Yes, IMO LT CDR Ellis was “screwed” on a political basis.


“Under questioning from Nunes, Nakasone admitted that at the time he did not think there was improper political influence by the Trump White House—just as the IG report found. Further, the IG report concluded Nakasone improperly considered the investigation into Ellis’s appointment when placing him on administrative leave. But Nakasone sought refuge in the IG report’s conclusion that he acted within his authority in placing Ellis on leave based on the accusations of mishandling classified information.

However, as Nunes pointed out, it was Nakasone’s deputy who “miraculously” raised those accusations two days after Nakasone was directed to hire Ellis. Even after knowing of those supposed serious accusations, Ellis’s security clearance was reupped. Then, before the investigation into the allegations could be completed, the NSA dropped the probe once Ellis resigned. That is, if any investigation took place.

After Wednesday’s hearing, Nunes told The Federalist that he “highly doubts if the NSA took any investigatory steps whatsoever, since the whole investigation was just a pretext to keep Ellis out of a job.” Rather, “top NSA officials ginned up fake investigations of Michael Ellis and abused the clearance process to sabotage his appointment at the NSA,” the California Republican said. “It’s the exact kind of political machinations that our intelligence agencies are not supposed to do.”

Yet over the last five years we’ve seen this scenario play out time and again—and each time the Washington Post seems first on the scene. This cozy relationship might serve the deep state and their political cronies in the press, but it most definitely does not serve our national security interests.

Comment: This is nothing new. The IC agencies are ruled by HR dummies in matters of promotion and appointment. These freaks generally know nothing about actual intelligence work (collection, analysis and dissemination) but everything about “THE RULES.” They repeatedly accused me of trying to influence the process. They were absolutely c0rrect. I repeatedly asked to be interviewed by selection boards as to the person’s qualifications. For this I received visits from the head HR freak, usually accompanied by an assistant IG. I always asked them if it was at all important if the appointee was capable of doing the country’s business. They went away whispering to each other.

At the executive level, the agency heads simply act as barons in a feudal system. Their senior flunkies are the swords around the throne. No, actually most are afraid of weapons. Read or re-read my article “Artists vs. Bureaucrats” linked below. pl

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4 Responses to Yes, IMO LT CDR Ellis was “screwed” on a political basis.

  1. Lysias says:

    How did as brilliant a man as William Odom get to be DIRNSA?

  2. Fred says:

    ” Nakasone requested that Ney defer announcing Ellis’s selection until after the presidential election.” ….. ““Your concerns do not supersede the merit system principles or process. At least some of the concern you expressed in today’s and your earlier memorandum to [the Under Secretary of Defense] has no basis in fact….”

    So he sabatouged him and slandered him too? It never ends. Which nation’s national interest did that serve, it doesn’t appear to be ours?

  3. JK/AR says:

    In my “novitiate” opinion I believe this relevant:

    (Adding, in my humble estimation, the whole “whistleblower op”

    Blew to uhm, ‘the dickens’ all that’s followed thus far.)

    Not that anything currently going on is gonna make a hoot in hell’s difference in how this all will soon disappear. Again.

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