‘We see clotting – not from virus, but from spike from vaccine itself’: AFLDS Medical Director Dr Ryan Cole

Lambda variant virus as the delta or covid variants mutating cells concept and new coronavirus b.1.1.7 outbreak or covid-19 viral cell mutation and influenza as dangerous flu strain medical health risk with disease as a 3D render.

‘We see clotting – not from virus, but from spike from vaccine itself’: AFLDS Medical Director Dr Ryan Cole – America’s Frontline Doctors (americasfrontlinedoctors.org)

Comment: Well, pilgrim turcopoles, I have been sick, sick, sick since I had the two Moderna shots in April. Sick like I never was before, and then I had a cerebral hemorrhage in early June with no antecedent trauma to the head. A variety of specialists have been unable to point to a cause. pl

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  1. Niels Laughlin says:

    I’ve had the two Moderna shots last Feb/Mar. Since then, my blood pressure has gone up, advised to increase my Lisinopril dosage, no effect. My Kaiser doctor claims there’s nothing in the literature about it.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Niels Laughlin

      How much has it gone up?

    • R Sorensen says:

      My BP was 116/70 in March, measured during my annual Medicare wellness exam. Been like that for 5 years.

      Took Moderna jabs in April/May and now my BP is averaging 140/80, as measured at home.

    • ISL says:

      Lisinopril has some unpleasant side effects at higher doses. Suggest you discuss alternatives with your doctor if you are experiencing any.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      Well, Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor.

      The SARS-Cov-2 Spike protein induced by the mRNA “vaccines” binds to ACE receptors, thus, I guess they produced in huge ammount by the venome vaccine are competing with your HBP med for that place in your blood vessels…

      From Spartacus Letter I:

      SARS-CoV-2 Spike binds to ACE2. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 is an enzyme that is part of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, or RAAS. The RAAS is a hormone control system that moderates fluid volume in the body and in the bloodstream (i.e. osmolarity) by controlling salt retention and excretion. This protein, ACE2, is ubiquitous in every part of the body that interfaces with the circulatory system, particularly in vascular endothelial cells and pericytes, brain astrocytes, renal tubules and podocytes, pancreatic islet cells, bile duct and intestinal epithelial cells, and the seminiferous ducts of the testis, all of which SARS-CoV-2 can infect, not just the lungs.

      May be trying some other med with other mechanism of action, like, for example, an ARA II, the BP could go to better scores?

      Meanwhile reduce salt to the minimum expression, and avoid elaborated food which always includes extra salt for conservation. Cooking at home with a minimum of salt or with spices is the best option…
      Also try to loose weight if you are overweighted, usually a point of BP goes down with each extra-kg…

  2. Joe100 says:

    My two doctors both told me (way back) to stay away from the mRNA vaccines. I have also seen that some researchers/doctors are concerned about micro-clotting from one’s immune system attacking the covid spike protein that these vaccines (apparently) infuse into every cell in your body.

    I had the J&J (traditional) vaccine as I suspected I would need to be vaccinated at some future point in time for certain travel, etc.

    One thing seems clear – that we simply can’t trust CDC and FDA to do their jobs.

    • John Credulous says:


      J&J – Janssen is a adenoid vector treatment – very similar to Sputnik V
      Both are based on Human adenoid virus
      Astrazeneca is based on Simian adenoid virus

      Big IF – intramuscular injection but the virus vector does NOT reproduce. Immune system figures out the rest.

      Russia developed Ebola vaccine this way – so “proven” technology.

      Sinopharm is traditional killed virus vaccine


      Has a good list

  3. MapleLeaf says:

    I had a bunch of blood work done about a month after my first dose. The only thing that was elevated beyond the normal ranges was platelet count. I never thought to connect it with the vaccine, but there might be a link.

    Has anyone else had similar readings?

    Although I don’t get such tests regularly, it was the first time that measure was ever outside the normal range for me.

    • MapleLeaf says:

      Found this in a medical article:

      “Moreover, the use of antiplatelet management therapies in the high blood pressure, the platelets play a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of hypertension.[24–27] Thus, assessments of platelet indices and their bioactivity may be of vital importance for monitoring the occurrence and progression of hypertension. “

    • akaPatience says:

      Hmm, my platelet count was elevated in blood work done just yesterday. It was at the very high end of the normal range, higher than usual. This prompted me to read about vaccines and clotting, since an elevated platelet count basically means the blood is stickier and more prone to clotting. It’s been over 7 months since my second Pfizer shot.

  4. Aletheia in Athens says:

    There are a lot of conditions the doctors can not explain now, for not to mention the epidemic of “suddenitis” ( sudden death…) amongst people of all ages, no media is talking about..

    The thing has gone to the extent that in Israel they were patrolling the streets with defibrilators so that everything is not so patent…

    Right now it is almost daily that I meet a traffic accident where no crashed cars are involved, last day a woman just laid in the floor while the traffick was just stopped behind her car…Police and paramedcis attending…

    Right now, not finding any medical explanation to your condition equates “vaccine damage”…

    A Nicaraguan woman whom I know, who taked care of a neighbor elder in the past, told me she found her head, face, and also brain, monstrously swollen one morning, went to ER, was interned in hospital ward for study, yet left the hospital without any diagnosis…I told her that was just not possible and adviced her to find a private dignosis…Take into account I am full for public health care…

    We have been sold….While the unvaccinated are being harassed…

    According to Doctors for Truth, you should make your blood be tested for D-Dimer, so that to know your conditions and be able to counter the clot´s tendency.

    They also talk about a superoxidation process in the body, ad so they affirm super antioxidants like N-Acetilcysteine, Melatonine, Zinc, Vits D and C, can help, which happen to be elements some quite natural to the body and thus quite harmless to be taken.

    Take care

  5. sbin says:

    Refused to take experimental mRna injection.
    Will continue to refuse such treatment.
    59 year old male normal weight with no health problems.
    Will stick with my natural immune system.
    Quality diet and limited nutritional supplements.

  6. Babeltuap says:

    If they want to treat me like a criminal then I will use the criminal tactic of constant appeals. I go once a month to get a waiver from my primary until I can see a specialist for my new “condition” that needs checking out before the vaccine. I never go see the specialists. Getting my second waiver next month for my newly “unfortunate” heart condition. This old Marine never accepts defeatism.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Everyone wanted me to get the shots. Fool! I should have ignored them.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      There is a black market developing for fake vaccination cards.

      I was even thinking of starting something like that myself. Just find a couple or there or four low paid pharmacy techs and clinic workers that run the card making machines and get them to crank out the cards. I just can’t figure out how to market the product. Dark web? Sure, but I don’t think the typical consumer is shopping on the dark net. Thinking $50 to $100 a card. There has to be, conservatively, a few hundred thousand ready, willing and able customers; probably millions. Ah well….it is lovely retirement plan fantasy.

      • exiled off mainstreet says:

        While it seems risky to me, my view is that they have declared war on us, so corruption, like under Nazi occupation, is the likely end result. I’m afraid that with modern technology it is tough to get away with it. We probably need the syndicate to come back. It developed in the Kingdom of Napoli (two Sicilies) in pre-unified southern Italy because of the absolutist tyranny of the regime over the centuries.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          What do you think the charges would be? I know it would really tick off the powers that be if I was caught, but what crime would have been committed? I looked at the laws, albeit I’m not a lawyer (I’d consult one first). Seems pretty vague to me.

          The Mafia originally served a function of protecting the people before it became a full fledged criminal organization. At least that’s my understanding. Just call me Don Newhill.

      • Deap says:

        Re: Back door vaxx cards. The “Noble Lie”.

  7. akaPatience says:

    As expected, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has been vilified for his opinions. Here’s an even scarier vaccine warning of his:


    I was reading a lot about blood clots and COVID vaccines just last night. I had a “wellness” visit yesterday during which my primary care physician urged me to get a booster, even though I told him I was nauseated, fatigued, and had a bit of difficulty swallowing at times for SIX WEEKS after 2 Pfizer shots. He said to get the Moderna booster instead then. Without going into great detail, I have a history of allergies and intolerance to many Rx drugs, as well as having blood clotting issues. These are family traits.

    What I learned in my reading was that vaccine-induced brain bleeding is indeed a real issue, although reportedly rare and usually associated with the J & J and AstraZeneca shots. Col. Lang’s experience may be rare but isn’t at all unique, even if it gets very little media attention or worse, is purposefully being swept under the rug. So while I could find no study that explicitly reported vaccines themselves can cause clots, aside from Dr. Cole’s warnings, I fear it’s a possibility. I wish there were readily-available studies to back up his claims. Is he being blackballed by medical publications, study funding, etc., because of his heresy?

    It’s complicated, because Covid itself apparently can cause clotting, and this is a very serious effect for patients and a challenge for those treating them. Drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been effective because their anti-inflammatory effect helps to mitigate clotting, just like common aspirin can.

    I wonder, since a significant number of hospitalizations are patients who’ve been vaccinated, how is it determined that Covid infection, and not a vaccine, causes clotting issues they may suffer?

    SO, what to do about vaccination if clotting is a personal health issue? Even vaccine naysayers concede shots can lessen severity of Covid infection. If I were obese, diabetic, etc., I probably wouldn’t hesitate to get a booster. As it stands, I haven’t figured out yet what to do.

    • Pat Lang says:

      “What I learned in my reading was that vaccine-induced brain bleeding is indeed a real issue,” I represent that remark.

    • John Credulous says:

      This was one of the first articles that exposed the “error” – From this June

      Key “science”:

      ‘However – this is where the cutting edge science has come in, and this is where it gets scary – through a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency, myself and several international collaborators have been able to get access to what’s called the biodistribution study. It’s the first time ever that scientists have been privy to seeing where the messenger RNA vaccines go after vaccination; in other words, is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle? The short answer is, absolutely not. It’s very disconcerting. The spike protein gets into the blood and circulates over several days post-vaccination.’

      June 7, 2021


    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      I would be very wary of advice from your provider to submit to a booster given the worrisome symptoms suggesting that these “vaccinations” may be problematic for you.
      Alternatively, do all that you can to support and enhance the efficacy of your body’s own immune system. Insofar as possible, avoid stress, as this can impair your immune system, make sure that you get plenty of sleep, commonsense measures all.

      For my part, I have not been dosed with the “vaccine”, and do not plan on doing so. I am in my late 60s, and am asthmatic, but my condition is extremely well controlled by my maintenance drug (in the three years since I started on that regimen, I have only two times used my rescue inhaler, and both times I felt I needed only a half dose). Yes, asthma might be considered a “co-morbidity”, but since asthma exhibits characteristics of an autoimmune disorder, and there are credible concerns that these “vaccines” may exacerbate these conditions, I will eschew them, regardless.

      I have another reason, though; my wife, stepson, and (maybe) daughter in law all did receive the injections because of workplace pressure, and I consider it prudent to remain unvaccinated in case they come to suffer delayed adverse effects and my help may become needed.

      Remember that this is your decision, and yours alone.

      • akaPatience says:

        JJ, my husband is also asthmatic. It’s been my understanding since early on from various reports I’ve read, that typical steroid delivery via inhalers that asthmatics use may actually mitigate Covid symptoms, since steroids have an anti-inflammatory effect.

        • JK/AR says:

          akaPatience, JJ,

          Indeed corticosteroid inhalers – specifically Budesonide [one of which Symbicort] is among the therapies the FLCCC has on its list.

          I too am asthmatic from an early age – lessened in severity from my later teens into my 50s – after which time increased to include a diagnosis of COPD and now into my 60s compounded by emphysema.

          I’m getting a great deal of pressure but in spite of that (to this point at least) I remain mRNA unvaxxed.

          • akaPatience says:

            Good luck avoiding vaccination JK/AR. It’s no fun having to cope with COPD and emphysema. You have my sincerest sympathies…

  8. TTG says:

    SWMBO had a long term reaction after her second Pfizer shot. She has no intention of getting a booster. Since she seldom goes anywhere or meets with people, I agree that’s the best COA. I had no problem with the Moderna series and do all the people meeting and shopping duties, I’ll probably get a booster after the holidays… unless things change.

    I’ve laid off the daily baby aspirin since studies came out about it possibly causing internal bleeding, including cerebral hemorrhages. Half the medications and supplements out there also function as blood thinners and researchers are always finding another unintended effect from these things, good and bad.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Haven’t taken any baby aspirin for five years.

    • akaPatience says:

      A recent NYT article, with the headline that an FDA panel was revoking the recommendation of a daily low dose/baby aspirin, is yet another example of how headlines can be misleading. First of all, if one bothered to read the entire article, it stated that the FDA deemed further study was required. It also reported that people over 60 years of age who were already taking a baby aspirin per day should continue. Then it went on to state that a reason for even considering revoking the former recommendation is because there are other, newer drugs on the market that can treat clotting. While it’s known that aspirin can sometimes lead to hemorrhaging, the article didn’t bother to say if the newer drugs pose similar, or any, risks. I wonder why? It would be important to know the side effects of the newer drugs the FDA has in mind.

      Does the FDA rationale ring any bells??? It’s considering revoking the former recommendation to use a cheap, easily-available and effective drug in order to recommend newer and thus more expensive drugs. Seems to be a trend.

      • TTG says:

        Heavy or chronic use of aspirin won’t hurt most people, only a very few. What makes the risk higher is the many other things that also thin blood. Omega-3 and vitamin D supplements are blood thinners. Even garlic does the same thing. You fill yourself up on all this healthy stuff and could be setting yourself up for possible trouble. There’s more unknown than known in medical science as we all witnessed in the last two years.

        • akaPatience says:

          So true TTG. As a Vit. D, Omega 3 (as well as many other supplements) AND big time garlic consumer, I agree with you about risk and the need for prudence. My mother didn’t take supplements but she gobbled Bufferin all throughout her long life, much to the horror of her physicians.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:


        The timing of that cautionary pronouncement from the FDA was oh so suspicious, coming on the heels of the publication of a preliminary study out of Israel that suggested that not only did baby aspirin help with the treatment of active Covid cases, but also showed promise as prophylaxis.

        So, yeah, treatment and possibly prophylaxis, have clearly been on the hit list by the federal “experts” because any such things being taken seriously would have imperiled the Emergency Use Authorizations of the so called experimental “vaccines”. Can’t have that. First, they went after hydroxychloroquine, then ivermectin, and now low-dose aspirin? Trend, indeed.

  9. FWH says:

    Some additional local television stations might redeem themselves at this time. They could do so by conducting polls to document apparent vaccine injuries and death in their area. Some detailed information could be collected to make each case verifiable. A large amount of information could be extrapolated from a careful poll. For example, if there were 500,000 known vaccinated people in a large metropolitan county and 35 suspicious deaths were reported in the poll, a general rate of death could be calculated. Any amount reported would be a threshold amount since not everybody would participate in the poll.

    • Pat Lang says:

      A further revelation – I have had heartbeat variations since my CH.

      • Sharperblue says:

        My heartbeat became quite varied at night while laying on my sides about 6 months after my second dose of Pfizer (52 YO superb health; not prone to panic attacks, not particularly neurotic); so much so that I went out on a limb and massively overpaid for a prescription of Ivermectin on the advice of a friend (Radiologist) who noted the drug’s efficacy against the (likely) spike proteins cased by both the vaccines and by Covid itself. His reasoning: the drug won’t hurt you; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. No more heart flutterings; I feel great again. Like he said, you have nothing to lose.

      • akaPatience says:

        Here’s a report related to your condition:

        Cardiovascular Adverse Events Reported from COVID-19 Vaccines: A Study Based on WHO Database


        • Deap says:

          New term for me, but starting to show up more as we learn more about these injections — troponin — which I believe is the Pfizer ingredient that was swapped into the doses now made available for children – something to do with heart regulation, which is a leading concern when giving (mandating?) these injections in children.

          From your link: ……”Amongst the investigations, abnormal ECG findings raised C-reactive protein, elevated D dimer, and troponin were reported in specific age groups or gender or all subjects…….”

          Troponin – good or bad …. not clear to this lay person. But investigators are interested in this.

          • akaPatience says:

            From what I can tell, measurement of a patient’s troponin level is one metric used to determine if a heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) occurred.

  10. BillWade says:

    The shame is we have a perfectly good counter to Covid in Ivermectin. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t injected aside from myself. I got some intense pressure to get it particularly from a higher-up nurse we know.

    My wife used to marvel at how I could take a nap, sometimes 2 a day. She always maintained that it was luxury she couldn’t afford. Well, she’s become quite good at it now but I have no idea if it was the injection or not.

    • Deap says:

      Even Prozac is now found in a study to limit serious “covid” hospitalizations – short course use only – 8 days or so – after “covid” symptoms are confirmed, but these ace “covid” testing procedures.

    • TTG says:

      The mRNA vaccines surely have issues, much like many medical treatments. Ivermectin has its own problems beyond people poisoning themselves with doses far beyond what they should be taking. Even at the lower doses used to treat parasitic diseases, there are some adverse effects. The treatment of scabies with ivermectin seems associated with an increased risk of death within the first 6 months after treatment in elderly patients. This occurred during several scabies outbreaks between 1994 ands 1996 in nursing homes. In another study serious neurological adverse events were reported from large scale community-based ivermectin treatment campaigns in Africa. These adverse reactions in Sub-Saharan Africa are widely unreported. Certain dog breeds are also known to be more prone to such neurological adverse events leading to coma and death from ivermectin treatments. Seems that if ivermectin enters the nervous system, serious problems can occur. Ivermectin is still a mostly safe and effective treatment for parasitic disease. Beyond some precautions and warnings, no one is trying to remove ivermectin from use because of limited numbers of adverse neurological events and deaths.

      • JK/AR says:



        And I’m gonna try to link to an analysis (I may run into “issues” as this analysis is behind a paywall – I do have a subscription) that shows there’s been reported to [US] Poison Control Centers, far more serious events owing to the use of hand sanitizers than resulting from ivermectin:


        I would add *I’m reliably informed* a guy I’m quite familiar with has experienced no noticeable ill effects following 22 doses (0.2 mg/kg – 1st followed 48 hrs by the 2nd and thereafter once weekly) of the pony paste.

        Oh maybe the one thing – his girlfriend says she’s noticed he gets kinda “sporty” whenever he drives by the Amish’s farrier lot.

        (I’ll check that link and if it doesn’t function, tomorrow I’ll have the time to copy it into a office doc and get it on here.)

  11. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,

    The spike protein is a nano-particle that can pass through any body barrier (including the blood brain barrier) and incites an immune response that then starts tearing apart blood vessel tissue. This is why Covid19 and air pollution share so many symptoms – its the spike protein (or nano smog), which can even travel through neurons (why smell loss was a symptom).

    Thus, having the vaccine cause cells to produce the spike protein was a risky (for the jabbed, not for corporate profits with the EUA liability waiver) approach to attempt to create immunity. A recent McCullough interview on suggests that very long clearance times for spike proteins underlies long covid, and (I hypothesize) the same for long-term vaccine damage.

    For many doctors, acknowledging vaccine problems is a career killer, and thus I suspect a medical blindspot that likely impedes diagnosis. I suggest you consult a FLCCC doctor who at least do not start from that assumption and discuss whether treatment as for long covid would be appropriate.

    My neighbor’s wife (in her 70s, but in good health except for overweight with no heart problems) had the vaccine, and was buried a month later after going in and out of the hospital for heart problems.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am not providing medical advice – simply discussion points for you with your doctor(s).

  12. Deap says:

    For the anecdotal post-shot record – incidents happening within several months of vaxx:

    Sister (80) – suddenly developed “eye stroke” – micro bleeding in the retina
    DH (82) -suddenly experienced micro blockage TIA, no abnormalities found after extensive work up, but it happened anyway

    Self (78): still a non-vaxx PureBlood Pariah -no reports of any strange “suddenitis” – walls of restrictions and social shunning closing in on me – I really can’t do anything in public any longer- barriers to un-vaxxed abound in California.

    I miss foreign travel the most. The rest I can do without, because I don’t want to be around people who so willingly exhibit insane fears anyway.

  13. Deap says:

    Ventura County, CA nurses come out against vaccine mandates, and report what they are seeing on their front lines:


    NB: Unconfirmed anecdotes, but a remarkably similar pattern now coming from many sources. Is this a coordinated anti-vcxx conspiracy or authentic front line reporting?

  14. Deap says:

    Ripe for further hysteria, but might as well add this to the mix – Pfizer changes the ingredients for the kiddie “covid” vaccines, which now includes a “heart disease” drug as part of the drug delivery medium – in minuscule amounts of probably no consequence, but assume this material ingredient switch may still make the news.

    You heard it here first:


  15. 2ID Tex says:

    I suffered 20 years of autoimmune and blood clotting symptoms after an anthrax vaccine on my last deployment. God bless Dr. Garth Nicolson and Meryl Nass for their research/treatment efforts. Taking any biologic or pharmacuetical without long term safety data is very risky.

    The I-Recover protocol (FLCCC Alliance) was developed for post COVID symptoms but has also been used to successfully treat post-vaccine inflammatory syndromes.

    • Deap says:

      Your experience reminded me I did develop “suddenitis” diplopia, 10 days after my second pneumococcal vaccine a number of years ago – 3 months of double vision, with slow recovery back to normal. No brain abnormalities found after MRI brain scan. Made me wary about any “vaccine” now.

      Cause of the double vision was an affliction of one of the cranial optical nerves, and not in the eyes themselves, but in the eye muscles. Literature does not link these two cause and effect, but knowing nods from my recent cataract surgery team readily recognized the connection as something they do see frequently in clinical practice.

      Reported this to VAERS, but never saw it later become part of their registry.

  16. Deap says:

    Increases in new “covid cases unrelated to levels of vaccination, as surveyed in hundreds of countries and US counties. European Journal of Epidemiology:


  17. sbin says:

    Mandatory injections are not vaccines.
    People that took the mRna injection have no legal recorse for unproven mRna section of spike protein
    Messenger RNA is very different than DNA.
    mRna is a small section of half of the DNA helix.
    They have no idea about what it will do.
    Doesn’t provide immunity
    Doesn’t stop transmission
    Need 3rd or 4th dose for listed immunity?
    I have not missed a day of work even though I am a retired engineer.

    • Fred says:


      “People that took the mRna injection have no legal recorse for unproven mRna section of spike protein”

      The only recourse now is an election.

  18. TonyL says:

    Here is what factcheck.org reported about Dr Ryan Cole and his claims.


    Summary: there is no basis for his claims about mRNA vaccines .

    • Sam says:

      Isn’t factcheck.org the groupthink propaganda outlet?

    • Fred says:


      “Saranac Hale Spencer worked as a reporter for 10 years before joining FactCheck.org in 2017. She has covered the federal courts, local government and crime for newspapers from New York to Delaware, and she studied philosophy as a student at Cornell University.” https://www.gpb.org/author/saranac-hale-spencer

      I look forward to the reporter providing some facts about what constitutes “very rarely” in her paragraph “There is also emerging evidence that the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines may very rarely cause inflammation of the heart muscle or of the surrounding lining, particularly in young men.”

      The VEARS database she links too shows a giant increase in adverse affects, she only links to one about ‘young men’, who until now have been essentially unvaccinated. I would say her ‘fact check’ is a dangerous misrepresentation of data because of all the data she leaves out.

      • TonyL says:


        The main source for Dr Cole’s claims is the 2018 paper. And the lead author of that paper contradicted Cole’s claims.

        We asked Cole to provide support for those claims, and he referred us to a 2018 paper published in the journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery that reviewed trials and studies of various, earlier mRNA vaccines.

        But that paper doesn’t support his statement.

        Norbert Pardi, a research assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, was the lead author of the paper. He told us in an email, “No publications demonstrate that mRNA vaccines cause cancer or autoimmune diseases.”

        The main point here is the entire basis of Cole’s claims were from that paper. And the author’s opinion is that these claims are invalid.

        • Fred says:


          The man may be as big a fraudster as Fauci, however the main point of my comment is that this reporter is making political points. For example the FDA full approval for the vaccines, which are based on the approval of Comirnaty, which is still not available in the US. Then the link to the VEARS database, which I commented on.

  19. Serge says:

    Still holding out from the clotshot- if Biden forces me to in the coming months(I am not willing to lose my livelihood) I will go with J&J. No way I would take an MRNA vax with my québécois genetics heavily predisposing me to heart problems. Side note- I have been going to a busy, sweaty gym maskless 5x a week since June 2020(when the gyms reopened in my state) and, to my knowledge, have never caught COVID. Natural immunity? I was infected and the disease didn’t affect me at all? Just luck? Whatever it is, I have no reason to inject this stuff into my body.

  20. Barbara Ann says:

    Very sorry to hear you are still sick Colonel, my best wishes to yourself and your SWMBO.

  21. Pollyella says:

    Dear Colonel, I’m terribly sorry that you’re still sick—- + omgosh that cerebral hemorrhage.
    (My family–old + young–were all outraged that I didn’t get the shot, for they thought I’d die. But untested spike proteins scared me more than their wrath, bc I never feared a “cold”—-even a malign one created by mad scientists Fauci, Daszak,…—-so am lucky to be fit as ever.)
    My heart hurts that you’re ill, as I’m awed by your guts in carrying on your great work.

  22. English Outsider says:

    Colonel Lang – awesome that you’ve kept this magnificent site going through all that. Heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery from me and my family.

  23. Deap says:

    CDC created in 1940 to combat malaria. It has now suddenly morphed into a monster today, restricting centuries of guaranteed constitutional rights, ….under the guise this is for the public good.


    If ever there was a poster child for perversive government mission creep, the award has to belong to the CDC.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      Yet, most of its crew are not vaccinated, as they are not FDA´s, as they are not members of Congress, Pentagon higuest ranks, or elite´s family members…

  24. Jim says:

    What are these shots actually preventing, —- if 85% of those dead after covid shot got the disease anyways?

    Estimate is approximately 165,000 deaths in USA after getting COVID-19 shots

    Estimate is
    144,211 died WITH COVID [positive test]
    21,631 died WITHOUT COVID [negative test]

    Most recent data at US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS, shows 8,086 deaths after covid shots. The Oct. 29, 2021 weekly counts based on data reported to CDC/VAERS Oct. 22, 2021.

    The death total of ~165,000, is based on estimates calculated by Jessica Rose and Mathew Crawford. [Rose, BS Applied Mathematics, MS Immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University, Post Doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Molecular Biology.] [Crawford, Statistician]

    They recently reported that “As of August 27th, 2021, a search of the VAERS database shows that there are 7,149 domestic deaths in the VAERS database (US/Territories/Unknown).”

    Their calculations said the actual number of after covid shot deaths as follows: “Analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database can be
    used to estimate the number of excess deaths caused by the COVID vaccines. A simple
    analysis shows that it is likely that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the current COVID vaccines as of Aug 28, 2021.”

    This says after covid shot deaths are under-counted by factor of ~21X; or there are ~21 times more actual after covid shot deaths than reported in VAERS.

    150,000/7,149 = 20.98

    Estimates of
    144,211 died WITH COVID [positive test]
    21,631 died WITHOUT COVID [negative test]
    are calculated using proportions of:
    SARS-COV-2 TEST POSITIVE reported to VAERS [as of Oct. 29 data]

    Had the CDC and US Food and Drug Administration been serious about adverse events and in particular, the percentage of those either having covid or not, they would have done something to ensure that there would be data on this, for each and every VAERS report submitted.

    In particular, regarding VAERS reports in which death occurs after covid shots.

    While 100% data on this may seem like pie in the sky, the least we should expect is what Pfizer and Moderna claimed was 95% Vaccine Effectiveness. Which as we now know was base, rank, propaganda and deception, at best.

    Irrespective of fact actual VE of these poisons tends toward VE = Zero, one can at very least expect that the percentage of VAERS reports on who did and did not test positive for this disease should at minimum been 43%.

    43% is the CDC estimated VE, from average of previous decade’s [through 2019/2020 flu season], of influenza shots.

    Instead, only 16.42% is actually reported in VAERS data bank. That’s bad, that’s really unconscionably bad.

    VAERS data shows that of all the after covid shot deaths,
    2.54 % reported “SARS-COV-2 TEST NEGATIVE”
    13.88% reported “SARS-COV-2 TEST POSITIVE”

    Where are the other 83.58% ???

    Thus, only 16.42% of this essential data is actually, as of Oct. 29 data, known via VAERS.

    Assuming these proportions are at least in the ball park, this means
    ~85% of after covid shot deaths tested positive
    ~15% tested negative.
    [13.88/16.42 = 84.531, or 85% rounding; 100-84.531 = ~15%]

    8,086 deaths after covid shot reported to VAERS x 21X = ~165,000 actual deaths.

    165,000 x 0.85 = ~144,211 died with positive test
    165,000 x 0.15 = 21,631 died with negative test.

    Total = ~ 165,842

    Rose says deaths are caused by covid shots.

    See below 22 minute video in which she details her causation arguments. Using VAERS data. “Evidence of causation.”

    “If there is no cause and effect, someone has to explain this huge discrepancy in the magnitude . . . ”



    The VAERS we are told is used by government public health experts to detect signals.

    The signals began ringing loudly in December 2020, when first covid shots were administered, and quickly became deafening. They were that loud, and the extraordinary magnitude of them has been and continues to be ignored by our government at all levels in Washington DC, all levels!

    Senators this week demonstrated that they could put the heat on, witness AG Merrick Garland — when they want to take something seriously.

    However, despite the Loudon rape fiascos, which senators used to slap Garland around with, Garland the Magnificent remains in office. And his order to FBI to treat parents complaining about public school corruption remain “domestic terrorists” remains in place far as I know.

    Save for Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, none of them have lifted a finger, while thousands and tens of thousands dead, permanently disabled, maimed, injured, blinded, cancers that were in remission came back, ditto herpes, thousands of miscarriages and who knows how many thousands of women now permanently sterilized? from these poisons sold as preventive medicine. Among many, many other injuries. And hospitals across the land fire skilled medical staff for saying anything about this grotesque bestiality. These are not hospitals; they are charnel houses!

    What are these shots actually preventing, —- if 85% of those dead after covid shot got the disease anyways?

    Google, or duck duck go, or Yahoo “Subdural Hematoma” and the shots, and you’ll find ZERO news stories!

    You will find the heinous checkerheads, those fraudulent and bought and paid for “journalists” and “researchers” and “fact checkers” trying to tap dance on deck of Titanic — and that’s all they are doing!

    Jessica Rose, and she is not alone, and those with skills to dig out what is actually happening may or may not prevent even more catastrophe that lie ahead.

    I recall watching an Egyptian man, a glass blower, interviewed following the Bush/Cheney wars, soon after they’d begun, — he was asked his assessment: “there are very dark days ahead,” he responded.

    Below is data indicating how out of control the covid shot injuries are, which also indicates the moral turpitude of Congress, Biden, and his men [and Trump’s advocacy of “warp speed” vax], et al.

    Note what happens in Dec. 2020.

    all adverse events reported to VAERS
    Dec., 2019 3,455
    Jan., 2020 3,082
    Feb., 2020 2,986
    Mar., 2020 2,232
    Apr., 2020 2,022
    May, 2020 1,946
    Jun., 2020 1,844
    Jul., 2020 2,186
    Aug., 2020 2,961
    Sep., 2020 4,576
    Oct., 2020 6,265
    Nov., 2020 4,510
    Dec., 2020 15,594
    Jan., 2021 70,266
    Feb., 2021 57,719
    Mar., 2021 78,168
    Apr., 2021 105,689
    May, 2021 63,606
    Jun., 2021 44,649
    Jul., 2021 36,000
    Aug., 2021 103,533
    Sep., 2021 49,428

    after covid shot-only reports to VAERS
    Dec., 2020 10,891
    Jan., 2021 66,581
    Feb., 2021 54,550
    Mar., 2021 74,461
    Apr., 2021 102,189
    May, 2021 61,113
    Jun., 2021 42,374
    Jul., 2021 33,564
    Aug., 2021 100,718
    Sep., 2021 47,158
    Oct., 2021 29,144
    Total 622,743

    In the 11 months preceding covid shot rollout, Jan — Nov 2020,
    34,701 adverse events reported to VAERS — for ALL vaccines combined.

    In the 11 months since, Dec 2020 to Oct 2021,
    622,743 adverse events for covid-only shots

    Nearly 17 times more, or 1,685% more.

    This is what vaccine failure looks like.

    This is what government failure looks like.

    I found the below, from an alternative media site, which are interviews with those maimed and killed by these shots.

    This is from one of them:
    [[[[B, [25.07.21 11:08]
    My father passed away a week ago
    I will tell you about the horrible situation we went through.
    He was inoculated with the 2 dose Pfizer in May.

    73 years old.
    Previous pathologies: Immunodeficient, kidney transplanted, this derived Diabetes.
    In spite of his pathologies he never presented pictures like this one, he was in good health.

    Throughout the month that he was vaccinated he had
    vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, he could hardly walk, could not tie his shoes, hand trembling, incoherent language…

    Seeing that his behavior was getting worse every day on June 27th, 2021
    We took him to the emergency room explaining his symptoms, he can hardly walk, he can no longer dress or eat because of his tremors, he does not control his sphincters, he has a very strong headache that does not go away and uses a vocabulary with disjointed and incoherent ideas and after a series of basic tests they say that what he has is a tension headache and send him home despite our protests and not even take into account our testimony.

    The same Wednesday June 30: we call an ambulance, he wakes up in the morning with epileptic seizures and unable to move, he is picked up at home and there he undergoes a CT scan, the result is that he has a blood clot in the brain that presses the right hemisphere of the brain affecting his functions on the left side of the body and his general autonomy.
    The following day, Thursday July 1st: he underwent emergency surgery for the clot, supposedly they say that it is a “Subdural Hematoma” that produced it, but we insist that my father did not get any blow, that he got worse since the second vaccination.
    When he comes out of the operation after a few hours he is fed and they say that if the evolution is good in 3 or 4 days he will go home, that same day he starts with bad saturation of oxygen in the blood, with cough and mucus.
    We were struck by the fact that he remained on oxygen that day and the following days and the sudden strange and extreme way of breathing.

    The next day, July 2nd, he has a pcr which is negative, although he has cough and mucus and is developing pneumonia, just after the pcr he starts with epileptic seizures which last all day, all night and continue until the next day.
    Saturday, July 3: the last epileptic seizure lasts more than half an hour, he is admitted to resuscitation.
    Sunday, July 4: seizures are stopped with antiseizure medication but he has bronchopneumonia and his leukocytes, red blood cells, white blood cells and others are low in his blood.
    Monday, July 5: back to the ward, cough, mucus, but according to them everything is under control.
    Tuesday, July 6th: My sister and my mother test positive for pcr, we call the hospital and they do a pcr on my father, he tests positive, they isolate him.

    The following days so far are critical, he is going from bad to worse, now he has a bilateral involvement in both lungs with pus and mucus and with hardly any oxygen in his blood, which is affecting his other organs.
    They say that they have reached the ceiling of all possible treatments and that there is no more they can do and they tell us, his family, to decide to stop the treatment, that is, to give our consent to let him go.]]]]


    A fully “vaccinated” man, dead.

    At the end of the day, he got covid.

    Would he have been better off without it?

    Ask Fauci, ask Walensky, — they continue to say YES SIR! — or ask the myriad criminals these criminals supervise.

    Ask members of Congress, would he have been better off without the covid shot?

    Ask Sen. Liz “pandemic of the unvaccinated” Warren.

    Ask Bill “Brave New World” Gates!

  25. j.+casey says:

    I wish Dr. Cole would explain how, in autopsies, he can distinguish damage caused by spike versus damage caused by virus. Seems and important point. Also important would be a database of all autopsies on vacinated people who later expired. But I suspect that’s a road our “leaders” don;t want anyone going down.

  26. sbin says:

    Helped a friend today.
    He is 93 and wife is 91.
    They both contracted covidearly last year.He had no symptoms answer had a mild fever.
    They took both injections as soon as available.
    Both are doing well.
    Byron throws golf clubs into trunk of his 1966 red corvette convertible and hits the country club all summer and as much as fall permits in North Eastern Ohio.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      They got Covid infection…thus acquired natural immunity to the “virus”… or any of its proteins…
      Hence their vitality..
      Human natural immunity´s perfection has not been equated so far.
      What these people try is privatize immunity by erasing yours natural and providing you with a new manufactured one they have not been able to perfectionate and is a complete bullshit, which, moreover will turn you into a slave of their shots while you face economically and phisically with the severe side effects, since no insurance will cover that..

      Then it is the issue of why a couple who had already passed Covid infection took the shots “as soon as available”, when that is not adviced even by the “vacuneras” until 6 months from infection have passed…
      Are you sure of what you are telling?

      Also, consider that, as a pharma trial, not everybody is being inyected with the same formula or quantity, and, even, due the evil nature of the people behind these trials, could happen they are testing different things at a time…
      When in the Earth could have they dreamt in being allowed to use whole humanity as a testing sample? You can be sure they are testing as if there was no tomorrow, their ultimate goal is inmortality for them…no vmind how many have to die for that…

      Then, it is the talk over there on that they are not trying to combat any virus whatsoever, but inyecting you some material, as the MAC adresses detected by Bluetooth in crowded, and not so, places, clearly show, with the final goal of just tracking people first, then interact with them, their vital organs and brains, through 5G connectivity…

      There have been experiments on accelerating heart cells through previously inyected graphene nanoparticles….

  27. Deap says:

    Covid narrative is finally changing, which is the best shot in the arm of all. Majority polled think covid is winding down. Majority also think Democrats and Fauci don’t want it to end.


    Meanwhile California is closing down even more In-And-Out Burger shops, because they refuse to act as covid passport police. No vaxx-pass -no burger. Along with 90 zillion others things denied those who live in California who remain un-vaxxed.

    The narrative has. to change because the evolving data and science no longer supports what Democrats are still trying to squeeze out of this “crisis”, that they did not want go to waste.

  28. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Let´s be clear here, they are not caring about anybody, since they never in history did such a thing.

    No government, no one, can grant me “freedom” on condition of being innoculated with an experimental drug whose side effects we do not know anything about, since I am already a free human being enyoing natural rights…

    They can not get out my natural rights to then sell them back to me on condition of invading my body and personal sovereignty…


  29. JK/AR says:

    I may have placed this link here when I first became aware of it but don’t recall so …


    That community Ms. Atkisson is reporting on is based in PA but it would appear valid as well in the same sorts of communities residing in northern Arkansas as well as those about 80 miles north in southern Missouri.

    • Mr J. says:

      The joke is that the Amish don’t get Covid because they don’t watch TV.

    • Jim says:

      This is excellent. Thank you very much.

      The Amish avoid the death shots, are thriving. Herd Immunity since May 2020. And no masks, no lockdowns, no missing church service, no separation of people, of family from family, friend from friend, people from people.

      They don’t trust organized medicine in USA, and were wise not to.

      This, an extreme indictment of organized medicine in the Western World.

      They got sick and refused hospitalization — because they, like all of us: banned from visiting are loved ones, our family, our friends, banned from going to hospital to visit and check on and visit hem. [And now herd immunity.]

      That value, saying NO to separating us from one another: an important lesson organized western medicine, their Nurse Ratchets in charge of it. . . ignore that lesson, despise this value; and thus we are not human beings to the Nurse Ratchets in charge of Western Medicine, and their criminal actions, their crimes-against-humanity response to COVID-19.

      Thank you very much for posting this short video.

      And the scenery is beautiful, lovely. . . .

      • JK/AR says:

        And too Jim,

        Complete immunity from “fear porn.”

        (Which – in my humble estimation has been and remains so, this virus’ most effective means of transmission.)

  30. Deap says:

    Reminder – from the September Gallup poll:

    The poll, involving 3,158 adult Americans, tells us that 41% of Democrats believe the unvaccinated have a 50% chance of being hospitalized because of COVID. Independents believe the correct number is 26%, while Republicans came in at 22%.

    The correct answer: Fewer than 1% of unvaccinated people infected with COVID will have to go to the hospital.

    The hospitalization rate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID patients is under 1%.

    The hospitalization rate for vaccinated COVID patients is 0.01%, or 1 out of every 10,914 patients, while the hospitalization rate for unvaccinated COVID patients is 0.89%, or 1 out of 112 patients.

  31. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Since music is always healing, for those affected by Covid infection and vaccines side effects, I leave this homage to Cabilian musician “Idir” ( “the one who lives”, in Amazigh language…) whose death, which happened past year on May 2nd, I was aware of just today, in a blog I usually tested almost daily in the past but in which I lost interest lately, as immersed as I am in this fight while not paying attention to the mass media…

    This is a version translated to breton language of Idir´s “A Vava Inouva” on the importance of tradition…


    I hope you reach to the end of the video, especially our poet, Jim Ticehurt, to find a poem to the gone bard who sang to nature, elements, tradition, love, fraternity….

  32. Aletheia in Athens says:

    The same mass media which contributed to the whole fearmongering and campaigned for the mandatory vaccines are now in a frenzie to convince the population of that cardiac arrests are increasingly common amongst the youngest and of that strokes are also common in toddlers ans babies, so that to offer a cover up for the shamefull campaigning for criminal mass vacciantion of evrybody…

    Will we be able to collect and keep all this evidence to, any time in the future, judge all these criminal people?
    Since no government on Earth currently support us in this endeavour…and thus nobody else is keeping record of this…


  33. longarch says:


    If Fauci resigns, he should be arrested immediately.

    If Fauci does not resign, he should be arrested immediately.

    The time for restraint regarding Fauci was three years ago.

  34. Jim says:

    Novel Corona Data Check

    Estimate is VACCINE FAILURE RATE = 96.11%

    Of 8,086 after-covid shot deaths reported Oct. 29, data through Oct. 22, 2021 via US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/US Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VAERS:
    3,141 died after 2 shots.
    Of these:
    1,240 in 0-14 days after covid shots
    1,782 more than 15 days after covid shots.
    This count of 1,782, according to CDC, are those deemed ‘fully vaccinated’ [after two weeks of second shot].

    VAERS DATA: 1,782 died more than 14 days after 2 vax
    SARS-COV-2 TEST NEGATIVE 25 or 1% reported [0.0142918]
    SARS-COV-2 TEST POSITIVE 618 or 35% reported[0.34680135]
    [[This is 24.265787 TIMES MORE POSITIVE COVID TESTs than NEGATIVE]]
    UNKNOWN 1,139 if pos or neg = 64%

    Were data on this 1,139 known, that would be one thing. However, as is now widely known, VE = ZERO, or if you prefer, covid shots VE tends toward ZERO. Unlike other vaccines that actually work, we’ve all heard about the call for ‘boosters’ — an acknowledgment that VE = ZERO, or if you prefer tends toward ZERO.

    The data shows this as well, from VAERS involving those 15+ days after “fully vaccinated” — the longer the time span, the more positive covid tests reported, and the less negative test reported. This is what vaccine failure looks like.

    If this distribution of data in hand holds, given 36% of known data [and given UNKNOWN = 1,139 if is pos or neg] — then estimate would show an overall:
    Measuring those that died more than 14 days after covid shot #2, and were tested for SARS CoV2.

    As follows:
    25/[618+25]643 = 0.03888 or 3.89% vaccine effectiveness
    618/643 = 0.9611 or 96.11% vaccine failure

    Breakdown as follows:
    316 died 15-30 days after 2 vax
    COVID-19 50

    363 died 31-60 days
    COVID-19 70

    330 died 61-120 days
    SARS-COV-2 TEST POSITIVE 112 [98%]
    COVID-19 143

    773 died more than 120 after 2 vax
    SARS-COV-2 TEST POSITIVE 406 [99%]
    COVID-19 542

    119 died unknown how long after 2 vax
    COVID-19 17

    For above,
    MODERNA 40%

    Female 751 or 42%
    Male 985 or 55%
    Unknown 46 or 3%
    Total 1,782 100%

    6-17 years 2 or <1%
    18-29 years 14 or 1%
    30-39 years 28 or 2%
    40-49 years 42 or 2%
    50-59 years 92 or 5%
    60-64 years 105 or 6%
    65-79 years 697 or 39%
    80+ years 797 or 45%
    Unknown 5 or <1%
    Total 1,782 100%

    The 36% reporting covid test results, this is not good, but: stratifying above data to only those CDC deems "fully vaccinated" provide more than double the overall VAERS reporting on covid tests on all after-shot deaths reported to CDC [about 16.4%, overall has been reported].

    And even with paltry data on this, pattern showing VE tends towards zero very quickly, holds.

    Dec. 2020, first month of shots, 18 deaths after shot, with 1 negative test and zero positive tests, or 5.6% of total.
    This would "show" VE = 100% based on VAERS data.

    Jan 2021 466 deaths, 66 test reports on VAERS; 25 neg. 41 pos., or 14.1% — and would "show" VE = 38%

    Feb, 39 neg 53 pos, 42%
    March, 33 and 51, 39%
    April, 35 and 59, 34%
    May, 26 and 75, 26%
    June, 17 and 98, 16%
    July, 7 and 73, 9%
    Aug., 7 and 176, 4%
    Sept., 9 and 303, 3%
    Oct., 6 and 191, 3%

    After covid shot, Deaths reported by month
    Dec., 2020 18
    Jan., 2021 468
    Feb., 2021 777
    Mar., 2021 1,207
    Apr., 2021 1,313
    May, 2021 725
    Jun., 2021 689
    Jul., 2021 535
    Aug., 2021 731
    Sep., 2021 904
    Oct., 2021 618
    Unknown Date 83
    Total 8,068

    Obviously, the CDC and the FDA and Pfizer and Moderna know all about this failure.

    Congress appropriated ~$1B to enable CDC to hide it and lie to us from here to hell and back again.

    In fact, the above patterns is what is prompting them to hit the panic button and call for more obscenity to this failed response to a pandemic that could have been entirely prevented.

    Why aren't they explaining the above data to us and asking us for permission for another bite at the covid shot apple — instead of using terror and deception and propaganda and military tactics, what kind of military operation is this, this reign of terror in America, now?

    The obscenity of 'booster' shots both indicate their depravity, it also demonstrate utter failure of the shots.

    Instead of going towards prophylactics, treatments, such as the safe and effective IVERMECTIN and the chlorquines and zinc treatments — the Mad Dogs push even harder for an already demonstrably failed approach — with more murders and maiming, inevitable result.

    An insurrection over the summer in India put an end to this mass murdering project in regions of that country. And they were give a $3 package that included Ivermectin.

    On Oct. 7, Dr. Pierre Kory MD, revealed many members of US Congress and their staff were given such a package.


    At this point, can anything else stop these Armageddon Beasts, their first degree murders and maiming of our countrymen and women in USA than what was done successfully in India over summer?

    Publius Cornelius Tacitus, the Roman historian — "Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium, atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant."

    They ravage, slaughter, usurp, their empire — and they make a desert and call it peace.


  35. JK/AR says:

    Colonel Lang,

    Checking my email this day I found this:


    As I’ve much to do today I’m not going to have time to watch, and vet this before choosing to direct it to your attention but, given you’ve mentioned experiencing “long covid” symptomology I’m hoping you’ll find it informative.

    And to all fellow readers here, these two which I have had time to view:



    And now back to today’s events courtesy of “She whose orders I must follow”!

    • Deap says:

      First video looks good – discussion of natural immunity, testing accuracy, long covid and post-injection concerns.

      Thanks for the links, I will spend time looking all of them. Peter McCollough is a straight shooter, and these are good discussion issues.

    • TTG says:

      That first video with Drs. Johnson and McCullough was clear, concise and very informative as to the effects of long haul Covid and effective treatments for it. They both seemed to point out that a healthy lifestyle is your best defense. In other words, live like the Amish live and Covid19 is more a nuisance than a problem among such a population.

      I take issue only with Dr. McCullough’s statement that natural immunity is immunity for life. First, natural immunity is really Covid infection induced immunity. Second, immunity for life is extremely misleading. Real life data shows reinfection rates among those with natural (infection induced) immunity is higher than among the population of vaccine induced immunity. This twitter thread by Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, epidemiologist & health economist, discusses this.


      He starts with data from Oklahoma since it is quite complete. The CDC data isn’t quite as complete for this question, but it points towards the same conclusions as the Oklahoma data. In short, those with previous Covid infections (natural immunity), are more susceptible to reinfection than those with vaccination induced immunity.

      • Fred says:


        “In other words, live like the Amish live and Covid19 is more a nuisance than a problem among such a population.”

        More like drop the boomer belly for all those over 65. If the American population had a BMI closer to what it was in the 80’s we’d all be healthier

        Did you bother to read the “definition on the chart of that doctor’s tweet you link? The CDC has already said the PCR test should no longer be used. Did you forget that?

        “In the aftermath of the Flint Water Crisis, he founded the first geo-social network and public alert system for drinking water toxic contamination, as featured in WIRED. ”
        Sounds like a skilled political doctor. That “crisis” killed no one and could certainly have been prevented. We discussed that at length on SST as it occurred.

        • TTG says:

          Dropping the boomer belly is a good start for all, not just those over 65. Living a life closer to the Amish lifestyle would be even better. But that’s certainly not in the cards except for the fringes of both the left and the right. You know, the hippie communes and prepper compounds.

          The PCR test is what we have until the end of the year. Didn’t you read your own link? It’s more likely to give a false negative than a false positive and is still reasonably accurate, especially for large populations like the Oklahoma covid reinfections over several months. Those numbers stand on their own whether you like Eric Feigl-Ding or not. He seems pretty accomplished and recognized for an epidemiologist to me.

          • Fred says:


            I did read it. They admit the PCR test is innaccurate, Science! But keep using until December, becasue?????? Additionally the error rate you mention is incorrect. This was discussed at length here and on SST. These things identify any corrona virus, not just Covid19. Like a metal detector, turn the sensativity down, it misses, turn it up and you get false readings. As to his accomplishments, just what did he do in Flint?

          • TTG says:

            The phase out is not because the PCR test was inaccurate. It was and remains highly accurate in spite of some well publicized lab mistakes and the fact that none of these things are 100%. It is because the CDC has a new, different test that can check for both influenza and COVID-19 simultaneously.

            Feigl-Ding had nothing to do with Flint. He established a water toxicity alert system for the entire US AFTER the Flint toxicity problems.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Healthy life style and covid is just a nuisance, yep.

        So when do we mandate exercise, ban junk food, limit sedentary behaviors like social media to an hour a day, for the greater good, of course.

        I mean liberals are not for killing people are they? Their selfish desire for spacing out and stuffing their faces is filling our hospitals to capacity, raising insurance premiums, dumbing down the country and so much more that is undesirable.

        We can kill businesses and a whole economy and mandate experimental DNA altering drugs, but we can’t mandate healthy lifestyles? Why not? Not part of the real [globohomo] agenda?

        • TTG says:

          Eric Newhill,
          You think it’s liberals who are standing in the way of implementing government policies supporting healthy diets and physical activity? It’s the Trump Party and the Republicans before that who cry like rats eating onions over regulation of anything including junk food consumption. They wrap their selfishness and irresponsibility in a facade of freedom to do whatever they want. It’s SJWs pushing for healthy school lunches, clean air, clean water and more bike lanes. Conservatives want ketchup to be considered a vegetable and don’t give a rat’s ass about clean water and air… except for their own. Remember the hue and cry over banning the Big Gulp? Gone are the days of Kennedy’s Presidential Physical Fitness Test. Of course, the days of asking what you can do for your country are also gone.

          • Pat Lang says:

            TTG Remarkably Left.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Fair points – though I think the ketchup as vegetable thing was Reagan era and no longer in force. We’re both getting old that we recall that reference.

            My point was that the left is willing to go to draconian lengths to ostensibly protect us. So why not the measures to which I referred? Yet, I haven’t heard them proposed. At least the right is consistent; free to have bad health if it’s your choice.

          • Deap says:

            TGG – ketchup is technically a “vegetable” product in the fact is primary ingredient is concentrated tomato paste. Arguments can be made the tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, but it remains primarily a plant source food product by weight.

            “Heinz tomato ketchup’s ingredients (listed from highest to lowest percentage weight) are: tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar,……

          • Deap says:

            If you ban ketchup, only criminals will have ketchup.

            Latest expression of Let’s Go Brandon, in ketchup in a garage door protest over crappy Halloween treats.


        • Fred says:


          Start by banning High Fructose Corn Syrup from foods. Then lower or end the tarriffs on imported sugar.

          • TTG says:

            Banning high fructose corn syrup, now that’s something we can agree on. We don’t need to end tariffs on imported sugar. We can support and rely on our own sugar production industry. America first. I suggest we also end supports for ethanol production from corn. That’s a racket, pure and simple.

          • Fred says:


            I agree about the ethanol. I suggest you look at just who runs most of the domestic sugar industry. It doesn’t need the level of tariff protection it gets.

      • Deap says:

        Second video – UK gentleman – mashing up flu season and “covid” while demanding it all gets called “covid” is where this whole thing becomes total mess. File this second video under meaningless body counts -confusing case counts do not a pandemic make. But for those in love with metrics acting as surrogates for serious disease, this is your guy. This one gets a D- in my book.

        • Deap says:

          Third video – same UK gentlemen – Meh. No breaking info in this one.

          Just like the Jan 6 “insurrection” saga, when will we ever get our arms around the real “covid” story? In this Age of Information, both events — Jan 6 and “covid” — have already perished in agenda-driven swamps of misinformation.

          How shall we live in such a world?

      • JK/AR says:

        Yup TTG,

        “Second, immunity for life is extremely misleading.”

        Wholeheartedly agree with you on that point.

        “Immunity for life” is extremely misleading. As we’ve seen, beginning any set of data starting from Oklahoma Wiley will ex Post facto.

  36. Mac says:

    Dear Colonel,
    Saddened that you are dealing with this….please take good care Sir.


  37. TTG says:

    Deap and Eric Newhill,
    I seem to have struck a chord with the tomato as a vegetable issue. Yes, it is an oldie and it does prove we are all old. Actually, Reagan had nothing to do with it. He just got blamed for it. It was the bureaucrats of the Dept of Agriculture looking for ways to cut costs in reaction to the recession of those days. So it was the deep state after all.

    As for the merits of ketchup, Deep, it is a vegetable product in which all the goodness of tomatoes have been removed by processing. It’s lacking in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s also high in high fructose corn sugar and sodium. It will always be with us and it does tastes good. It is certainly not a grand source of evil in this world. But it is hardly worthy of being considered a vegetable in school lunches.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      I’m with you on Catsup-gate. It was a sad day for America. The stuff ain’t a veggie. No way/no how.

      I’m more of a salsa guy. Much fresher and spicier. Though, to my surprise, when I read the nutrition label on the various brands and styles that I purchase, even salsa has surprisingly little to offer in the vitamin department. You’d thing it would do better given the tomatoes and peppers with all of the natural vitamin C and A, but no. I guess condiments just don’t cut it as vegetable replacements.

  38. Deap says:

    Indonesia announces they will use the Novavax.

    How did we become so willing inject any of these experimental things into our bodies? We are barely one up from the drugged out hippy, the street addict, or even Hunter Biden snorting parmesan cheese off the dirty hotel carpet.

    Press release: ….”The Novavax jab implements a more traditional technique and works by introducing spike protein of the virus made in moth cells and an adjuvant made from natural soapbark tree extract to the immune system. It does not contain any live or inactivated virus, and is unable to replicate or cause COVID-19, according to the company………”

    • Societal Illusions says:

      They don’t seem to be promoting how the virus is grown in moths. Don’t have the link handy but expect searching for “novavax” and “moths” will turn up some info..

  39. Deap says:

    FDA changes the definition of “vaccine” yet again – to cover what this Franken-injection is now proven to fail to do.

    A “vaccine” no longer “prevents ” a specific or targeted disease like all other vaccines in the past; it now only “protects” you from some disease – allegedly mitigating symptoms.

    But even that has not been proven – since later “covid” breakthroughs the Franken-injection did not prevent, could merely be an exposure to a less virulent strain as delta “breakthroughs” has proven. Milder disease due to milder strain, has nothing to do with this “vaccines” ability to protect or mitigate symptoms.


    NB: what looks like a paywall can be worked around – follow their directions to “continue reading for free”.

  40. Jim says:

    In retrospect, I’m hard pressed to identify anything that has been done in nearly two years that would have actually gotten rid of this bug.

    I can recite many things done to do just the opposite, in particular: to block Naturally Acquired Immunity [which could have gotten rid of this bug].

    Sort of like, by analogy, the Afghanistan exit strategy: it seemed like everything was done to create more disaster.

    Sort of like Biden presidency: everything being done to make things worse, make us more miserable, and including the wack job posing as Transportation Secretary and the container shipping crisis.

    Is the New Normal all about intent to do everything to make things worse?

    Seems so.

    Which reminds me of a conversation I had in January with a medical doctor, quite disgusted with response to COVID-19 response, who asked me what can they do next, what is the next act?

    My response being more deaths from the shots than from the disease itself.

    Apparently thinking me crazy, the MD stopped the communications.

    I hope the MD was right, in thinking it a crazy response: but it is not looking good.

    In the US, comparing number died when COVID-19 is only symptom, about 4% of total deaths [of all the deaths”with” covid], comparing the 4% count, to number dead after covid shots. . . . guess which one is winning the sweepstakes?

    I cannot verify accuracy of the below reports, but well worth pondering either way:


    And this thread, comparing pre shot deaths by country, and after shots introduced:


    Jessica Rose and Mathew Crawford estimate CDC / VAERS data undercounts deaths by factor of 21X.

    VAERS says currently 8,086 deaths in USA after covid shots; that would be about 170K.

    All deaths after covid shot deaths reported to VAERS are 17,619. That would be about 370K.

    And for those interested in the charlatans’ advocacy of the death shots for those pregnant — concerns about miscarriages — this just came out and well worth the read. . . [and how many women become permanently sterilized? Do any of these beasts know or care?]

    [[We conclude that the claims made using these data on the safety of exposure of women in early pregnancy to mRNA-based vaccines to prevent COVID-19 are unwarranted and recommend that those policy decisions be revisited.]]

    [[Considering the evidence presented here, we suggest the immediate withdrawal of mRNA vaccine use in pregnancy (Category X)[41] and those breastfeeding, alongside the withdrawal of mRNA vaccines to children or those of child-bearing age in the general population, until more convincing data relating to the safety and long-term impacts on fertility, pregnancy and reproduction are established in these groups.]]

    Sad to say, no convincing evidence will be found, just like we are getting no convincing evidence of the origins of this. And no convincing evidence on why known prophylactics that could have prevented entire pandemic continue to be banned, blocked, its advocates censored, and scores and scores upon scores of lives destroyed.

    Article, titled Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy is at:



  41. Mark Logan says:

    There may be a significant difference between HFCS and sugar but the studies are inconclusive. They show harm from HFCS sugars but are weak in the area of what happens when the same amount of sugar is substituted. Difficult to do within a population wherein HFCS is such a widespread sweetener. The chemistry seems to be sugar is broken down to fructose and glucose before being absorbed. That switching to the same amount of sugar will result in less problems is not well documented. That reducing all sugars is a good thing is very well documented.

    I’ll always remember how my grand parents got me to like broccoli. Coming from a time and a place where people spent the vast majority of their income keeping themselves fed, a brat refusing to eat good food rubbed them totally the wrong way. What they did was set up a day for me an my brothers in the mountains. No breakfast. A few crackers for lunch…and about 9 miles of hill, 4,300ft vertical gained and lost.

    Dinner time? A big ol’ plate of steamed veggies with slices of almond on a bed of rice and a soy-based sauce. Shockingly delicious.

    • Fred says:

      As Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway had just bought the company, put it at the University of Florida while holding up a Coca Cola can (I was a student there at the time.) “No taste memory.” As in drink a can and you are still thirsty. He didn’t need a study to know that would make him millions. We don’t need one to figure out what that does to a persons caloric intake. BTW you have the process backwards. Sugar was the world wide sweetener until corporations developed the ability to use HFCS as a sweetener.

  42. Deap says:

    Latest “covid” re-write: Italy allegedly revises its “covid” death toll from 132,000 down to 3,700, and even that amount may not be confirmed. Mislabeling, financial incentives, and faulty testing are all allegedly under review, which led to this dramatic down-sizing. Or, is this just a ploy to get visitors back to traveling to Italy again?

    Italy was used as an early example of covid-hysteria porn to push the US agenda. Long a country known for its drama queens, (I live there and love them) was this their greatest contribution to the world of the theater arts beside Giuseppe Verdi?

    NB: Source is biased. Trust, but verify but this finding comports with the 2020 Johns Hopkins CDC morbidity data analysis – no rise in all-cause death numbers, just a relabeling as “covid” deaths instead of typical causes of death: cancer, heart disease etc.


    Data is a bitch. May she continue to reign.

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