When It Comes to the Bidens, Journalists and Social Media Are Deaf, Dumb and Blind by Larry C Johnson

Jack Dorsey and Hunter Biden

How would social media and the so-called mainstream media react if a Russian site popped up tonight with a video of Donald Trump in a Moscow Hotel room engaged in voyeurism as two hookers rain a yellow shower on the bed where Barack Obama slept? Would they cover it? Would they allow the story and the video to be re-tweeted and linked on Facebook pages? You bet your ass they would. They would be scrambling for first dibs on the stories like passengers on the Titanic trying to grab a seat on the last lifeboat.

Bearing that in mind you can begin to comprehend both the malevolence of both social and regular media and the enormity of their hypocrisy by examining their reaction to the breaking news last night when the videos and photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop were published a la ‘The Full Monty” on a Taiwanese website. Facebook and Twitter immediately quashed anyone attempting to publicize the news. These Silicon Valley sychophants sprang instantly into full-on protection mode for the Joe Biden campaign. Truth no longer mattered. The social media colossi decided to squelch, erase and obliterate any information that exposed the corrupt dealings of the Chinese-compromised Joe Biden and his family of reprobates. The Chinese now own Joe Biden’s wrinkled posterior. I don’t know the Manadarin phrase for–“Joe’s their bitch”– but Sleepy Joe is beholden to the Chinese.

The good folks at The Gateway Pundit reported on the sudden appearance of the hideous and perverse Hunter Biden videos and images and were immediately banned by both Facebook and Twitter. Jim Hoft posted the link to the site carrying the videos but was careful to keep salacious images obscured. But Facebook and Twitter reacted almost instantly and shutdown Jim’s Twitter account (you can read his experience here).

We can concede at the outset that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other internet expressions of self-conceit are not the Harper’s Weekly of the 21st Century. They are not real media and do not adhere to any journalistic standards. But the New York Times, the Washington Post and the major TV networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) are supposed to operate according to genuine standards of professionalism. But that dog is dead as King Tut. The last four years show beyond any shadow of doubt that the electronic and print media establishment has opted largely to eschew journalistic standards and embrace uncritically any slander and defamation of Donald Trump.

Let me take you back to January 2017. Here’s what the “responsible” media did with salacious, unverified news:

Yesterday CNN reported that Russian operatives have a raft of comprising material on Donald Trump that they are holding to use against him.

They said that that US intelligence chiefs briefed the US President-elect and outgoing President Barack Obama on the damaging allegations last week.

Although the dossier is not verified, Buzzfeed made the decision to publish the full document, saying it chose to do so “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the President-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government”.

The Russian backing stuff is all very thrilling in a James Bond kind of way, but the real treat is this:

The dossier claims that Mr Trump was involved in “perverted sexual acts” during a visit to Moscow.

Notice the unconcealed glee? (i.e., “but the real treat is this). With not one shred of actual evidence, the American media establishment ran with the story.

We now know that the celebrated Steele dossier was a damn fraud. But few in the media have displayed the integrity to offer an apology to their readers, listeners much less to President Trump. They spread an unsubstantiated smear accusing him of degenerate sexual behavior.

But that is not the case with Hunter and Joe Biden. The tapes and images are real. The most widely viewed shows Hunter Biden smoking crack with a Chinese women while she is using her feet to masturbate his manhood. And Hunter is proud. He makes sure this is being recorded for posterity. We do not have to wonder where the tape is–it is here. Warning–it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Most disturbing are the images of Joe Biden’s granddaughter and evidence that Hunter Biden was sexting with her. But we do not have to rely on the disturbing images alone, we have Hunter’s text message to his father in which he admitted he was being denied access to his niece because of his conduct. Hunter begins by explaining what his sister-in-law said to a therapist:

She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate with [name redacted when she says that I face time naked with her and the reason I can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking [redacted] girls on face time. When she was present she said that [redacted] never said anything like that but the bottom line is that she I create and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids.

Joe Biden was informed of the abuse and, according to available evidence, did nothing to alert authorities or to protect his grandchild. It is beyond nauseating.

And the media’s reaction to these new facts? Silence of the tombs.

The difference between Trump supporters and Biden supporters is simple and telling. If this kind of evidence emerged showing that Donald Trump was allowing his kids to use his name and position to rake in tens of millions of dollars while engaging in perversion worthy of Caligula, Trump supporters would desert him in mass and support his prosecution.

And Biden supporters? They are like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes–they see nothing, they say nothing, they hear nothing and they, along with Hunter and Joe, are accessories to selling out America to the Chinese Republic.

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17 Responses to When It Comes to the Bidens, Journalists and Social Media Are Deaf, Dumb and Blind by Larry C Johnson

  1. Deap says:

    Now that Biden has put a final “lid” on all pre-election public appearances and Biden VP candidate Kamala Harris is reduced to haraunging voters with a megaphone at polling places, are they really the perceived winners fighting for the soul of this country?
    The Hunter Biden tapes certainly don’t qualify as a return to decency and traditional “kitchen table” values. It was obvious Hunter was not worrying where his next meal was coming from. Nor his next lid.

  2. eakens says:

    A “lid” 9 days to go can only mean that there is something big brewing, and it ain’t good for his campaign. He knows something is coming, and that it’s probably something he doesn’t think he will be able to survive.
    Stick a fork in Joe.

  3. J says:

    If Taiwan IC is correct, then Bidens are directly responsible for the deaths of 20 CIA agents. The Bidens need to face the death penalty for their treason.
    Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

  4. walrus says:

    Larry, I think what we are experiencing is a concerted, planned attempt at creating Orwell’s “1984”. The technology is already implemented. The media, twitter, google are the ministry of truth, complete with memory hole and deep fake imaging . Russia and china are the necessary enemies and we already have the two minute hate as anyone who has seen an anti trump demonstration knows.
    All that is needed to make the creation complete is to integrate the surveillance, intelligence and coercive functions of the FBI, NSA, etc and the job is done. Your republic will be unrecoverable within about two years if Biden wins. You will still have the trappings of democracy, jut like Soviet Russia.
    This is where that slippery slopes as led you to. . You know, the patriot act, enhanced interrogation, detention in secret without trial, fusion centers and the militarisation of police. You never thought you were going to be labelled a terrorist did you?

  5. Norbert M salamon says:

    Might find interesting
    Sky News Australia special report on the Hunter Biden laptop.

  6. turcopolier says:

    The link doesn’t work for me.

  7. Fourth and Long says:

    Well, Larry, can’t accuse him of having no regard for the little guy, can we?

  8. PRC90 says:

    One thing you can say about Hunter is that his three hours a day, seven days a week in the gym just isn’t enough.
    Yes, phones everywhere.. and I bet he’s been similarly dumb enough to use them inside PRC and Ukraine to get instructions from Joe, and all the calls and all the emails have gone the same way as Hunter’s movie career.
    PRC and others may therefore have a big case on Joe, but I don’t see it being of much use other than to enhance POTUS Joe’s position as Presidential retiree-in-waiting; the real prize in the event of a Trump loss would be Kompromat Kamala.

  9. Steve G says:

    Was surprised by the 60 minute interview
    Of Miss K by Norah O’Donell. If laughter
    And a nice smile is equivalent to an
    Answer to a policy question what’s not
    To like?!

  10. fakebot says:

    How can all the different media groups be so well coordinated when ignoring this topic?
    Also, what standard do they apply that allows them to ignore it. I’ve seen different excuses, the most novel being that Rudy Giuliani is untrustworthy and lacks credibility, but Larry you made some excellent points that have rendered Giuliani’s role irrelevant.
    Hunter’s behavior is scandalous and the public deserves answers on Burisma and the work Hunter did in China. How does someone who has no expertise in the fields of finance and energy, and who was an acknowledged drug addict forced into rehab, land jobs that saw him get paid hundred thousand dollar figures a month? This in of itself, even without going into the laptop and emails, is a topic the media refuses to cover. Regardless of how one feels about Joe Biden, the impression is his son sold his dad’s influence for millions and yet the media refuses to ask the hard questions of Joe.

  11. Lee S. says:

    “If Taiwan IC is correct, then Bidens are directly responsible for the deaths of 20 CIA agents. The Bidens need to face the death penalty for their treason.”
    Really J, if you believe this, then frankly you might be as deluded as the lefists who were frothing at the mouth accusing Trump of a being a russian asset.
    If this is the state of the political divide within the U.S. today, the country is in deep shit.

  12. Deap says:

    Why does Joe Biden want us to pay for “free college” for everyone, when his own son made millions just by being stupid?
    Did Hunter know he was being filmed or was this a kompromat?

  13. Larry C Johnson says:

    He was filming himself. Very proud of his manhood. Auto-kompromat

  14. Fred says:

    “How can all the different media groups be so well coordinated”
    ‘journolist’ – created by Ezra Klein, now of Vox. This is the sequel.

  15. TeakWoodKite says:

    Evening Larry
    The fact Joe Biden, a government employee, didn’t report the child abuse to authorities is itself a crime under Delaware state and federal mandatory reporting laws. It is the lowest of humanity that looks the other way when a child is being abused.
    Peter and you need to talk

  16. Keith Harbaugh says:

    It’s not just the media that pointedly ignored those Biden activities.
    See the following quotation from
    as Hunter Biden began a downward spiral of addiction and dangerously abhorrent behavior;
    and keeping in mind he was formerly in the U.S. military -and kicked out due to a cocaine addiction- so his risk behaviors and issues would have been known as a risk by the U.S. government;
    he was a prime target for an influence operation by foreign intelligence adversaries.
    This would have been clear to anyone in the intelligence community and undoubtedly shared up the information chain.
    Yet, at no point did anyone do anything to try and stop the construction of the schemes?
    It just doesn’t make any sense… unless….
    …Unless the objective of those within the U.S. intelligence background (writ large)
    was to capture and retain all of this information
    as part of a black file for use as leverage/control later on against a Biden administration, and likely the Biden family.

  17. Fonnie Preston says:

    Hunter Biden is a chip off the old block
    This old mummy about to be President
    What’s this world coming to? I feel like
    Throwing up

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