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Tattoo: A Memoir of Becoming by W. Patrick Lang, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® ( Tattoo: A Memoir of Becoming eBook: Lang, W. Patrick: Kindle Store

Tattoo By W. Patrick Lang (

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Why Alec Baldwin Had His Finger on the Trigger

Even people experienced in handling a pistol can inadvertently put their finger on the trigger and not realize they are doing so. The following video shows you why it is impossible for the 19th Century revolver Baldwin had in hand could not fire itself.

Baldwin’s acting job with George Stephanopoulos may have persuaded people who know nothing about a single action revolver. But as the expert interviewed on CNN (I am shocked they actually did some real reporting) demonstrates, Baldwin cannot blame the gun. The fact that is beyond dispute–Baldwin pointed the gun at the cinematographer.

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Space Force shuns the idea of war in space.

Nicolas Chaillan, who served as the first chief software officer for both the Air Force and Space Force, said China and Russia are ahead of the U.S. in the “most critical war-fighting capabilities that will make it or break it in the next wars to come.” At the same time, he said the U.S. has failed to grasp the urgency of recognizing space as a “critical domain.”

“Russia is clearly seeing the importance of space, and its ability of striking down satellites could be devastating and have cascading effects for the U.S. government, American people, and allies of the U.S.,” he said.

What is even more alarming to Chaillan is the fact that China has conducted over 200 hypersonic tests while the U.S. has carried out a mere nine and isn’t close to testing anything approaching a fully functioning missile.

“What’s lacking is urgency and realizing that this is even bigger than we thought,” he said. “The next wave of innovation is going to touch the Air Force and Space Force.”

Brandon Weichert, space expert and author of “Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower,” said these most recent space incidents should have served as a wake-up call to the threats that U.S. adversaries pose in space.

He believes that Space Force is the “best way” to compete in the new “space race” playing out in the skies.

But he said the branch isn’t living up to its expectations because its current leadership — and the politics of the Biden administration — are not allowing the department to act boldly enough.

Weichert points out that Space Force is following the advice of consultants who are committed to the de-weaponization of space, and people who believe space “should be a sanctuary from weapons” and don’t believe that space is for anything other than “taking pretty pictures of stars.”

“They don’t believe in using space as a strategic asset,” he said. “There is no strategic vision for dominating space.”

Instead of going big and making the investments necessary to compete with China and Russia, Weichert said the branch has quickly become a bureaucracy that does “everything but actual space dominance.”

“Space Force doesn’t want to do space,” he said.

Comment: Trekkies. pl

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A re-activated Florida State Guard

Florida State Guard

“States have the power to create defense forces separate from the national guard, though not all of them use it. If Florida moves ahead with DeSantis’ plan to reestablish the civilian force, it would become the 23rd active state guard in the country, DeSantis’ office said in a press release, joining California, Texas and New York. These guards are little-known auxiliary forces with origins dating back to the advent of state militias in the 18th century. While states and the Department of Defense share control of the National Guard, state guards are solely in the power of a governor.”

“The proposal from DeSantis comes on the heels of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s directive warning that National Guard members who refuse to get vaccinated against the coronavirus will have their pay withheld and barred from training. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican, had requested an exemption for guard members in his state, which Austin denied.” CNN

Comment: Well pilgrims, this CNN piece seems less hysterical than another one in The Guardian. What you are seeing is the gradual loosening of the “ties that bind.” Florida does not need the permission of the US to have organized militia not under federal control. That power was never constitutionally ceded by the states to the US. Remember, the states created the federal government, not the other way round. Florida disbanded its State Guard in 1947 when the National Guard returned from war service. It will now be the 23 state to have an active state guard. pl

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Oklahoma sues the US over control of the National Guard

“The state of Oklahoma has sued President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for their vaccine mandate on the state’s National Guard on Thursday.

The lawsuit was filed by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Attorney General John O’Connor, both Republicans. It requests relief against the vaccine mandate it deems unconstitutional and asks to enjoin the federal government from enforcing the mandate against the state’s National Guard forces.

The suit also asks to keep the federal government from withholding funding from the Oklahoma National Guard or its members.

“Biden’s vaccine mandates are a clear abuse of power,” O’Connor wrote in a statement announcing the legal action. “He does not have the authority to make healthcare decisions for Oklahomans.

“It is sinister that Biden is threatening Oklahomans with the loss of their jobs if they do not surrender their personal rights and freedoms to the federal government. The president is using private employers to do his dirty work.”

O’Connor and 20 other state attorneys general wrote Biden last week to challenge his administration’s vaccination requirement for federal contractors put in place in August.

“How can they pay their mortgages and car payments?” O’Connor’s statement continued. “Then, months from now Biden and the democratic Congress will dole out trillions of dollars to support the people Biden drove out of the workforce.

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Starlink launch

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Loudoun parents drive on toward a cleansing.

Buta Biberaj

Loudoun County, Virginia, Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj said she does not plan to recuse herself from the legal battle to remove School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan, despite the fact that a judge disqualified Biberaj from a similar case against a former school board member and despite Biberaj’s alleged involvement in some of the claims against Sheridan.

The parent organization Fight for Schools, which filed the petition to remove Sheridan, has also filed a petition to disqualify Biberaj from the case. Ian Prior, the group’s executive director, told Fox News that Biberaj has clear conflicts of interest in the case. 

In order to remove an elected official in Virginia, petitioners must acquire signatures and bring the case before a judge. If a judge approves the petition, the commonwealth’s attorney prosecutes the case. Biberaj, the attorney in question, received an $861,039 assist from the George Soros-funded Justice and Public Safety PAC in her 2019 election.

“It is necessary to have faith that the prosecutor in this removal proceeding has no actual or perceived conflicts, that she will go where the evidence takes her, and litigate this case with appropriate prosecutorial zeal,” Prior told Fox News in a statement.


“In this case, Commonwealth Attorney Biberaj was very involved in two of the very serious incidents that gave rise to the recall,” he claimed. “There is simply no way that the people of Loudoun County can be confident in a fair process for the removal of Brenda Sheridan unless Ms. Biberaj either recuses herself, or is disqualified based on her conflicts of interest, and an independent prosecutor is appointed by the Court.”

Comment: The Soros money is typical of Soros’ efforts to pack local governments with leftists. pl

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Ariane launch today.

“Arianespace’s 13th launch of 2021 with the 8th Soyuz of the year will place its satellite passengers into medium Earth orbit. The launcher will be carrying a total payload of approximately 1645 kg. The launch will be performed from Kourou, in French Guyana.”

Comment: I am quite interested in following Ariane’s work. They have the massive job of putting the Webb telescope into space at the end of this month. pl

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Alec Baldwin’s Unbelievable Claim About His Negligent Homicide

In a new interview with George Stephanopoulos, Alec Baldwin insists he did not pull the trigger. NONSENSE!! That is a lie. Here’s the  ABC teaser:

The gun that Baldwin fired is a period revolver (you can read my original post about the pistol here)–F. Lli Pietta 45 Long Colt Revolver. You must open the loading gate to access the cylinder to load a cartridge. You then must cock the hammer manually, otherwise, it will NOT fire. Once the hammer is cocked then only slight pressure on the trigger will release the hammer and initiate the firing cycle.

[Note–There is a way to fire this revolver without cocking the trigger–you hit the hammer on the spur with a club of some sort and that can cause the firing pin to ignite the primer. But the point remains–this gun cannot be fired “accidentally.”  It does not fire itself.]

Baldwin is not the only one at fault here, but he is showing his true colors as a coward keen on avoiding responsibility for killing the cinematographer.

Baldwin is not the only one at fault here, but he is showing his true colors as a coward keen on avoiding responsibility for killing the cinematographer. Larry Johnson

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“FDA panel endorses first COVID-19 pill.”

“A panel of U.S. health advisers on Tuesday narrowly backed a closely watched COVID-19 pill from Merck, setting the stage for a likely authorization of the first drug that Americans could take at home to treat the coronavirus.

The Food and Drug Administration panel voted 13-10 that the antiviral drug’s benefits outweigh its risks, including potential birth defects if used during pregnancy.

“I see this as an incredibly difficult decision with many more questions than answers,” said panel chair Dr. Lindsey Baden of Harvard Medical School, who voted in favor of the drug. He said FDA would have to carefully tailor the drug’s use for patients who stand to benefit most.

The recommendation came after hours of debate about the drug’s modest benefits and potential safety issues. Most experts backing the treatment stressed that it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant and called on FDA to recommend extra precautions before the drug is prescribed, such as pregnancy tests for women of child-bearing age.”

Comment: There will be several more oral therapies for COVID-19. They will break the back of the maniacal leftist drive to achieve population control in the US. pl

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“AOC invited by Virginia GOP House hopeful to campaign for Dem incumbent Spanberger”

Tina Ramirez and daughter

“A Virginia Republican has invited U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., to campaign for the Democratic incumbent who the GOP candidate hopes to unseat next year.

Republican Tina Ramirez – who’s running against second-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger – extended the offer after Ocasio-Cortez recently insisted it was a “mistake” for moderate Democrats to consider their radical fellow party members a “liability.”

“For the past few years, Abigail Spanberger has been been living a double life,” Republican challenger Tina Ramirez wrote in a statement first provided to Fox News on Tuesday, referring to the second-term Democrat.

“In Virginia, she represents herself as a moderate Democrat. But that mask comes off in Washington,” Ramirez continued.


“Having only interacted with Abigail Spanberger in Washington, it’s no wonder why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks a progressive message would be popular in Virginia,” the Republican added. “Especially after Spanberger voted for a multi-trillion dollar wish list masquerading as an infrastructure bill by the most ridiculous and dishonest of definitions.””

Comment: Virginia’s 7th District runs right up through the rural heart of the state west of Richmond. Spanberger is suitably disguised as a pretty, moderate white lady who was a career analyst at CIA. Ramirez is calling her out as a crypto-radical. You can be sure that AOC WILL NOT be invited to campaign for Spanberger. That would be the “kiss of death” in that district. pl

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