Who is THIS Joe Biden?

“Who the hell is this guy? ” (Re-published 26 January, 2022)

“The old Biden was a windbag who wouldn’t shut up, the new Biden is a silent Sam, especially when it comes to answering press questions. He ducks, dodges, hides and mumbles. 

The old Biden was proud about his friendship with Southern segregationists and called Sen. Robert Byrd, a former member of the KKK, a mentor. The new Biden declares all America guilty of “systemic racism” and says it’s “a stain on the nation’s soul.” 

” … the new Biden is not the result of evolution. Rather, his radical views on race, government institutions, climate change and criminal justice represent such sudden, wholesale reversals that they invite skepticism about his sincerity and whether he is fully in charge of his faculties. 

Does he really believe these things, or are they convenient lurches as he tries to keep up with the “woke” wingnuts who dominate his party in Washington? Does he recognize the implications of his sweeping condemnations of law enforcement and White Americans? 

“One revealing moment came last week when a Post reporter, Steven Nelson, asked the White House this question: 

“To what extent does President Biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism?” “

” … Jen Psaki responded with a nonresponse, saying in part, “One of the president’s core objectives is addressing racial injustice in this country.” 

The same question could be asked of other long-serving, powerful Dems who regularly echo the race-baiting claims.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been in Congress since 1987. What has she done to stop systemic racism, and has she benefited from it? Was her father, also a politician, a racist?

Comment: Nancy P. probably would call her father a racist, a sexist, etc. She exhibits all the characteristics of a massive Electra Complex. IMO Trump is just an avatar of her father, and he probably WAS a domineering old bastard.

As I have mentioned before I have been screamed at by Commuter Joe. I’ll bet he misses the daily ride on the Acela. I am not sure if his senatorial act was just that, an act, or was he a different man then. I just do not know. pl


Added comment: Well, pilgrims, the old Joe Biden was not the “Mr. Rogers” type that he was portrayed as being by the Neo-Bolsheviki who ran him for president and still control him. Truth be told, I can personally testify that he was exactly like the son-of-a bitch who called Peter Doocy that very thing. pl


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  1. Fred says:

    “The same question could be asked of other long-serving, powerful Dems who regularly echo the race-baiting claims.” Whoa, ask that of Barack, Nancy and Kamala? The press would never do that. Neither would those infamous “low information voters” who keep, apparently, re-electing the same democrats who supervise those police departments in those cities the left keeps complaining about.

    “”To what extent does President Biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism?” ”
    There’s another one of those forbidden questions.

  2. Deap says:

    Biden’s recent fumbling demand for the Navajos to give him his wife back was cringeworthy.

  3. Walrus says:

    Col. Lang,

    As you know, all Presidents are slaves to their daily running sheet to a degree that is dependent on their strengths of character, leadership and ability. The running sheet is a creation of the staff and if they are not directed by the President then someone else will do it for him.

    My contention is that in his heart, Biden is a scared little man who has no talent except that of the Chameleon. He has built a career as “Folksy Joe”. No leadership ability whatsoever, nor was it ever required. At his age he is also a very slow learner.

    That leads me to suspect that he finds the job totally beyond him – a not uncommon situation for what I call “would be if they could be” types. He watched Obama and thought he could do just as well or better. This is a scary situation because that “someone else” is in charge now. Furthermore, scared people do fatally stupid things.

  4. TV says:

    Invasion on the southwest border, Iran about to get nuclear weapons, face slaps from China, covid scamdemic still rolling along, national debt bigger than the GDP, energy sector facing destruction.
    BUT, no more mean tweets – and that’s what matters.

  5. akaPatience says:

    Can anyone imagine the vitriol aimed at Trump if he’d failed to deliver a State of the Union address by this time, as has President Corn Pop – he with the curly-haired legs that little children were fascinated with, once upon a time??? I’ve heard nary a peep of condemnation about Biden’s failure in this respect. Yet we can safely presume that Trump or probably any Republican would be absolutely EXCORIATED by the MSM and other leftists if they failed to do their duty.

    Like some others, it’s my suspicion that veterans of the Obama Regime are running the show, crassly and opportunistically exploiting the cognitive degeneration of Biden, making him their puppet. And I have no doubt that continued Covid fearmongering is at least in part in order to use it as an excuse to shield him from public scrutiny.

    As Goodwin states in the linked article, peoples’ attitudes may change. Can’t argue with that. But President Corn Pop’s haven’t evolved gradually over time but instead have taken a sharp, radical turn in just the past year or even less. Sadly for him and our country, he doesn’t seem to have enough wits left to discern what’s happening.

  6. Pat Lang says:

    IMO what we are seeing in the “Biden Administration” is the attempted execution of a soft coup intended to re-create the USSR through political action and mass propaganda

    • Fourth and Long says:

      That would probably be an improvement over what’s really going on unfortunately.

      I keep up with an American overseas via email – reports on news items he tracks. Recently, commentary is dominated by “police atrocities” against black Americans by police. I wonder where he’s getting his information, not that it’s particularly mystifying, as I’m not living in a cave. But I wonder at potential propaganda or ideological content, as he has very different sources and understands several languages. Russkies (?) I wonder, saying of course – why wouldn’t they want to make their old foe look bad? Or France24 or BBC, as I know he likes their TV. CNN (?) – because it’s ubiquitous overseas, and he often references them. He hasn’t told me yet, but it dawned on me finally – he loves the liberal The Guardian, reads it religiously, even feels guilty he doesn’t subscribe. So I go to their website and it falls into place:


      Yes, a crime against humanity. With a link to a “devastating report” by what you might expect to be that famous unicorn, the prestigious, unbiased, objective, disinterested international panel of … experts! So opening the link to the 188 page devastating report, I discover it’s a product of the … NCBL.

      New to you too? It’s none other than the National Commission of Black Lawyers. Yessiree. No vested interest, no way. Unbiased? Of course of course.

      At least they included “commission” in their name.

      Oh well, long time, long way from home. A person takes solace in reading his native tongue. Too bad he seems to have forgetten things he once knew quite well.

    • Cicero says:

      What I find missing are the liberated serfs that supplied the backbone of the Revolution. I can readily imagine the need for the Revolution to send its useful idiots into the fields, a la Mao or Pol Pot, but the backbone of a durable peasantry is lacking. It can be hypothesized that the illegals crossing the Southern border are intended to be like the Irish immigrants of the Civil War campaigns, conscripted off to be used as cannon fodder, though it really doesn’t seem that this would be a wise course for the Totalitarians. Just like the Chinese had their own ideas about their place in the world, rather than be merely a source of cheap industry, the Meso Americans are not the image of servility that the Ruling Class imagines. History tells us the the Aztecs were the slaves of the previous empire. When the Rulers became weak and decadent they were replaced by a thoroughly ruthless and bloodthirsty rule by terror of the previous house pets.

      Satayana had a saying about this kind of thing

  7. Deap says:

    My take and I see no reason to change it: Democrats first and foremost pay off those who ensured their election and re-election -the massive public sector unions. As long as they do that, they are guaranteed their next election.

    Their propose their public agenda is nothing more than fan dancing – which they attend haphazardly with little conviction post-election – just enough to make it look like they care, and never enough to really solve anything. Election and re-election was the sole goal.

    Pity the poor Democrat who still thinks Democrats will enact the sweeping programs they campaigned on. They can’t do that because that would mean sharing the wealth; not just spending it on their own public sector union buddies. Next time, maybe. But this seems to be a winning formula for them, so why change.

    • longarch says:

      My take and I see no reason to change it: Democrats first and foremost pay off those who ensured their election and re-election -the massive public sector unions. As long as they do that, they are guaranteed their next election.

      To the extent that the reported results of American elections have any connection with legitimate election procedures, you must be right. I believe there is a complicating factor: I believe many American elections are fraudulent. So then I must modify the claim as follows:

      Democrats first and foremost pay off those who commit vote fraud, falsify the tallies, silence the whistleblowers, and otherwise attack America.

      Regarding Resident Biden, I don’t know that it is even the real man. It might be an impersonator wearing a latex mask for all I know. It makes very little difference: Trump got the votes, Trump got the electors, and the bureaucrats apparently still found a way to steal the election. They can steal the White House, but they can’t steal loyalty or respect.

      Those who trust Q believe that some secret faction of the military is working behind the scenes to defeat the traitors. Regardless of whether or not that is true, the vast majority of people know that the traitors are traitors.

  8. Polish Janitor says:

    I would like to borrow a page from the Left’s own cookbook and propose that the Democratic elites exploitation and manipulation of Biden can by explained according to the Frankfurt School analytical framework. When this nefarious school took off in the 50s and 60s with works such as Theodore Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality”, Erich Fromm’s Critical Theory- who applied Marx’s historicist economic class struggle to the new Frankfurt School as a more specialized and personality-based theory that called the western capitalist bloc the number one culprit for everyone’s faults – and later on Richard Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style American Politics” and also Daniel Bell’s “Radical Right” who applied the new fancy theory to callout Barry Goldwater and the new American conservative movement post ’64 election. The libral elites made it cleat that whoever dared to resist the emerging post-war liberal agenda he/she would be labeled and diagnosed as crazy, angry, conspiracy-minded, and basically fascist by their “nature” and that the only way to deal with them was first, to “diagnose them”, then to “discard them” and ultimately to “destroy them”. The New Left movement since the 1960s has been running on this platform and the perfect manifestation of it is the very term “LGBTQ+”, with the “+” at the end denoting the open-ended nature of this campaign. Another good example of Frankfurt School’s campaign more recently was perpetual attack on Trump’s personality which was later on defined as the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and Hilary’s calling half of the country as “basket of deplorables”, that directly corresponding to the Left’s obsession with contextualizing their foes in psychoanalytic terms, which subsequently brings us to Joe Biden’s significance in all of this.

    So where does the ice-cream-licking Scranton-Joe stand from the POV of the Frankfurt School and his willing (or unwilling?) participation in the Left’s nefariously pathetic ongoing circus? In my opinion it is very simple. Joe is a good (not the perfect, because that would be Trump or Steve Bannon!) example and the culmination of everything it hates and express contemptuous sentiments toward. The Democratic elites are notoriously theory-driven and base their actions and policies according to their own specific home-grown theories and theoretical modellings and rarely operate outside of them. The conservatives on the other hand are not as theory-driven as Democrats and favor more hands-on ( i.e. “real and tangible”) approaches to issues that allow them to connect with the rank-and-file (through populism) way easier and more effective than Dems could. For example, Trump’s combination of populist ‘exoteric’ rhetoric and language and his natural ability to ‘work’ the crown as opposed to more ‘esoteric’ Clinton or Obama who relied heavily on specialized groups and even celebrities to ‘persuade’ voters to vote for them. Biden is a white boomer, ‘privileged’, has had a controversial past stances on issues of race, crime, justice, and welfare, gaffes a lot, forgets a lot, needs constant attention and emotional need of his female caretaker/wife who often provides him with emotional support on-camera , very corrupt family, east-coast-ish (not totally eastcoast Brahmin, but certainly wants to radiate such aura). In my opinion the democratic elites intentionally selected Biden as the ‘object’ or ‘totem’ of ridicule, derision, contempt and even a symbol of the ‘dying’ and ‘disappearing’ fabric of the ‘racist’ American society whose replacement by VP Kamala would introduce a new chapter in the ongoing historical effort toward achieving ‘progress’, or more accurately ‘racial and cultural’ progress from the old racist model laid out by the founding fathers deemed to be inherently racist and evil by the Frankfurt School social scientists since the 1950s and 60s. Once this model succeeds at home, then it can be replicated around the world, e.g. in Russia and other authoritarian regimes.

    Kamala’s position in the Biden’s admin is very critical and symbolically significant to understand. It is Kamala who is ‘in charge’, making trips to foreign countries, speaking to world leaders for hours, and basically the face of the new Democratic agenda, not the old Joe. She was selected (in my opinion) not really because of the merit of her past experience and stellar political résumé, but because of her ‘multicultural’ background i.e. Jamaican father and Indian mother, who had to fight her way up, break the racist glass ceiling and make it in the ‘inherently racist and discriminatory’ American social hierarchy and class. The days when “all politics were local” are long gone. Because technology, especially AI and social media (digital-interdependence) have progressed so much that every issue is now made to be conceived as a global issue by the liberal elites that needs to be addressed not locally, but globally.

    I think one of the most dangerous and outright deranged ideas ever developed by man is this infectious cultural Marxism and its main theory, the critical race theory that is destroying everything it touches with devastating effect and if not stopped soon enough will continue to rot every culture around the world from inside out. I think the first step would be to root it out from the education system and the colleges and universities. It is there where necessary field work needs to start immediately. Then jobs, jobs, and jobs. Give them youngster proper jobs. The gig economy is not the answer to today’s economic problems.

  9. Leith says:

    “Was her father, also a politician, a racist?” Maybe. But he endorsed the 1954 Supreme Court landmark decision that “separate but equal” schools were unconstitutional. He was mayor at the time: “I asked the nuns,” he used to say. “They said it was right, so I went with the nuns.” It cost him the governor’s race, and later a Senate race.

  10. One of the many fascinations we outsiders have observing our neighbours to the south is the strange evolution of racism and the Democrat Party. I well remember all those fat nasty-looking sheriffs and their dogs during the freedom marches in the 50s and 60s: Democrats everyone. MLK and Douglass, on the other hand, strong Republican Party supporters.
    Look at the career of Robert Byrd to see the entire, and very fascinating, gearchange of Dems from being the friends of segregation to friends of BLM.
    How exactly did they get away with that?

    • As H. L. Mencken quipped, nobody ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the ordinary people.

    • irf520 says:

      Because most people have memories barely longer than those of goldfish.

    • Stephen Douglas says:

      Just like the Bolsheviks renaming themselves when necessary, the Left morphs. Same people, new name. It is just that the easy life that was afforded by the sacrifice of the generation that knew Depression, Dust Bowl, War and deprivation allowed for a lifestyle elevation in their children that allowed them to style themselves as petty nobility, without the Noblesse Oblige. The children of this opulence have convinced themselves they are the Duke’s Children, deserving of status and comfort, while being divorced of the need to work. When the trust fund lifestyle runs out… the type of mob psychosis that we see in Covid exists. But until then, “There are Parties”. A credit fueled Gilded Age for the college student and social media influencer. While they may identify as the Democrats of the productive generation that spawned their wealth, the lifestyle mirrors the kind of elegant decadence that is identified with the Republican archetype. Risen Plebes emulating Equestrians.

      Kings and Queens of De Nial, is would seem

  11. JerseyJeffersonian says:


    I would trace this sleight of hand to the implementation of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”. Many former Democrats switched party when given a good pathway to do so.

    The Democrats clearly, but more stealthily, had their own “Southern Strategy” in play by that point, as they had gone all in with painting race realist whites as flat out racists, aligning themselves with the hard left elements in the “Civil Rights Movement”, a number of whom were actually communists, and a not inconsiderable number of whom were nascent white gentile haters (you know, the little hats, in the persons of the ADL, Southern “Poverty” Law Center, etc.).

    And after Eisenhower reactivated Reconstruction by sending in the Army in a good ol’ Republican tradition to dragoon those damned Johnny Rebs into line with that tradition’s aspirations as articulated by the radical reconstructionists, the Democrats had to move out sharply in order to break the prior black sympathy with Republicans (having been the party in charge during and after the WBS), and forward their goal of reorienting the blacks toward the Democrats as voting for them was being reinvigorated after a long period of largely bi-partisan neglect after the compromise of 1876, and the move to end radical reconstruction. If they wanted those forthcoming votes, they had to undermine the perception that Republicans were interested in black well being, voting in particular.

    Meanwhile, up in Yankeeland, the Democrats, previously advocates for the white working class in the industrial North, were changing their spots as the huge wave of blacks moving north from the South, was changing the demographics. The Democrats, in their catering to that new demographic, and following their traditional policy of locking ethnic blocks into their party machine, were beginning to sow doubts in the mind of the white working class as to their party’s loyalty to them and the perpetuation of their largely socially conservative, often religious, culture. And the doubts were well founded, as a new wind was blowing through the Democrat party’s counsels such as the percolation of the forebears of the DLC up through the ranks of the bourgeoisie wing, and the acceptance of the Long March Through the Institutions coming from their leftmost wing. The radical left had largely been driven out of the labor movement, no commies need apply. And in line with Gramsci’s sense that the often conservatively-minded working class would not be reliable in advancing The Revolution, the energies of the radical left were focused instead on undermining the institutions, particularly educational institutions, looking to generate new cadres from that effort. Today you see the Wall Street/Globalist wing, and the SJW/Antifa/BLM wing of the Democrat party in uneasy alliance.

    Okay, I’ll stop now, but you can see how the parties traded hats.

  12. Throughout his career Joe Biden has only been a centrist in the sense that he moves to the center of the Democratic Party. As the party dashes left, he moves left along with it.

  13. plantman says:

    On Joe Biden’s Tombstone:

    Here lies Joe whose ego far exceeded his intelligence or talent

  14. Babeltuap says:

    The Burger King crown is fitting. I would even give him his own section in the Guinness Book of World Records. Most votes, most fraud ballots, highest inflation, highest voter disapproval ratings and maybe credit for the longest trucker convoy involving Canada and the US.

    • jim ticehurst says:

      Thats Not a Burger King Crown..Its The Trans…Queen of Hearts Crown…Given Joe at A ..Recent Party he attended In The Queens,N.Y. ..And thats Why He does What he does…Because He works for the Real Chosen One..That Great Black Liberation Theologist…Barack H..(Che) Obama..The Chicago Killing Fields Community Organizer…Who Up til Now….did not make The Polish Janitors great layout of Reasons forto other Powers.. Transistions ..That have made Progressive Politics become even more Queer Policy Wise…In its Current Psychedelic Satte..Joe i Nothing But a Rubber Stamp Bureaucrat..Whose Bosses Sit in the Green Room…with Levers…and Dials…and Screens..and Back Channels…to the Other Worm Holes around the World…where Shriveled Up Old Creatures…In The Covidian Spice World..Tell Joe..He is their Son..and he believes them…

  15. Deap says:

    Prescient observations from many, nearly one year ago.

  16. Sam says:

    The Managerial State (1941) by Burnham nails the world we live in

    70+ years ago, Burnham saw that capitalism would die

    And socialism WON’T replace it

    Instead, a new elite will take over – The Managers

    Top 10 insights👇🏻


    I’m of the opinion that both Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. As the covidian hysteria and pandemic response under the “maverick” Trump administration and the “marxist” Biden administration shows the real ruler was Mr. The Science – Tony Fauci. Trump had Dr. Brix too. Between the two we got lockdown and of course Warp Speed where Trump transferred billions to Big Pharma and absolved them of any liability. We know how that’s working out.

    Greenspan and Bernanke ran the Fed under both Republican and Democrats. We saw who they benefited. Future generations of Americans are sitting on $30 trillion of federal government debt and tens of trillions of unfunded liabilities. Where did all that debt go? The Boomers have been running the show for some time. What are they bequeathing their grandchildren?

    The point is that none of these guys neither Biden nor Trump ran anything. The managerial laptop class run it all. They are the “experts”. And who are they beholden to? Where does the revolving door and their personal wealth and status generation fit in the scheme of things?

    • Deap says:

      I think Thomas Jeffersonian Federalists are finally winning over John Adam’s anti-Federalists. It has been a long battle engagement since the days of our founding. What is the role of central government under this exceptional new form of governance?

      Current verdict: Let Big Brother take over from we the little people, because we got lazy, cancelled, out-maneuvered or just became too indifferent. The instant capitulation to the covid-hysteria proved there is and has been trouble in River City for a long time.

      Ben Franklin knew….a Republic ma’am, if you can keep it. But there are always mountains and valleys, in the affairs of man. The wild card obviously was digital communications taking over the public square. Now the task is sorting out what is real, what is not real, what is worth keeping and what is not as our Republic marches merrily forward.

      Used to be a fight between the Devil and the Lord – in practical terms are our challenges today any different? As we know, Jefferson and Adams ultimately became life long friends and departed earth on the exact same day.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Deap The ant-federalists were those who thought the US Constitution would create a government that was too strong.

      • blue peacock says:

        I thought Hamilton was the Federalist and Jefferson the anti-federalist republican.

        The wokeists celebrated Hamilton on Broadway. If I recall Nancy had the cast as props for Biden’s Voting Rights bill. Never figured out what was in that bill.

  17. Deap says:

    Fake Biden Oval Office studio was necessary to accommodate use of teleprompters and better lighting to flatter the Cadaver in Chief.

    Resolute Desk was too big which kept the teleprompters too far away, so they gave Biden a little kid’s desk in the fake Oval Office, showing the Long Beach cargo ships back up in the fake Oval Office windows.


    America asks now everyday …is this new normal for real?

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I don’t buy the teleprompter argument and think the intent is the opposite of flattery. The kiddies desk looks to me more like evidence of the deliberate humiliation of the President and of the office itself. A stolen election which installed an avatar in a fake Oval Office. It’s the perfect metaphor for the complete takeover by whoever it is who actually runs the country now. And yes, this is the new Through the Looking-Glass normal.

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