“British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag attacks ahead” Grayzone

de Bretton-Gordon

“Shadowy UK intel figure Hamish de Bretton-Gordon was at the forefront of chemical weapons deceptions in Syria. Now in Ukraine, he’s up to his old tricks again.

With Washington and its NATO allies forced to watch from the sidelines as Russia’s military advances across Eastern Ukraine and encircles Kiev, US and British officials have resorted to a troubling tactic that could trigger a massive escalation. Following similar claims by his Secretary of State and ambassador the United Nations, US President Joseph Biden has declared that Russia will pay a “severe price” if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

The warnings emanating from the Biden administration contain chilling echoes of those issued by the administration of President Barack Obama throughout the US-led dirty war on Syria.

Almost as soon as Obama implemented his ill-fated “red line” policy vowing an American military response if the Syrian army attacked the Western-backed opposition with chemical weapons, Al Qaeda-aligned opposition factions came forth with claims of mass casualty sarin and chlorine bombings of civilians. The result was a series of US-UK missile strikes on Damascus and a prolonged crisis that nearly triggered the kind of disastrous regime change war that had destabilized Iraq and Libya.

In each major chemical weapons event, signs of staging and deception by the armed Syrian opposition were present. As a former US ambassador in the Middle East told journalist Charles Glass, “The ‘red line’ was an open invitation to a false-­flag operation.”

Elements of deception were especially clear in the April 7, 2018 incident in the city of Douma, when an anti-government militia on the brink of defeat claimed civilians had been massacred in a chlorine attack by the Syrian army.

Veteran inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found no evidence that the Syrian army had carried out any such attack, however, suggesting the entire incident had been staged to trigger Western intervention. Their report was subsequently censored by organization management, and the inspectors were subjected to a campaign of smears and intimidation.”

Comment: This John Le Carre style character has had a lively time the last ten years. The UK government has built a lot of plausible denial into his cover, but that does not deceive. I wonder if he is actually still a member of the British Army, perhaps in the Reserve. Perhaps he is a member of 77 Brigade, the British psyops and covert action unit? He is good at using American government money (USAID) to fund things like the White Helmets film company which clearly staged ALL the supposed SAA chemical attacks in Syria. People muse over Obama’s decision not to react when Syria supposedly crossed his chemical weapons “red line.” My theory of the matter is that someone finally told him that it was all British BS.

A related question lies in the motivation of HMG. I have suggested in the past that the habit of manipulation is age old in Britain and they just can’t help themselves. Remember the Belgian babies impaled on German bayonets in WW1? It was a total hoax, but effective. pl

British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag attacks ahead – The Grayzone

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15 Responses to “British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag attacks ahead” Grayzone

  1. plantman says:

    Joe Lauria at Consortium News says there is a split between the Pentagon and the State Department on how to approach Ukraine. The State Dept is filled with neocons like Nuland that want to drag NATO into the fighting, but the Pentagon is not on board. A chemical weapon attack would be a useful device for achieving State’s goal of escalation.

    I wouldn’t put anything past Nuland. She’s just as vicious as Hillary.

    The people at State might believe that the threat of a nuclear exchange is greatly exaggerated and they can goad Putin into a landwar that would drain his resources and put his presidency at risk.

    IMO, they are thinking about a small nuclear device.

  2. SNS says:

    A 2021 Grayzone article did indeed identify him as a 77 Brigade member, complete with a screenshot of his Twitter profile where it was listed.


    And that pic of him in the Brit desert camo smoking jacket……

  3. sbin says:

    Add the Novichok hoax to the list of British clown show antics.
    Funny that extremely lethal nerve agent doesn’t kill anyone and chief nurse of British army is on the scene for the Skripal “poisoning ”
    Wish Bellingcat and friends could be publicly dosed with Novichok the show how comically stupid their propaganda is.

  4. Frederick Herschel says:

    The meme with Trump was that Putin controlled him, because he had pictures of him with prostitutes in Moscow.
    Well, now that we know that pretty much any and all allegations about Hunter Biden were true–and by extension allegations about his father–we can certainly be permitted to hypothesize what “Ukraine” may have on Biden that he cannot allow to become public. (Note: the NY Times has backtracked completely on the laptop).
    The lousy student son of a failed businessman turned used car salesman may not have enough moral fiber to resist demands that he use nuclear weapons by his puppeteers in Ukraine.
    Putin has stated that any use of nuclear weapons against Russian troops will be met with an overwhelming nuclear response against the locations where the decision was made to use them. Washington and necessarily all the other targets in the U.S.
    To think that a doddering cipher can lead the world into annihilation is beyond belief.
    May your voice be heard.

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    Mestern Weedia have been showing stories quite recently quoting sources in the five sided building saying up to 60% of Ivan’s Miss Sills have malfunctioned, going way off course, crashing etc. That’s a veiled threat that needn’t be explained to folks here. Similar to Kennedy’s during Cuban crisis that if something landed anywhere in the Western Hemisphere it would be considered an attack upon the US by the SU. He was saying we will stage a false flag and then launch on you. This recent stuff simply says the same by preparing the audience to believe that an explosion across the Ukraine border somewhere inside a Nato country is most likely one of those malfunctioning Ru weep upons. It’s quite a clever ploy bc it even gives the Russians a pre-prepared note for teacher. Could it be a factor in recent climb down?

  6. Sam says:

    This is a perfect setup to escalate to US direct involvement in an Eastern European war. In Syria, Obama stated a red line and the White Helmets created the casus belli. That will soon also be attempted in Ukraine and the corporate media and Big Tech will create the hysteria for military reprisals.

    Whatcha all think a compromised Biden whose son has been on the Ukrainian payroll will do?

    I agree with what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says here:

    It’s time to end the U.S. Intelligence operations against America.


    And her pinned tweet:

    I do not support:

    Putin & his murderous war in Ukraine.

    Zelensky & Nazi militias in his corrupt country.

    Neocons, Neolibs, or the Uniparty foreign policies that have spent trillions in senseless foreign wars.

    I support the American People only and call for all of this to end.

    This doesn’t imply support for ALL she says and does. We can be nuanced.

  7. Tidewater says:

    A week or more ago I noticed something I thought was a little unusual, if true. The diplomatic delegations of the west, and I assume this could include not only the US but also the UK and others, do not spend the night in Lviv. They are not based there. They are based in Poland. I assume that when they come back over the border into Banderland they must stay on the move a lot inside armored vehicles, with heavily armed escorts, and careful monitoring of cell phone use against scanning. I thought this precaution made sense. There would be, of course, the threat from chance missile attacks, if in a known housing location. I think Russian Humint must be very good in Ukraine. In the DPR the population has been accused of acting as forward observers, calling the shots by telephone on the Ukrainian forces. From what I have read about Lviv (or Lemberg?), anything can happen there. The place is evil. Now I pick up on Twitter that a Ukrainian SBU agent has defected, carrying serious information about a false flag operation being planned to kill western diplomats. True? Who knows? But the thought occurred to me some time back that the kidnapping of an American diplomat under these chaotic circumstances with a payoff large enough to be reasonably split up among a team of twenty ‘Gator trained Zapadenski, then a discreet departure over the high roads and the low roads to Poland or Belarus was an intriguing scenario. And the incident would be so sensitive that it would have to be kept hushed up.

  8. fakebot says:

    I like to think it’s just mind games from us because this would be silly of us if we tried it. It adds to the strong posture we need, like Biden bringing back to the table the threat of a first strike.

    It’s the regime change focus that hurts our cause. We should be more practical. Even if Putin remains in power, his hold will be more tenuous. He won’t live forever. He might not have long to live for all we know. Plus we should leave it to the Russians to sort out their leadership in a calmer manner. An end to this war sooner rather than later and a view to a lasting peace should be our focus.

  9. Dolores O´Neil says:

    He has all the expression of a tortured embittered, probably even alcoholic, guy, of the things he has to do to keep his life style up….

  10. mcohen says:

    Something about hunter biden and biolabs


    Scrapped this up from 2019 about the poor state of funding for labs and science

    The lab story about hunters laptop could be a a Russian gray zone twist of truth.

  11. Johnb says:

    Bhadrakumar is scathing in his assessment.
    “ Biden returns empty-handed. Challenge now will be to come to terms with another defeat far more catastrophic than Afghanistan! Foreign policy in shambles…
    Biden’s senility can no longer remain a state secret. It threatens international security.”

    This whole Presidency has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion, America is going to have to find all those inner strengths gifted to it to recover its balance and rightful place in the world.

  12. English Outsider says:

    Well, good for Obama. Wish they’d told Trump the same with Kkan Shaykun.

    But they didn’t have to tell Trump that the Steele dossier was “British bullshit”. He knew that perfectly well by himself. I know that Trump was bedevilled by internal opposition; but it’s still dumbfounding that he, with the powers of the President of the United States at his disposal, didn’t throw everything he’d got at clearing that mess up.

    And then remained on terms with two of the three politicians who undoubtedly had knowledge of the affair. If I’d been Trump I’d have said to both May and Johnson “Forget about trade deals. Forget about anything at all until you’ve got this straightened out at your end.”

    Squalid business, politics. But seldom, surely, as squalid as that. I’m still puzzled by Trump letting it ride.

  13. More Putin propaganda. So many Russia IP addresses are spamming this junk all over Free Republic. If they didn’t donate I would ban everyone of them.

    • JohninMK says:

      If you were Putin or one of his team, with the experience of the Syrian False Flag in your memory, wouldn’t you be concerned about an attempt to try it again? Especially in a conflict that has stirred much more emotion in NATO countries than Syria ever did. Add to that regular bringing up of the subject by NATO. They have to be twitchy in Moscow.

      Were it to happen, the ‘chemical weapons’ mentioned would probably, as turned out in Syria, be industrial substances like chlorine or ammonia.

      Oh and I have an English IP address.

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