Youngkin and team won. Hallelujah!

She was still a Jamaican citizen when she volunteered.

Virginia will have a conservative government for four year, but a government committed to action on a number of locally important issues. It also seem likely that the GOP will take control of the House of Delegates where the Democrats seem to have lost six seats. This is the lower chamber of the state legislature. The state senate is the upper house. It is elected every four years. This senate was elected in 2019 so no seats were in play.

Winsome Sear, a Black immigrant from Jamaica who is a USMC veteran was elected Lieutenant Governor. I live in Alexandria, Virginia. It is this city’s shame that this most worthy woman received only 23% of the votes cast as did all the other Republicans. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    Looks like the Brandon vote beat the Biden vote. It also looks like yet another stake was driven into the heart of the Clinton machinery. Obama also showed lackluster performance in motivating people. “Has Been” comes to mind. The greatest shame is none of them denounced the cover-up of the rapes on high school campuses or called for anyone responsible to be fired.

  2. sbin says:

    Nice win for GOP.
    Hope 1 year from now the house and senate have different leadership also.

  3. Deap says:

    Story out west: Pelosi will not seek re-election 2022.

    Who will rush in to fill this formidable, one woman power vacuum – as minority house leader in 2022?

  4. Artemesia says:

    Recalling how tense the nation was during the Nixon debacle.
    When Ford took oath of office and said, “Our long national nightmare is over; our Constitution works; we are a government of laws and not of men” — that day should be a national holiday, when we can collectively remember that there is redemption; that the course can be corrected.

    The dis-election of McAuliffe is not quite that momentous; maybe the beginning of waking up from a nightmare.

    Congratulations Virginia. Well done.

  5. Harlan Easley says:

    Great victory for Virginia last night. My native state. Born in Charlottesville, VA. I guess gaslighting parents over a teenage rapist and threatening them with Federal Prosecution for domestic terrorism was a poor election strategy. Also, the dance by McAuliffe at the end of night addressing his supporters with either lipstick or wine still on his lips was the most bizarre spectacle I have observed in years from a politician.

    His daughters looked mortified. Which was the rational response.

    • English Outsider says:

      They can’t dance, politicians. Seems always to presage defeat when they try. Mrs Clinton, Mrs May and a few others – they’ve all had a go and lost out.

      I liked the fact that the girls backed up their father nobly but felt for them too. There was a “Please let it stop” look to them that will be familiar to any parent whose children think daddy’s lost it.

      Virginia politics is none of my business but I was so pleased that our host got the result he hoped for. If it shows the way things are going in the States then of course it becomes all our business.

      Will your President notice? Last I heard he was over our way. In Glasgow and doing what he does so well. Sleeping. Our own Prime Minister followed suit. I think such moments show the two of them at their best.

  6. BillWade says:

    Good deal, Youngkin should seek out Gov DeSantis’ advice.

  7. Barbara Ann says:

    Wonderful news. Sanity (and democracy) yet prevail. I’m happy for all Virginians today – natives, immigrants and those whose wives wouldn’t let them leave.

  8. akaPatience says:

    Winsome Sears will be denied the plaudits she deserves simply because she’s dared to stray from the Democratic Party plantation. In spite of everything going on, especially in VA, I saw an exit poll somewhere that reported 87% of the state’s blacks still voted for Democrat candidates.

    Who knew telling parents they deserve no input into their children’s education – while pretending the racism of CRT is not being pushed in schools – could incite voters? EVEN WORSE is the federal push to criminalize parents’ concerns by labeling them domestic terrorists! Add to the outrage the cover-up of MORE THAN ONE rape committed by a transgender student permitted to use female bathrooms in schools, is the VA outcome honestly surprising?

    Importantly, all of this is in light of the massive backdrop of the highest inflation rates in decades, increasing food and fuel costs, illegals crossing our borders with abandon (and a policy proposal of enriching them in the amount of $450,000 each when “separated” from their children), vaccine mandates that cost valuable workers their jobs, and an obviously feeble and incompetent POTUS at the helm.

    What’s surprising to me is there was evidently sufficient oversight to prevent enough cheating to change the outcome. Of course it remains to be seen what attorney Marc Elias may resort to. But for now at least, GOOD RIDDANCE to Clinton crony and ardent loyalist McAuliffe.

    • Ed Lindgren says:

      Yes, our black citizens continue to vote overwhelmingly Democratic. This in spite of the following:

      – The Democrats controlled the levers of power in state and local government in the ‘Solid South’ post-Reconstruction. Democratic-controlled legislatures implemented segregation and the Jim Crow laws;

      – Democrats provided the membership of the Klan (think Robert Byrd and Hugo Black);

      – It was a Democratic president who segregated the federal civil service after he took office (Wilson);

      – LBJ’s Great Society laid the groundwork for the destruction and hollowing out of the black family; and

      – The teacher’s unions, who have done more to destroy K-12 public education in our country than any other institution, operate today as a wholly owned wing of the Democratic Party. K-12 public education shortchanges all children, but especially black children.

      Perhaps they suffer from a variant of the Stockholm Syndrome?

    • TTG says:

      Those “rapes” in Loudon County were committed by a heterosexual 14 year old male student. The first one in a girls bathroom was with his girlfriend. They arranged to meet there, probably just to make out, and he committed a sexual assault on her. The second sexual assault was in a classroom. There was plenty there to be outraged over, especially the actions/inactions of the superintentent, but the addition of the trans angle was a lie meant merely to add more outrage.

      It’s pretty much the same with the CRT issue. I looked through the Virginia SOL and framework for teaching history and social studies that was approved in 2015. I saw nothing that looks like CRT. Here’s a sample from the framework covering the Civil War (which was the term used rather than WBS or War of Northern Aggression. Perhaps that’s what was considered CRT. There’s a bunch more, but it looks even less controversial than these excerpts.

      Constitutional issues
      A major conflict was states’ rights versus strong central government.
      Slavery was the principal states’ rights issue leading to the Civil War
      The student will apply social science skills to understand the causes, major events, and effects of the Civil War by explaining how the issues of states’ rights and slavery increased sectional tensions;

      The student will apply social science skills to understand the causes, major events, and effects of the Civil War by describing the cultural, economic, and constitutional issues that divided the nation;

      Essential Understandings
      The South feared that the North would take control of Congress, and Southerners began to proclaim states’ rights as a means of self-protection.
      The North believed that the nation was a union that could not be divided.
      While the Civil War did not begin as a war to abolish slavery, issues surrounding slavery deeply divided the nation.

      Essential Knowledge
      Issues that divided the nation
      An important issue separating the country related to the power of the federal government. Southerners believed that they had the power to declare any national law illegal. Northerners believed that the national government’s power was supreme over that of the states.
      Southerners felt that the abolition of slavery would destroy their region’s economy. Northerners believed that slavery should be abolished for moral reasons.

      Compromises attempting to resolve differences
      Missouri Compromise (1820): Missouri entered the Union as a slave state; Maine entered the Union as a free state.
      Compromise of l850:
      – California entered the Union as a free state.
      – Southwest territories would decide the slavery issue for themselves.
      – The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was passed.
      – The slave trade was banned in Washington, D.C.
      Kansas-Nebraska Act: People in each state would decide the slavery issue (“popular sovereignty”).

      Southern secession
      Following Lincoln’s election, many southern states seceded from the Union.
      Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, marking the beginning of the Civil War.
      Lincoln and many Northerners believed that the United States was one nation that could not be separated or divided.
      Most white Southerners believed that the states had freely created and joined the union and could freely leave it.

      Effects of the war on African Americans
      African Americans fought in the Union army. Some African Americans accompanied Confederate units in the field.
      The Confederacy used enslaved African Americans as ship workers, laborers, cooks, and camp workers.
      The Union moved to enlist African American sailors and soldiers during the war.
      African American soldiers were paid less than white soldiers.
      African American soldiers were discriminated against and served in segregated units under the command of white officers.
      Robert Smalls, an African American sailor and later a Union naval captain, was highly honored for his feats of bravery and heroism. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives after the war.

      • Pat Lang says:

        I don’t see why you pit the word rape in quotation marks. When you force a female down on her knees and require her to fellate you IMO that is rape. The information quoted is incorrect when it states that enslaved Blacks were employed in Confederate industries while not mentioning that lot of free Blacks and Whites were also so employed.

        • TTG says:

          I shouldn’t have used quotation marks. I was thinking of an archaic and outdated definition of rape. DOJ has declared forced sodomy to be rape in 2012. That 14 year old boy is a rapist.

          The SOL doesn’t say free blacks were not employed in the Confederacy. I’m sure there were, especially skilled craftsmen at Tredegar Iron Works. But slave labor was important to the South’s war effort. Lee’s army depended on thousands of camp slaves.

          • Pat Lang says:

            The Blacks with Lee’s army were a mixture of free and slave. Both were paid by the CS War Department and were granted state pensions by most of the former Confederate states. These were smaller than pensions paid to soldiers.

      • Fred says:


        You sound like me from back around 2004 or so, still loyal to the party narrative. Let me make an observation:

        “heterosexual 14 year old male student”
        That is NOT true according to the Loudin County Superintendent of Schools, the school board, and the National School Boards Association. The rape was by a “Transgender/Gender fluid” student, who got moved to a different school and raped another student there too. The parent of the first rape victim was arrested by the police at the school board meeting in June when he brought the issue up. The Super, the board, and the press covered that fact up for months. The National School Boards Association wrote a letter to Attorney General, who used that as justification to launch the FBI onto the parents appearing at school board meetings. The NSBA has recinded their letter, Garland has not rescinded the instructions to the FBI based off of it. All of that blew up in McCauliffe’s, and the Democratic Party of Virginia’s, face.

        The narrative of the rapist (he was found guilty) being a heterosexual 14 year old male student didn’t happen until after he pled guilty. Mom is now saying he’s just a confused boy. She’s a few years late for figuring that out.

        “the Civil War ”

        I think you should start a seperate post on that if you actually want to discuss that subject again.

        • TTG says:

          The rape, and it was a rape, occurred in what was described as a gender fluid bathroom. In stores and such they are called family bathrooms which can be locked from the inside. They are the perfect place to make out or commit a rape.

          • Fred says:


            No comment on the criminal conduct of the leaders of the school system or the corrupt USAG’s actions?

  9. Babeltuap says:

    Democrats can never audit elections they lose. Doing so reveals how their operation works. Hillary faced the same crisis in 16′. She shutdown the audits early on when fraud started bubbling up. Salute to VA for getting out and crushing these handful of corrupt counties like a bug in the ground.

    • Fred says:

      They sure don’t want an audit in New Jersey, where not ten or twenty – thousand – but 40,000 ballots were found overnight. Surprise surprise. Where’s Romney’s niece and the RNC legal team?

  10. jim ticehurst says:

    A Toast…Virginia Whiskey) To Glenn Younkin..Govenor Elect ..For Following …
    “The Inspiration..” His Wife..Who Supported Him Well…and Understood…To The Commonwealth of Virginia…Where “The Spirit” Yet Lives..And The Torch ,Of”,Liberty..”Has been passed Along…With a NEW Battle Flag…Also..Friends…I Toast Our Good Virginia Colonel Lang..To His Good Health..”and that of His Family..Hip Hip Horrah..Sir..Well Done..We are glad you Saw..The Revival..of “The Old Dominion…’God Speed…’

  11. TTG says:

    Winsome Sears is an impressive person and should be a great Lieutenant Governor. Although I found ads showing her holding an AR-15 off putting, that’s not a big part of her personality and priorities. She will, however, help put a stop to the insane legislative fixation on trying to ban “assault rifles.” Her political webpage doesn’t even mention 2A issues. Some of the things it does mention are:

    – Eliminating Virginia’s Grocery Tax & Suspending the Recent Gas Tax Hike for 12 Months
    – Providing a One Time Tax Rebate of $600 for Joint Filers and $300 for Individuals
    – Ending Runaway Property Taxes by Requiring Voter Approval for Increases
    – Cutting Income Taxes by Doubling the Standard Deduction
    – Raise Teacher Pay & Recruit More Teachers to End the Teacher Shortage
    – Restore High Standards for School Accreditation & SOL Tests
    – Promoting Choice by Creating More Opportunities, Especially in Failing School Districts
    – Eliminate All Taxes on the First $40,000 in Military Veteran Retirement Pay
    – Expand Virginia’s Veterans Care Centers in Richmond, Salem, Hampton Roads & Northern Virginia
    • Expanding our Veteran Workforce Transition Programs to Get Veterans Good Paying Jobs

    Those are all solid and moderate issues which few Virginians should be upset about. One item I hope she pushes is how schools are funded. Right now, state funding matches local funding. That places poorer counties at a distinct and unfair disadvantage. They need more state funding, not less. Sears served on the Virginia School Board and was its vice president for a time. I hope she addresses this issue.

  12. Sam says:


    What about Alexandria demographic makes them so lopsidedly partisan? It appears like coastal California where pretty much every demographic segment votes Democrat by default habitually.

    Where’s the much vaunted independent voter in either habitually “red” counties and “blue” counties? I’ve got no explanation why we haven’t seen a rise in the number of independents and the number of people who don’t vote for the duopoly.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The end of segregation was a bitter thing in Alexandria where many foolishly wanted to cling to that including TC Williams, Many conservative people simply left leaving behind a population not sympathetic to conservative thinking. That void has been filled. The population is now dominated by: Yellow Dog Democrats, Blacks, Hispanics and transplanted Northern people who brought their politics with them. That usually includes an aversion to the city’s history and the South generally.

  13. Ed Lindgren says:

    Additional fallout from Tuesday’s election in VA….

    There were several local referendums on the ballot to remove/relocate Confederate monuments.

    All failed to pass…

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