World wide adverse vaccine reactions

Lets do a comparison pl

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  1. Pollychrome says:

    YES, THANKS, honored Colonel.
    And thanks for reminding us that plague doctors can at first hurt rather than help.

    I send you and your dear wife healing hopes every day that you will soon be well.

  2. aka says:

    Hardly any reaction. Not even swelling or serious pain in the arm.

    Oxford-AstraZeneca: Bad fever, chills, terrible headache for few days.

  3. Serge says:

    My entire family took Pfizer or Moderna, no reported side effects besides the usual gamut of fatigue/aches in the week after injections. My sisters both said their breasts got bigger from Pfizer, and this is apparently a thing that people report. They think it’s funny but I’m not so sure. I am unvaxxed and have been working remotely since 2019 so I will remain so, and my state just passed a law forbidding coerced vaccination so I think I’m safe.

  4. TV says:

    No reaction to first shot, slight fever for about an hour the day after 2nd shot.
    Guy I know wanted the Pfizer shot because they make Viagra and he ws hoping for some lab contanimation.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    Waiting for the valiant volunteers to complete the trials. Thank you all.

  6. Bobo says:

    While this cite below is a little off topic but COVID related and provides a good teaching tool. The first part is good news while the last part is not good news’s.

  7. BillWade says:

    No shot for me.

    Wife, Pfizer shot one: soreness at shot site
    Pfizer shot two: after two days arm felt like one of those restaurant thingies you
    are given to wait for a table, subsided after a few hours
    3 days after 2nd shot came down with a head cold/fever/tiredness for 5 days
    which I caught from her a few days later, same symptoms but no fever, only
    lasted 3 1/2 days

  8. Degringolade says:

    Never, ever trusted the science behind the mRNA “vaccine”.

    I waited until the VA got their first shipment of the J&J. Since the VA was handing out free shots to “Caregivers” both my boys went with me to get their shots.

    Not adverse reactions at all.

  9. Barbara Ann says:

    I wish you vaxxed folk well. As I am in the control population the only adverse reactions thus far are societal. It is not about science for me, or rather it is very much about science. It is about science remaining in service of informed consent and not replacing it. It may seem like a small hill to defend, but IMO it is a vitally strategic one, in the war against creeping technocracy.

  10. Jim says:


    To date, unable to locate online news or medical reports on Gangrene as symptom, following the COVID-19 shots.

    The below based on data updated today by CDC, current as of July 30, 2021

    Gangrene after covid shots: 15 reports to CDC, so far [below, symptoms include gangrene]
    1] 70 year old woman; per CDC/Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] narrative:
    “Patient developed gangrene of the left hand several days after receiving the vaccine. She also developed open sores on her left hip that have not progressed to gangrene yet.”
    VAERS ID: 1490470-1 Pfizer/Bionetech shot

    2] 56 year old Oklahoma woman:
    “Muscle aches, body rash, swelling in fingers, decreased circulation in fingers leading to necrotic gangrene causing middle finger on right hand to be amputated . Symptoms started end of March and finger was amputated may 26th.”
    VAERS ID: 1475653-1 Moderna shot

    3] 86 year old Texas woman:
    “On March 18, 21. pts. left fingers were blue. she was diagnosed with blood clots. Ends of fingers died, lack of blood flow. They have been amputated. She is also swollen.”
    VAERS ID: 1411008-1 Moderna

    4] 90 year old woman:
    “The patient previously received the first dose of Comirnaty for COVID-19 immunisation on 11Feb2021. On 17Mar2021 the patient experienced hemorrhagic pericardial effusion with pericardial tamponade, Subclavian vein thrombosis with embolism and gangrene, acute kidney failure. The outcome of events was not resolved. The event was reported as serious due to medically significant, hospitalization and life-threatening.”
    VAERS ID: 1388765-1 Pfizer/Biontech

    5] “The patient’s age and gender were unknown. Patient’s medical history and concomitant medications were not reported. On unspecified time/date, the patient received BNT162B2 (COMIRNATY, Solution for injection, Lot number unknown, Expiration date unknown) via an unspecified route of administration as unknown, single dose for COVID-19 immunization. Details: On Saturday (date unspecified), the patient who was vaccinated in the hospital had the symptom similar to foot gangrene. Yesterday (date unspecified), there was symptom like Arterial occlusion attack. Obstructive arterial occlusion of the foot. Arterial thrombosis of the lower limbs. The outcome of the events was not provided. ”
    1383927-1 Pfizer

    6] 67 year old man:
    “The patient received covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s (suspension for injection, route of admin not reported, batch number: XD955, and expiry: UNKNOWN) dose was not reported, 1 total administered on 02-MAY-2021 at left arm for prophylactic vaccination. No concomitant medications were reported. On 02-MAY-2021, the patient started having red spots on the arm more on the right one. On 14-MAY-2021, he went to a dermatologist and diagnosed with gangrene.”
    VAERS ID: 1357415-1 Janssen

    7] 75 year old Nevada man:
    “Gangrene suddenly started and patient sought medical attention at Emergency Room”
    VAERS ID: 1310369-1 Moderna

    8] Gangrene was present prior to first shot

    9] 50 year old Florida woman:
    “Blood clots; Gangrene; Missed her second dose as the hospital where the patient was admitted did not have Moderna vaccine; patient was sent to rehabilitation center; surgery (a leg was amputated); two clots were removed; This spontaneous case was reported by a consumer (subsequently medically confirmed) and describes the occurrence of THROMBOSIS (Blood clots), THROMBECTOMY (two clots were removed), GANGRENE (Gangrene) and LEG AMPUTATION (surgery (a leg was amputated)) in a 50-year-old female patient who received mRNA-1273 (Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine) (batch no. 025J20A) for COVID-19 vaccination. The occurrence of additional non-serious events is detailed below. The patient’s past medical history included Clot blood (blood clots in heart and lungs for last 15 years) and Thrombectomy (40 clots removed from heart and lungs from past 15 years). Concurrent medical conditions included Systemic lupus erythematosus (bad lupus). On 15-Jan-2021, the patient received first dose of mRNA-1273 (Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine) (Intramuscular) 1 dosage form. On 10-Feb-2021, the patient experienced THROMBOSIS (Blood clots) (seriousness criteria hospitalization and medically significant). On 01-Mar-2021, the patient experienced THROMBECTOMY (two clots were removed) (seriousness criterion hospitalization prolonged) and LEG AMPUTATION (surgery (a leg was amputated)) (seriousness criterion hospitalization prolonged). On 12-Mar-2021, the patient experienced REHABILITATION THERAPY . . . . Based on current available information and the temporal association between product use and het start date of the events a causal relationship cannot be excluded.”
    VAERS ID: 1261538-1 Moderna

    10] “Necrosis; gangrene; Ischaemic foot; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable physician downloaded from the FR-AFSSAPS-CN20211195 and received via Regulatory Authority. A 94-year-old female patient received second dose of bnt162b2 (COMIRNATY, Lot Number: EK9788), intramuscular on 02Feb2021 as single dose for covid-19 immunisation. Patient was non-smoker, no obesity, no autoimmune disease or progressive cancer . . .The outcome of event was not recovered. “”necrosis +/- gangrene”” reported serious due to life-threatening and other medically significant condition, “”Ischaemic foot”” reported serious”
    VAERS ID: 1241501-1 Pfizerf/Biontech

    11] 81 year old Florida man
    “Multiple blood clots, bleeding, hematoma, bleeding events after heparin, swelling in lower body, gangrene in both feet, double below knee amputation, situation ongoing, still in hospital.”
    VAERS ID: 1229499-1 Pfizer/Biontech
    12] 71 year old California man:
    “Middle finger tip became numb; black spots on finger nail edge and grew into black dead finger tips on three fingers of left hand. Then spread to two middle fingers on left hand; Pain in intense and at times unbearable/finger pain on the tips of my fingers/unbearably painful; The ends of my fingers are gangrenous and now the skin and dead material is sluffing off; Micro clotting”
    VAERS ID: 1182769-1 Pfizer/Biontech

    13] 38 year old New York woman:
    “I received my first Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on 12/31/20 at hospital. after my first vaccination I noticed that I was experiencing tinnitus intermittently in both ears. I received my second vaccination on 1/28/2021 at Hospital . At the beginning of February I noticed itching and some swelling and redness on my toes in both feet. I used over the counter lotrimen cream for two weeks with no improvement. I started using over the counter hydrocortisone cream which helped relieve the itching but the swelling was not improving and I developed red ulcers on my toes bilaterally and it became painful to walk. I went to an urgent care facility on 3/9. The physician at the urgent care facility expressed concern that I could have a vascular issue and referred me to a vascular surgeon. She also referred me to a podiatrist. She prescribed me a course of prednisone which I started on 3/10/2021 and completed. I saw the vascular surgeon on 3/11/2021 and was diagnosed with Raynauds Disease. The MD informed me that I had the beginning stages of Gangrene on my toes and prescribed me nifendrine 30 mg extended release daily. I consulted with a podiatrist on 3/11/2020 who noted that she agreed the symptoms on my toes were vascular in nature. She stated she has seen an increase of patients seen with ulcers recently. I am still experiencing intermittent tinnitus and still have symptoms in my toes that are better with medication, but not resolved.”
    VAERS ID: 1147465-1 Moderna

    14] 77 year old woman:
    “The patient experienced mesenteric vein thrombosis on 25Feb2021 with outcome of unknown, gangrene on 25Feb2021 ” [rec’d shot 2/9/2021]
    VAERS ID: 1135768-1 Pfizer/Biontech

    15] 48 year old Lousiana man:
    “Was given shot in top of right shoulder straight into joint. Had infectious cellulitis in elbow turn into gangrene. Was hospitalised for 4days and had to have surgery to remove dead tissue and clean out infection!”
    VAERS ID: 1102074-1 Pfizer/Biontech
    From 1995 to July 30, 2021, total of 30 reports to CDC VAERS including symptoms of gangrene; 14 related to after covid shot in 2021.

    GANGRENE 1995 1
    GANGRENE 1999 1
    GANGRENE 2000 1
    GANGRENE 2001 1
    GANGRENE 2005 1
    GANGRENE 2006 1
    GANGRENE 2009 1
    GANGRENE 2012 2
    GANGRENE 2013 1
    GANGRENE 2014 1
    GANGRENE 2016 2
    GANGRENE 2017 1
    GANGRENE 2018 1
    GANGRENE 2021 15

  11. Le Comte says:

    Pfizer in Jan and Feb. No issues. Before doing so, I reached out to an old friend who’s a doc and runs an Emergency Dept in a big hospital, an old friend who has a PhD in microbiology and works at the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), my internist (NYU School of Medicine), and a friend who owns a large nursing facility. They all recommended getting it.

  12. Deap says:

    DH (who is a retired MD) – double Pfizer in Jan 2021, on top of a prior Shingrex vaccination in Dec 2020 – long standing joint pain starting in Jan 2021, not resolved yet. No immediate reactions to the injections themselves. Linkage between events and conditions unknown. His UCSF classmates were very high talking up the vaccine early in the game. One is a current UCSF researcher – covid, covid, covid.` Plus a raging Democrat.

    SELF – unvaxxed, but may be forced by upcoming cruise in March 2022 – still waiting for more long-term information, not happening. Not a believer in most if not all of the underlying “covid” metrics. I belong to the bad flu school. Or, I may be lynched by my fellow Californians, if I don’t obey immediately. Long history in health care delivery myself, and have seen too many hoaxes and fads in health care over past 40 years to have become a well-earned skeptic. Yes, government health policy does and has lied to you.

    US health care moved over the past few decades from analyzing personal reported symptoms, and patient life context to a love affair with detached metrics and formulaic protocols with health insurance risk benefit advisors looking over the doctors shoulders.

    Covid is getting played purely as a numbers game and that is disturbing. How many “cases” asymptomatic or not, how many “tainted” death counts, and how many are “vaccinated” and an end-point success metric regardless of how many harmed in the process or how many doing just fine if left alone.

    These remain artificial surrogate endpoints of dubious data crunching. And the “disease” (flu season) rages on. We really should be concerned “flu” cases dropped to zero, while “covid” cases rose during the same time period. Bogus attempts to explain this need reconsideration.

    Johns Hopkins CDC data crunching of morbidity reports over the past 10 years the found no changes in “all cause” deaths for each year, but did find changes in listing of cause of death during the “covid” year of 2020. Suppression of this extensive report because it would be “too confusing to the public” deserves more attention.

    Drop in average life expectancy for 2020 needs more precision – this come from more elderly dying from “covid” or more young people committing suicide or rise in blue state urban violence and drug overdoses. Both ends of the age spectrum could cause an overall drop in “average” age of death. Enquiring minds want to know more.

  13. Eric Newhill says:

    I’m in the control group with Barbara Ann and for the same reasons – as is my SWMBO.

    I always prefer being among the few, the proud and, in this case, The Unvaxxed. No masks, no social distancing, no social isolation (SWMBO is a grade school teacher at a private school).

    People I personally know who have succumbed to social pressure – or what they think is the good science – and allowed themselves to be stuck have had a range of reactions from sore arms to feeling sick an wiped out for up to a week or more.

  14. Mark Gaughan says:

    Moderna, a little tired for a couple of days after both shots. My 98 years young Mom had Pfizer, no issues at all.

  15. Deap says:

    Moderna now stating their vaccine is only good for six months.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Pfizer admits the same. Both say booster shots will be needed every six months to every year. No surprise. This is why there has never been a vaccine for the common cold (also coronavirus). The same rapidly waning efficacy has always been encountered. It’s the nature of that particular virus.

      These companies now have 100s of millions of drug addicts whose habits are paid for by insurance. The perfect racket. The key to maintaining success is two fold. Keep media and government fear hyping at maximum output and continue obsessively suppressing any contrary information.

  16. walrus says:

    Two shots of Astra Zeneca. No side effects for wife or me.

  17. Lesly says:

    Moderna, both shots.

    First shot, swelling/pain in the arm. Mental fog for two weeks.

    Second shot, swelling/pain in the arm. Very fatigued, fever, chills. Cleared after 3 days. This reaction reminded me of my first tetanus shot required in the military.

    The nurse said I could take pills if I had a fever. Decided against it while it happened. Thought it would be better to deal with a stronger reaction and let my body figure it out.

    Husband also had Moderna. Fewer side effects for him.

  18. Pollychrome says:

    I’m also shot-free–alone among all our family and friends, who all fear for me.

    But I choose health over an untested injection of mysterious spike proteins, trusting that even if I caught the Cold, a fit—if aging—“athlete” would soon be fine. I’m lucky, though, for I’m only around people (besides family) every day when I run outdoors.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      The fear thing is an interesting social phenomenon. Fear because they consider you a carrier of the plague, or fear because they infer from your decision that you may be an unhinged science-denying nut?

      In other news, the results of a study on the Amish community turned up an interesting result:

      • Pollychrome says:

        Thanks, Barbara Ann.

        Fear that I’ll sicken and die. They’ve been brainwashed into beliefs that aren’t just a lie, but the opposite of the truth:
        that Covid is 98 percent fatal, rather than over 98 percent survivable–and that most people who are even hospitalized already suffer from other serious ailments.

        What sad times when the powerful can reverse how people judge what might be “fake” or “real.”

        Meanwhile, I’m terrified for all my family and friends about the risks of thrombosis and other heart problems from the vax—-and just gently remind them all to see a doctor immediately if they feel odd in any way.

  19. kakaouskia says:

    From my neck of the woods (EU)

    Parents, in their 80s: no side effects from both shots despite one of them having serious heart issues. Pfizer for one, Moderna for the other.

    A similar aged relative got the AstraZeneca jab, both shots, no issues.

    Wife, mid 40s: First Pfizer shot resulted in very visible swelling – I could see it from 20 feet away – that subsided after a day. Second shot resulted in severe fatigue for 2-3 days.

    Sis, early 30s: After the second Pfizer shot she was bedridden for two weeks, nearly ended up in the hospital. Now she is fine.

    What troubles me though was that for both wife and sis their physicians more or less refused to log the adverse effects and advised them to weather them off.

    Note that where I live the VAERS equivalent is managed by the physicians and is not really accessible to the public.,

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Doctor-managed “reporting,; probably too “confusing” for release to the public.

      So, professional omerta.

    • Lelush says:

      In the EU, the adverse events declaration is obviated by professionals, first, because they are overwhelmed by work overload by the increasing, with regard same time past year, cases of Covid-19 this summer, to get time to fulfill the questiuonaires, and, second, because, eventhough they, health professionals, have in their majority refused to stop and think rationaly, they are enough intelligent to consider stopping a second to think that reporting side effects of importance will for sure bring “complications” to their careers…

      This way, the media continue to broadcast that these experimental vaccines are not only safe, but also effective ( just heard at local radio a farmacology university professor stating this…Of course, some young professionals have seen the opportunity of their lives to get a great leap forward in their incipient careers…The other day another young pediatrican at a public health system hospital advocating for vaccination of teens..Every dictatorship in the world has been has always had its start ups…) and now, even when at first of vaccination campaign authorities claimed that “herd immunity” will be reached when around 70% of population is vaccinated, they are now saying that “due the variants”, now it is necessary that a 90% does it…

      Conductors of the radio program ending with “public health and “common good” are over individual liberties….

  20. Mark Logan says:

    J&J, no side effects but did have a positive test for COVID two weeks ago. Had mild symptoms which have passed. I have about a dozen people who took an off-day after the second Moderna shot though. Nothing worse.

  21. Eol says:

    Pfizer 1 shot, arm ache 1 day. Upcoming 2nd in 10 days
    Partner: 2 shots of Pfizer, same, arm ache on shot 1, and a slow couple of days (sleeping) on shot 2. Other than that totally ok.

  22. BillWade says:

    I haven’t had a flu shot since 1989, my wife dutifully has one every year. We’ve both had the flu twice over those years, both at the same time (early 2000 and early 2021). I’ve had plenty of hangovers though and I know the cure but choose not to partake of it, at least till 5.

    Can anyone explain what Covid19 actually is?

    • Lelush says:

      No, in fact, FDA has stated that starting december 30th this year, another way of testing which can differentiate between Covid-19 and common flu must be used, ending the emergency authorization use awarded to the current PCR test to diagnose Covid-19…

      Must probably why governments are in a rush to vaccinate everybody so that no control groups remain…

      Wannabi dictators in the EU, like Macron and Dragui, trying to imitate the worst of Vichy and Mussolini regimes, with Dragui advancing nobody without a “Covid Pass” will be able to vote in elections….It is curious that it is preciselly the banking guys in powerwho are going more jumping through red lines on basic human rights, especially in France, seat of Human Rights Declaration…

      But, why these two guys feel so free to do all this? Macron looks happy and pletoric in his last TikTok videos adressing the French population and demonizing the non-vaccinated…( now we accept that out head of gvoernmetns adress us through TikTok?…It is obvious that this clown is mocking democracy and has a good matrese behind to do this…Otherwise he would show worry…)
      Why they do not fear public retaliation? …Unless public retaliation that could justify a siege state is what they are looking for….

      Watching the fate of president of San Vicente and the Grenadines after he decreed mandatory vaccination for all public employees, Dragui should recall Mussolini´s end…one guesses…and Macron, Marie Antoniette…..
      Although… EU population is long ago lost of itself…

      • JK/AR says:

        About that “ending the emergency authorization use awarded to the current PCR test to diagnose Covid-19 …”

        I’d earlier read on some “authentically” medico site which was mentioning only that the CDC’s EUA was being pulled, but (and a big but) that somehow, someway “other entities” had their own EUAs! Unfortunately at the moment I cannot recall specifically the exact site I read that from.

        Fortunately though I do recall seeing that *some commentor* on another blog pasted the pertinent text mirroring the text I’d seen elsewhere however the site credited with the information is not recognizably a medical source.

        (Have I managed to confuse y’all quite enough? Sorry about that, haven’t finished my first cuppa Joe.)

        “CDC is likely going to pull its own EUA for its test because hundreds of other labs now have their own EUAs and CDC no longer even needs to use its own test since many companies now have EUAs for manufactured tests,” he said in an email. “The major Companies like Roche, Hologic, Abbott all have their own test kits and instruments. Then the ThermoFishers of the world have EUAs for their PCR kits that can be run in the exact same way as the CDC assay. So there really is no reason for CDC to retain their EUA.”

  23. MapleLeaf says:

    Sputnik-V: First shot, … oh wait that was vodka, from a shot glass…

    Moderna: First shot, dizzy, headache for a day, diarrhea the next, arm tender for 3-days, possible trigger for onset of mild depression

    Second shot: Will get it a few weeks from now, not looking forward to it…

    • Lelush says:

      “….possible trigger for onset of mild depression…”

      What is probably the goal of this mass vaccination campiagm for when it starts the cyberpandemic and they wipe out all of our saving and pension funds…

      AS, Schwab warned in the CyberPolygon simulacra, the worst is juts to arrive…

      Just saw at twitter a video of Mikhail Mishustin, current Russian PM, co-adressing, along with Schwab, the partcipants in the CyberPolygon event past July 9th…

      Wondering what is Russia´s role in all this and why they go along with all this issue of the pandemic and mass vaccination, eventhough their calimed advanced science when they show so dissenting at other issues…Could it be that the NWO cabal is also over Russian government?

      German Greff, Sberbank CEO, also took part in the CyberPolygon as Russian representative…. This is the banking and tax cabal…..Mushustin being the one who informatized the tax system in RF before being brought in by Putin as PM of the RF…..

      I have broken my head wondering why Russia will come along in harming its own population when they have always underpopulation issues since WWII…Unless what they fear is a probable lack of control of the masses in the event of an economic disaster….

      Read about disrupting of supply lines and coming shortages ( some already at work now…), with thousands of ships and containers being retained at US ports in the middle of China-US fight….

  24. Deap says:

    Since the alleged “spike proteins” were based upon a Chinese computer print out of what they called a “covid” viral particle, and then replicated this computer print out for use in this experimental inoculation, I am doubly wary. Correct me please, if I have these facts wrong.

    My question now is: Is anyone working on a good old fashion attenuated virus vaccine? Why haven’t they isolated enough “covid” virus particles to create this traditional form of a vaccine – not this Franked-Injection.

    Are they worried if they collect enough “covid” particles, they will in fact only have a handful of regular seasonal influenza bugs?

    Agree a few of us do need to stay vaccine virgins, so they can run a placebo test case. If they ever get around to investigating this comparison, instead of throwing us all in jail until we submit.

    • TTG says:

      Deep, if it’s just the mRNA thing that stopping you, look at the J&J vaccine. It’s not mRNA but uses the far older and tested method of adenovirus.

    • Lelush says:

      You are one of the most awakened in this forum with respect this pandemic issue, maam, absolutely doing the right questions.
      Although I am for enjoying life, I will advice you go on another kind of hollyday and avoid that crusier like the pest…May be you can discover the beauty your own country, by driving, as I am doing this year…

      I am for enjoying life as if there was no tomorrow, and spending the same way, since I have the hunch all our savings will be soon wiped out, and, moreover, I am not so sure some of us will not be in a concentration camp already in september…as you so rightly suspect, just the other day saw a video of one already built in British Columbia…barracs, vigilance towers and all that, in the middle of nowhere, with Covid-19 related propaganda and warnings placed in the surroundings in big advertisemets posters…See you in the barracs, maam, it will be an honor…

      For what I know, the Chinese vaccine one, I do not know if it is Sinopharm, since they have several ones, is the only one based on innactivated virus, the only one similar to classical vaccines….But, there is no currently atenuated virus type vaccine for Covid-19, probably because no one has achieved to really isolate this virus in a human tissue?
      Recall that at least at first wave, no authopsy was allowed on death people by Covid-19…on infectious basis…

      Will we ever know what has really happened here? Or, may be, not until all the force of the worst dictatorship planet Earth has seen is fully unleashed on us?

      • Barbara Ann says:


        I will see you in the camps also. Of course Walrus and many others consider such fears lunatic conspiracy theorizing. My response is to suggest they watch one short video, from the WEF themselves. It was deleted but thankfully archived. This very clearly shows 2 things 1) the Davos Crowd’s vision of a ‘better’ future (no people) with lockdowns the solution to climate change also, btw and 2) the spectacular degree to which their perspective differs from that of you & I, evidenced by them posting such dystopian garbage for all to see. Hence I argue that it is not a conspiracy. The global billionaire cabal are quite openly expressing their wish to depopulate the Earth and enslave humanity (“You will own nothing..”). If Russia is with them we are in real trouble (response to your other comment).

        Yes, this will be the worst dictatorship planet Earth has seen and given the technologies available to the 21st century despot, it could well be permanent – unless enough people wake up and resist soon. Solzhenitsyn is required reading right now.

    • Sudhi says:

      Deap, thank you for your erudite comments, about your query- “Is anyone working on a good old fashion attenuated virus vaccine?” there are presently nine conventional vaccines of which only one is a live attenuated virus vaccine known as CoviVac –

      Inactivated virus vaccines :

      Chinese –
      BBIBP-CorV, also known as the Sinopharm
      Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, traded as Covidful
      CoronaVac, also known as the Sinovac
      Minhai-Kangtai, trademarked as KCONVAC
      WIBP-CorV, also developed by Sinopharm

      Indian –
      Covaxin, developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research.

      Iranian –
      COVIran Barakat, developed by Iranian state-owned Shifa Pharmed Industrial Group.

      Kazakhstan –
      QazVac, developed by the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems in Kazakhstan.

      Russian live attenuated virus vaccine –

      CoviVac, developed by the Chumakov Centre which is an institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  25. Eliot says:

    My aunt experienced severe pain, and a long period of illness after being vaccinated. We haven’t spoken in a few weeks. I don’t know if she’s recovered.

    I have chosen not to get the vaccine. Work has a vaccine rule and I expect I will be fired.

    I believe the rule a loyalty test, more than anything else. It’s a way to punish and purge heretics.

    • Pat Lang says:


      I would have preferred an institutional response rather than anecdotes.

    • Babeltuap says:

      Likewise. Chance of survival for all age groups is above 99%. I know it’s real but the paranoid android mentality is a pandemic in itself. The number of deaths are nowhere near the Spanish Flu or Aids. Not even in the ballpark or the back of the parking lot. More like 5 blocks over on a side street.

      Maybe just ban travel next time immediately instead of arguing about it and close the damn southern border at some point…meh. I take no medical advice from an agency that murdered people intentionally and a man who refuse to let Aids patients try alternate drugs when it was their only hope.

      • Mishko says:

        Aye, the changing of the definitions before and the moving of
        the goalposts after.
        The social engineering by masking leading into injections.

  26. sbin says:

    Will not take mRna injection.
    Have friends 93 and 91 years old that got covid.
    Husband had no symptoms and wife had mild fever.
    Both were vaccinated as soon as it became available.

  27. A. Pols says:

    I’m 74 and got my first Moderna jab in early March, the second April 6. First jab, no side effects other than slight soreness comparable to a flu shot. Second jab, no real soreness, but the 2nd. day after I felt a bit “off” early in the day, sort of constitutional flu like feeling which dissipated later in the day. A month or so later I had 2 morning nosebleeds a week or so apart, which is unusual for me. Causal relation? Maybe, but maybe just coincidence. Other than that, nothing. Coworkers at my shop mostly got the jab, some Moderna, some Pfizer, one J&J. No serious reactions other than a couple of them felt “punk” for a couple of days, but that happens to some people with any vaccine. I have made it a point to question friends and clients about their experiences with the vaccines and out of several hundred people I’ve talked with nobody has any serious adverse reactions.
    I understand Colonel lang had problems and lest you think I consider it age related, I’ve talked to lots of those even older, including in their 90s, and nobody’s gotten wiped out.
    On the other hand, I hear horror stories from numerous friends and associates all of who haven’t been vaccinated and don’t intend to be because they know it’s dangerous. The only side effect any of them fail to mention is that the vaccines cause late life autism…

  28. longarch says:

    From 4 Aug 2021:
    n attorney stated today that over 45,000 people in the USA have died as a result of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

    At the Stop the Shot Conference hosted by the Truth for Health Foundation and live-streamed by LifeSiteNews on August 4, Ohio-based attorney Thomas Renz dropped bombshell data suggesting that deaths associated with the COVID-19 shots have been greatly underreported while adverse events have been largely ignored.

    Renz, the lead attorney in several major federal lawsuits addressing medical freedom in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, cited a growing number of whistleblowers who have reported data indicating that the risks from the experimental COVID-19 shots currently being mandated are far higher than reported.

    Renz noted that one expert whistleblower found based on data analysis that at least 45,000 deaths have been connected with the current experimental COVID-19 drugs.

    The finding, which Renz says is likely itself a grave underestimation, forms the foundation of a federal lawsuit filed by Renz on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    In addition, despite clinical trials which Renz says have found that children have a 1 in 1000 chance of paralysis from taking the injections, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has chosen not to investigate the connection.

    Meanwhile, Renz said the data indicates the shots are far more dangerous than they are helpful for young adults.

    “If you are under 30, the vaccine has a substantially higher risk of killing you than saving you,” he said.

    [continues at link]

    • walrus says:

      Renz needs to be executed and anyone who believes him should hang their head in shame.

      Are you so narcissistic that you believe one American idiot on the internet can safely contradict the rest of the worlds medical community?

      It would actually be in my best interests to agree with you so that American vaccine producers can divert their production to the rest of the world that is desperate for scarce vaccine.

      The idiocy of the vaccine deniers is patently obvious to anyone in the third world who is trying to protect their families. Sure Bill Gates and George Soros are trying to implant mind control chips in the Kampongs….not. What are they going to do? Manipulate the price of copra?

  29. fotokemist says:

    My SWMBO and I are part of the control group. We take 200 mg EGCg (green tea extract) daily and 40 mg Zn MWF of each week. A mild cold in the past 18 months.

  30. longarch says:

    A highly credentialed doctor addresses an Israeli audience regarding vaccine safety. The video is slow-moving: the summary is that reasonable scientists can argue that vaccines are not always the right answer.

    I currently assume that everyone can find these skeptical scientists but possibly I should put in a little effort to assemble a collection of skeptical criticisms of vaccines.

  31. Mark Logan says:

    Nobody I know of had any adverse reaction to the J&J. Did a little searching and the J&J appears more and more like a winner. 7 million doses and only a handful of blood clot adverse reactions so far. Also, a recent study from SA shows it has been highly effective against the beta and delta variants, only two cases of blood clots there, both recovered. The main worry about it when it came out was questionable efficacy due to a hasty study done at the time. That issue seems to have been put to rest.

    Conversely, we hear about a lot of people who’ve had issues after the Modera and Astro vaxes. The comparative lack of coverage available on the J&J vaccine in our ambulance-chasing press is a positive omen for it.

  32. Teddy says:

    I am in the control group. I have no interest in taking an experimental vaccine for a virus that has a 99.95 survival rate.

  33. El Sid says:

    Two shots of scotch in the morning. Two in the afternoon. Two in the evening.

    Smoking throughout.

    No adverse effects.

    Spirits greatly improved!

    • Lelush says:

      Santiago Carrillo, also an inveterated smoker, always surrounded by a thick cigar fog while placidly broadcasting his soflamas , and helped also by a good liver to be able to say “donde dije digo digo Diego” at the right time to not get in trouble ans alaways keep in the loop, lasted till 93 years old, surviving not only ole Stalin, but also the fall of the very USSR, while those who beared the worst of Franco´s dictatorship in the worst penals, like that of Burgos ( where it is said there are only two seasons, winter and the train station ( making a play of words as station means also season in Spanish and the cold weather in that region…) ) died at the middle of their lives, if not younger, by different causes, consequences of long years of imprisonment mostly…

  34. Lelush says:

    But, in the end, vaccines and pandemic restrictive measures are only for the plebeyans…
    If not see Job´s widow stating that non-vaccinated people should be placed in the no-fly lists while she owns two private jets, and recent Obama´s plans for the celebrations of his 60 birthday at Marth´s Vineyard, that exclusive neighborhood where i bet nbody wears a mask, with several hundreds invited….

    The pandemic and subsequent restrictive measures are a matter of social class, obviously.

    Millionaires around the world have not been quarantined, they have traveled and organized their own parties, without masks, or safety distance and, above all, without the police shooting their doors down because they made a lot of noise.

    They have only caught head of local governments largemouths even smoking a cigar in a restaurant, without mask, but many more cases have transpired, which no media has wanted to publish. In the luxury restaurants there are reserved areas where you can see the tables for the big feasts, with the ashtrays on top so that nothing is missing. The police never enter these kinds of places.

    In France they have surprised politicians, judges and big capitalists at meals, meetings and parties in full quarantine. No businessman has canceled his schedule due to the curfew.

    The same has happened in New Zealand, where the quarantine is so strict that the population has been locked up in their homes for weeks. Ports and airports are also closed to traffic… for almost everyone. Even many nationals who went on a trip have not been able to return to their homes.

    For billionaire Larry Page, co-founder of Google, those restrictions don’t affect him. He bought one of the Fiji islands and the government allowed him to enter the country so that he could rest in his haven of peace.

    The press has published it and the corresponding stir has been mounted. The police should have locked Page up in one of the shelters enabled to spend the 14 statutory days of quarantine, like everyone else: locked up.

    The media say that since he is not even a resident of the country, they should not have allowed him entry. But where there is a rule there is always an exception. The Ministry of Health authorized his entry because the law is not the same for everyone.

    “The government must answer why billionaire Larry Page, co-founder of Google, was allowed to enter New Zealand while desperate Kiwis and separated families cannot cross the border,” said David Seymour, leader of the New Zealand Party, who is in opposition.

    All these happens while Google, along with the rest of Sillicon Valley giants, is active part on the stablishing of this techno-sanitary dictatorship whrere they have all the former rights and freedoms and we have none…

  35. Deap says:

    Good oped in the WSJ today – Why I will fight the vaccine mandate at George Mason Univ. The “vaccine” is now nothing more than a symbolic gesture, like wearing a mask.

    GMU will accept proof of ANY vaccination – including the remarkably poor Chinese -Sinovacs. They just want to tick the box – “proof of vaccination” – as a surrogate for “safety”. They refuse to accept previously “covid” infection immunities. They demand an inoculation on top of that – just a paperwork demand to check off.

    This is total nonsense. It is the vaccine that presents the most unknown danger. This is what they re now forcing on their employees at the cost of their continued employment.

    No wonder CVS Pharmacies staffers are now running a back door black market selling “proof of vaccine” documents. Symbolism rules. We have dropped down the rabbit hole.

    • Teddy says:

      Speaking of a good Op-Ed:

      “For much of the rest of the population, there’s nothing to fear but fear of the virus itself. This is particularly true if we have lawful outpatient access to a growing arsenal of scientifically proven prophylactics and therapeutics.

      For example, there has been much controversy over ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Yet, with the emergence of a growing body of scientific evidence, we can be assured these two medicines are safe and effective in prophylaxis and early treatment when administered under a physician’s supervision. Numerous other useful treatments range from famotidine/celecoxib, fluvoxamine, and apixaban to various anti-inflammatory steroids, Vitamin D, and zinc.

      The broader goal when administering these agents is to moderate symptoms and take death off the table, particularly for the unvaccinated. Unlike vaccines, these agents are generally not dependent on specific viral properties or mutations but instead mitigate or treat the inflammatory symptoms of the disease itself. (Pfizer is now actively marketing its own antiviral therapeutic – tacit admission Pfizer’s own vaccine is incapable of eradicating the virus.)

      We are not “anti-vax.” One of us (Dr. Malone) invented the core mRNA technology being used by Pfizer and Moderna to produce their vaccines and has spent his entire professional career developing and advancing novel vaccine technologies, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures.”

  36. Ken says:

    An hour-long lecture on comparative world-wide adverse events to covid-19 vaccines by a statistics-based social scientist, Dr Josh Guetzkow, is available through search. These take-aways (from the video’s own notes) :

    1. Per the data at hand, there is a problem with the “vaccine” safety.

    2. There is a serious problem of blood clots among those who took the “vaccine”.

    3. There are already 1,700,000 reports of adverse events, and it’s very likely there is under reporting.

    4. Since they started to inject the covid-19 shots, 50% of all the deaths reported to the VAERS system, in the past 30 years, is from the covid-19 shots! (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J).

    From my own (non expert) scan of available information: under ordinary circumstances, a vaccine demonstrating these short-term safety characteristics would not be acceptable for public use. From the current situation, an interested observer could reasonably infer regulatory capture. Statistics nonetheless indicate a benefit for vaccination for over-60 year olds. But we have no visibility on long-term effects. None.

    • Mishko says:

      There can not be a problem with vaccines.
      Democracies are open and tranparent, vaccines are safe and effective.
      Welcome to consensus reality.

      • Sam says:

        Democracies are susceptible to fearmongering and groupthink as we have seen throughout history. That’s why the US was constructed as a constitutional republic. For the past 50+ years we have seen fascism grow despite the constitutional framework.

  37. Jim says:

    Checker-heads, smear campaigns and VE distortions (and our dear Walensky)

    Directly related to issue of World wide adverse vaccine reactions are marketing claims being made by their manufacturers: about alleged VE, Vaccine Effictiveness of their product.

    These marketing claims, presented as science by drug companies, treated as science by medical journals, by big media, big tech, big government, CDC, NIH, NIAID, etc. — the usual suspects.

    These are VE marketing claims — and confusion, mass confusion: created by their presentation as science — this dimension, among the most totally reckless actions during this epoch of post-fact-based-science, or science fiction if you will.

    Actual VE is required, to evaluate these shots, instead of marketing claims, science fiction and pulling rabbits out of a hat.

    All the above actors and institutions — the usual suspects — bear direct responsibility for deliberately misinforming public: claiming what cannot rationally or scientifically be claimed: that they are nearly or more than 90% “effective” and so on and so forth. Shamanism par excellence.

    VE has always been measured retrospectively — after the fact. Thus accurate or mostly accurate or at least somewhat accurate picture of a vax’ VE can be gleaned — based on historical data.

    And NOT based on Estimates — nor out of thin air.

    Some may notice that “fact checkers” that “debunk” the growing and obvious simple fact that moderna and pfizer may end up having VE = 0 — all these checker-heads rely on CDC “estimates” — even as what they are trying to smear and claim as “false” — was based on an MDs and/or scientists quoting from actual data — and checked by those actually skilled in the science of data.

    The checker-heads use estimates to smear actual scientific knowledge — results gleaned from actual, concrete research and data.

    And what happens, now that our zig zagging, hysterical CDC director Rochelle Walesnky has just confirmed?: VE = Zero?

    She just told CNN the covid shots, having failed to prevent the disease among those inoculated; the shots also cannot prevent transmission of the disease among those inoculated.


    She prefaced this astonishing acknowledgment of the drugs’ failure with an even more astonishing fabrication: “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well!”

    The CDC Director: “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well! They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

    “They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death” she said — but what does the data say?

    Don’t expect CDC director to level with the American people on this essential matter.
    Expect more tears and flapdoodle from her; it’s how she runs.

    To date, I am able to locate CDC published information that says Delta is highly transmissible; and unable to locate CDC information demonstrating this variant cause “severe illness and death” — the CDC’s most recent information from an Aug. 6 published study is equivocal:

    “Finally, differences in vaccination coverage in some of these populations might be an additional confounding factor when estimating crude VE at the county and state levels. VE studies with more rigorous methods and the power to estimate protection against severe outcomes are needed to better understand the potential impact of the Delta variant.”

    Obvious question: how does “VE studies with more rigorous methods and the power to estimate protection against severe outcomes are needed to better understand the potential impact of the Delta variant”

    Square with: the covid shots “continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death”.

    Walensky made this claim on national TV — fully aware her own agency’s most recent information is actually claiming that “VE studies with more rigorous methods and the power to estimate protection against severe outcomes are needed to better understand the potential impact of the Delta variant.”

    Another paper says the Delta “B.1.617.2 variant is highly transmissible in indoor sports settings and households, which might lead to increased attack rates.”

    This paper, last updated July 16, also says, in conclusion: ” Finally, vaccine effectiveness could not be calculated because of an inability to interview all persons associated with the outbreak and incomplete state immunization registry data.”

    To sum up. VE is supposed to be determined after the fact.

    This means after a year, a season, of comprehensive data collection — in which, say: how well, for example, did vax ABC perform against this or that influenza? — after the fact, after flu season ends.

    And, as of now, how well are covid shots VE doing? At this time, the answer is blowin’ in the wind. . . .

    Earlier this week, Larry Sanger published an easy to read, short essay, “The Astonishing Hubris of a Global Experimental Vaccine”, that is well worth a look.

    A tease to this — in the form of something posted, from a commenter about the essay; followed by Sanger’s response:

    Commenter: “Come on, Larry. Not you. Please.

    You know very well you’re talking bullshit, and for a very simple reason : those vaccines are not experimental. By any stretch.

    They have been extensively tested in clinical trials. They have been shown to be exceptionally efficient and safe. And there is an exceptionally efficient worldwide monitoring mechanism in place, ensuring that the rarest of adverse effects, if they happen on a real-life scale, will be known and studied with minimal delay.

    Which is what happened. Some adverse effects were so rare, that they could not be detected in clinical trials. They were detected in the following stage. The use of vaccines was changed accordingly.

    Everything is nominal. Things proceed as they were expected to do. Indeed, they proceed exceptionally better than what was anticipated. It’s a roaring scientific success.”

    Sanger’s response: “I am not talking bullshit. The vaccines have already done a great deal of damage, as you’d know if you looked beyond what CNN is telling you. And then there are the long-term side-effects, which are necessarily unknown at this time. But that doesn’t matter; that’s to miss the point.

    The point is that you simply don’t know whether the vaccines really are safe. You think you do, but you don’t. And yet you advocate injecting all of us, 7.8 billion of us, with them. What if they turn out to be harmful, as new medicines unfortunately sometimes are? Even if the chances are miniscule, you are multiplying those chances by billions. The hubris this requires is shocking.

    It is an objective, indisputable fact: never in the history of the world has there been a global push to administer an experimental medicine to all of humanity, billions of us, at the same time.

    Frankly, the hubris required for carrying out this plan, and for taking the lead in propagandizing the world to carry it out, is jaw-dropping and scary to me. If a world leader is willing to take such gambles with all of humanity, what else are they prepared to do? I really wonder. If suddenly you became a president or top medical system leader or media organization owner, would you want to take an action that, if you were wrong, might spell the death of millions? First, do no harm. We haven’t heard that old medical byword very much recently.”


  38. Sam says:

    With over 4 million deaths attributed to covid by public health officials and hysterically promoted by State Media in the West with draconian policies of lockdowns and now vaccine mandates, isn’t it curious there’s no aggressive and transparent investigation of the origins? Why are the fascists obfuscating with pretend investigations? Why are the “follow the science” proponents not discussing the financial conflicts of interest among the virology research community and the “science” media? Why aren’t Tony Fauci, Peter Daszak and others not testifying to a grand jury for mass murder?

    Are citizens of the West and the US in particular going to be so subsumed with fear that they will allow those that committed mass murder and those that have stripped them of their essential liberty to not only skate free but dominate them with contradictory and draconian rules?

    Gary Whittaker: “The presence of a furin cleavage motif at the SARS-CoV-2 S1–S2 interface is..highly unusual…So far, a viable natural origin for the SARS-CoV-2 S1–S2 site through recombination or mutation of a bat-origin virus has proved to be elusive.”

    • Deap says:

      We have learned today how many people emotionally rely on what their government tells them. It is beyond their intellectual capacity to live in a world where there is not automatic trust their government. Including a hunger for authority figures.

      Or are they just positively honoring a patriotic duty to follow what their government tells them. Made curious, since authority figures are found on all sides of this “covid” issue.

      Should the “government” then take a victory lap? They have earned trusting fealty by a majority of today’s population. Based upon merit, or on other darker forces?

      What alchemy has conferred such fealty on often undistinguished government bureaucrats. My own guess, is many people simply do not want to live in a world where they cannot trust their “government”.

      Trust authority – question authority- trust, but verify. Which one is it? I for one am increasingly appalled what my “government” is doing to me.

      They are particularly coming after me since I remain unvaxxed. Along with growing members of the public who want me punished, banned, villified and/or incarcerated. I am just a nice suburban housewife living out my last few decades wanting a warm place in the sun. Suddenly I am an identified and targeted Typhoid Mary

      Reminds me when people trusted their religion for solace, guidance and transcendence. I believe “covid” may well be demonstrating the growing unchurched populations have now transferred their latent spiritual needs to the “government” as their abiding Higher Power. Lord help us. Do we really want the DMV running the rest of our lives?

      What would it take to change this current devolution of American founding principles – liberty and freedom- of the people, by the people and for the people? Or will the 2022 election be another surprise outcry of the suppressed?

      • jld says:

        “We have learned today …”
        This is nicely summarized by a most unexpected “Sage” 🙂

        • Sam says:

          Yup. Zuby’s 21 points are spot on. Hit the ball outta the park spot on!!

          He nails precisely why fascism has been on the rise for 50+ years in the West. As Pogo said, I looked at the enemy and he is us.

          When the only country in world history that was formed specifically to defend and protect individual liberty on the basis of natural rights keeps going more fascist each decade and the population by and large not only not opposes the trend but actively support it …..

      • Barbara Ann says:


        No reason suburban housewives can’t be heroes too. In 1955 one took a stand (actually a sit) against the prejudicial treatment of an discriminated against minority. It will happen again in the coming era of Segregation.

    • blue peacock says:

      The presence of a furin cleavage motif at the SARS-CoV-2 S1–S2 interface is..highly unusual…

      This is precisely what David Baltimore, Nobel Laureate & President Emeritus of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) noted in several interviews.

      The natural origin proponents use history as their primary evidence – all previous virus attack evolution from animal to humans can be traced.

      But serious, non-compromised molecular biologists like David Baltimore note this unusual furin cleavage site. Of course as a Caltech alum I have great respect for Dr. Baltimore. He’s passed the point in his life where he needs Fauci’s cash grants to fund his research. It is a lot easier for him to speak candidly.

      Let’s not forget Upton Sinclair’s great quote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      That is the virology & medical research community today and provides the explanation why Anderson from Scripps, emails Fauci that the virus looks engineered and then 24 hours after a conference call with Fauci he is signing Peter Daszak drafted letter that get’s published in the Lancet stating that anyone questioning natural origin is a conspiracy theorist.

      The fact that there’s no credible investigation of the origins speaks louder than all the words from politicians, government health officials, molecular biology scientists and the pharma bros. Instead we see active measures to obfuscate, hide and thwart getting to the truth.

      Are there other cases where millions around the globe have been killed, constitutional liberties shredded and the average citizen doesn’t care a rat’s ass even when it’s his ass roasting on the grill?

  39. JK/AR says:

    Adding to that video to Dr. McCullough I placed in reply to Walrus above:

    I’ve actually seen some video of Fauci wherein he [admits] the stuff obtained from the PCR test “can not be cultured.”

    I’ll now seek that out – maybe/hopefully I bookmarked it.

    The lady being interviewed at the link says, paraphrasing, ‘All this info linked’ [below] so I’ll check that first.

    • Deap says:

      I had recently been on the same ship in Jan 2020 that notoriously had to wander the high seas looking for a port to take them in last March 2020.

      One can always gets a mild upper respiratory infection known as “cruise crud” while onboard ships so as soon as a “reliable” covid test was offered – the blood drawn one – I went in to see if I had antibodies. (Negative, darn it)

      I also wondered how I could donate my blood to “science who of course would be very interested in understanding this disease more fully and would those anti-bodies help anyone else.

      Silly me, the lab tech looked at me like I was crazy, why would they know anything about that? Uhh, because you are officially recognized as a valid “covid” testing site? But it was clearly a dead end. Aborted fetal body parts had a better market than my possibly covid-attacked blood system.

      So yes, why haven’t we isolated “covid” since it has now plagued us viciously for 18 months and counting. Why hasn’t there been an attenuated virus real vaccine developed by now. Why only the commercial sponsored Franken-injection?

      Who is hiding the proof this was nothing more than a bad flu? More importantly why. PIC that one apart, CDC.

      • JK/AR says:

        “So yes, why haven’t we isolated “covid” since it has now plagued us viciously for 18 months and counting. Why hasn’t there been an attenuated virus real vaccine developed by now. Why only the commercial sponsored Franken-injection?”

        Discussing this amongst a seven member assortment of acquaintances – three of whom are MDs, one a biochemist retired from the R&D of a well-known pharm, one a chemistry prof and lastly me just a curious sort – the five former hypothesize that – if “it” is indeed a manufactured virus the Drs Frankensteen (as they would insist) would make every effort to ensure “its” deconstruction be very difficult & that “institutional dis-interest” in said deconstruction would be almost certain.

        As to the second Deap, probably because of, cough, dis-interest.

        To the last I’m reliably informed (press rumors) Dr. (call me The Science!) Fauci will be along any moment with a *therapeutic agent that promises to render future boosting vaccinations unnecessary – for a very modest sum I’m guessing.

        I read where Congress-Critter [Ron?] Johnson is asking about “Why the redactions in these emails?” upon which question given multiple Fed Agencies’ redactions [recall IG Horowitz’ report] over the span of some significant period of time I would speculate the “hiding” has something to do with the fiddler’s due.

  40. Sam says:

    The fully vaccinated can transmit Delta variant just as easily

    Why the push to vaxx everyone with government and business mandates? Who is a threat to whom?

    It appears this has nothing to do with public health anymore but something more sinister. It is astonishing how fearful & compliant the current generations of Americans have become.

  41. Sam says:

    Obama just had tons of people at his party. Maskless. No vaxx mandate.

    They are laughing at you.

    One set of rules for the plebes and another for the fascists.

  42. Deap says:

    The covid vaccine mandate is a train that has already left the station, and we are all on it:

    ……….”Factually, as previously stated, the FDA final approval of the vaccines is a moot point.

    The FDA, just like a vaccinated person, is in a no retreat position. There is no way the U.S. FDA cannot approve the vaccines that have been sold, forced and pushed upon the entire global population.

    Can you even begin to imagine the ramifications of the FDA saying the vaccine was (a) unsafe; or (b) ineffective? Think about it. FDA approval is a foregone conclusion, regardless of safety or efficacy……”

  43. Fred says:

    “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.”

    That’s a log of problems. There’s another claim of Pfizer’s causing 16% sterility in lab animals. Why the push to vax the kids if there is any possiblity of that?

  44. optimax says:

    A couple of days before my scheduled 2nd moderna shot I started I urinated blood. Went immediately to Kaiser urgent care where they started a series of tests looking for kidney stones and bladder and kidney cancer or disease. Everything turned out negative. At the same time I had bruising on the back of my hands I thought came from yard work but later noticed could only be spontaneous. The hematuria lasted two days and the bruises have disappeared.
    Googling “covid-19 vaccines and blood in urine”, a rare blood disease called thrombocytopenia came closest. Blood in urine and and bruising are two symptoms along with brain bleed, which I haven’t experienced, also my platelets are in the normal range.

    “COVID-19 vaccination induced ITP has been recently acknowledged. However, given very few cases and limited data, currently there are no guidelines for management of ITP caused by COVID-19 vaccine as well as vaccination of people with predisposing conditions.” This is from the following website:

    Twenty-five years ago I had blood in my urine my doctor said was an allergic reaction
    to a sulphur drug. I believe my recent symptoms were an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

  45. JK/AR says:

    Following on from my previous turned out to be a hall of mirrors trying to find authentic, verifiable sources. With one shining exception, the FDA EUA: for the PCR testing:

    Page 40, paragraph 2 of the PCR EUA – Effective 7/21/21

    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/μL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.”

    Page 77 – LIMITATIONS:

    “This test has not been FDA cleared or approved. This test has been authorized by FDA under an EUA for use by authorized laboratories.

    This test has been authorized only for the detection of nucleic acid from 2019-nCoV, not for any other viruses or pathogens.”

    In the meat of the text there’s numerous mentions of “pooled samples” (using up to “four separate and distinguishable individual samples” and up to forty cycles which, as I’ve noted before, after twenty cycles the percentage of confirmation confidence drops significantly – as I recall to about 50% at 35 cycles (I’ll have to re-check that as that’s from memory – I’ll be back on that specific.)

    Too, the methodology utilized by the CDC, NIH et al for their *victims projections is known as ‘In Silico’ – for the most part the same as what’s being used in the “Climate Crisis” mandates.

  46. Sam says:

    By June 1, over 99% of Gibraltar’s population was fully vaccinated.

    Since that time, new COVID cases per day have increased more than 2500%

    With vaccine passports it implies that only the vaxxed are allowed to spread in gyms, restaurants, cruise ships and at job sites.

    • Lysias says:

      Figures like those strongly suggest that the vaccines cause cases of covid.

    • walrus says:

      There are 12 people in hospital with covid and one unvaccinated death.

      The delta variant can infect vaccinated people. We already know that.

      • Fred says:

        A sad day – for Gibraltar pneumonia sufferers. Why is that relevant to the country that just hosted Barack’s 60th birthday super spreader party?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Then why insist everyone be vaccinated in the delta variety is gonna getcha anyhow and you can still spread the disease?

        Was Obama President of the USA? Does he not still have access to intelligence reports? Would he not have the latest and greatest on covid? Yet, he just had a huge birthday party in which hundreds of people attended maskless and he danced all night without a mask himself, in the midst of the maskless crowd compromised of other elites from all over the world, presumably, also with access to info. Do we just chalk up Obama as yet another reckless idiot science denier? His guests too? Is the Secret Service remiss in allowing him to expose himself to the deadly delta variant? Or do they know something you don’t?

        Now that credentialed scientists are saying that the spike proteins attach themselves to the ovaries and to the male reproductive organs, are you still advocating for child bearing age women (or men) to be vaccinated? Why has the FDA not yet approved the drugs? Why does Fausti say everyone is going to need third, fourth, Xth boosters? Can you add 2 + 2?

  47. guidoamm says:

    I have questions rather than a statement.

    Why is it that the vaccines have not yet received FDA approval?

    Since the Emergency Use Authorization has been issued, hundreds of millions individuals have been inoculated around the globe.

    I would understand the FDA wishing to complete its vetting process and giving a temporary EAU for a limited number of patients geographically limited to, say, a village. But hundreds of millions individuals have now been inoculated around the world.

    Should the FDA find the vaccines inadequate or, Ye Gods! faulty, then what?

    Is the FDA playing the plausible deniability card here?

    This is a farce.

    • Sam says:

      For precisely the point you make, there’s no way in hell that FDA will not provide final approval. Imagine the chaos if they say vaccines needs further testing or not safe after jabbing hundreds of millions.

      The covid policies including vax rollout are a political decision not medical or public health decisions. Look at all the changing goal posts – first vax prevents infection and spread. Now that’s falling apart it is vax makes infection less drastic. Now that the vax efficacy is much less than advertised the new messaging is covid is like the cold and flu. You’ll need boosters. If it is like the flu and not ever going away then why the lockdowns? Why soldiers enforcing lockdown in supposedly “free” societies like Australia?

      When you look at the messaging of the public health officials and the politicians from the beginning of the pandemic it is clear that either they’re clueless morons or they’re using the pandemic as an excuse to go totalitarian. Either way the response of the public to the fear mongering and the evisceration of their natural and constitutional rights says more than anything else.

      • Deap says:

        Latest new message: Vaccine “benefits” last only 6 months. (Moderna) Everyone back in the pool and get your boosters … and forever.

        Which is only topped by Bill Gates evil grin when asked if elderly who are not vaxxed should not receive their social security checks.

        Who exactly are we turning over our lives and our autonomy to?

        • Barbara Ann says:


          “Who exactly are we turning over our lives and our autonomy to?”

          Extremely evil people. We are, in my view and without exaggeration, at the very point Huxley described in Brave New World.

          “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”

          No, the Vaxx is not the pharmacological method Huxley describes. But the whole Covid-is-the-end-of-the-world narrative and the complimentary get the Vaxx or else thing is both propaganda and brainwashing. The Prozac mandates come a little later, I expect.

          “You will own nothing and you will be happy” – WEF

          This may really be the End of History unless we all stand up to it ASAP. When the Great Reject does get going there are not going to be enough lampposts.

          • Sam says:

            Barbara Ann,

            We have been on a path towards increasing fascism for decades. Now that the fascists have all levers of power they’re demonstrating naked exercise of power.

            The people of the United States who are the only people in world history to have a legacy of protection of natural rights have given it away and got neither safety nor material comfort in return. The only thing they’ve got are bread & circuses and increasing servitude.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            I am not so sure that it won’t be discovered, in a year or so, that the vaccines cause infertility and/or serious birth defects that lead to spontaneous abortions, etc.

            Part of the WEF program is to lower the world’s population and to depopulate western countries of their founders and core inhabitants.

  48. Teddy says:

    Majority of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients at Hospital in Israel Are Fully Vaccinated: Doctor

    Talking with Channel 13 TV News on August 5, Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem said that “85 to 90 percent of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people,” and “95 percent of the severe patients are vaccinated.” Herzog Hospital specializes in nursing care for the elderly.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Same with Singapore.

      From the link (below)

      “Another point we want to raise is this: it is now an accepted fact that the vaccinated can be infected and that they can infect others [see Internal CDC document urges use of new messaging to promote vaccination in the face of Delta variant outbreaks]. Why then are the unvaccinated being singled out? ”

      “If the unvaccinated are truly unprotected against COVID, then we should see in a highly vaccinated country like Singapore the surge in cases among the unvaccinated [read False claim: Majority of new COVID deaths are the unvaccinated]. Maybe ALL the unvaccinated would already have been infected by now, what with the “more infectious” Delta variant. But this is not what we are seeing. Instead, we are seeing that the “pandemic” is turning into a pandemic of the vaccinated.”

      • Mark Logan says:


        That confusion is due to the false precept “If the unvaccinated are truly unprotected against COVID…”

        Nobody is saying that. The vaccinated are protected from severe disease but not protected from being carriers capable of spreading the virus from time to time. I would guess the confusion stems from ignorance about how the immune system and vaccines work. Vaccines prime our immune system to kill infections of quickly, but the mechanisms which do that live in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, they do not form a shield covering the outside of the cells lining our respiratory system.
        Our immune systems work after-the-fact for the most part. We are unfortunately conflating the terms “infection” and “disease” here. We are “infected” all the time by all kinds of bugs, but don’t notice it.

      • Fred says:

        Neither your article nor Teddy’s state just how old any of there patients are. What possible thing could cause a hospitalization – besides the Wuhan virus or its mutations.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          None of the articles and other sources linked to by anyone on any side of this debate takes into account demographics or comorbidities. None. The CDC plays fast and loose with confounding variables too. That goes for “cases”, hospitalizations and vaccine reactions. The public is being kept in the dark. Everything most everyone thinks they know is at least partially contaminated by propaganda and stupid BS.

          I say
          1.The vaccines don’t work long term.
          2.They do cause more serious side effects in more people than the usual vaccines and not all of the long term side effects are known.
          3. Since the vaxxed can still contract and spread the disease, there is no one that should care if some us elect to not be vaxxed (our lives/bodies, our choice)
          4. The typical healthy unvaxxed, like me, is at miniscule risk of hospitalization due to covid.
          5. It is better for me to contract vocid and get a little sick and fight it off with my natural immune system, than it is for me to be vaxxed and by-pass my full natural immune system and risk side effects.
          6. People in a panic mode don’t think straight, even if the normally are fairly bright.
          7. The media almost always lies.
          8. The government often lies.
          9. Scientists – even ones with big awards, like Nobels, are prone to outright corruption, panic, tunnel vision and group think.
          10 Most of the statistics about covid have been lies and poor calculations.

          I know what I know. Convince me I’m wrong.

          • Deap says:

            Eric, ITA. I know all of that too, yet we are total strangers unto each other. No collusion in our personal conclusions.

          • Mark Logan says:


            No vax prevents infection per se, they “only” prevent fatalities and severe sickness from it. For the vaxed, infection is booster shot. It is not known if booster shots will be necessary, but they may be wise to give certain vulnerable portions of the population. The vaxes prime our immune system, they don’t by-pass it.

            The government is not all-knowing, they too are learning about this bug on the fly. Inconsistencies are to be expected. I applaud the decision to recommend based on educated-guesses, as shutting up in fear of criticism would be cowardice.

          • Fred says:


            I’m not arguing with you. Risk is almost never mentioned and neither are second and third order effects of vaccines or other public policies.

          • Yeah, Right says:

            1. Is not a convincing argument; the Flu vax also “doesn’t work long term” but is still worth taking.

            2. Probably true.

            3. Hmmm. In the absence of any information about lower rates of infection/transmission for those vaccinated then that argument has merit.

            4. Probably true.

            5. This argument seems to be the inversion of your (2) e.g. you don’t want to take the vax because you are worried about the possible long-term effects, but you are willing to get Covid because you aren’t considering any possible long-term effect. Which seems oddly inconsistent.

            The remaining aren’t so much arguments as they are polemics.

        • Teddy says:


          I, like many in control group, continue to do my research on the Wuhan virus, it’s mutations, all the jabs, therapeutics, etc.,

          One of my main sources for the jabs here in the US is Dr. Robert W. Malone. For those not familiar with Dr. Malone he is the inventor of mRNA vaccines , as well as DNA vaccines & technology. He has a website located here:

          I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a treasure trove of information. Real un-politicized science & medicine without any of the pandemic fear porn.

  49. Eric Newhill says:

    This is largely OT, but tangentially related as it involves microscopic pathogens and government messing with US citizens on a large scale; when the US government tested bio warfare against US citizens without their knowledge and then lied about it. Should serve as a point of reference for those trying to understand this current situation and having the sense that the government is not trustworthy.

    and the more sedate wiki article on the same –

  50. Jim says:





    GENITAL HERPES 2018 14
    GENITAL HERPES 2021 123
    GENITAL HERPES Unknown Date 2

    60% of all genital herpes reports to VAERS follow covid shot, 123/204.
    40% from all other vaccines combined, since 2007

    In previous 14 years, genital herpes reports to VAERS = 81
    This is yearly average of 5.8 per year.
    Or 0.48 per month.

    In 2021, Jan. 1 to July 30, VAERS data shows 123.
    This is monthly average of 17.57 per month.
    This is 36 times more genital herpes reported to CDC/VAERS, per month.
    Or 3,600% more per month, compared to historical average, 2007–2020.

    By inspection, the distributions are not the same: comparing 14 previous years of genital herpes reports to CDC, with Jan. 2021 to July 30 2021 after covid shots.

    A permutation test indicates probability is less than 0.0001 the distributions are the same, meaning a highly significant statistical difference.

    These reports include:
    those with apparent previous/dormant herpes;
    and with apparent first time herpes outbreaks following covid shot.

    Of the 123 in 2021 after covid shot:
    Appx. 70% of reports following Pfizer/Biontech shot;
    20% following Moderna;
    10% after Janssen.

    Female 99 — 80.49%
    Male 23 — 18.70%
    Unknown 1 — 0.81%

    Age distribution:
    6-17 years 1
    18-29 years 18
    30-39 years 13
    40-49 years 11
    50-59 years 18
    60-64 years 7
    65-79 years 21
    80+ years 1
    Unknown 33

    Of note: Herpesvirus 1 and 2 generally incubates with symptoms after 48 hours.

    A report from a 58 year old man is of interest. The date of inoculation is apparently not known and in the VAERS report, this data field is left blank

    In this report from 58 year old, did herpes occur same day, right after covid shot?

    I.e., “He was asymptomatic and did not know he had the virus.” the VAERS narrative says. This man did not test positive for covid.

    And the person writing the report — if the “asymptomatic” refer to herpesvirus. . . this implies that he had that — “asymptomatic”, the report writer assumes, apparently.

    Likely, assumption based on >48 hour incubation period? is just a guess on my part; I don’t know.

    However, did the shot decrease that incubation period to a matter of minutes or hours [if shot and symptoms appeared same day, which is not known]? I would like an answer to this.

    The date of shot is not reported on the VAERS information.

    The VAERS narrative reads a bit confusing; make of it what you will:
    “Genital herpes; This is a spontaneous report from the Regulatory Authority. Regulatory authority report number GB-MHRA-WEBCOVID-202104210632013130-C9OJA; Safety Report Unique Identifier GB-MHRA-ADR 25171967. A contactable consumer (patient) reported that a 58-year-old male patient received first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE), via an unspecified route of administration on an unspecified date (lot number and expiry date: unknown) at a single dose for COVID-19 immunisation. Medical history included rheumatoid arthritis (taking regular medicines for rheumatoid arthritis (or other types of arthritis except osteoarthritis). Patient has not had symptoms associated with COVID-19 and has not had a COVID-19 test. Patient is not enrolled in clinical trial. Concomitant medication included methotrexate taken for rheumatoid arthritis. The patient experienced genital herpes on 08Apr2021. Clinical course: Patient stated that he had an outbreak of genital herpes. He was married for 21 years and had been monogamous. He was asymptomatic and did not know he had the virus. He was devastated. Patient then asked if the vaccine caused the dormant virus to erupt. The event was considered serious due to other medically important condition. The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included swab test on ulcers: unknown results on an unknown date. Outcome of the event was recovered with sequelae. Patient has not tested positive for COVID-19 since having the vaccine. No follow-up attempts are possible; information about lot/batch number cannot be obtained.”

    VAERS ID: 1294631-1 Pfizer

    Also, male of unknown age, no report in VAERS showing previous herpes:
    Shot administered June 2 2021 —

    “Medical history included tinnitus, headache. Concomitant medication(s) included paracetamol (ANADIN PARACETAMOL) taken for headache from 03Jun2021.”

    “On 03Jun2021, the patient experienced headache, tinnitus, unspecified,.On 05Jun2021, the patient experienced genital herpes. The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included sars-cov-2 test: negative”

    “Outcome of the event tinnitus was resolved while outcome of the event Genital herpes’ was not resolved as of the date 15Jun2021 and the outcome of all events was not resolved.”

    And this [apparently being told that herpes is “normal side effects of vaccine”, apparent quote directly from man that got this covid shot:
    “I had continued headache since I had vaccinated. And also continued tinnitus since I had vaccinated. I had genital herpes around my penis as well and till continued Suspect Reactions: Please provide details of any relevant investigations or tests conducted: “”I have contacted GP about it but they said it is normal side affects of vaccine”” No Follow-up attempts are needed. No further information is expected.”

    A sampling of the 123 reports are below.

    80 year old California woman
    “Medical history included soy allergy from an unknown date and unknown if ongoing. The patient had not received any other vaccines in four weeks and did not have COVID prior to vaccination. Concomitant medications included lorazepam (ATIVAN) from an unknown date for an unknown indication and fexofenadine hydrochloride (ALLEGRA) from an unknown date for an unknown indication. The patient reported that two days after vaccination, she had a severe outbreak of genital herpes”

    VAERS ID: 1106243-1 Pfizer

    41 year old Massachusetts woman
    “Adverse effects after 1st dose: Nothing happened until exactly 24-hours later. Then the next day, from 3:00pm to 11:00pm: bad chills, body aches, no headaches though, tiredness, low energy, feverish. Took 2 sets of 2 tylenols. After 11pm, everything cleared. Adverse effects after 2nd dose: BAD!!! Injection was at 2pm, reactions started by 4pm. All of the effects from the 1st dose but almost doubled in intensity and lasted 2-3 days: feverish, tiredness, unable to move body, body aches, muscle aches, headaches. Unable to work during those days!!! Then additional effects: VERY heavy, torrential period! 1st day of period was Tuesday, May 18, one day late. Then: Herpes outbreak on the anus (first outbreak in a long time). WORSE EVENT YET: Around May 18, my ear was itching. I naturally have ear fungus that has been easily treated over the years. But this one did not go away. I tried to apply the cream, clean. Nothing. By Thursday, I felt an inflammation. By Friday afternoon, I could not hear much from the left year and the right year was starting to be itchy too. Went to a Urgent Care, the RNP prescribed a drop and told me to take Ibuprofen if needed. By 10pm that night, I was in excruating pain: fever, chills, body aches, muscle aches, the ear pain gotten really bad (never experienced this level before), unable to chew, gotten really cold (needed 5 blankets). Long night. By morning, I went to the walk-in clinic of my healthcare provider – VERY sick. The ear has gotten worse and the NP explained that the body was probably unable to fight the small infection in the year because body was still under the virus effect. With my science background, I am afraid that she’s right and/or that the Moderna covid vaccine has suppressed my natural immune system!!! I had a really strong immune system prior to the vaccine, records will prove it. Got sent to ER. They never took me seriously when I said that this is ALL related to the vaccine!!! Got a CT Scan, luckily the infection did not make it to the brain. They prescribed an antiobiotics and let me go. Now, ear pain moved to the right. I can’t hear.”

    VAERS ID: 1343981-1 Moderna

    48 year old California woman
    “Vaginal bleeding and genital herpes outbreak within 24hrs of receiving first dose of vaccine. Bleeding for 6 days straight even though previous menses ended two days before receiving the shot. It was a normal period prior to that.”

    VAERS ID: 0940689-1 Moderna

    27 year old Washington state female
    “UTI and then diagnosed with HSV-1 after outbreak occurred around my genitals. I developed what I thought was just a UTI on Thursday and was prescribed the medication to treat that. For the next few days I was sore, had body aches, and chills. On Sunday I noticed the outbreak on my labia and went into Urgent Care to diagnose it. I haven’t been aware of any HSV-1 in my system, but somehow I ended up getting HSV-1 all around my genitals. On Sunday i was prescribed Valacyclovir. I was in intense pain when using the restroom for both urinating and bowel movements. I went to my primary care doctor on Monday to have a second opinion and found the same answers. I missed work for two days due to the pain I was in and my inability to walk. I then had to work from home the rest of the week. My partner has been tested and does not have HSV-1 or 2.”

    VAERS ID: 1278363-1 Moderna

    34 year old man
    “The patient’s medical history was reported as “”None – generally fit and healthy””. Patient has not had symptoms associated with COVID-19. Patient was not enrolled in clinical trial. The patient’s concomitant medications were not reported. The patient experienced itching, herpes, genital boil and herpes genitalis on 28May2021.The events were reported as serious (medically significant). The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included COVID-19 virus test: No – Negative COVID-19 test on 25May2021. The clinical course was reported as follows: “”within two hours got itching. By the evening was 30+ lumps. By the following lunch many lumps had merged and started changing color. By the evening of the 29th was noticeably different so went to out of office GP. They said it was most likely a strain of herpes you had no idea you’ve had before which is common to be triggered by a serve event such as a vaccine. (Both me and my long-term partner where regularly tested previously and when we got together (7years ago). I have no reason to suspect in facility! [[note: Infidelity?–Jim]] Now on antiviral pills””.”

    VAERS ID: 1400817-1 Pfizer

    52 year old female
    “Within 2 days of my first covid vaccine, I had an outbreak of a herpes cold sore on mouth (HSV1) and genital area (HSV2). Lasted about a week. Before this outbreak, I had not had any outbreaks of HSV in 5 years. This outbreak was only the third outbreak I have had in my lifetime. I received my second Covid vaccine on 3/17/21. About 2 or 3 days later, the same reaction occured. I developed an outbreak, just like after my first Covid vaccine.”

    VAERS ID: 1265578-1 Pfizer

    36 year old Alaska woman
    “anal mucosal herpes outbreak 2 days after vaccine. she has a hx of HSV but never had outbreak in this location”

    VAERS ID: 0943749-1 Pfizer

    60 year old man
    “The patient infected genital herpes in 1989, attacks quite frequent in the 90s. Condition reduced significantly 2000 onwards, so this episode was very unusual. There have been no changes to his health, lifestyle or medications in the last 10 years. . . .
    a fairly aggressive attack of herpes on old site (foreskin): suspicion of side effect based on the following: (1) First attack in over 15 years; (2) unusual high level of swelling around areas of lesions and foreskin generally; (3) Lesions filled with blood. . .”

    ID: 0978429-1 Pfizer

    69 year old Florida woman
    Date Vaccinated 2021-01-19
    Date of Onset 2021-01-21
    “vaginal herpes, Dr. consultation over the phone, RX Valtrex”

    VAERS ID: 0978900-1 Pfizer

    67 year old North Carolina woman
    “Five days after receiving the vaccine, I had a the worst outbreak of herpes, both oral and genital, at the same time, that I have ever had.”

    VAERS ID: 0987036-1 Pfizer

    70 year old Michigan woman [and cancer survivor]
    “Next day after shot-I have herpes and my mouth, tongue and genitals were broke out with blisters the worse I have ever had and bad cramps-still having the cramps that go with it a week later. Worried about having the 2nd shot-my husband passed a yr. ago and I am alone.”

    VAERS ID: 0998397-1 Pfizer

    43 year old Indiana woman
    “Horrible genital herpes outbreak; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable nurse, the patient. A 43-year-old non-pregnant female patient received the second dose of BNT162b2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE; Lot Number: UNKNOWN) via an unspecified route of administration in the arm left on 27Jan2021(at the age of 43-years-old) as a single dose for COVID-19 immunisation. Medical history was reported as none. ”

    VAERS ID: 1508498-1 Pfizer

    Unknown age
    “HERPES OUTBREAK ON GENITAL AREA; HERPES OUTBREAK ON LIP; SHARP PAIN IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF JAW; CONGESTION; This spontaneous report received from a patient concerned an elderly female. The patient’s height, and weight were not reported. The patient’s past medical history included covid-19 infection, and genital herpes. The patient received covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s (suspension for injection, route of admin not reported, batch number: Unknown) dose was not reported, administered on 23-JUN-2021 for prophylactic vaccination. The batch number was not reported and has been requested. No concomitant medications were reported. On JUN-2021, the subject experienced congestion. On 23-JUN-2021, the subject experienced sharp pain in the right side of jaw. On 25-JUN-2021, the subject experienced herpes outbreak on genital area. On 25-JUN-2021, the subject experienced herpes outbreak on lip. The action taken with covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s was not applicable. The patient recovered from sharp pain in the right side of jaw on 24-JUN-2021, had not recovered from herpes outbreak on genital area, and herpes outbreak on lip, and the outcome of congestion was not reported. This report was non-serious.”

    VAERS ID: 1439536-1 Janssen

    26 year old New York female
    “Outbreak of genital herpes. This is not the first outbreak, I have had heroes for about 2.5 years but it is the first one in 1.5 years and based on the timing I think that it was caused by the vaccine. If course I still think people should get it but, I think having the data is probably important.”

    VAERS ID: 1187102-1 Janssen

    And the Checkerheads

    Fact check: No, the COVID-19 vaccines won’t give you genital herpes
    Miriam Fauzia
    May 7 2021


    • BillWade says:

      Jim. thanks for that info/work. I’m wondering about a specific illness I have, it’s called UVitis (it’s an eye disease that most physicians will diagnose at “pink eye” but it’s not pink eye at all). Is it possible to find out how often it resurfaces due to the vaccine? Thanks in advance. I’m looking for ammunition to avoid the vaccine in case it becomes mandatory.

      • Jim says:

        UVEITIS report

        From 1990 — 2021, CDC/VAERS received 470 reports of Uveitis after inoculations.

        Total after covid shot = 161, or 34.26% of all reports of Uveitis in 31 years and 6 months and 30 days of reports, through July 30, 2021. Total so far this year = 159 after covid; 2020 = 2 reports of Uveitis after covid shot.

        In previous 31 years, 1990 — 2020, non covid VAERS reports, from all other vaccines combined = 309 reports of Uveitis.

        That is average of 9.7 per year, average, all other vax combined [non-covid shot], of Uveitis reports.

        That average is 0.83 per month, all other vax combined, [non covid shot]

        159 Uveitis after covid shots reported in 2021, in seven months, this = 22.71 per month.

        In other words, compared to historical 31 year average, after covid shot, according to VAERS reports, are 27.37 time more likely.

        Or 2,366.61% more reports of Uveitis, following covid shot, compared to 31 year average from all vaccines combined.

        UVEITIS 1990 1
        UVEITIS 1991 1
        UVEITIS 1992 3
        UVEITIS 1993 1
        UVEITIS 1995 4
        UVEITIS 1996 6
        UVEITIS 1997 5
        UVEITIS 1998 4
        UVEITIS 1999 6
        UVEITIS 2000 5
        UVEITIS 2001 3
        UVEITIS 2002 5
        UVEITIS 2003 6
        UVEITIS 2004 2
        UVEITIS 2005 9
        UVEITIS 2006 4
        UVEITIS 2007 9
        UVEITIS 2008 7
        UVEITIS 2009 10
        UVEITIS 2010 63
        UVEITIS 2011 5
        UVEITIS 2012 10
        UVEITIS 2013 6
        UVEITIS 2014 34
        UVEITIS 2015 20
        UVEITIS 2016 22
        UVEITIS 2017 15
        UVEITIS 2018 18
        UVEITIS 2019 17
        UVEITIS 2020 10 [2 after covid in 2020 reported]
        UVEITIS 2021 159 [159 after covid in 2021 reported]
        UVEITIS Total 470

        Of the 470, there have been 48 reports of permanent disability, 1990 — 2021.

        This includes total of 11 permanent disability reported this year, after covid shot.

        This 1990 — 2020 historical average was 37 permanent disabled reports, in 31 years, or 1.19 per year; or 0.099 per month.

        After covid shot in seven months = 1.57 reports per month.

        This data represent 15.80 times more reports of permanent disability after covid shot, with Uveiti as a symptom, compared to historical average previous 31 years of VAERS data.

        Or: 1,579.89% greater.

        VAERS narratives after covid vax, in 2021 include following:

        1] 22 year old female, VAERS ID: 1037412-1, Pfizer/Biontech
        “Patient has not tested positive for COVID-19 since having the vaccine. The reported events ‘mouth ulceration’, ‘aching joints’, ‘swollen glands’ and ‘uveitis flare-up’ reported serious for disability. The patient had recovered from ‘mouth ulceration’ on 04Jan2021, from ‘aching joints’ on 03Jan2021, from ‘swollen glands’ on 05Jan2021. The outcome of ‘arm sore’ was unknown while she had not recovered from ‘uveitis flare-up’. No follow-up attempts are possible, information about batch/lot number cannot be obtained.”

        2] 58 year old Maryland female, VAERS ID: 1182627-1, Moderna
        “Uveitis/endophthalmitis/vascular following vitrectomy 10 days post-vaccination, resulting in vision loss”

        3] Female, age unknown, VAERS ID: 1193887-1, Pfizer
        “facial paralysis on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, dry eyes on 31Jan2021 with outcome of not recovered, nerve pain on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, salivary gland pain on 03Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, butterfly rash on 10Feb2021 with outcome of recovered, dry nose on 03Feb2021 with outcome of not recovered, dry mouth on 03Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, facial droop on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, conjunctival redness 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovered, conjunctival edema on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovered, oedema of eyelid on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, spasm eyelid on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, swollen eyelid on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovering, inflammation of orbit on 01Feb2021 with outcome of recovered, double vision on 01Feb2021 with outcome of not recovered. case considered serious due to hospitalization, Disabling”

        4] 80 year old New York woman, VAERS ID: 1281524-1, Moderna
        “Covid-19 Moderna vaccine on 2/8/21. On 3/10/2021 she went to ophthalmologist for normal checkup. . . 3/14/21 started having what she thought was floaters in her left eye, has a history of floaters. Then 3/16/21 got worse with blurred vision in both eyes. . . started on Humira 4/27/21 with goal to taper steroids. Patient has been unable to work due to vision issues.”

        5] 28 year old female, 1374829-1, Pfizer
        Covid shot on 1/26/2021
        “The patient experienced uveitis on 28Mar2021. Prescribed dilating eye drops and steroid drops on 5th April 2021. The event was reported as serious due to medically significant and disability.”

        6] 59 year old Kentucky woman, VAERS ID: 1399328-1, Moderna,
        ” I had retinal detachment from this.”

        7] 63 year old male, VAERS ID: 1412097-1, Pfizer
        “Acute retinal necrosis; A uveitis was diagnosed; herpes zoster reactivation . . . The event Acute retinal necrosis was assessed as serious (medically significant, disability). The patient has not recovered from floaters, retinal necrosis and uveitis 6 days after onset. The outcome of the events was not recovered.”

        8] 43 Delaware woman, VAERS ID: 1433755-1, Pfizer
        “Progressive visual loss ‘like a grey curtain’, retinal detachment on eye exam, panuveitis. Started on IV Steroids with minimal improvement thus far.”

        9] 39 year old Massachusetts woman, VAERS ID: 1440757-1, Pfizer
        “On 6/4/21 I noticed the appearance of many black dots and black squiggly lines in both of my eyes, with the left eye being worse. I have never experienced this problem previously. I continue to experience this, and it appears that the number of black lines and dots may be increasing or remaining constant.”
        Lab Data reported to VAERS: “Dr. said I had a lot of debris in the middle part of my eye (but NOT in the vitreous cavity). He also noted that I have scarring in my left eye. I suspect that it may be vaccine-induced uveitis, due to the fact that I already have at least two other autoimmune diseases, the proximity of appearance of this problem to my 2nd vaccination dose, and the nature of the debris in my eye.”

        10] 36 year old Florida woman, VAERS ID: 1475197-1, Pfizer
        “Uveitis on left eye causing extreme pain.”
        Lab data: “Tests run on 5/24/2021 at Emergency Center: DX X-RAY/CHEST LAB/CHEMISTRY LAB/IMMUNOLOGY LAB/UROLOGY LAB/HEMATOLOGY All came back positive and cause of uveitis was inconclusive.”

        11] 66 year old Maryland woman, VAERS ID 1478283-1, Pfizer
        “Uveitis and retinal vasculitis symptoms that began on 05/14/2021. Currently under treatment with oral prednisone, has not resolved.”

  51. walrus says:

    Idiots and crooks can and do make crazy reports to VAERS.

    • Deap says:

      Idiots and crooks reported “covid” cases too. Every single data point is flawed. Coming and going.

    • Fred says:


      Thank goodness we have no idiots or crooks working in medical research, pharmacology, or government.

    • Jim says:

      Reuters put their pants on backwards.

      Journalism is supposed to be in the public interest.

      These checkerheads actually “fact checked” nothing of import — though they had opportunity to discover actual cause of death or at least try to; but declined apparently.

      If there is dispute on whether covid shot “caused” death, then, it’s time to go find the autopsy reports, and to examine those to determine actual cause of death.

      Did Reuters do that? Hell No. [Had the Reuters checkerheads done this at the time, back in April: they’d only have had a thousand or so; instead, VAERS now lists 12,366 and counting after covid shot deaths.] [Instead, Reuters carried water for the covid shot manufacturers, — exactly opposite of working in public interest]

      And, thus, this report dateline April 2, 2021 is just more tomfoolery, dressed up as journalism, and reads like a comic book.

      An actual scientist, the “director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings,” according to an Aug. 3, 2021 report.

      This report — based on data gleaned from actual autopsies, instead of CDC “estimates” and “guesses” and general incompetence/incoherence — the Schirmacher study, according to the report, includes the following:

      [[Schirmacher himself is already leading an autopsy project on people who have died from Covid-19, which is subsidized by the state. He himself then expanded the focus and also autopsied more than 40 deceased vaccinated people. Even if his results are only a snapshot, it is a dramatic one: 30 to 40 percent died from the vaccination itself. The pathologist cited “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases”.]]

      Note, “cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases”.

      According to a June 19, 2013 paper published online by NIH. . . .
      1] [[Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) can cause elevated intracranial pressure, hemorrhagic venous infarct, and cortical subarachnoid hemorrhage. We present a case series and literature review to illustrate that CVST can also present with subdural hematoma (SDH).]]

      2] [[This is the first published description of endovascular thrombectomy for recurrent symptomatic SDH due to CVST.]]

      3] [[The increasing availability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MR venography and computed tomography (CT) venography has improved our ability to detect other clinical manifestations of CVST including subdural hematoma (SDH) [3,13,25,27] and cortical SAH.[2,7,16,18,19,21] It is interesting that none of the 624 patients enrolled in the International Study on Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis (ISCVT) were reported to have SDH or cortical SAH.]]

      To date, neither the CDC, nor Reuters “fact checkers” have said anything about the potential ticking time bomb involving subdural hematoma as a reported adverse event to the VAERS — though we have heard some about CVST.

      Also. . . . many many many after covid shot deaths occurred in nursing homes. Most of the deceased had DO NOT RESUSCITATE [DNR] orders, signed by an MD and/or family, — and how many actually had informed consent of the frail elderly is a question no one has an answer to, not even Reuters.

      A 2011 report published by, based on 2004 and 2007 data says:
      [[[Overall, 28% of home health care patients, 65% of nursing home residents, and 88% of discharged hospice care patients had at least one advance directive (AD) on record.]]]
      [[[The most common types of ADs among home health care patients, nursing home residents, and discharged hospice care patients were living wills and do not resuscitate orders.]]]

      A DNR generally means there will be no autopsy. Thus for most elderly, the world will never know for sure what if any causative effect the covid shot had on the death.

      The after covid vax, death by age category below:
      < 6 months 1
      1-2 years 2
      6-17 years 18
      18-29 years 107
      30-39 years 165
      40-49 years 265
      50-59 years 586
      60-64 years 518
      65-79 years 2,567
      80+ years 3,455
      Unknown 4,682
      Total 12,366

      The below CDC/VAERS data, subset as follows:
      Event Category: Death — to date, 12,366 reported via VAERS
      Vaccine Products: COVID19 VACCINE (COVID19)
      Grouped By:
      a] Onset Interval — time from shot until death
      b] Age category

      0 days
      18-29 years 18
      30-39 years 27
      40-49 years 40
      50-59 years 112
      60-64 years 85
      65-79 years 449
      80+ years 628
      Unknown 388
      Total 1,747

      1 day < 6 months 1
      6-17 years 2
      18-29 years 23
      30-39 years 25
      40-49 years 51
      50-59 years 107
      60-64 years 78
      65-79 years 385
      80+ years 533
      Unknown 655
      Total 1,860

      2 days
      1-2 years 2
      18-29 years 11
      30-39 years 10
      40-49 years 27
      50-59 years 37
      60-64 years 47
      65-79 years 177
      80+ years 262
      Unknown 342
      Total 915

      3 days
      18-29 years 7
      30-39 years 9
      40-49 years 4
      50-59 years 29
      60-64 years 30
      65-79 years 136
      80+ years 160
      Unknown 237
      Total 612

      4 days
      6-17 years 3
      18-29 years 3
      30-39 years 6
      40-49 years 7
      50-59 years 29
      60-64 years 20
      65-79 years 117
      80+ years 120
      Unknown 130
      Total 435

      5 days
      18-29 years 5
      30-39 years 8
      40-49 years 8
      50-59 years 27
      60-64 years 26
      65-79 years 78
      80+ years 106
      Unknown 148
      Total 406

      6 days
      6-17 years 2
      18-29 years 2
      30-39 years 1
      40-49 years 7
      50-59 years 18
      60-64 years 13
      65-79 years 54
      80+ years 75
      Unknown 108
      Total 280

      7 days
      18-29 years 3
      30-39 years 6
      40-49 years 8
      50-59 years 21
      60-64 years 18
      65-79 years 74
      80+ years 88
      Unknown 110
      Total 328

      8 days
      6-17 years 2
      18-29 years 1
      30-39 years 5
      40-49 years 7
      50-59 years 8
      60-64 years 13
      65-79 years 43
      80+ years 62
      Unknown 82
      Total 223

      9 days
      6-17 years 1
      18-29 years 2
      30-39 years 4
      40-49 years 4
      50-59 years 8
      60-64 years 7
      65-79 years 47
      80+ years 59
      Unknown 69
      Total 201

      10-14 days
      18-29 years 6
      30-39 years 9
      40-49 years 19
      50-59 years 54
      60-64 years 46
      65-79 years 190
      80+ years 242
      Unknown 284
      Total 850

      15-30 days
      6-17 years 6
      18-29 years 12
      30-39 years 20
      40-49 years 37
      50-59 years 68
      60-64 years 55
      65-79 years 342
      80+ years 444
      Unknown 389
      Total 1,373

      31-60 days
      18-29 years 4
      30-39 years 9
      40-49 years 17
      50-59 years 27
      60-64 years 38
      65-79 years 215
      80+ years 288
      Unknown 149
      Total 747

      61-120 days
      18-29 years 2
      30-39 years 4
      40-49 years 10
      50-59 years 5
      60-64 years 17
      65-79 years 112
      80+ years 154
      Unknown 69
      Total 373

      Over 120 days
      30-39 years 2
      50-59 years 4
      60-64 years 2
      65-79 years 30
      80+ years 58
      Unknown 19
      Total 115

      6-17 years 2
      18-29 years 8
      30-39 years 20
      40-49 years 19
      50-59 years 32
      60-64 years 23
      65-79 years 118
      80+ years 176
      Unknown 1,503
      Total 1,901

      Total 12,366

  52. JK/AR says:

    Lordy! Backtracking myself is way more difficult than I figured it’d be.

    Above @ August 7, 2021 at 10:48 pm I typed:

    “[A]nd up to forty cycles which, as I’ve noted before, after twenty cycles the percentage of confirmation confidence drops significantly – as I recall to about 50% at 35 cycles (I’ll have to re-check that as that’s from memory – I’ll be back on that specific.)”

    My 8th Grade ‘Social Studies’ teacher Mrs. Garner I imagine would be severely upset I haven’t kept to her admonition “Take and Keep good comprehensive notes JK!”

    “The researchers found that at a cycle threshold (ct) of 25, the test was 70 percent reliable, a figure that dropped to 20 percent at 30 cycles, and just three percent at 35 cycles. That meant 97 percent were false positives, yet that was used “in most laboratories in the USA and Europe.”

    (It appears my recollection of 50% at 35 cycles may’ve been a wee bit charitable. I blame it on not being a native speaker of Portuguese. Sorry about that.

    But keep in mind the CDCs PCR testing protocol called for 40 cycles.)

    The EUA I cited from – but I am not going to re-read it:

    Additional relevant material:

    And Gravy:

    “PCR testing has proven to be seriously flawed when used to track disease prevalence, and the number of false positive tests has contributed to fear, panic and unnecessary quarantine of many. The peer review of the original Corman-Drosten PCR paper points out the serious flaws and conflicts of interest in the original article describing the PCR test (Peter Borger Et al., 11/27/2020). This paper is the basis for the PCR test used in the United States. On January 21, 2021 the World Health Organization published direction on the interpretation of a positive PCR test. They now caution about calling a test “positive” without symptoms, a confirmatory test, and physician oversight. They also cite the serious problems with high cycle thresholds leading to a high number of false positives. In short, they agree with what we argued last month.”


    [Somewhere above Deap Ma’am I typed a response directed your way having to do with – as I recall – your question “Why no effort at an attenuated [normal] vaccine?”

    Maybe the adage “An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications” applies?

  53. blue peacock says:


    From my not too deep analysis, the vax or not vax tradeoff is as follows:

    Reduce the probability of an adverse reaction to the infection vs unknown long-term side effects and a reasonable probability that the virus mutates around the vax immune response since it is a leaky, non-sterilizing vaccine.

    What do you folks think are the tradeoffs?

    In any case I think it must be an individual choice. Mandates to maintain employment or access services is completely totalitarian, especially when the vax don’t prevent infection & transmission. Additionally, masks & lockdown are just covid theater, IMO. The seduction of absolute control over peoples lives are intoxicating those in positions of power.

  54. Lysias says:

    The not vax alternative need not mean doing nothing. I am building up my immune system by taking a lot of Vitamin C and megadoses (18,000 IU per day) of Vitamin D. Now I learn one of the prescription drugs I take, fenofibrate, reduces the severity of covid by 70 percent. I have a stock of ivermectin on hand to take if I become infected.

  55. Deap says:

    JK/AR writes: …….Discussing this amongst a seven member assortment of acquaintances – three of whom are MDs, one a biochemist retired from the R&D of a well-known pharm, one a chemistry prof and lastly me just a curious sort – the five former hypothesize that – if “it” is indeed a manufactured virus the Drs Frankensteen (as they would insist) would make every effort to ensure “its” deconstruction be very difficult & that “institutional dis-interest” in said deconstruction would be almost certain.

    Deap responds: Indeed, if further attenuated virus “vaccine” research confirms “covid” is a Franken-bug, which would be an intentional pandemic, it would beg more of a response than just making everyone wear Mickey Mouse masks and inoculate ourselves with useless saline injections.

    What would be the range of an appropriate responses – I put obliterating the Wuhan Lab on the top of my list, with all due precautions to make sure every experimental bug within its four walls reaches incineration temperatures instantly.

    Then stare China down and say I dare you to respond. Biden could just read this off his teleprompter, right? But this is a serious question – what would or should or could be the response to finding indeed this was a malevolent Frankenbug released by a foreign power?

    On the other hand, what happens if further research confirms it was just a variant of the annul flu bug. Do we then bomb Fauci, Birx, CDC and take down NIH on our own turf? Along with the entire DNC.

    • JK/AR says:

      I pray it wasn’t an, as you say “intentional release” but, ever since this was published

      I’ve found myself asking “Could this even been humanly considered?”

      “Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

      “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

      I see “Biden” extending the evictions moratorium in spite of the clear evidence “he” knows such action does not pass Constitutional muster and wonder What world have I woken into?

      Perversely happy I’m of this certain age and leave it at that.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        “What world have I woken into?”

        Well it’s absolutely clear we’re not in Kansas anymore, as Dorothy put it. I would not rule out the possibility that Covid was released deliberately (man behind the curtain hypothesis). That said, what matters right now is resisting the rampant authoritarianism that has been unleashed in response to the (mostly) irrational fear of a low lethality disease. We must fight it with everything we have.

        For those of us not content to live in this crazy world forever, it is important to remember the words of Glinda the Good Witch of the North:

        “You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas”

        It just needs enough people to realize this.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          It’s not that easy, Barbara Ann. The government has crept into every aspect of our lives and business. It has too much power. Its media partners are the final seal on complete control.

          Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that insurance companies have massive amounts of high quality/highly deatiled data that they analyze and, in doing so, they determine that the govt has been playing fast and loose with covid statistics and info generally and that the “pandemic panic” is mostly bunk. Furthermore, they find that the vaccines not only don’t work, but have an unusually high rate of nasty side effects and adverse reactions.

          How could they get that message out? They can’t. Insurance is highly regulated. Every little thing they want to do involves a “mother may I” with the govt. The govt could destroy the business in short order. Even if the companies were run by – and totally staffed with – brave patriots (but they’re not) who damned the torpedoes and published info, the very people they are trying to help (all of us) are primed by the media to dismissively respond that insurance is just greedy and doesn’t want to pay for pandemic related services, like testing, vaccines, extra for hospitalizations, etc.

          Most other big businesses – and many small ones – also have to play nice with govt, or else. The Big Govt/Big Media cabal has a lock on just about everything.

          • Deap says:

            Wondering how this new rash of closed system vaccine mandates, like colleges and the military will deliver their set of covid vaccine statistics.

            These become de facto experimental pods with real numbers for review – numbers of students enrolled, or enlisted members of the military.

            Can they continue to hide these post mandatory vaccine numbers and their consequences in these new control groups? Which may be: (1) vaccine harm; or (2) disease prevention and benefit

            It is one thing to monitor the general population and be forced to rely only on unverified VARS reports. But quite another to have this set number 100% vaccinated individuals under closer scrutiny for verification of their 100% vaccination policies – students in any one particular college, and military members using only their military health system.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Victory will not be easy. But given that nothing less than the enslavement of Mankind is what is at stake, I think it is worth fighting regardless of the odds.

  56. BillWade says:

    Deap, That’s always been my take on it. Is it a biowarfare attack or is it the flu?
    Former, we go to war; latter, we investigate Fauci and his cohorts.

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