties.

  16. Sam says:

    Fauci: “Omicron variant will infect ‘just about everybody’ regardless of vaccination status.”

    Well, so much for all those mask mandates, lockdowns, curfews, vaccine passes, and quarantine camps. Oops.


    What the heck has he been saying for the past nearly 2 years? This guy needs some serious meds and taken out from public policy and his hand on the research grant funding tiller. Fail!

  17. Sam says:

    Ruling by “emergency decree” for years on end is what happened after 9/11 and is now happening with COVID, too. Few things are more difficult than prying “temporary” powers out of the hands of the authorities who were permitted to claim them.


    Stuff like the AUMF that the Republicans pushed and the neocon side of the Democrats joined is what got the ball rolling on a number of things. Remember water boarding. Remember the fearmongering on terrorists in your backyard. Remember how even guys like Devin Nunes at the end of the day enabled our intelligence apparatus broad latitude under all kinds of FISA loopholes and ambiguity. Remember how even with all the numerous counter-terrorism fusion centers we had all these terrorist attacks from San Bernardino to Pulse nightclub.

    Spanish former police chief admits that the Spanish secret services (CNI) were behind the jihadist attacks in Barcelona, August 2017. Their intention was ‘to scare Catalonia just before the independence referendum.’
    16 people from various nationalities were killed.


    Emergency rule through fearmongering is a tactic that the Bush/Cheney Republicans used. Of course fully supported by the corporate media and the neocon Democrats.

    Similarly the covid fearmongering while mostly Democrats have many Republicans on board too. As long as we are fixated on the “lesser evil” and partisan tribal warfare our inalienable rights move more into the realm of fiction. For all intents and purposes it no longer exists.

    The Great Barrington Declaration posed a threat to Fauci because he wanted to maintain the illusion of a scientific consensus in support of lockdown. That was a big lie at the heart of Fauci’s testimony yesterday (and throughout the epidemic).


    But why was Fauci so set on the lockdowns? Because they were the extortion tactic to push the vaccines, the abandoning of traditional safety testing or standards for the vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and the institution of public health-predicated dictatorship.


    The “emergency” the Republicans created with the “war on terror” and the majority of Americans accepted has now given a megalomaniac like Fauci the opportunity to act out his Mengele/Goebbels fantasy and so many here in the USA to around the world have shown that they’re inherently authoritarian when there is unchecked power and an easily fearful populace.

    We crossed the Rubicon well before 9/11 and we’re gonna go from one emergency to another led by both parties taking their turn and of course MAGA too!

    • Fred says:


      “Emergency rule through fearmongering… ?”

      Is an ancient tactic. The AUMF is a piece of legislation voted on in both the House and Senate. It is not an emergency rule.

      • blue peacock says:

        It was the emergency of the “war on terror” created largely by the Republicans that led to AUMF.

        • Fred says:


          And here I thought that was legislation resulting from all those dead in NYC on 9/11. Of course Democrats had nothing to do with that and Obama, who got elected to undo the horrors of GWBush, overturned that legislation with the Democratic majority in the House.

  18. jim ticehurst says:

    What a Mess…I Mean A Really Big Global Pile of Every Bad Shitnario You can Think of Happening all at Once In Every Port You Come To….. Thats How Big The Stinking..Swamp Is…All The NWO Wonks Went Wackers…After Donald Trumps..Triumph..With His Garden Party…And The Mass Hysteria ..and Mental Melt Downs..Of So Many Winkys and Twinkys..and Low Lifes..That Welded the Democrat Donkey Together.Looking .Like some Vulgar Sculpture by a Drugged out Wino in Berkley…Boy…Did Donald J. Trump Turned On the House Lights….and the DemoCrackers..The Gas Lights…So here we are…..Five Years Later….Half of American Brain washed ..into Morbid Mentalitys..Tempted by Fruits of Poison..Held out By Con Persons..Liars..Thiefs…Political Hackers of Mucus and Phlegm. Like Biden and His Outlaw Gang..Spitting and Shiting on Public Walk Ways..and In Peoples Homes…They Sell…Death…(Drugs) Disease…Covids…Wave after wave…with Help from Foreign Nations..(One Month to Super Spread Omnicron Out of Africa..and World Wide) ,,Mr Fauchi..Now..Economic Chaos…Criminal Chaos..and Anarchy and Their Filthy Attempts to Create Racial wars..and Civil WAR..,,By Exploiting People Through Greed..and Hand Outs…,,Its ALL Brutal..Ugly…Cruel..Sadistic..and a Total Betrayal..of The American People…ALL The American People..All Races…Every State..Every Community…Any Message..Other than..ONE PEOPLE..ONE NATION..is UnAmerican…and Treason…It DOES Render Aid to Our Enemys..and Our National Security..i More Fragile…Than it has ever Been..Since the Shoe Dropped…

  19. Deap says:

    Fauci looks us in the eye and lies to us again: No, his financial records are not available to the public, nor under any FOIA disclosure requests. Numerous conflicts of interests materially taint Fauci from being in any government policy making position.


  20. Barbara Ann says:

    jld, Fred, all

    Re Dr Mike Yeadon’s video, yes this is a crime – a crime against humanity. When the full truth comes out we’ll need a new set of Nuremberg trials.

    There are very straightforward answers to Dr Mike Yeadon’s questions:
    Q. “Is this deliberate?”
    A. Yes

    Q. “Why do they want to do that [mandate dangerous ‘vaccines’ on everyone]?”
    A. It is essential to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset agenda

    IMO we are witnessing the greatest conspiracy in the history of mankind & effectively a global coup d’état by an evil clique of extraordinarily powerful people. Only bizarrely, this “conspiracy” is actually explained in detail by the WEF here https://www.weforum.org/great-reset. The great deception is that although the GR is underway right now no one in power will say as much.

    The extreme response to Covid is being used to implement the GR. Be in no doubt; the slogans “New Normal”, “Build Back Better” (from Covid) come straight from the WEF. The extreme fear generated as a result of the “pandemic” is all part of the GR. Its purpose is to scare us into taking the ‘vaccines’. Why? So as to make vaccine mandates possible, which in turn allow ‘health’ passports where everyone is cattle tagged with a digital ID. These allow a means of population control unparalleled in human history (this aspect is not mentioned in the GR promo material). In countries which have implemented ‘health’ passports these are now the sole means to participate in society – e.g. by having to show a QR code on a smartphone to enter a shop. The uncooperative can be shut out of society at the flick of a switch – it is an awesome power for authoritarians. More draconian measures will follow, linked to the digital ID, but my comment is already overlong.

    This thing with have a binary outcome IMO: We will either be Reset into a dystopian future where humans are cattle tagged slaves, or people will rise up and stop it. The latter outcome will see a great many of the governments who have been bought or deluded into supporting this evil scheme fall and with luck the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

    • Marlene says:

      The objective is to quantify and monetize every resource on Earth, and humans account for human resources, as the departments of personel labeled us already quite time ago. Notice this is a proyect which started quite time ago, technocracy.
      Zbigniew Brzezinsky, the Trilateral Comission and the CFR have been planned for this through decades.

      Another objective is erasing any remains of culture or custom which could mean an identifying factor which could unite peoples.
      That is probably the objective of the floods of inmigrants, which as no sense if the robotized future will erase most of jobs.

      The means has been the “pandemic” and its “vaccines”, the end is tagging the whole population in the world.

      Since it was signed in the contracts on vaccines, the ownership of vaccines IPs belongs to the vaccines corporations, thus, I do not discard that there will be a futures market of tagged humans.

      This is an intend of reconstruction of the old British Empire, this time through transnational corporations forming oligopolios.

      It is indispensable to stop the impossing of the Covid Pass and the whole digitalizatrion of life. It is not in our interest.

      The rest will fall like ah ouse of cards.

      Will not we risk our lives for to live free when the alternative is living as zombie people without a soul?

    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Not all governments globally are on board with the WEF/WHO and other such bastions of elitism. We should all recall the theme in Cicero where the ends do not justify the means. We need to take into account how those in a position of authority got there in the first place.

      Here’s a twitter sampling of the non-aligned world. (If they can endure the unendurable, so can we.) Enjoy the music in the first on.
      Brazil? Nobody talks about that place anymore:
      There’s even resistance over there:
      Lord Frost: “I would like to see the Government ruling out lockdowns for the future; repealing the legislation; ending them. We can’t afford it. It doesn’t work. Stop doing COVID theatre—vaccine passports, masks.”

      Don’t worry about side effects:
      “No details were provided in a tweet by spokesperson Roberto Cuillo. Sassoli, a 65-year-old socialist, had been hospitalized since Dec. 26 due to abnormal functioning of his immune system,”


    • TTG says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Aren’t you missing an important part of the Great Reset, digital IDs and QR codes? How is that all possible without widespread use of smart phones, voluntary widespread use at that. Your dystopian future of cattle tagged slaves is already here and most people pay good money to own those tags and are somehow trained to carry those geolocating cattle tags with them at all times. Is that the real genius of the WEF Great Reset? I doubt many smart phone users would be willing to ditch those infernal devices and go back to pay phones, written correspondence and cash payments. That’s what it take to defeat the great reset.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Yes the we-are-all-tracked-all-the-time-so-whats-the-big-deal-about-a-digital-health-passport is certainly a valid position. However, as I wrote here previously, such a concept represents a fundamental re-writing of the social contract such that participation in society will in future be barred to the untagged. Citizenship used not to be contingent on your ‘health’ (do not be deluded by the use of that word btw). But where they are in use, the ‘health’ pass has reversed that. There is a presumption of citizens being ‘unhealthy’ (a definition the State can manipulate to anything it likes) unless they have had Covid Vaxx booster n. And n shows no sign of being a finite number. Do you not see that this effectively means the government now has the absolute right to your body, certainly to inject you with whatever it likes?

        You and I are unusual, we do not own these infernal devices. That is a choice. But it won’t be for much longer if the ‘health’ pass is adopted universally – and that is certainly the goal.

        This issue is exactly what Martin Heidegger, Jacques Ellul and others wrote about; the point at which technology moves from being a useful tool for the betterment of humanity to a means of our oppression – in this case to transfer bodily sovereignty to the State. Smart phones are highly useful tools, but they definitely also fall into this category.

        • TTG says:

          Barbara Ann,

          We’ve had vaccine passports long before smart phones were invented. I remember those little yellow passports signed off and stamped indicating we had the required shots for school attendance. Those shots were required. Our little yellow health passes had to be in order or we weren’t allowed in school. I still have my yellow shot book from the Army. Now outdated and more nostalgia than anything else, I thought about bringing it to the VA when I got my Covid shots.

          Resistance to vaccinations is nothing new. There was a lot of resistance to smallpox vaccinations in the 18th and 19th centuries. What we don’t have now is actual forced vaccinations when squads of police and health officials would round people up, hold them down and forcibly administers shots as happened in the early 1900s. That was mandatory vaccinations. But even then, citizenship wasn’t denied to the unvaccinated. Nor is it denied now.

          Participation in wide swaths of our society are denied to people like you and me because of our choice not to own smart phones. That’s our choice. We made the decision to be left behind by those parts of our society. I feel it’s the same with vaccinations, be it MMR, Covid or whatever. Such vaccine mandates don’t forcibly put the shots in our arms. There is always a choice, though I’d rather see those choices dictated by states, municipalities and individual businesses rather than by federal decree.

          However, I do see the point of forcing those choices upon us as tickets to full participation in society. I don’t think someone infected with hemorrhagic fever should be free to walk the crowded streets, nor do I think someone infected with measles should be allowed to patronize restaurants and bars just so his freedoms are not infringed upon.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Alas I fear the ideological gulf between us is as large as ever, but I continue to enjoy these exchanges as well as your posts on sailing & other topics. As it happens sailboat racing is one of the activities I use to immunize myself against the dangers of contemplating such a dark future. And speaking of which, I hope to soon read of you participating in the Everglades Challenge. I see you have until the end of the month to register for this year’s event.

          • TTG says:

            Barbara Ann,

            Yes, the ideological gulf between us may be large, but we can discuss that gulf intelligently (I hope) and with civility and respect. That’s got to count for something.

            I won’t be going to the Everglades this year. Although Rob Waddell has given me some very helpful advice which has moved me closer to this goal, I can’t leave SWMBO to gallivant among the gators, pythons and sharks and she can’t travel with me this year. Some day.

      • Fred says:


        I saw from recent events that the FBI has drone footage of Kenosha. Why didn’t they go after the rioters like they did the people in D.C. on January 6th (excluding Ray Epps).

        Where does this government power to utilize a widespread technology to track citizens come from? Is there a special amendment in the Constition for that? Where does the authority for creations of law – corporations – to create seperate and unequal treatment for employees based on innoculations derive?

        Where does the authority of Ceasar derive that can control the conduct within the Church, to include who is admitted, and how the sacriments may be administered? Why does Ceasar have the power to do so? Perhaps there should be “resistance”, which we haven’t seen much of.

        “That’s what it take to defeat the great reset.”
        It sure is.

        • TTG says:


          The latest figures I saw indicated there were 1,429 prosecutions including 367 federal from 2020 riots and protests. Even with that, most of the thousands who were arrested had charges dropped, up to 90% to 95% in many cities. Why? A lot were part of mass arrests use as crowd control. The same would have occurred if thousands of protesters were corralled and arrested around the Capitol on 6 January. The vast majority of those at the legal Trump rally should never be subject to arrest or prosecution. Rat Epps was among those. There’s no evidence he entered the Capitol or assault the Capitol Police. What would he be charged with? The same goes for the vast majority of those attending the hundreds of BLM protests in 2020. What would they be charged with? Being uppity?

          Imagine if those BLM protesters breached and occupied the White House in 2020. What if they injured 140 federal officers, destroyed things, smeared feces on the walls and disrupted the functions of the White House. Those perpetrators would be arrested and prosecuted big time and rightly so. We’d be living in an entirely different country right now.

          • Fred says:


            “mass arrests use as crowd control.” Had the various state and municpal police departments actually done that there would have been non “CHAZ” or billion in property destruction in multiple cities, such as Kenosha.

            “What would he be charged with?” (Epps) Incitement to riot, i.e. inciting people to enter the capital, which he is shown on tape doing.

            “injured 140 federal officers” Which 140 officers were injured? Who is charged with injuring them?

          • TTG says:


            No one has been charged with incitement to riot. The closest thing to that was the recent arrests of Elmer Stewart Rhodes and 10 other oath keeper clowns for seditious conspiracy.

            Here’s a breakdown of the more violent charges:

            “Of those arrested, 225 people were charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees. More than 75 of those were charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon against police officers or causing serious bodily injury to an officer. The office said 140 police officers, including Capitol officers and members of the D.C. police department, were victimized during the attack.”


            If you want to see what each individual was charged with, here’s the DOJ listing.


          • Pat Lang says:


            According to an interview I saw last night one man charged with conspiracy to instigate a insurrection was charged on the basis of evidence from his “Signal” app. How did that happen?

          • Pat Lang says:


            According to an interview I saw last night one man charged with conspiracy to instigate an insurrection was charged on the basis of evidence from his “Signal” app. How did that happen?

          • Fred says:


            Wow, not a single charge of “insurrection”.

          • TTG says:


            Signal is obviously not as secure as we’ve been led to believe. Hence the need for non-technical communications plans. Or maybe the FBI got hold of the defendant’s poorly sterilized smart phone. If you use a burner phone, you have to remember to burn the damned thing after use. Destroy it.

  21. Deap says:

    Brilliant touché from “Moron” Marshall – he proposes the FAUCI Act – Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals.

    This proposal targets tax payer funded fat cats in the upper brackets of government employment, who have avoided routine financial reporting requirements for all public servants.


  22. TTG says:


    You earlier said, “Wow, not a single charge of “insurrection”.”

    Seditious conspiracy as defined by law: “To conspire to overthrow or destroy by force the government of the United States or to level war against them; to oppose by force the authority of the United States government; to prevent, hinder, or delay by force the execution of any law of the United States; or to take, seize, or possess by force any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof.”

    That pretty much covers the insurrection thing. Rhodes was specifically indicted for “conspiring with his co-defendants and others to oppose by force the execution of the laws governing the transfer of presidential power by Jan. 20, 2021.” No matter what you call it, Elmer Stewart Rhodes and his compadres appear to have their asses in a conspiratorial sling.

    • Fred says:


      He was charged yesterday, none who entered the capital were charged with that. He was reportedly not even in D.C. then. “…his compadres appear to have their asses in a conspiratorial sling.”

      No, it appears that this guy on the federal informant payroll is simply a sacrificial goat, as evidenced on his not being charged when all the others were. Kind of like that Whitmer kidnapping plot.

      “to oppose by force the authority of the United States government; to prevent, hinder, or delay by force the execution of any law of the United State…”

      I look forward to a new administration charging all the Antifa rioters and BLM rioters with such charges for events in Seattle, Portland and elsewhere.

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