Where is her husband?




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  1. Sam Peralta says:

    Col. Lang
    It seems from the video that she was dragged into the vehicle kinda face-planted as her legs gave away. This ought to be a big story that the MSM can’t ignore this week. It will be interesting to see how much airplay this video gets. Her campaign I’m sure will call it something innocuous.

  2. Gonzolegend says:

    Another angle below
    Was on the fence about this until today, but now it seems clear that something is not right.

  3. All,
    ‘Where is her husband?’
    In Britain, these days, we – in general – confine the principle of hereditary succession to what Walter Bagehot called the ‘dignified’, as distinct from the ‘efficient’ parts, of the Constitution.
    In a reasonably functional ‘aristocratic’ society, decision-makers came from a mixture of the more able and experienced ‘hereditary’ elements, with ‘meritocrats’ inducted into a system of ‘aristocratic’ values: that is how Kutuzov (from an old Russian family, who regarded the Romanovs as rather ‘parvenu’) and the Baltic German bourgeois Barclay de Tolly wiped the floor with Napoleon.
    Both had ‘worked their way up’ in the Army, which, as remodelled by Peter the Great, was intended to win wars: not to indulge in ‘virtue signalling’.
    In such a society, George W. Bush would have been giving his commander officer heartburn: on the one hand, you couldn’t give an incompetent dried-out alcoholic any serious job of work, but if you made clear to his powerful patrons that you knew he was useless, that might be the end of your career.
    As for Hillary Clinton!!!
    Rarely did the hereditary principle in European monarchies produce such a patently incompetent candidate for supreme office.

  4. Tyler says:

    As I said before, she would have taken a header into the van if the SS hadn’t caught her. She is not a healthy woman.
    Let’s see the sophistry from the usual suspects here on this one.

  5. Swampy says:

    Gotta love that WP headline for the video.
    “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign”
    Thanks for giving us permission, Bezos.
    As for Bill, the convention is over. He’s most likely off doing what he wants to do. I’m sure he could care less.

  6. Tom Cafferty says:

    Just part of the ritualized mourning, lamentation and wailing that goes on around iconic American events like 9/11. She was probably even a little restrained…no rending of garments, smearing of ash, loosening the hair and so on. Oops, is it ok to say something like this? Or have I violated a patriotic safe space like the NFL bowls games?

  7. Nancy K says:

    Maybe with Trump’s wife. She never seems to be around either.

  8. crone says:

    why wasn’t she taken to doctor or hospital? Because everyone in her inner circle knows and has known what her medical problems are? Why take her to her daughter’s apartment? Does Chelsea now have a medical degree? Why did it take 90 mins. for the campaign to make a statement?
    Tom Brokaw suggested this a.m. on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Hillary Clinton, “I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her.”
    Brokaw continued, “It also comes in the context where there has been a very vigorous campaign, both above ground and below ground by the Republicans to raise questions about her health. Rudy Giuliani has been on the air constantly saying, ‘Well I don’t have any facts, but if you look at here, something is amiss.’ Just this morning I had a rather detailed message from a Republican who was inside, and he was raising questions as well saying ‘I didn’t know if this is true, but here are the incidents that we are all watching.’ So that’s in play. We’re already seeing today the social media activity that is going on. I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her. This is not something that is going to be dealt with at her daughter’s apartment, in the context of where we are.”
    At least Brokaw is not afraid to speak… but then, he’s retired. Apparently current reporters/correspondents have rec’d a gag order wrt Hillary’s health… like Rowling’s ‘name that must not be spoken’ – any question wrt her health must not be spoken. Does ‘nothing to see here, move along’ work in this day of internet and cell phones? The video the Col. links to was captured by an individual who simply came to pay respect, and happened to be in the right place at the right time. Otherwise? would we be forced to accept the explanation the campaign finally came up with – ‘she became overheated’? (76 degrees and 47% humidity),
    For whatever it’s worth (nothing actually), I took my 76 y/o body outside this a.m. here in (always hot and sunny – 88 degrees and humidity 41%) South Carolina and washed the car. Then I pulled weeds for 30 minutes or so, after which I went inside to finish my household chores. Haven’t stumbled yet.

  9. Tyler says:

    Don’t be petulant. I’m sure that’s just the “heat” talking.

  10. raven says:

    America’s top commander, General David Petraeus, fainted during a congressional hearing as he was being grilled by senators sceptical about US strategy in Afghanistan.
    His collapse came about an hour into the hearing as a Republican senator, John McCain, questioned him about recent setbacks. McCain stopped mid-sentence, his face frozen, as Petraeus slumped forward from his seat on to the witness table.
    The hearing was suspended as Petraeus, looking dazed, was led out by army colleagues. He returned 20 minutes later, blaming not McCain’s questions but dehydration.

  11. Jimmy_W says:

    It’s the same angle, just flipped over in the video. See that the van is going to the right, while in COL’s video it’s going to the left. The white/black agents positions flipped between the videos, and the female perimeter agent right next to the van.

  12. ISL says:

    If she had fainted, I don’t see how the large SS guy (tentatively fingered as a neurologist) could have kept her upright given that he only had a hold on a single arm. To me it looks more like a seizure or other neurological issue.
    The youtube piece by Dr. Noel linked in an earlier thread was very helpful, here is a link to a follow up interview

  13. kooshy says:

    In that condition I wonder who told the SS not to call for stretcher a medic and an ambulance or at least a wheelchair , anybody knows?

  14. Stephanie says:

    Bill’s probably off campaigning. I’m sure she’s fine.
    She’s also fortunate in that she’s running against a septuagenarian who has released even less medical information than she has. Both of them should release more IMO, following the example of John McCain, but as long as Trump refuses there’s no pressure on her to do more.
    Not to mention that doctor of his. Somewhere in the great beyond Peter Sellers is gnashing his teeth because he’ll never get to play Dr. Bornstein.

  15. robt willmann says:

    The television networks are showing her collapse after she teetered at the edge of the sidewalk from much farther away, at least on CNN, Fox ‘News’, and MSNBC. The image is darker and they use the lighted circle to highlight her head, and you cannot see nearly as much detail as you can in the video clips from each angle linked to in this posting.
    The mass media continues with its blatant effort to get her elected and to cover up her obvious health problems.

  16. Liza says:

    Zero Hedge has just updated to show a piece of metal that falls to the ground when she falls forward. At the bottom of this article is video of her emerging from Chelsea’s apartment. What’s significant: she will not say what happened. Also significant: the press corps isn’t allowed in the motorcade back to Chappaqua.
    I think her campaign just received a “fatal error” message. She’ll have a lot of pressure to withdraw now. Imagine if she has another prolonged coughing spell during the debates or — even worse– if she collapses on stage. She’s clearly quite ill and I wonder why she even entered the race.

  17. John Minnerath says:

    Do we even care where he is or what he’s doing?
    What I wonder is what sort of drug cocktails the doctors have her on to keep her somewhat upright.

  18. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    This raises a cluster of issues:
    – who would let someone in this condition run for Pres, let alone fund them?
    – anyone exhibiting these balance issues is at far greater risk for injury… how long has this been happening?
    – what are Kaine’s strengths and weaknesses as an administrator?
    It’s worth noting that the 74-year-old Bernie Sanders appears to be in much more robust health than Hillary Clinton.
    A pox on the DNC; surely, they knew things were amiss with her health last spring.
    Frankly, I would dismiss this video as just more nefarious nonsense if I weren’t seeing it on SST.

  19. VietnamVet says:

    The woman is holding Hillary up but they collapse forward as they start to move towards the van. Without breaking a step the Secret Service agent grabs the other arm. This was a rushed departure. She was standing unprotected on one side waiting for the van to pull up. An hour later she said this is a beautiful day in New York. Whatever this was, it was not unexpected but handled with practiced skill by people who know exactly what they are doing and what medical conditions she has.
    Can the Democrats switch to Tim Kaine (he reminds me of Joe Biden without the smile); or, do they drag her across the finish line?
    Donald Trump was nominated to be a big middle finger aimed at the establishment. Hillary Clinton is returning the gesture to flyover America. Communication has stopped. This is not unlike just before the American Civil War.
    Too much is happening; poking the Russian bear, negative interest rates, austerity, climate change, refugees or the endless holy war. Unless they are addressed; it is not going to end well for mankind.

  20. Fred says:

    It should but I think this week we will instead be treated to the latest Colin Kapernick scandal, this time the Miami Dolphins version. He got a million for “charity”; I wonder how much they’ll ring up.

  21. Fred says:

    Slick Willie prefers younger woman with neither influence nor power.

  22. Fred says:

    I agree. I believe he was in West Virginia yesterday.

  23. Fred says:

    You are known by the company you keep. In Hilary’s case they are willing to work her to death to gain access to the office of the President. We put people in jail for treating dogs this way. If the establishment will do this to her imagine what they will do to your children’s future.

  24. Fred says:

    “This is not unlike just before the American Civil War.”
    I’ve noticed the same hardening of attitudes from both sides.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Where is her husband?”
    Making funeral arrangements.
    What could possibly be that metal thing that fell from her pants? Was that some battery from a medical device? Does she need electric pumps for fluid extraction or maybe continuous drug injection?
    Anyway, sure such a deplorable thing as her health must be voting for Trump.

  26. irf520 says:

    O lente, lente currite, noctis equi!
    The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike…

  27. turcopolier says:

    I am of a different time. My instinct was to question the loyalty of a husband who did not insist on being at her side. He must have known that she was in bad shape. She is now said to have pneumonia. Surely Bill C. (and her daughter) knew that. pl

  28. Cvillereader says:

    A lot of people who are chronically ill die of pneumonia because they have a compromised immune system.
    I don’ think that Hillary fainted, or was suffering from the heat. The videos of her waiting for the van, show that she was able to hold her head upright. She apparently experienced some sort of loss of motor control in at least one of her legs.

  29. DC says:

    Ah, pneumonia. Apparently, then, her fits of coughing have been due to a lung infection rather than simple allergies, as she asserted then. The public should respect the time she surely needs to recover. Perhaps delay a debate or two.

  30. Cortes says:

    The mainstream candidates both remind me of someone:

  31. TonyL says:

    That’s a good one Nancy :))

  32. turcopolier says:

    “nefarious nonsense?” You think someone faked the video? You saw it on SST? It is all over the internet. Not much of compliment but, thank you. pl

  33. crone says:

    pneumonia? diagnosed by her doctor on FRIDAY? Then why was she still going to events (fundraising on Friday night, ‘deplorables), memorial service this a.m.?
    pneumonia in senior citizens is extremely dangerous… doctors order REST…
    I’ve got a bridge to sell.

  34. turcopolier says:

    IMO she is a brave, driven, type A woman, but brave is not enough. pl

  35. Jack says:

    I suspect theirs is a marriage of convenience. The only loyalty both of them have is to power and money. She has tolerated his philandering due to her intense, insatiable desire for The Prize. She will go to any length to achieve that, even destroy her health. She feels she has sacrificed so much already. This time it’s hers. Nothing is going to stand in her way.

  36. turcopolier says:

    I would not want to see her dragged across the finish line to her detriment, even if she begged them to do it. But then, I am very Type B, although well compensated for the business of organizing death and destruction. Type A people want to believe that those not driven to compete with everything, including themselves are meek. That is not so. pl

  37. crone says:

    I’ve had pneumonia 3 times in my life… doctor always told me that coughing was a good indicator that infection had NOT gone into the lungs. Was NOT pneumonia.

  38. turcopolier says:

    I too, have had pneumonia several times, the result of too much exposure to the elements, too wet, too cold, fatigue, not enough sleep etc. My memory is that the recovery period is extended and exhausting. What is my old (now deceased) physician, Les Upton, used to tell me? Ah, green sputum good, yellow sputum bad and indicative of a lung infection. I wonder what color hers is. pl

  39. ked says:

    I think things aren’t as bad as many nihlists hope-for, that the USA has seen much tougher times (in my own 6 decades, even), while cry-babies are mad ’cause they’re not getting their way. But then, I have baby grandchildren to serve as comparison to the over-wrought palpitating amongst us.
    Pick your poison / pick your sickness; of the body or of the mind?

  40. Tyler says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the detail supervisor has very specific orders in these cases on what to do. Calling for a stretcher and a medic is not one of them, at least not where cameras are.
    Look at how lackadaisical they are. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

  41. Tyler says:

    Yeah Trump at a year older sure looked bother by the stifling 78 degree heat in NYC.
    Spin this however you want to, we all know what we saw.

  42. turcopolier says:

    You know I do not like you but this seemed decent. Petraeus is America’s premier general? No. He is a self promoting selfish jerk. I honor McCain’s miserable experience in a communist jail but did not vote for him. pl

  43. Keith Harbaugh says:

    What’s with this “dehydration” business?
    That was used as the reason for her falling and suffering a concussion back in 2012.
    You mean one of the most prominent people in government can’t get good enough health care to keep her hydrated?
    Is that such a problem?
    If so, why is it?
    Remember all those mothers who used to advise imbibing chicken soup to keep hydrated?
    What does it say about Dr. Lisa Bardack if she can’t give her patient the advice she needs?
    And now we hear the same excuse used for her 2016-09-11 medical episode.
    Can’t she learn to keep hydrated?
    Oh, and that “it was a hot day in New York” excuse.
    I just checked the NWS stats for NYC this morning: 79 degrees from 8:51 to 9:51.
    They call that hot?
    What BS, to borrow Col. Lang’s term.

  44. Tyler says:

    You gotta wonder how much Heaven and Earth is being moved to keep this from happening at the debates. The only thing worst than videos of her going syncopal would be Trump rushing over to catch her as she falls and succeeding at doing so..

  45. Tyler says:

    “Where is her husband?”
    Deciding if he wants to remarry a blonde, brunette, or redhead.

  46. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Oh, and also regarding that “overheated” excuse.
    If you look at the videos, she was wearing a jacket all the time she was “overheated”.
    If heat was the problem, couldn’t she shed the jacket?
    Men shed their jackets all the time when heat is a problem.
    Why couldn’t Hillary, if she was that hot?
    Sounds like yet another judgment problem.

  47. robt willmann says:

    The first cover story of today (11 September), that she became “overheated”, is of course fiction. The next story from her physician is that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, 9 September, and became dehydrated (again? no fluids or potable water in New York City?) . However, Friday was when she attended the campaign event for the LGBT people, and said that half of Trump’s supporters are “deplorables”. She was strong enough, with pneumonia, for that event? She was not coughing pneumonia all over the LGBT people in attendance?–
    This photo from today looks as if the lady to Hillary’s right, who has glasses pushed up on her head, is indeed doing some type of neurological check: squeeze my finger; look at my other finger, etc.–

  48. Tyler says:

    I’ve run on geriatrics with pnemonia as a medic. They’re never in any shape to be campaigning. Furthermore pneumonia is a disease of the winter, not the tail end of summer.

  49. morgan says:

    Who came up with that buzzword “overheated?” Why wouldn’t the more common term “fever” suffice?

  50. kooshy says:

    That’s why I asked, I thought SS is tasked to protect her life not her career.

  51. eakens says:

    PL – Ask and you shall receive:
    Couple other points:
    1. Where would the truth be wo the internet?
    2. Somebody told me she has symptoms of Binswanger’s disease. Seems plausible.

  52. eakens says:

    Because you can’t get a fever from wearing a wool coat. You can however become overheated if you are stupid enough to not take off a wool coat before you faint.
    RE the metal object that fell out of her pant leg. I think that proves she’s not a lizard, but really a robot.

  53. robt willmann says:

    Back to the photo I linked to earlier–
    For the photo analysts, was the photograph taken before she was escorted to the van and collapsed?
    The lady in question to Hillary’s right has a large black bag over her shoulder.
    Now, go to the 2 video clips of the incident. Lady ‘X’ is the main person steadying and holding Hillary up. On the ground by one of the big posts near the edge of the sidewalk is a large black bag. It might be the lady’s bag.
    With my untrained eye, I do not know if the photo was taken before or after the collapse. If Lady ‘X’ was doing a neurological check before the van got there, then that is very significant. It is of course important if it was done later as well.
    Who is that lady? A nurse? campaign worker? another doctor?

  54. JHG says:

    There are several kinds of pneumonia, bacteria, viral, and chemical and severity depends on many things, age, health, type of pneumonia, etc. There is also a pneumonia known as “walking pneumonia” caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that usually occurs in late summer or fall and generally causes a mild form of the illness. Symptoms include coughing spasms, fever, fatigue. headache. This bacteria is airborne and is spread among people who are in crowded spaces such as schools, prisons, or I guess political meetings. Most people are not hospitalized with this form of pneumonia; it is a mild form of illness, usually treated with antibiotics which do cause nausea which limits fluid intake. In fact in younger people treatment may not be sought.
    I write this not to defend Mrs Clinton but to point out there is a range of severity of illness from pneumonia along with a variety of causes of pneumonia. In nursing home patients pneumonia is generally worse but then these patients are already fragile and have exposure to some of the nastier bugs such as pseudomonas and MRSA because of group living. The worst pneumonias are aspiration pneumonia, again common in nursing home patients.

  55. Eric Newhill says:

    This begins to take on all of the elements of a Greek tragedy. Ironically, the advocate for strong independent women has never been able to stand on her own two feet at the level she seeks – literally now. The husband who gave her a leg up cheats on her perpetually and vanishes when she needs him most, but she doesn’t want him around anyhow. Her ambition and hubris combined with her resentment of [male] authority figures will consume her and bring about her very public ignominious end. The power brokers she sought to rule will let her do this to herself. Her husband will not lift a finger to stop it either. It’s getting to be difficult to watch. She should have been stopped for her own good long ago.

  56. Stephanie says:

    With all due respect, you are the one who seems to be spinning. HRC at least has released a medical history. Trump has released a vague and oddly worded letter written in a few minutes while Trump’s limo waited by a doctor who looks like an escapee from a Coen brothers picture.
    As I’ve written here, both candidates should be more forthcoming. I also don’t think it’s a great idea for any presidential candidate should run for a first term after the age of 65. However, here we are. IMO neither Clinton nor Trump is at death’s door or anything near it. I realize there are those who are living in hope that HRC’s tongue is going to fall out, or something. I think that it would be unwise to pin one’s hopes on that and the other pieces of video “evidence” floating around the internets. If this indeed a case of walking pneumonia, and everything we have seen so far fits in with that, she should be fine.

  57. LeaNder says:

    updated to show a piece of metal that falls to the ground
    that’s the magic needle that usually keeps her spine upright. A slap on the right spot on the backbone would have adjusted matters. …

  58. JHG says:

    Mayo Clinic website lists coughing with or without phlegm production as a symptom of pneumonia. Coughing can be severe causing vomiting; there are cough medication with hydrocodone that are sometimes ordered to control cough in patient with pneumonia.

  59. Fighting Bob says:

    Wearing a kevlar vest?
    She takes off her jacket and people say she’s not dressed respectfully for a 9/11 memorial service?
    “Men shed their jackets” sure, when they’re in the limelight as a pesidential candidate at a memorial service? Really?
    No, it’s not a judgement problem, it’s a “being judged” problem.
    If she took her jacket off the judgement would be “Does she think she’s at a picnic? Why can’t she be respectful?”
    And yeah, 79 degrees, in the sun, in a crowd, if you’re wearing Kevlar, you can get hot.

  60. Fighting Bob says:

    I understand your sentiment,
    but it may be that SHE insisted that he continue with the planned campaign schedule so as not to disappoint those who had worked hard to plan these events and were counting Pres. Clinton’s attendence.
    Who knows?
    And she may have downplayed her illness, “walking pneumonia”, in her conversations with him.
    Wives are like that.
    Who knows?
    Many thanks for this blog.

  61. Fighting Bob says:

    A very insightful thought.

  62. crone says:

    David Shuster tweets DNC calling Emergency Meeting
    David Shuster tweets Democratic party operative stating they are in “unchartered political territory.”

  63. Old Microbiologist says:

    All of it is BS. She would never be out and about with pneumonia unless they want to kill her. It is obviously something else and has been a problem for a long time. It is definitely not an infection as it would be a crime to knowingly put others in jeopardy by exposing them to an infectious disease. None of her handlers are wearing any PPE so it is not even logical. However, there are forms of pneumonia that are not from infectious agents and are all linked to either severe neurological diseases, divers decompression, or altitude sickness. Of this choice only neurological disease is logical. Time will tell. I imagine they will be doing some major damage control today.
    I think this dog won’t hunt any more so now they have to go to a plan B. Who that will be is a mystery but it is a most interesting election. Maybe Bernie will be back? He has been toeing the line in a suspicious manner for weeks now.

  64. Kerim says:

    Agree with Tyler.
    I found that striking too.
    Clearly business as usual, moving closer together to minimize evidence.
    Things are getting trickier…

  65. Prem says:

    The tone of some of the reporting implied that pneumonia is a minor ailment. It isn’t – it killed a friend of mine in his 40s.
    Also, given Clinton’s lifestyle – she doesn’t go yomping in the mountains – it may indicate an underlying illness.
    All in all, a big fail for the MSM who were suggesting that stories about HRC’s health were the preserve of foil hat wearers.

  66. Pundita says:

    [bursting into laughter] What a mind you have

  67. turcopolier says:

    Yes. Old Doc Upton knew his stuff. He worked in the Pentagon clinic and was physician to nine chairmen if the JCS. He had been brought to America from Hungary as a teenager without knowing a word of English. He finished high school in a year, then went to CCNY and got a degree in a couple of years. His father was a jewelry maker. Les worked his way through med school. Several of them. As you can imagine it took a long time. Along the way he worked as a waiter and the like. In WW2 he was a captain in the US Army medical corps. The Navy would not take him as a doctor because he was a Jew. I was in Washington studying Spanish as a Lt. when I had some kind of medical problem and by the luck of the draw was seen by CJCS’s doctor, Les. We became friends and he treated me whenever I was around here. I delivered the eulogy at his funeral. pl

  68. Allen Thomson says:

    > “walking pneumonia”
    A useful summary is here:
    Symptoms include:
    Cough that may come in violent spasms but produce very little mucus
    Mild flu-like symptoms such as fever and chills
    Sore throat
    Lingering weakness that may persist after other symptoms go away

  69. A. Pols says:

    Yes, she is a “brave, driven, type A woman”
    And, like an old boxer whose time has passed, a comeback bid is often a bad idea. Her moment of destiny was 2008, but it passed and now it’s too late. Even if elected and able to stumble through one term, she would be a failure.
    If the “Weltgeist” ever called to her, it no longer does. She would have been better off to have used the suasion she possessed to support someone else.

  70. LeaNder says:

    There are such and there are such wives.
    I completely agree with Pat, if she indeed had pneumonia, additionally assuming he should have a pretty good insight into specific physical weaknesses over all these years, and never mind someone above suggested it was a pretty ‘meaningless’ ritual after all. Shouldn’t he have been there with or without whatever condition he knew his wife was in?
    The Guardian seems to have tagged something under a thought/question on my mind. Odd, never stumbled across such a link.

  71. Nancy K says:

    I agree with you completely. I’m going to be 70 soon and in good health for my age, however I would not have the stamina to keep up with a presidents schedule. I feel all candidates for president should be carefully vetted and given independent medical exams and also their taxes should be released and their business dealings scrutinized. Actually a mental exam by an independent psychiatrist would not be a bad idea also. President Reagan was apparently suffering from early Alzheimer’s in his 2nd term.

  72. Nancy K says:

    Many marriages are one of convenience such as Rich older men and beautiful arm candy wives.

  73. Nancy K says:

    What would happen if Clinton bows out of the race? Has anything like this happened before?

  74. apol says:

    Scott Adams on the ‘symbol’.
    < If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority. Hillary Clinton just became unelectable>

  75. pj says:

    OT? for Col. Lang and the group – If you had to recommend one historical/political book on the Middle East from WWI to the present, what would it be?

  76. rjj says:

    “Resentment of male authority figures” usually has more to do with the absence of authority than the presence of a membrum virile.

  77. morgan says:

    I live in the same town as Col. Lang and I get “overheated” in summer wearing shorts and a tee shirt–high temperatures and high humidity. I would never associate that with some illness.

  78. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Kerim: ” . . moving closer together to minimize evidence.”
    With seeming nonchalance.

  79. turcopolier says:

    What part of town? pl

  80. morgan says:

    Bernie has a logical argument: I had more DNC delegate votes than anybody but Hillary even with the “rigged” process–Super Delegates and DNC collusion.

  81. morgan says:

    The old Hunting Towers apartments.

  82. LeaNder says:

    Allen, I was already a bit further. Strictly fainting is a complex symptom not something easily one-way-related. And the medical trade is occupied by humans. There are clear symptom clusters of the easily recognizable via the standard road and there are others…
    The problem, and to be honest this is some type of a deja vu for me – watching the US divide — different people have addressed quite exquisitely here.
    The human organism is a rather complex affair. If I may, the “Parkinson Alley” is pretty disgusting to me, personally. Allow me to not go into details, but I know it a bit for very, very long now… Really by now the huge topic over here is Alzheimer. But no doubt the huge financial returns for Alzheimer drove some of the members of the trade I met several decades ago.
    Back to the complexity of human organism. Strictly, there are psychological factors too. Imbalances and as some pointed out weakened natural defenses. I would assume candidates work over time and after have a hard time to stop their heads to be able to sleep. At least some. I don’t think Trump has that problem, admittedly. He doesn’t look like.
    I surely wouldn’t want to be in her place. I stumbled across something that might explain whatever strikes me, and cannot be simply explained away. But for what it is worth: I consider a large part of the Hillary health debate bit hysterial, after all a perfectly well diagnosed patient could die of a heart attack tomorrow, simply since no one is around. Or overrun by a car for that matter.
    Apart from that does the US need dynasties? I have to join David Habakkuk on this.
    Besides, thanks for the link somewhere else. I prefer not to interfere into experienced exchanges in that context.

  83. JMH says:

    Beta male who did not receive one primary vote, tough climb.

  84. turcopolier says:

    Yes, we beta males are a sad lot. Low T, low energy, unattractive to women, doomed to labor in tiny cubicles for paltry remuneration. pl

  85. Jack says:

    You are correct. Its not only the Sugar Daddy and Gold Digger convenience. There are those who hang together for kids and other reasons. Relative to half of American marriages ending up in divorce. Maintaining monogamous long term relationships are less the norm I suppose.

  86. Edward Amame says:

    I can’t wait for this election to be over.

  87. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    morgan and OMB:
    The Borg will never sit still for Bernie unless they come up with a plausible plan for rendering him a figurehead.

  88. Dante Alighieri says:

    Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that nothing really serious has happened to her. A mild case of pneumonia not requiring hospitalization, refusal to skip 9/11 against doctor’s advice, side-effects of antibiotics such as dizziness and dehydrating diarrhea, no reason for handlers or Bill to start jumping around. But maybe such a hypothesis appears too sober these days…

  89. Jack says:

    I’m with you in not buying the pneumonia story. It would be criminal to expose others. And she hugged the little girl when she stepped out of Chelsea’s apartment. We can be certain the MSM will not pursue that line of questioning if Hillary was negligent in potentially exposing others having just been diagnosed. Even if it was not contagious there ought to be a culture report of what caused the infection.
    I suspect by the behavior of her team and what transpired noting that Chelsea has a newborn, it is something else. Likely neurological which would make her incapable of handling the stress and sleep deprivation of the presidency.

  90. Jack says:

    I agree with you that there should be a medical certification by an independent board as a basic qualification for running for office of the president.

  91. Sam Peralta says:

    “I can’t wait for this election to be over.”
    Unless of course if grandma loses. Emigrate and pile on Trump for every one of his gaffes?
    When your team is down end the game. When your team is up mock their opponents. I get the tribalism.

  92. Edward Amame says:

    Cases of walking pneumonia are most common in the late summer and fall…BUT IT COULD BE WALKING EBOLA!!!! WHERE ARE THE HAZMAT SUITS FOR THE SECRET SERVICE??!!!!

  93. Sam Peralta says:

    The “pneumonia” is just one of a long list of “medical episodes” in the recent past. What would a sober hypothesis be when you consider them? She is fit to run a marathon!

  94. Sam Peralta says:

    I don’t think so. I’m sure some back room deal will take place if comes to that and the sheep will fall in line. It will not be Bernie.
    But this is the problem with “private” political parties and rules made up to insure only certain people who the political and financial elites anoint can hold the highest office in the land.

  95. johnA says:

    Suppose all you say is true.
    Why would she not come out and say exactly that?
    Instead the dog and little girl show??
    After all, she is a strong leader, right?

  96. JMH says:

    IMHO Sir, individuals are who they are psychologically and that cannot be changed. Hence, I feel sorry for the A types. Socially however, we can move from beta to alpha and visa versa within our respective packs. Hubert Humphrey failed at that transition, and I believe Tim Kaine will have the same problem.

  97. Stephanie says:

    True. There’s also the example of Paul Tsongas, who assured everybody he was “cancer-free” – which may have been technically true at the time — and would have died during his first term in office. I think an examination by your own doctor, who knows you best, might be sufficient, although Trump’s stunt with Dr. Bornstein has made me rethink that a bit. At the least, it would have been appropriate for both Clinton and Trump to take physicals and report the results.
    In the unlikely occurrence that Clinton has to be toted across the finish line in the fireman’s carry and then keels over in the manner of William Henry Harrison, I have a reasonable amount of confidence in the experience and abilities of Tim Kaine. I have no such confidence in Trump (or in Pence). That said, while a president’s death in office can be coped with, it’s hardly desirable, and older candidates who take the plunge should expect, and get, extra scrutiny.
    “any presidential candidate should run”
    That should have read “to run.” Sorry.

  98. Fred says:

    Old Microbiologist,
    “plan B”. Like Planned Parenthood’s day after pill it’s a resignation immediately after the inauguration. Unless the Democrats want to prove to every voter that laws governing elections can be set aside at whim to ensure the right party’s candidate gets elected. I believe the Austrians are postponing an election for the same reason.

  99. robt willmann says:

    Nancy K, Stephanie,
    When it comes to age, it is a world of individuals. My mother taught piano until she was 91. Around that time, the bureaucrats at the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to renew her drivers license unless she qualified all over again. She did not appreciate such an unwarranted action, to put it mildly. So I got the little book given to all new applicants to prepare for the written exam, we had some fun studying it, and she went and passed both the written and driving tests.
    However, Hillary has significant medical problems, as well as severe attitude and conduct problems, in my opinion.
    On the issue of her remaining in the race as the Democratic Party candidate, I think she will not leave unless forced out. I read a vague article that said something like the Democratic National Committee might decide, or something, if it came down to it. I do not know what the DNC’s bylaws say, if anything.
    In the 2008 Democratic primary, I don’t think that any Democratic member of Congress endorsed her. She did not pull back in the primary until a deal was made, which became known when she was appointed to be secretary of state after Obama was elected.
    The real campaigning and political action right now is behind the scenes among the operators in the Democratic Party around the country, and related influence peddlers.

  100. Fred says:

    Showing no true concern for Mrs. Clinton’s health is deplorable.

  101. Nancy K says:

    I think we all want this election to be over. I think the entire world wants this election to be over. But maybe we make them feel better as even 3rd world countries seem to have better run, more civil elections.

  102. Edward Amame says:

    Sam Peralta
    Wrong. When the other team is being ridiculous you mock.

  103. Nancy K says:

    I haven’t seen Trump yomping in the mountains of late either. Maybe that is both of their problems, they don’t yomp enough.

  104. crone says:

    did you watch the video? She was leaning against a concrete post, with handlers on both sides, and when the ‘van’ arrived, and the door was opened, and she was moved forward, her legs buckled beneath her. Who you gonna believe, HRC or your lyin’ eyes? No choice, right? HRC, “I feel fine” – “it’s a beautiful day”
    btw, the Scooby’van’ )of which there are several) is actually an undercover ambulance in the guise of a black Chevy SUV
    who travels like that? who in the past traveled like that?
    here’s a link to cache of photos and info

  105. Edward Amame says:

    Or she could nap through her entire presidency like the Gipper!

  106. Edward Amame says:

    Your concern trolling is sticking out all over the place.

  107. irf520 says:

    I take it you’re a big fan of the TPP and TTIP then?

  108. Fred says:

    Nancy K,
    Which 3rd world countries would those be?

  109. Allen Thomson says:

    a piece of metal that falls to the ground when she falls forward
    Kinda reminds me of the Bush Jacket Bulge:
    At the time, 2004, I asked a friend and former colleague who had contact with such matters about that. While not giving away secrets, he strongly hinted that da Prez carried a security tracker. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Secret Service were to provide the candidates with a modernized version of such.

  110. Kooshy says:

    So far the only good news is, queen Borg’ pneumonia is not been blamed on the bad old Putin, conspiring to deprive Americans of the flawless, honest, Hilly Billy to be president.

  111. Dubhaltach says:

    I find myself wondering why the stories about her apparently uncontrollable bursts of rage have slipped so thoroughly from sight. I understand about the newscycle and the interest in her latest bout of ill-health, nevertheless I think it’s a bit strange that this ??? long-term ??? issue seems to have entirely vanished from view.
    For those interested fascinating series of articles here:
    War or Peace: for whom do we vote on November 8th? » American University in Moscow
    (including one by Patrick Armstrong who has posted here at SST. )

  112. Fred says:

    It sure worked out for the mother of Canada’s current Prime Minister.

  113. Fred says:

    As I said above we jail people who would treat a dog the way the establishment surrounding Hilary is treating her. If she is doing this to herself with their complicity then it would be called enabling. If you wish to call that concern trolling then pat yourself on the back for being loyal to the cause.

  114. Jack says:

    If she sleeps through her presidency it would be fine. But I’m afraid she wants to go mano-o-mano with that “thug Putin” when she can barely stand on her two feet. And try and disarm the “deplorables”???
    I’m sorry that the Borg Queen is so physically debilitated and may not make it and deliver you that “progressive” social engineering that your team yearns for.

  115. morgan says:

    You are probably right, but he has a logical argument to make.

  116. Sam Peralta says:

    And do you mock your team when they are being ridiculous? Like right now.
    Pneumonia and then hugging a little girl? And greeting people at the memorial?
    Or is it that social norms and concern for others don’t apply to her just like the law apparently.

  117. Kooshy says:

    EA if your candidate drops out who do you think will replace her, my guess is Mr. Choo Choo, he is more known than her running mate.

  118. morgan says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that HRC’s burning ambition is to be the first female to be elected President of the United States. That’s the spot in history she wants to have. Reasons of health be damned, she won’t voluntarily step aside from pursuing that life long venture.

  119. Anna says:

    She is the establishment and the Family’s “chosen:” http://www.alternet.org/story/87665/worse_than_fascists%3A_christian_political_group_'the_family'_openly_reveres_hitler
    And yes, she is becoming a sacrificial whatever on her own volition.
    By the way, what are the chances to find the truth about the executioners of Seth Rich? – A 27-year-old ‘murdered Democratic National Committee staffer was the source of a trove of damaging emails … posted just days before the party’s convention.’ http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/08/wow-breaking-video-julian-assange-suggests-seth-rich-wikileaks-dnc-source-shot-dead-dc/

  120. MRW says:

    Another version: https://twitter.com/johncardillo/status/775000466304315393/video/1
    This appears to be shot from directly behind her.

  121. Tyler says:

    I see a man who can do multiple events across the country vs. a woman who can’t stand up in the stifling 78 degree heat of NYC without being supported by multiple people and being bundled away like a sack of meat.
    You don’t need a doctor to know that one is healthy while the other is not, even if you are, as Hillary’s doctor is, one who has a license but isn’t engaging in continuing education.
    Keep spinning Stephanie. Borg Grandma ain’t healthy. Hope you’re getting paid enough by your masters to look like a fool.

  122. Tyler says:

    Stephanie is another idiot nice white lady who has no opinion someone hasn’t spoon fed her on MSNBC. Same with Nancy.

  123. Tyler says:

    Team Trump has been confused by Trump has been insisting on wind sprints as part of his pre debate prep, but it’s gonna reap dividends if the opportunity presents itself.

  124. Tyler says:

    You tiresome little man. Elderly people don’t get “walking pneumonia”. They get knocked down by pneumonia, full stop because their immune systems can’t handle it. People under 40 and the young get walking pneumonia – the elderly get bedridden.
    It’s been a rough week, huh buddy?

  125. Tyler says:

    Critical Care Nurse is my guess.

  126. Tyler says:

    If you’re familiar with all this, you should know that walking pneumonia is a phenomenon associated with those under 40 and the young.
    Hillary is neither. Nor does it cause you to go limp like a rag with your leg kicking so hard you lose a shoe.

  127. Tyler says:

    Because he’s setting himself up to win the presidency by campaigning at all points of the compass, not sitting in a hyperbaric chamber for weeks at a time meditating on the Dark Side of the Force.

  128. David says:

    The finger is squeezed by one hand and then by the other. It can be a bad sign if one hand is much weaker than the other in squeezing the finger as this indicates something is going on in one hemisphere in the brain, but not the other. For someone who is known to have epilepsy, and has had a seizure, often one side of the body
    will become weaker than the other. The return of strength on the affected side is a sign that the person has recovered.
    If someone is not known to have epilepsy, than a big difference in hand strength is a sign of a stroke, particularly if that person has a history of strokes like Mrs. Clinton.

  129. Kooshy says:

    I agree, knowing you are having pneumonia and touching and hugging a little girl is depressingly deplorable.

  130. Tyler says:

    Please stop with the mendacious dissembling.
    Being “overheated” does not cause one to go limp like a sack of meat, having to be supported by two people unless one is in the near terminal stages of heat stroke.
    I get you want her to drag her corpse across the finish line, come hell or high water, but this is a very sick woman and you need to accept that.

  131. Edward Amame says:

    Disarm the “deplorables” you say. Gotcha. So THAT’S what’s driving all this.

  132. Keith Harbaugh says:

    For the record, here are the full stats for that time from the NWS site (this will disappear from their web site after 3 days):
    11 09:51 NW 9 G 28 10.00 A Few Clouds FEW029 FEW045 79 61 54% NA 80 29.96 1013.6
    Clinton was noted by the press corps as being MIA at 9:36 AM.
    That’s 79 degrees, dewpoint of 61, 54% relative humidity, heat index of 80.
    And on the “dehydration” front,
    if she needed water all she had to do was to signal to one of her aides or a Secret Service agent, and tell them she needed a water bottle,
    and they would have brought it.
    How can she be so stupid as to not know when she needs to drink water?

  133. Jack says:

    There’s this little document called the Constitution. I understand your team doesn’t pay much attention to it unless it comports with your social engineering.
    The primary reason this registered non-partisan can’t support the Borg Queen is her consistent and proven track record of fostering death, destruction and anarchy in places we have no national interests. She is in the exact same box as Dubya, when it comes to molding others who care not, who I know you loath.

  134. crone says:

    Pneumonia is apparently a side effect of Parkinson’s Disease… dehydration a result of difficulty swallowing, another side effect of Parkinson’s.
    Before you call for my tin foil hat, check out this video by a MD talking about Parkinson’s and HRC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr1IDQ2V1eM&feature=youtu.be
    Another video on Parkinson’s, totally w/out discussion of HRC, discusses ‘blue glasses’ and how those suffering with Parkinson’s use them to ‘arrest’ tremors. Found video to be very informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrcO2oRv75I
    btw, Hillary was sporting ‘blue glasses on Sunday

  135. Bobo says:

    I’m sure we all wish Mrs. Clinton a prompt and complete recovery from her pneumonia and other ills. What I was impressed with yesterday is how her aide and the Secret Service team responded with such professionalism. She and We as a nation were well served by their actions. Where we were not served well is by the ongoing secrecy exhibited by her campaign staff which falls on her shoulders.
    No matter how well she comes back it will be quite difficult for the voter to cast a vote for Mrs. Clinton with the memory of her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial.

  136. Fred says:

    Fighting Bob,
    Did NYC declare a heat emergency? How many other NYC residents aged 70+ we sent to cooling centers due to the heat and humidity? Here are the standards from the city’s website:
    “Based on the heat index forecast, the National Weather Service could issue:
    Heat Advisory: Issued when the heat index is forecast to reach 95°F to 99°F for at least 2 consecutive days, or 100°F to 104°F for any length of time.
    Excessive Heat Watch: Issued 24 to 48 hours of an event when the heat index values are forecast to reach or exceed 105°F for at least two consecutive hours.
    Excessive Heat Warning: Issued when the heat index values are forecast to be at least 105°F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days, or heat index more than 115°F for any period of time.”
    Maybe we need a Hilary Heat Index – can’t stand the heat of press scrutiny? find a cool place to hang out until Nov. 8th.

  137. Cortes says:

    I suppose we are all coffin dodger types but her husband seems to be a coughin’ dodger.

  138. Jay M says:

    Galba like, Biden stares into the abyss of the Obama succession.

  139. Cee says:

    In another shot it appears that the woman holding her arm was also taking her pulse.
    Also the NY Post reported that she refused to go to the hospital to keep her HEALTH secret.
    Bring back Sanders.

  140. Cee says:

    HRC. Things are so bad with her I may start to beleive that she has a body double if she starts to look better.

  141. Cee says:

    One incident. HRC has had one too many! Last week she was allergic to Trump now pneumonia?! Why hug the child in the street for a photo op if this was the case?

  142. Cee says:

    NPR reported that the DNC is talking about contingency plans.

  143. Cee says:

    She was at the scene after the towers fell on 911. Perhaps she has cancer or COPD like many of the first responders. What is her stance on seeing that their lifetime medical expenses are paid?

  144. ToivoS says:

    The woman and the black guy next to her are not SS — they are trained medical aids, at least. The guy holding her right arm might be SS.

  145. LeaNder says:

    Anna, if you are seriously interested. Meaning not only in the way Assange directs you, dig a little.
    If you want to honor Seth Rich. Try to understand how the dead happened and not simply misuse it as piece in the puzzle pointing in the direction of your already established lines of thinking, that is.
    I am aware of the National Prayer Breakfast and/or the arguments around it. Yes, I found it interesting that it surfaced in the recent article on Clinton’s college speech. … But apart from that such circles are often simply misused to establish political connections. …

  146. LeaNder says:

    Fighting Bob, that would have been my second guess.
    Be careful though concerning specific fast googled up medical explanations. Not too long ago I was pretty stunned to see a moderator faint live on camera. She fell over on the desk in front of her with her interview partner behind it. They interrupted and shifted to a news feature. Probably the next one planned.
    I checked videos confronted with this new matter, it seems to be more frequent then I thought it was. …

  147. LeaNder says:

    How can she be so stupid as to not know when she needs to drink water?
    i was confronted with a dehydrated friend once. Admittedly having a seriously bad conscience after the event, since I did not pay the appropriate attention. In his case it should have obvious: diarrhea. Although the diarrhea was only the symptom not the core reason. … I started to pay attention when he gave me the impression of an imbecile, I know he isn’t. … At least to this extend neurology matters (MB in mind here)
    I am not that much younger then Clinton. I always drank a lot all day long. Some feel too much, although always not only after this event. But the elderly sometimes forget. Not the type of Clinton, mind you, the ones in care. Thus what I realized at that point is well known. …
    Medically dehydration is more complex … considering we humans wouldn’t exit without water.

  148. JHG says:

    Where are your references for this assertion? As a home health RN I have cared for elderly patients with pneumonia who did not require hospitalization or became bedridden. These were patients who were over 75 years of age.

  149. LeaNder says:

    you seem to be an expert. Besides one never knows on the web.
    If I may misuse Pat’s blog for personal reasons: How much do we know about epilepsy by now? What do the registered spike clusters mean?
    I never ever had a visibly as far as outside observers are concerned noticeable seizure, but I had many. I loved them — never mind context — but it was somehow relaxing to escape into an environment where no defined “I” existed. Wide space, stars.

  150. rjj says:

    cue twilight zone theme? seneca and petronius have been repeatedly popping into thinkspace lately.

  151. Cee says:

    I watched another video compilation that shows she is always holding on to someone or some thing. I broke some vertebrae last year and I do that now. What IS her excuse?

  152. LeaNder says:

    I vaguely agree, but only as far as tyler’s allusion to the elderly go. Being one of them some around here keep record, so ask them.
    that said, to what extend do the offered explanations make sense? No doubt the efforts to spin coherent narratives out of it, don’t make sense either.

  153. Cee says:

    David Axelrod is unhappy too. He said pneumonia can we cured with antibiotics. What is the cure for someone who has a penchant for unnecessary secrecy that causes problems.

  154. Dante Alighieri says:

    @Sam Peralta, “she is fit to run a marathon”? But why should a US president have to be?
    @johnA, “why would she not come out and say exactly that?” I think that’s what she just did.
    @crone, “who travels like that?” A presidential candidate on antibiotics for pneumonia, perhaps?
    Please guys, don’t mistake me for a HRC supporter. I’m a foreign observer with no stake or right in supporting or dissing any US presidential candidate. That is your prerogative entirely. I’m just asking you to apply a modicum of Occam’s razor to any wild hypothesis.
    I don’t go for such jumpy conclusions like “blue tinted sunglasses? proof she’s an epileptic!” or “black Chevy SUV, she’s about to die” or “she hates drinking water? proof she has rabies!” etcetera. That’s all.

  155. Nancy K says:

    You are wrong the elderly do get walking pneumonia especially if they are active, not bedridden. I am more concerned about Trump’s possible financial ties to Russia. I’m sure there are many of us who would like to see his tax returns. “tiresome little man”. Is that all you can do is deride those who do not agree with you. What ever happened to discussion, debate, the right to differing opinions?

  156. kooshy says:

    Yap, I should have known better, there is no evil going on without the bad, bad old Putin having his hand in it.

  157. Fred says:

    ” Try to understand how the dead happened…”
    It happened by five bullets in the back. The motive for the killing is what is in question.

  158. irf520 says:

    “What ever happened to discussion, debate, the right to differing opinions?”
    You need to ask that question to the “social justice” crowd who have made it their business to destroy anyone whose opinion deviates even marginally from approved dogma.

  159. irf520 says:

    My recollection is that he didn’t last very long. He’d be better of being Vespasian.

  160. gowithit says:

    Perhaps Trump is raging with fever as well!
    Is this his “red line” as Prez?

  161. JMH says:

    The way the agent grabbed her right arm, almost as if he was bored, is what struck me.

  162. Tyler says:

    As a paramedic and any responsible text on geriatrics on the matter of pneumonia. You’re telling me that elderly just shrug off pneumonia? Lel. I’ll pray for your patients.

  163. Tyler says:

    No, I am right. This is not your social justice nonsense where because you believe something it happens.
    I deride people like you disagree with me because you’ve earned it with your sad antics. You’re not here to argue in good faith, you’re here to propagandize.

  164. Tyler says:

    No, you’re an entryist begging the question and being snarky to handwave away the fact the woman had a seizure with “conspiracy theory”.

  165. LeaNder says:

    Hmm, for how long do you have this easily recognizable image of the enemy?
    Couldn’t one argue that Trump is a “social justice” seeker too. Only seeking–at least on the surface–social justice for Americans only? Leading them into the bright dawn of A Great America again? Strictly, on a more theoretical ground, I would like to watch that happen. …

  166. LeaNder says:

    Five bullets in the back? Reliable source? That surely would make no sense in the case of robbery. I wasn’t sure if I could trust the shot-in-the-back-parts of the message.
    Maybe I was distracted by close-to-home?
    thanks, Fred.

  167. Stephanie says:

    I’m reserving judgment. I expect the issue will be moot if it can get passed in the lame duck session. In any case, both Clinton and Kaine have come out against it in its present form. You may not believe them, but Trump is a slender reed to place your hopes on, with a notable tendency to reverse himself and back again on a nearly daily basis. Pence is a strong free-trader. The third party candidates are dubious quantities and have no shot. If free trade is your make-or-break issue for a presidential nominee, then none of your options are ideal here.

  168. Fighting Bob says:

    Oh Tyler,
    Not eveything is a fight.
    I have no desire to “drag her corpse across the finish line, come hell,or high water”
    You’re making assumptions about me and you couldn’t be more wrong.
    Second assumption,
    “being ‘overheated’ does not cause a person to go limp …unless one is in the terminal stages of heat stroke”.
    That is absolutely bogus and i am insulted that you think anyone would swallow.
    I personally have witnessed two people fall over, pass out, from being “overheated”.
    They had some water, moved slowly, and within an hour they were fine.
    Is that what happed with Clinton?
    I don’t know and neither do you.
    But “near terminal”?
    It is fine to have a vigorous discussion but you do yourself no credit when you make assumptions about fellow posters and go so overboard in your statements.
    And to lecture me, “you need to accept that”.
    It’s hard to take you seriously when you engage that style and I want to Tyler because you have had some interesting things to say in the past.

  169. gowithit says:

    The above comments re “walking pneumonia and elderly” by “Dr. Tyler appear to be further evidence of his “quackery” As noted in this link, among others, 15% of pneumonia cases in persons over 65 yrs are of the “walking” variety.

  170. Tyler says:

    Fighting Bob,
    Plz stop with the sophistic paternalism.
    1st: My assumptions are backed up by evidence. You’re crying because I say you have no clothes. Boo hoo.
    2nd: I can guarantee I have treated more people in terminal heat stroke than you have ever seen. Someone kicking their legs in a seizure and losing full consciousness is heat stroke right before it goes fatal, which is what is viewed on the video. That is not something turned around by “some water”.
    Stop dissembling and trying to turn this into an argument about how to argue because you don’t have an argument. You need to accept that.

  171. Tyler says:

    Reaching so hard you’re going to dislocate a shoulder.
    When Hillary’s spox was asked about why she was around her grandchildren if she had pneumonia, the spox claimed it was non-infectious after it was put forth that several staffers also “had pneumonia”. LMBO they can’t even keep their lies straight, and then you come in here with this.

  172. Edward Amame says:

    Propagandize = anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
    I can’t think of anything more “tiresome” (the very word I used to describe your sidekick the other day, hmmm….) than your constant mansplaining. Bet you really light up a room.

  173. Edward Amame says:

    I’m sure that’s the primary reason. Not.

  174. Edward Amame says:

    All Dantee has to do is Google “Hillary Clinton seizure” to figure out who’s indulging in conspiracy theories here. It’s not him.

  175. Bobo says:

    Yes, the only ones who seemed shocked by this collapse were the two NYPD officers that rushed in to assist. All the other Secret Service team treated it like a normal event. Certainly goes to their training but there was that feel that they had dealt with this before. Coincides with the agent who patted her on the back and cued her to continue talking in that event a month or two prior. I certainly believe that the Secret Service has their finger on the pulse in this situation but we will have to wait twenty years for that book to publish.

  176. Nancy K says:

    I was a public health nurse, many of the patients I saw were elderly, most of them still fairly active and at home. Walking pneumonia is really not a medical term it is called atypical pneumonia and the patients I saw were seen by their docs and usually place on an antibiotic, often azithromycin. As a paramedic the patients you see are usually very ill often coming from a nursing home or care facility. They were probably not exercising, drinking adequate fluids etc. Hillary Clinton is a senior but she is active could easily be treated by her Dr. with antibiotics and not hospitalized. sym would include cough, fatique, low grade temp.
    I’m not sure who you think I am here to propagandize and I definitely do not know how you can say I am not arguing in good faith. I am just relating information from my 37 years in nursing.
    I have no desire to change anyone’s feelings about social justice or injustice on this site. I’m secure enough in my beliefs that I don’t have to revert to name calling and ridicule.

  177. Tyler says:

    Nah, you and the other Fifth Columnists with your brand of mendacious sophistry aren’t here to debate, but to try and bleat down any discord.
    I’m glad you can see my light over there in your ultra white Monmouth County gated estate. Lmbo unironically using mansplaining. When did your wife geld you? Honest question.

  178. Tyler says:

    Nancy K,
    Then you would know that “walking pneumonia” isn’t going to be cured by a diazepam autoinjector. You know that someone with neuro deficits isn’t going to magically be all better because of a trip to their daughter’s apartment. You know that if there’s a neuro pathophys link with pneumonia, its serious stuff.
    So you’re either clueless or lying to handwave all this away. Which is it?

  179. Tyler says:

    Yeah, who am I going to believe? The media dedicated to dragging her corpse across the finish line or my own lying eyes?
    The Wall is gonna be YUGE, Eddie.

  180. different clue says:

    I don’t know any more about the Clintons’ inner personal lives and psycho-dynamics than any other outside observer. I can only offer “muh feels” to the effect that it is Clinton’s own inner ambition and desire for unchallenged fame, power and vindication which drives her forward. Perhaps she wants to prepare the ground for eventual ascension to the throne of the royal princess pretender Chelsea in due course. Mister Bill’s desire to gather untold billions of more dollars with his family of foundations may figure somewhere in all this.
    But I am not sure she would do all of this just for an establishment which always mocked her and her husband Bill when they were in the White House the last time.

  181. different clue says:

    Well . . . LeaNder . . . it should be possible to get copies of the news stories relating to this murder. It may even be possible to get copies of the “public parts” of the police reports themselves if one wants the unimpeachable raw data.
    I remember reading a little about these stories. Nothing was stolen. Not wallet, car keys, house keys, money . . . . anything. It is almost as if this were a “send them a message” murder.
    “Five bullets sealed his lips.”

  182. different clue says:

    This is why Trump should campaign just hard and steady enough, and in far flung vote-rich places all over the country enough, to psycho-pressurize her to get back into the squirrel cage. Get her out there again running and keep her running running running.

  183. LeaNder says:

    Well . . . LeaNder . . . it should be possible …
    dc, what are the laws the in Washington State? But for whatever its worth, the “left” may have gotten hooked on the “right’s” narrative in this case. But no, I did not take a closer look. … Anyway, doesn’t look like the case is closed:
    On the other hand, how many willing helpers may make the work of police harder, to the extend there is still something to be found out? Weapon used? Not sure if rewards are helpful in this case.

  184. Dante Alighieri says:

    What is an entryist?

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