“Why HCQ and Ivermectin were removed from India’s Covid-19 treatment protocol” – TTG

New Delhi, 26 September 2021

Studies have found that HCQ and Ivermectin have little to no effect on Covid-related mortality or clinical recovery of the patient. (PTI file photo)

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Task Force on Covid-19 have dropped the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drugs from their revised guidelines for the treatment of the infection. The decision was taken after experts found that these drugs have little to no effect on Covid-related mortality or clinical recovery of the patient.

“HCQ may be considered for removal from guideline, with recommendation to use with caution only in clinical trial setting (since there is some genuine uncertainty regarding the possible benefit for severe cases and in low dose),” said the document titled ‘considerations for exclusion of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine from the clinical guidance for management of adult Covid-19 patients’. Several clinical studies have shown the low mortality benefit for HCQ, said the document. In fact, when HCQ is administered with azithromycin, it increases the risk of adverse drug effect (ADE) in patients, experts said. Studies also found there was no clarity on mortality benefit, no effect on length of hospital stay and recovery in case of Ivermectin.

Recommending that Ivermectin be dropped from the clinical guidance, experts cited 13 systematic reviews of which “7/13 showed mortality benefit, 4/13 no mortality benefit, 2/13 inconclusive/unclear.” Additionally, there was a high risk of bias in many of the studies, particularly with the ones showing mortality benefit, as the level of certainty is low in them.

The recommendations were made at a meeting of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the ICMR national task force for Covid-19 and the Joint Monitoring Group on August 20. Meanwhile, cautioning that the upcoming festival season is a critical period, AIIMS-Delhi Director Dr Randeep Guleria said the next 6-8 weeks are going to be critical and the community has to come together to ensure people follow all Covid norms and aggressively encourage vaccination. While the number of new Covid-19 cases are steadily declining across the country, the Union Health Ministry has advised states and UTs to keep a strict vigil as the country is still in the midst of the second surge of the pandemic.  (India Today)


Comment: I’m surprised to see this. I’m more surprised this decision was made back in September and it wasn’t mentioned in our MSM that I know of. There was a lot of fanfare when India made the decision to offer ivermectin to her entire population. The press… go figure.

Perhaps the apparently sudden collapse of widespread Covid infections just as the decision to use ivermectin was made, was actually due to a combination of vaccinations, still only 40% in India, and a massive increase in natural immunity acquired from a massive increase in infections. That’s been my theory for quite a while. My guess is that’s also what happened in Florida as well. It worked.

If the Omicron variant is as infectious as it’s hyped to be, we should reach a critical mass of natural immunity quickly. Coupled with our not too shabby level of vaccinations and boosters, we should see a similar collapse in the infection rate this Winter, maybe in a few weeks if South Africa is the model. The virus will just run out of masses of people to easily infect. We’ll never reach a vaccination rate rivaling what we had for polio, not in this America, so we’re going to have to rely on that natural immunity to transform from a hysterical pandemic to an easily managed, ho hum endemic. Unfortunately for this country, 800,000 died in their quest to acquire that natural immunity.


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  1. Bob Turner says:

    Absolute rubbish! The most populated state in India Utta Pradesh has almost eliminated Covid by the use of Ivermectin based on the latest data, not a report of a meeting back in Late August. When they stopped using it cases increased dramatically, when they restarted cases dropped to 23 on the 21st Dec 2021. More propaganda demonizing the cheap effective treatment over the use of vaccines, which it must now be apparent to all, do not work.

  2. akaPatience says:

    Why are you surprised TTG? Do you think the same forces that influence US healthcare policy would ignore the second-most populous country in the world?

  3. Fubar.N.Wass says:

    This doctor in India has a different explanation for India central government’s backing away for using Ivermectin.


    Go to around the 3 minute mark.

    Don’t know which explanation is true.

  4. Master Slacker says:

    And an additional 198,178 excess deaths excluding Covid related. per the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

  5. blue peacock says:


    What was the cost from lockdown in terms of deaths (suicides, drug overdoses, life saving surgeries not done, cancer treatments not done, etc), illnesses not treated and left to aggravate, mental health, lost wages, closed businesses, loss of savings, supply chain disruptions, loss of education of kids, etc?

    You do know that as of December 15th Deaths with Covid per 100K (whatever that statistic means) in NY state is 300 compared to 289 in Florida when Florida has a higher percentage of seniors in their population.

    • LG says:

      Oh dont ask us about the cost of this covid scam in India!

      Schools have not yet opened, education for a whole generation gone for a toss. The kids in my family sit through online lectures which are make believe studies, not real education. For the poor school dropout rates are as high as 50 percent as they have no digital devices or because patents are out of work.

      Employment is radically down, business halved (i am from a fairly wealthy business family, our main customers are government bodies, construction/builders and farmers: purchases have cratered in all three sectors).

      Parliament was shut for long under the pretext of covid and anti poor fatm and other draconian laws were passed without debate. Any existing civil liberties too jettisoned.

      As a nation and economy, the result is catastrophic for us.

      • Sam says:


        Who would have thunk that the vast majority of the world would become CCP? Didn’t know the extent of latent Maoism and National Socialism worldwide? It appears they’re on their way to go all Pol Pot on us?

  6. LG says:

    Health is a concurrent subject in India, meaning the central and state governments have equal rights to decide on public health related matters. The disagreement to allow ivermectin and HCQ raged for long between the center and states, with the center first recommending ivermectin through ICMR-AIIMS guidelines then caving in to international pressure and disallowing these two drugs. Several states refused to comply, here is an example of Goa and Uttarakhand allowing the drugs (https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/92644). I will hunt up state guidelines from other states who quietly refused to comply and continued with the earlier guidelines. Regardless, doctors kept their own counsel and kept prescribing the two drugs throughout the country and saved countless lives. Also much before the covid vaccines came physicians got themselves vaccinated with Meales Mumps Rubella Vaccine (MMR) a long used children’s vaccine because of the protection it offers against covid. Doctors tend to be part of massive whatsapp groups and these issues were discussed thoroughly with research studies for all kinds of dosage protocols discussed and argued.

  7. Fred says:

    “…this decision was made back in September ”

    Which year of the 15 days to slow the spread was that September?

  8. English Outsider says:

    TTG – the trouble with assessing Ivermectin in the States is that it’s not known how many were taking it or in what form or in what dosage. So there’s a fuzzy and scarcely double blind group out there and a massive control group but the data will never be got at.

    The last authoritative assessment I saw reckoned there was a slight benefit to it but not enough to outweigh the side effects of long term usage. My own medical advisors, otherwise known as the contumacious infants, banned it in the Outsider household and I never got to have a go with it. I read on the BBC that they’re trialling an American pill so if I or my wife get Covid with any luck that’ll be available.

    My English Brexit guru, Dr North, doubles as my public health guru and has put his money on Omicron being no big deal. Looks like it but I’ve as yet been able to find no news on whether catching Omicron gives one immunity against Delta. Or whether there’s an Omicron version of Long Covid.

    In the meantime I’m gingerly assessing Jim Bean, which for various and highly complex political reasons I’m trialling as a substitute for conventional Scotch, and taking care to go near no 5G masts. With any luck those precautions will see me through the tail end of the pandemic.

    Well, there’s also the little matter of having had two shots of Pfizer and a booster and keeping clear of crowds. Nothing wrong with belt and braces.

    And that’s about as much as a devout Trumpist needs to do, I reckon. Whether this is truly the tail end I’ve no idea and I don’t believe the medics have yet either. What I do feel strongly about is this idea that this was/is a fake pandemic dreamed up by venal politicians.

    They’re venal all right, wherever you look except Trump, but this was no fake. I don’t trust the media an inch but I do know from what I’ve picked up myself that English hospitals and health care workers and GP practices were at times under massive strain. There were retired medics called back in and proud to be called on. Consultants called off teaching duties and sleeping at the hospital. It was very much all hands to the pump, and a poor return indeed to those who answered that call so nobly, that we should now say their efforts were not needed and the whole thing a scam.

    • blue peacock says:


      The engineered virus is real. The policy response, the media coverage and The Science was a scam to screw in an additional notch of authoritarianism. In some places they’ve gone full on fascist that Goebbels would be proud of. Don’t conflate the two.

      Isn’t it interesting that on one side they claim catastrophe and insist that the solution is submission but on the other side there is zero interest among TPTB to get to the real bottom of the origins as they will likely find Fauci’s ugly hands all over it?

      • YT says:



        ‘Twas the night before Reset,
        And that villainous Klaus.
        Had ushered in the great culling,
        Oh, what a louse!

        Event 201,
        Their intentions laid bare.
        To conquer the world,
        And poison the air.

        A frenzied control,
        Of the weather had led.
        To a bio collapse,
        The dying, the dead.

        Our home world in bondage,
        Whose resources they sap.
        Those rapacious elites,
        Who live in the lap.

        Skies of haze, grids, and swirls,
        An aerial tatter.
        Earth’s mercurial rags,
        A global Mad Hatter.

        Using toxins for decades,
        They plundered for cash.
        Then burrowed below,
        To hoard up their stash.

        Such minions of evil,
        They’ll keep up this show.
        They’ve no traffic with reason,
        Or reap what you sow.

        The media lackeys,
        Have made it quite clear.
        These parasite puppets,
        Are merchants of fear.

        Poisoned soil and air,
        Has made everything sick.
        So, to hide their misdeeds,
        Well, they got a new schtick!

        COVID they called it,
        Pandemic’s the game.
        Humanity’s death knell,
        Our free spirit to tame.

        From masking to lockdowns,
        All manner submission.
        No business, no income,
        Without their permission!

        Then it drug on and on,
        And oh, what a haul!
        For corporate purveyors,
        While we took the fall.

        Along came big pharma,
        Extorting nations to buy.
        All of their pseudo elixir,
        No choice, just comply.

        These billionaire bandits,
        Reaping profits beaucoup.
        In the last marketplace,
        All our lands, me, and you.

        They’re paving the way,
        To remain bulletproof.
        The road to enslavement,
        Ere fiat goes poof!

        To keep things afloat,
        While their hustle abounds.
        They need all our bodies,
        For medical rounds.

        They’ve hijacked our healthcare,
        Cause, all else is Kaput!
        The last vested interest,
        Save the ground underfoot.

        Yes, they’ll have that too,
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        Complete – usurpation!
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        With new petty tyrants,
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        They deploy Gestapo.

        These weasel enforcers,
        Sustain unrest and grief.
        Pernicious colluders,
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        Is there no stopping them now?
        It’s so Machiavelli.
        How many lives will be lost?
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        Those horsemen, those four,
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        It’s a war for the world,
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        It’s time to get ready,
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        Did you hear what I said?

        Beyond sycophants,
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        Behind that thin veil,
        Evil lives in the murk.

        Unleashed on the world,
        Untold dangers impose!
        While heavenly hosts,
        Bring this age to a close.

        I bid you take comfort,
        In Paul’s Ephesians epistle.
        Put on ALL of that armor,
        To confront the abyssal.

        And never forget, that Jesus,
        Wins this great fight.
        Then, in your faith ride it out,
        With our Lord God in His might!

        • English Outsider says:

          YT – yes. Looking around, from the Yemen to wherever, we could as well be living in a charnel house run by power crazy psychos. Though I see it more in terms of emergent behaviour than evil with agency.

          But I don’t think there was intention behind what happened with Covid. You get a nasty little infection hitting a dysfunctional polity and we end up with what we ended up with. I don’t believe any politicians or interest groups set themselves to deliberately making use of it or making it worse.

          • Fred says:


            I believe that once it leaked out of the lab communist China had every intention of shifting the blame and damaging the West. There are plenty of politicians here deliberately making use of it, you can see proof every time they fail to follow their imosed protocols and regulations.

    • Leith says:

      EO –

      What do your contumacious ones say about the Jim B and the 5G?

      I stay away from the Jim B myself as they are owned lock, stock, and barrel by Osaka Japan. Besides you can get good Scotch made here in the States. Here is a list of what sw.com says are the ten best. All out of my price range. And who knows what they smoke it with, probably applewood or cherrywood instead of peat.


      • English Outsider says:

        Leith – I’m not sure Jim Bean’s going to make it big in the Outsider household. It could be where myth came up against reality and lost. I had moonshine in the back of my mind, paint stripper hooch brewed up in a forest clearing remote from the law. Bootlegged to me by a good ol’ boy, his fedora set at a jaunty angle and ready with the handbrake turns in his souped-up Pontiac.

        I’m trying to read all that into the liquor the local supermarket sent me in the usual prosaic van but it’s an uphill struggle.

        No 5G masts as yet round where I live. But a fair bit of Covid so that theory bites the dust. Should say, I regard the UK government’s handling of Covid as something of a disaster. A disaster in the making for a decade or two. But a disaster resulting from incompetence and muddle rather than fell intent. In any case one is now judging with hindsight.

        And they did get their act together purchasing and distributing vaccines, including developing one of our own. So did your country, and on the grand scale. Magnificent! Makes me suspect that neither the UK nor the US are quite on their beam ends yet.

    • Fred says:


      “the trouble with assessing Ivermectin in the States…”

      The trouble is that the protocols for essentially all hospitals and other medical practitioners recieving medicade/medicare funding were changed to forbid us of Ivermectin.
      “The last authoritative assessment I saw reckoned there was a slight benefit to it but not enough to outweigh the side effects of long term usage. ”

      There was no “long term” useage suggested or prescribed and just what ‘side effect’ for this medication, in use for decades, is this supposedly authorative assessment speaking of?

      “… there’s also the little matter of having had two shots of Pfizer and a booster ”

      If you had three smallpox vaccines in less than 18 months and still caught smallpox would you be questioning the vaccines?

  9. kakaouskia says:


    TTG – I would like to discuss the concept of natural immunity.

    In the EU I am afraid that for this particular virus the current position of the decision makers is that vaccines are always better and last longer than any natural immunity.

    As things stand now, a person is considered covered by natural immunity for a period of 180 days from the date of the collection of the sample that came back positive for Covid-19. That’s it. On day 181 that person is considered the exact equal of an unvaccinated person, unless that person has completed a full vaccination regime including any booster doses.

    Which in my – untrained I have to confess – eyes is a bit absurd since medical knowledge on how the immune system works states that the immune system “remembers” how to fight diseases once it encounters them once.

    True, there are vaccines that require booster shots like the one for tetanus for example but those shots last for years, not about 5 months.

    Again, I state that I am no doctor therefore if anyone more knowledgeable can elaborate on the fact why natural immunity is expiring after 180 days, I would be obliged.

    • Deap says:

      Junk science begets junk science .That is how it works. Who just said when you mix medicine with politics, you get politics.

    • Leith says:

      Kakaouskia –

      Not all immunity lasts the lifetime that is typical for measles or some others. My take is that immunity to many diseases eventually wears off. No matter whether it is natural or from vax.

  10. Rhonda says:

    The bad faith is quite breathtaking. I saddens me and makes me even more worried what the Davos cult have planned. Bogus article, corrupt cronies. ADE means Antibody-dependent enhancement. Pfft. Can’t even lie well.

  11. walrus says:

    When drugs are assessed it is rarely a simple decision of “works/doesn’t work” because the response to them is usually complex. For example, car battery acid will kill cancer cells in a test tube but that doesn’t make it a wonder drug. Similarly plain water is a wonder drug if you happen to be severely dehydrated. That is the trouble with most of the trash talked about HCQ and Ivermectin – you need to be very specific in your experiment design to get a conclusive result.

    Then there is the question of side effects; HCQ, etc may be marginally capable of curing covid in some people but the side effects may kill others. Some blood thinner drugs have horrible side effects but are accepted because the benefit outweighs the problems they cause. Then there is the question of your sample size and makeup. If you give HCQ to a young sample then of course you will have a positive result – they were going to get better anyway.

    It is difficult if not impossible to explain any of this to someone with a confirmation bias.

  12. Sudhi says:

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
    and a Happy New Year

    Some humour –

    “Bring it on, Omicron”

    Wherever art thou O’Micron
    Come hither with thy flowery sprout

    Must I entirely cover my nostrils,
    Lest thou secretly enter my snout

    Art thou extremely malign to handle
    To forever require washing of hands

    It would be Moronic to move about
    Covered from tip to toe, people would shout

    There’s been so much hysteria
    Yet, you are such a mysteria

    Come hither, that I might embrace you
    Life had been a torment, without you

    Or, should I live forever in delicious terror,
    Panic leading to all forms of phobias

    Barring all doors, closing all windows,
    When just to breathe, would be bliss

    I like this old song by Lynn Anderson, it’s refreshing and has such verve to it –


  13. TTG says:

    For those convinced ivermectin is a miracle drug for covid prevention and/or treatment (as it is for various parasitic diseases), this cardiologist and ICU doctor offers these observations about India.

    “Dr. Nick Mark, who works with critical care and pulmonary patients at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, has examined claims that ivermectin has had dramatic success in Uttar Pradesh. “This is not even remotely the case,” he said during a lecture with other doctors on Oct. 15. While there are claims that the state began using ivermectin in May 2021, during the height of India’s COVID-19 crisis, the government actually said it began giving the drug in August 2020. “Not only did it not hasten the end of that alpha wave, but it didn’t prevent the delta wave,” Mark said.”

    “Mark cited research where scientists looked at data for all deaths in India, and found that certain populous districts in Uttar Pradesh had no reported deaths at all for several months. “So either you have to believe that ivermectin prevents you from dying of everything — car crashes, cancer, homicide, suicide — or, that the data is just garbage and you can’t interpret it,” he said.”

    Use of ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh coincided with the steep decline of the delta variant infections. Ivermectin use also coincided with the rise and fall of the alpha variant and the steep rise of the delta variant. As we’re often told, correlation does not imply causation. I still think a massive and widespread rise in immunity brought about by massive and widespread infection is a more likely explanation.

    • Fred says:


      No one who has commented here has called ivermeticin a miracle drug. Neither have they ever called it a preventative. It was discussed as a part of a treatment protocol. That’s all that was ever discussed about it – treatment in the initial stages of infection. Points the Dr, who practices in Seattle, not India, leaves out.

  14. Stevelancs says:

    Those of you who have faith in your government and its pet clinicians not to lie to you should watch Oliver Stone’s JFK Revisited. Or you could invest in The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert F Kennedy Junior.

  15. walrus says:

    Fred, Howard Springs is a quarantine facility just like ellis island (NY) was. it is not a “camp”and it’s certainly not a secret. We are building new versions of our old quarantine stations in all entry ports. I am enjoying Christmas anchored in my boat off the old Quarantine Station at Portsea (Australia) right now.

    • Fred says:


      I’m celebrating with you in spirit. I was out today in my own eco-friendly boat; it’s powered by beer, and a double-bladed paddle. Hopefully you have a nice wine to wash down some shrimp and the grilled fillet of whatever you caught this morning. Cheers.

  16. Deap says:

    How to read RFKJr’s book “The Real Doctor Fauci” in less than five minutes:


  17. Jim says:

    65% OF ALL after vaccination deaths occurred after guess which vac?

    65% OF ALL after vaccination deaths, from 14,664 total deaths from all vaccines — from 1990 to present, in 32 years, reported to CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for USA: are from COVID-19 shots.

    That is: 9,476 deaths. In one year, this happened. Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021. After COVID-19 shots.

    One in five of them died within a day of COVID-19 shot
    0 days 850 8.97%
    1 day 1,024 10.81%

    More than one in ten, the interval from shot to death, is reported as unknown.
    Unknown 1,118 11.80%

    In the previous 31 years, prior to COVID shots, that cumulative total, for all vaccinations combined, of unknown interval from shot to death: was 1,283 Unknown.


  18. Sam says:

    They said the vaccine stopped transmission. Now they are lying and saying they didn’t.

    Video proof here 👇


    These are the The Science.

    “we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person… The virus does not infect them…It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to get more people.”


    The Media.

    “If you’re not vaccinated and you’re eligible… you’re not just irresponsible, you’re an idiot.”


    Gonna trust this guy with a lot of blood on his hands and pockets stuffed with Gulf money?

  19. Sam says:

    “They will be paying for our generation’s decisions the rest of their lives”: @JanCBS explains why she thinks 2021’s biggest underreported story was the devastating impact of COVID policies on children


    When the majority of a population has been vaccinated against a pathogen and nonetheless experiences a pandemic-size wave of infections, the vaccination campaign has failed. That is, in fact, the definition of vaccine failure.

    The covidians are very much like the neocons. They create the propaganda for an emergency to push their policies with no debate. Silencing those who question it through personal attack. When there is policy failure they push doubling down and the exhortation that victory is around the corner. As with the neocons is the real covidian objective to manage the effects of a man-made virus or in reality to usher in more authoritarianism and compliance from a easily frightened population?

    We know that the neocons faux threat emergency and the policy response had many ulterior motives. Col. Lang’s “Drinking the Koolaid” being an excellent expose. It would appear that the covidian’s policies while it was claimed was the best approach to mitigate the “emergency” never did. Was the outcome of increased authoritarianism the actual goal?

  20. Sam says:

    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine has not been approved or licensed by FDA but has been authorized for emergency use to prevent COVID-19 in ages 16+.


    Should the emergency use authorization be revoked since the Pfizer “vaccine” does NOT “prevent” covid?

    • TTG says:

      The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine was fully approved by the FDA on 23 August 2021 and is marketed as Comirnaty. It’s the exact same formulation as the vaccine still distributed under the EUA.

      • Sam says:


        Pfizer’s own PR release says the EUA was to “prevent Covid”. Since it doesn’t do that is the approval valid?

        Thalidomide was approved by FDA and that approval wasn’t withdrawn for 4 years.

        • TTG says:

          It was touted as 95% effective against severe disease or death from alpha variant, never 100%. It’s less effective against delta and now omicron. Judging by the majority of hospitalizations and death among the unvaccinated, the vaccines remain effective. In other news, anyone acquiring natural immunity is 100% guaranteed to contract Covid. And like the vaccines, natural immunity still does not prevent all reinfections.

          • Sam says:


            The data does appear to show that Pfizer and Moderna jabs reduces the deleterious effects of the virus at a reducing rate of effectiveness over time. But they don’t “prevent covid” which is what Pfizer’s own statement on the EUA approval says. At least it should be labeled as such and not called a vaccine although CDC has changed the definition to suit this situation. IMO, they should revert back to the previous more accurate definition and label Comiranty as something else. Possibly a prophylactic.

            Dem governors saying masks don’t work, Biden saying there’s no federal solution, CDC cutting quarantine from 10 days to 5 days, we are moving in the right direction. The energy has shifted, which imo bodes well for SCOTUS to strike the mandates down.


            The Sigal Lab from S. Africa has just shown that antibodies produced after Omicron infection neutralize the Delta variant.

            Combined with the increased transmissibility and mild symptoms associated with Omicron, this could signal an off ramp from the pandemic.


            Maybe nature will produce the real sterilizing vaccine. In the meantime Bancel and Bourla are enjoying their mega yachts. I realize this won’t happen in contemporary America but it would be important for Fauci, Collins, Daszak, et al to testify to a grand jury investigating crimes against humanity.

          • Sam says:


            Below quote from Pfizer CEO April, 2021. He was still pushing “prevent covid”. Why do you think the FDA wants to hide the Pfizer clinical trial data for decades?

            Excited to share that updated analysis from our Phase 3 study with BioNTech also showed that our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing #COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%!


          • TTG says:

            So this phase 3 study in South Africa was 100% effective in preventing Covid within the study. I don’t blame the CEO for crowing about that. That’s still a far cry from claiming a vaccine prevents all covid for all time and in all places.

            I’m sure you can find stories of how the polio vaccine eliminated polio. It didn’t, not by itself. It took a concerted campaign over many years to vaccinate as close to 100% of the population as possible. No vaccine, including live attenuated vaccines like MMR and oral polio, offers 100% guarantees of immunity. The oral polio vaccine can and does cause rare cases of polio. An mRNA vaccine to replace the current (overseas) oral polio vaccine is in development to prevent those rare live vaccine induced polio infections.

  21. Jim says:

    95% Vaccine Effectiveness claims in November 2020, COVID-19

    This fact is not in dispute; that was THE claim — at this time. Pfizer/B and Moderna: 19 out of every 20 getting the shots would develop “immunity” against infection. And this would “assist” with Natural Acquired Immunity.

    There was no hedging about what VE actually meant at that time.

    Personally, I see no reason to pretend that this is not what these liars claimed at the time — since they knew this was propaganda; nor to help assist them in their trying to reinvent and effectively Gas Light, since, on VE: They knew they were lying, and Big Media/Tech ran cover, along with Big Medicine, the Big Medi-Journals, and the big boys and girls in charge of “public health” in government.

    The fact that VE as a scientific-medical concept has, since, been bastardized repeatedly is another topic altogether.

    Prior to these Nov. 2020 flagrant lies, recognized by some — who were outside of the: COVID-Vaccine-Cult and their assorted Vaccine Fanatics/Dogmatists conspirators — well. . . skeptics and others knew, at the time, that this 95% was flagrant lying.

    Furthermore: no one in their right mind would have vouched for them — this 95% Fantasy — recall that VE for influenza vaccines averaged 43% in the decade prior to this Nov. 2020 charlatanism. [Note: this scientific fact was well known, with experts correctly labeling this vaccine failure; and other experts —that were coincidentally vaccine dogmatists/fanatics— saying this is better than nothing.]

    Not surprisingly, since Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in August 2021 [finally] began publishing data on VE — it turns out that, from then until now, about 43% of deaths and about same proportion of covid cases are among those Fully “Vaccinated.”

    This is an Expected Value [statistics], based on historical vaccination data the CDC had been collecting for decades, involving influenza.

    The Criminal Francis Collins, MD, the National Institutes of Health Director, his webpage:

    “According to interim results published on November 9, 2020, the vaccine appeared 90% effective [2]. However, the confidence rose further with new data, published on November 18, 2020, revealing their vaccine now appears to be 95% effective [1]. In response, stock markets rallied and hope spread worldwide. . .”


    “This will reduce the spread of COVID-19, protecting vulnerable populations, preventing the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed and enabling focus and funding to return to managing ongoing chronic diseases.”

    Nearly half the covid deaths and case counts in Massachusetts are now of those fully vaccinated.

    In an effort to hide the obvious, Mass. DPH last week published a press release and a separate six-page sheet of graphs; not once in those graphs is the fact that nearly half of deaths and cases are in those fully shot up, which is according to their own data, published online, since August 2021.

    Which isn’t to say the graphs are all subterfuge and gas lighting, in an effort to do more cheer leading for the death shots.

    There is a graph comparing all 50 states in USA.

    This data shows average weekly cases per 100K of population, from Oct. 31, 2021 to Dec. 4, combining those vaxxed and not, across the country.

    Guess which state has the lowest average?


    Recall how BigMedia/Tech and the monsters running our public health response in Washington DC kept sh**Ting on FL, and other “red” states. . . .and/or southern states.

    Blue Massachusetts overall average per 100K is in the bottom half, ranking 26th of 50 states, with 244 cases per 100K.

    Leading, with least cases per capita, according to this report, are, by rank:
    1] Florida with about 40 cases per 100K
    2] Hawaii
    3] Louisiana
    4] Georgia
    5] Mississippi
    6] Texas
    7] Alabama
    8] South Carolina


    See graph on page 5.

    “Primary efficacy analysis demonstrates BNT162b2 to be 95% effective against COVID-19 beginning 28 days after the first dose”

    “Efficacy was consistent across age, gender, race and ethnicity demographics; observed efficacy in adults over 65 years of age was over 94%”

    “To date, the Data Monitoring Committee for the study has not reported any serious safety concerns related to the vaccine”

    This, from

    And we have, from Medical News Today [published Jan. 4, 2021]

    “Vaccine efficacy is the percentage reduction in a disease in a group of people who received a vaccination in a clinical trial. It differs from vaccine effectiveness, which measures how well a vaccine works when given to people in the community outside of clinical trials.”

    “For many experimental COVID-19 vaccines currently in development, the primary endpoints focus on preventing new cases of symptomatic COVID-19. ”

    “Pfizer/BioNTech reported an efficacy of 95% for the COVID-19 vaccine. This means a 95% reduction in new cases of the disease in the vaccine group compared with the placebo group.”

    “Many factors can influence how a vaccine performs outside of clinical trials. One of these is the health of those receiving the vaccine. Underlying health conditions can affect vaccine effectiveness. Another factor is how the disease-causing pathogen changes with time. The viruses that cause the flu are prone to mutations that make vaccines less effective. Vaccine developers update the flu shot every year to try to achieve a good match to the most prevailing seasonal flu strains. ”

    This essay fails to mention 43% VE over past decade involving influenza shots.

    Just like those shots, there is now evidence that, sometimes [as we are seeing now with Omicron]: those getting the covid shots not only have little and/or no protection; they are more likely to contract the disease than those not getting the shots.

    This is called Vaccine Failure.

    In a 2019 paper discussing Vaccine Failure, regards influenza, the following:
    “The development of newer vaccines will be motivated by issues of poor vaccine effectiveness and efficacy among current vaccines.”

    ” Clinicians need an algorithm or template that they can use to determine and report real or possible causes of vaccine failure. For example, any vaccine adverse event may be reported through the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Enhancing the system to explicitly request reporting for vaccine failure as a type of adverse event would be a valuable research tool, and would give more population-level data as to particular situations or sub-groups experiencing vaccine failure.”


    I can state with 100% confidence that Enhancing the VAERS system to explicitly request reporting for vaccine failure has not happened.

    Instead of gaslighting us all over again on Omicron, Public Menace #1 Fauci should give voice to Enhancing the VAERS system: to explicitly request reporting for vaccine failure as a type of adverse event; this would be a valuable research tool, and would give more population-level data as to particular situations or sub-groups experiencing vaccine failure.

    So too, should Hysterial Walensky, et al., push very hard for this, even at this late hour; so to should those including Joe Biden.

    In other words, do something in the interest of public health.

    Discuss Vaccine Failure out loud.

    And do what Florida is doing, and allow the chloroquines and IVT to be easily obtained.

    Make IVT available, now, O T C, for those of legal drinking age.

    Make it a rule that all pharmacies dispense IVT to all those without a vax passport: At the same cost as the shot, i.e., for free.

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