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Ukrainian artillery: the true king of battle – TTG

Artillery aiming technology that works like the Uber app helped Ukrainians to destroy almost an entire Russian battalion in a single attack this week. GIS Arta, an advanced situational awareness system developed by Ukrainian programmers in collaboration with British digital-mapping companies, has cut the military’s targeting time from 20 minutes to one.

Similar to Uber’s ride-hailing technology, which locates a passenger and assigns the nearest driver, the system identifies a Russian target and rapidly selects artillery, mortar, missile or combat drone units that are within range. Real-time data from reconnaissance drones, rangefinders, smartphones, GPS and Nato-donated radars is fed into the system to pinpoint enemy positions. This is then processed by “shooting calculator” software that determines which weapons in the area are most suitable to carry out the strike.

The developers said yesterday that the system was used this week to distribute targets to units that unleashed one of the heaviest bombardments on the Russians since the war began. More than 70 tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and personnel carriers were obliterated in two days of coordinated shelling and airstrikes as they tried to bridge the Siverskyi Donets River in eastern Ukraine. Military analysts described the attack as a serious setback for Russian forces.

GIS Arta was developed by Ukrainian programmers who shared knowledge of digital mapping with British companies years ago. The system was integrated into the Ukrainian army in May 2014 after Russia invaded Crimea. A commander has access to an encrypted electronic map that displays the live data from the battlefield. After a target is confirmed, HQ chooses which unit to send coordinates to and it is under fire in seconds.

Aiming systems used by other militaries can take 20 minutes or more to fire after receiving a report of an enemy position but GIS Arta reduces “call to trigger” time to one to two minutes. The system operates contrary to the traditional Russian method of firing, which involves positioning artillery batteries in a single location. Instead, Ukrainian units can be scattered across the battlefield, threatening strikes from any direction. The system calculates when missiles and shells will hit the target, allowing simultaneous strikes originating from different positions, confusing Russian counter battery efforts.

The sections of the Ukrainian military that use GIS Arta cannot be disclosed, nor can information about the total number of targets it has identified. However, Volodymyr, one of the developers of the system, said: “I can tell you that the amount is a lot. Some of them you can see in the news. Russians can’t hide on the battlefield because we find them everywhere, even in Russia.” Victor, another developer, said: “If we are working with radars, we know not only the point where our enemy is, but also if it shoots, the radar can forecast the point the missile will target. While the rocket is in the air, we can warn our forces to leave.”

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system is being used to allow the artillery aiming system to continue operating securely. The GIS Arta team said they “appreciate Musk’s urgent assistance in solving communication problems in Ukraine” in the first days of the war.

Comment: I predict when this is over, US and other NATO artillery officers will be flocking to the Ukrainian artillery school. This and several other articles linked below describe an artillery battle management system that puts accurate fire on target within one to two minutes of target identification. And it’s done with guns scattered across the battlefield similar to what we call a time on target (TOT) fire mission. This makes Russia’s counter battery strikes extremely difficult to execute.

I was first intrigued by Ukrainian artillery capabilities from the accounts of the defense of Mykolaiv earlier in the war. There were several mentions of a smartphone app used by the locals, not trained forward observers, to spot for artillery. I figured this app enabled a user or users to message a nearby artillery unit with triangulated target data. But this app is probably an integral part of the GIS Arta system. 

This method of artillery employment is made even more effective by a heavy use of 152mm Kvitnyk and 122mm Karasuk laser guided artillery shells coupled with laser designating drones and ground spotters. This is why there are so many drone videos of single artillery strikes hitting targets with a first round hit. But even without these laser guided shells, the GPS spotting of targets by drones or ground observers fed into the GIS Arta management system allows widely distributed artillery pieces, also precisely positioned by GPS, to execute a TOT fire mission without the time consuming need for adjusting fire. 

And all this is made possible by Elon Musk’s Starlink network. At the beginning of the invasion, Russia knocked the existing satellite communication networks in Ukraine out of service. Without the quick deployment of Starlink ground stations and modifications in the Starlink satellite constellation, the GIS Arta artillery management system would be useless. No wonder Dmitry Rogozin and others have threatened Musk’s life. Both Ukraine and Starlink must have massive cyber defense forces in place to protect the GIS Arta and Starlink networks.

I saw a report a few days ago saying that the M777s we gave Ukraine did not have the latest targeting computers. I thought that was kind of a shitty thing to do until I learned about GIS Arta. The Ukrainian system certainly sounds as good or better than our TACFIRE and AFATDS. They’ve obviously learned to do just fine without those latest targeting computers, if that story is true.


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“Boeing Starliner docks to International Space Station for first time”

The Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft is guided into position above a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket at the Vertical Integration Facility at Space Launch Complex 41 at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Nov. 21, 2019. Starliner will be secured atop the rocket for Boeing’s Orbital Flight Test to the International Space Station for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The spacecraft rolled out from Boeing’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center earlier in the day.

“The Boeing CST-100 Starliner docked to the International Space Station for the first time on Friday night. 

The spacecraft made its first connection with the International Space Station’s (ISS) Harmony module at 8:28 p.m. EDT. 

Boeing said that – in addition to ground controllers in Houston – astronauts on the space station monitored Starliner throughout the flight and sometimes commanded the spacecraft to verify control capabilities. 


Despite the failure of a couple of thrusters, the automated rendezvous went off without a major hitch.

The Starliner launched on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 6:54 p.m. ET on Thursday. 

The Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) is the second uncrewed test flight of a commercial crew spacecraft. 

Starliner dock

“This image from NASA TV shows the Boeing Starliner preparing to dock at the International Space Station, Friday, May 20, 2022. Boeing’s astronaut capsule has arrived at the International Space Station in a critical repeat test flight. Only a test dum (NASA via AP / AP Newsroom) The mission was designed to give Boeing and NASA enough data to certify the spacecraft for long-duration crewed missions to the ISS. 

“Starliner spent its first hours in space performing a series of system demonstrations allowing mission managers to verify the spacecraft was healthy and able to maneuver safely. After docking, the Starliner recharged its batteries using solar arrays located on the service module,” Boeing said. 

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While docked, the crew of the station will float inside the Starliner, conduct an initial cabin tour and periodically perform system checkouts while ground controllers evaluate data gathered during its flight.”

Boeing Starliner docks to International Space Station for first time | Fox Business

Boeing Starliner – Wikipedia

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Russia assumes “protective” role for Azovstal PWs.

Buses carrying service members of Ukrainian forces who have surrendered after weeks holed up at Azovstal steel works drive away under escort of the pro-Russian military in the course of Ukraine-Russia conflict in Mariupol,

“The Kremlin said the combatants would be treated in line with international norms, though some Russian lawmakers demanded they be tried for war crimes and one demanded they face the death penalty. read more

The Swiss-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it had registered those leaving the plant to keep track of prisoners.

It also explicitly set out the rules of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, the body of international law relating to the treatment of captured military personnel and civilians.

“The ICRC must have immediate access to all POWs in all places where they are held,” it said. “The ICRC must be allowed to interview prisoners of war without witnesses.””

“The official mission statement says that: “The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral, and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance.” It also conducts and coordinates international relief and works to promote and strengthen international humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.[28] The core tasks of the committee, which are derived from the Geneva Conventions and its own statutes[29] are:
  • to monitor compliance of warring parties with the Geneva Conventions
  • to organize nursing and care for those who are wounded on the battlefield
  • to supervise the treatment of prisoners of war and make confidential interventions with detaining authorities
  • to help with the search for missing persons in an armed conflict (tracing service)
  • to organize protection and care for civil populations
  • to act as a neutral intermediary between warring parties

The ICRC drew up seven fundamental principles in 1965 that were adopted by the entire Red Cross Movement.[30] They are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity, and universality.[31]” wiki on the ICRC.

Comment: Russia is a signatory to the 4th Geneva Convention concerning prisoners of war. One of the basic provisions is that the ICRC shall register and maintain a record of all captured soldiers. After that it provides parcels, “care packages,” etc. This makes it a lot more difficult to “disappear” people. The detaining power may, however, try PWs for war crimes or other offenses on the same basis that it would its own soldiers.

The Japanese had made much the same undertakings to the world before WW2 and observed none of them. For that Generals Homma and Yamashita were hanged in Tokyo.

“Friends” of the US will ask if we treated enemy soldiers as legally PWs in VN. In fact the RVN governments held all PWs.

We declined to consider captured jihadis as PWs during the GWOT arguing that they did not qualify as soldiers. I argued then and still believe that was an error on our part. pl

Many Ukrainian fighters remain in Azovstal, commander says operation going on | Reuters

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Boeing Starliner Launches Enroute to ISS – TTG 

An Atlas V rocket carrying Boeing’s Starliner OFT-2 space capsule launches from Space Launch Complex 40 of the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on May 19, 2022. (Image credit: United Launch Alliance)

Boeing and NASA launched the company’s Starliner astronaut taxi on a crucial uncrewed mission to the International Space Station on May 19.

The mission, known as Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2), lifted off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. OFT-2 was originally supposed to fly in August 2021, but an issue with some valves in Starliner’s propulsion system pushed things back more than eight months.

This is Boeing’s second time launching Starliner on an uncrewed test flight; the first mission, OFT-1, returned to Earth early after it failed to reach the space station in December 2019. NASA conducted major reviews of the Starliner program and identified a total of 80 corrective actions that Boeing needed to take before Starliner could return to flight. 

If all goes according to plan, Starliner will dock with the International Space Station about 24 hours after it launches, and it will return to Earth in late May with a parachute-assisted landing at White Sands Space Harbor in New Mexico.

Comment: Damn! I didn’t know it was launching today.


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“On the Fundamentals of National Resistance” – TTG

Information operations partisan style – poster declaring “Get ready! We know all your patrol routes! Kherson – it’s Ukraine!”

By ten-forty-five it was all over. The town was occupied, the defenders defeated, and the war finished. The invader had prepared for this campaign as carefully as he had for larger ones. On this Sunday morning the postman and the policeman had gone fishing in the boat of Mr Corell, the popular storekeeper. He had lent them his trim sail-boat for the day. The postman and the policeman were several miles at sea when they saw the small, dark transport, loaded with soldiers, go quietly past them. As officials of the town, this was definitely their business, and these two put about, but of course the battalion was in possession by the time they could make port. The policeman and the postman could not even get into their own offices in the Town Hall, and when they insisted on their rights they were taken prisoners of war and locked up in the town jail. 

The local troops, all twelve of them, had been away, too, on this Sunday morning, for Mr. Corell, the popular storekeeper, had donated lunch, targets, cartridges, and prizes for a shooting competition to take place six miles back in the hills, in a lovely glade Mr. Corell owned. The local troops, big, loose-hung boys, heard the planes and in the distance saw the parachutes, and they came back to town at double-quick step. When they arrived, the invader had flanked the road with machine-guns. The loose-hung soldiers, having very little experience in war and none at all in defeat, opened fire with their rifles. The machine-guns clattered for a moment and six of the soldiers became dead riddled bundles, and three half-dead riddled bundles, and three of the soldiers escaped into the hills with their rifles. 

By ten-thirty the brass band of the invader was playing beautiful and sentimental music in the town square while the townsmen, their mouths a little open and their eyes astonished, stood about listening to the music and staring at the grey-helmeted men who carried sub-machine-guns in their arms.

Comment: Thus begins John Steinbeck’s “The Moon Is Down,” his famous tale of occupation and resistance. I read this book the Summer before starting high school. It was assigned reading by the Jesuits of Fairfield Prep. I don’t know why other than that it is a literary classic. Maybe it was a precursor to their flirtation with liberation theology. I already knew about partisan resistance from my family’s stories. I would visit the topic again later in my career.

The concept of national resistance is enshrined in Ukrainian law. In addition to the regular active armed forces, there are several categories of reservists and the Territorial Defense Forces. Civilian partisan resistance is to be in addition to these forces. Ukraine was under no illusion that their forces were strong enough to prevent an invasion and ensuing occupation. The task of continuing national resistance on occupied Ukrainian territory fell to Ukraine’s special operations forces. They conducted rudimentary resistance training in peacetime and now organize and lead partisan forces in war. That’s were we are now. It doesn’t happen overnight. It develops over time. Over months and years. Over forty years ago I wrote of the development of the Lithuanian resistance to Soviet occupation. I linked to that article if anyone is interested. We are just now beginning to see the effects of organized partisan resistance in the areas occupied by Russia.

Southern Ukraine is becoming a hotbed for such activity. The photo above  is of a poster warning the occupiers of their fate… having one’s throat slit by a Ukrainian babushka. IO is an important element in partisan warfare. It always has been and forever will be. As one reporter noted, “It’s an increasingly rough business being a Russian occupier in Ukraine where the locals want them dead. Kherson partisans have taken out around 300 Russians, mostly at night with small arms, knives and poison.” Other notices posted on telephone poles and building walls in Kherson have appeared, saying “Russian occupiers and everyone who supports them. We are close, already operating in Kherson. Death awaits you all! Kherson is Ukraine.” 

The mayor of neighboring Melitopol, Ivan Fedoriv, claims at least a hundred Russian soldiers and Rosgvardia police were killed in night ambushes. In late March, Valery Kuleshov, a pro-Russian blogger living in Kherson, an alleged collaborator with the occupying forces, was shot dead in his car in a gangland-style assassination. Pavlo Slobodchikov, an alleged collaborator, was gunned down in his vehicle two days later. A few days ago, “Russians discovered two bodies in the morning hours in the area of house No. 52 on Heroes of Ukraine Street in Melitopol, a hotbed of Ukrainian resistance. The deceased were two high ranking Russians who met a timely end at the hands of local partisans.” When asked how the two Russians died, the reporter answered, “It wasn’t instantaneous, from what I understood.”

A high profile act of sabotage occurred on 18 May as reported by the online “Mirror Weekly” out of Kyiv. Some reported the act was carried out by special operations commandos, other said it was local partisans. Given Ukraine’s defense laws and strategy, it was probably a raiding party consisting of both.

In the occupied Melitopol near the meat-packing plant on Wednesday, a remote detonation of an armored train of the Russian occupiers was carried out, the Zaporizhia Region Defense Headquarters said. Closer to noon, information about the sounds of an explosion and a shooting came from Melitopol. As it became known later, the armored train of the occupiers exploded while moving on an explosive set on rails.

“The train consists of 10 cars, the blast was carried out under a car with personnel. According to the results of the explosion, two railway tracks were damaged, the armored train was stopped, and a locomotive with 10 fuel tanks, which was following the armored train, was also stopped, ”the headquarters said. There was also a shootout in the city after the explosion. We will remind that in the end of April in the Zaporizhia region near Melitopol the railway bridge leading to the Crimea was destroyed. Later, the Armed Forces confirmed the sabotage against the enemy.

Even in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk, the locals are becoming fed up with their Russian benefactors. Wives and relatives of those forcibly conscripted by Russian and local authorities are protesting the lack of medical care and compensation of the wounded conscripts and are demanding the return of those not yet dead or wounded. Protests have numbered up to 700 participants lately. Acts of sabotage far beyond just hiding those of draft age are bound to begin even in the heart of the DNR and LNR.

The Russians have a lot more to worry about than the steady flow of Western weapons and aid and the still mobilizing, equipping and training Ukrainian reserves. It’s going to be a long, hot Summer followed by another cold, miserable Winter. The partisans will see to that.


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“… UFO sightings are ‘national security concern’: ‘Need to continue to pursue this'”

I know a bureaucratic evasion when I see one and yesterday’s hearing before a committee of the Huse of Representatives was certainly one such. It was very much like a scene from the old Brit TeeVee series “Yes, Minister.” Here we had the well briefed Deputy Minister of Defense for Intelligence backed up (supervised really) by a very polished and slippery CAREER SES who is Deputy Head of naval intelligence. Butter would not melt in the man’s mouth.

No actual naval officers appeared. They did not want to mislead the Congress?” Why? They have “gotten religion?”

The two civvie “slicky boys” served up some trvial imagery and then undermined their own exhibits. The Deputy head of Naval Intelligence actually said, “We do not believe there is any evidence of extra-terrestrial activity.” End of message but delivered with a smile while wearing his best suit.

Fortunately, the members of both parties did not believe it. More to follow…. pl

Rep. Wenstrup warns UFO sightings are ‘national security concern’: ‘Need to continue to pursue this’ | Fox News

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Attorney Michael Sussmann’s criminal trial begins related to the 2016 presidential campaign

Michael Sussmann Photo Perkins Coie

By Robert Willmann

Testimony began in the criminal trial of attorney Michael Sussmann on one charge of making a false statement, in a case brought by special counsel John Durham, who is authorized to “investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III” [1].

On the first day of trial, Tuesday, 17 May 2022, the witnesses were FBI supervisory agents David Martin and Scott Hellman, and Steven DeJong, who was an employee of the Neustar company, which works on such things as computer security, digital marketing, and Internet connections.

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“Captured Russians: Kremlin Commanders ‘Shooting Their Own Wounded'”

“Captured Kremlin soldiers have alleged to Ukrainian forces that their commanders are slaughtering wounded Russian troops rather than seeking medical treatment, Mirror reported.

The soldiers claimed that a Russian lieutenant colonel has killed multiple injured troops. Recalling one account, the prisoners said the lieutenant colonel asked one soldier if he could walk, shooting him dead after he replied that he could not.

“It was a young man; he was wounded,” a soldier explained to Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin. “He was on the ground. He was asked if he could walk, so he was shot dead with a gun.”

Another prisoner jumped in: “The most important thing — this wasn’t a single case.

“He shot four or five like this,” a third captured soldier explained, adding that the “young men” could have been taken care of.

The news follows multiple reports since the beginning of the conflict that Russia has used mobile crematoriums to hide evidence of war crimes in Ukraine, according to The Hill.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, the governor of Ukrainian-occupied territories in Donetsk, said that Russian troops were destroying the bodies in an attempt to hide “evidence of genocide.”

“They are using mobile crematoriums and mobile cremation machines and, also, taking people out, taking bodies of the dead in the street and the dead from collapsing buildings,” Kyrylenko said.

“They’re hiding since the emergence of the evidence of war crimes in Bucha and the evidence of genocide. They’re now hiding the evidence,” he added.”

Comment: Some of you, actually most of you, in your enthusiasm for the Russian cause seem to have missed the fact that the Russians are also using foreign fighters; Wagner, Syrians, etc. Is the state of man-officer relations this bad? It was that bad in Afghanistan where only the fear of the mujahideen’s reaction to a Soviet prisoner kept, IMO, many more Soviet soldiers from defecting from an “army” in which they were held in contempt by their own “leaders.” History seems to be repeating itself. pl

Captured Russians: Kremlin Commanders ‘Shooting Their Own Wounded’ |

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A Development at Mariupol – TTG

Tonight’s Statement of the Ukrainian MOD

Together the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Chief Intelligence Office of the Ministry of Defense, Border Control Service, the National Guard of Ukraine began the rescue operation of the defenders of Mariupol from Azovstal steelmill. On May 16, 53 heavily wounded defenders were evacuated to the hospital in Novoazovsk from Azovstal. Another 211 persons via humanitarian corridor were transported to Olenivka. The exchange procedure will further take place in order to bring them home. As for the defenders who still remain in Azovstal, the joined efforts of the mentioned authorities are aimed towards their rescue.

Thanks to the defenders of Mariupol we gained crucial time to form the reserves, regrouping of the forces and getting help from our partners. The defenders of Mariupol have completed all the orders of the command. Unfortunately, we cannot de-lock Azovstal by using military approach. The most important joined task of Ukraine and the entire world is to save lives of the defenders of Mariupol. 

Comment: Some if not all of the seriously wounded were evacuated from the tunnels of Azovstal today. They are to be returned to Ukrainian control in a prisoner exchange. What will happen to the rest of the garrison at Azovstal has not been announced. It seems that both Erdogan and Xi Jinping had a hand in these arrangements. A number of wives and mothers of the Azovstal defenders flew to Istanbul to thank both of them. Zelenskiy is to speak to the nation about this.


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“Lugs and Jibs: An “Autumn Leaves” Update” – TTG

David Dawson’s lug-rigged Autumn Leaves on the left, Eric Vance’s jib-headed Autumn Leaves on the right. With its mast moved forward, the lugger has a slightly longer cabin top. It would take a very scientific series of races, with all variables minimized, to determine which rig was actually faster. One thing is for certain: as things stand now, the lugger, with its unstayed mast in a tabernacle, is two or three times quicker to rig at the launch ramp.

The Shallow Water Sailors are an informal collection of small boat nuts who for over 40 years have been gathering on the Chesapeake to cruise. I’ve had the privilege of joining their spring or fall retreats from time to time. A Shallow Water Sailors cruise is notable for its near-complete absence of fixed itinerary or programming. A locale and launch ramp are announced, always a pretty place with the right mix of open water and protected coves. The Wye, Chester, and Sassafras Rivers, for example. Skippers launch whenever they happen to arrive, and a fleet of small boats fan out. Some open, some decked-in, some modern, some neo-traditional. Some skippers sail in groups, some aren’t seen for three days. Rafting up for dinner is optional. Everything is optional. The typical Shallow Water Sailor’s cruise, in abandoning the regimented schedule of a regatta or formal cruising rally, embraces an experience reminiscent of a child’s carefree summer day.

This year’s destination was the St. Mary’s River, a quiet, tree-lined tributary of the Potomac River, an hour southeast of Washington, DC. I heaved a couple of tote bags of food and warm clothing into PocketShip and trundled down from Annapolis to join the fun. I was also carrying a couple of nice cameras for reasons that were entirely mercenary: the first two examples of my Autumn Leaves design to hit the water had joined the cruise. Both were built closely to spec, and, even more interesting to me, one carried the lug-rigged option, and the other the jib-headed sailplan.

Saturday night raft-up with the Shallow Water Sailors. Two Autumn Leaves yawls on the left; an Edey & Duff Dovekie on the right. The Dovekie was one of many inspirations for Autumn Leaves. Robert Waddell, I included this photo just for you.

Comment: This article is written by John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft, a designer and builder of a large fleet of CNC plywood boat kits. He’s come up with some fine and interesting designs almost always guided by his belief that sailboats should not have motors. He has truly turned “messing about in boats” into a vocation and way of life.

John’s “Autumn Leaves” design has intrigued me for years. It’s a canoe yawl under 19 feet in length. That could fit in my garage so the HOA wouldn’t have anything to piss and moan about. The design looks more like a Phil Bolger design. He was famous for his practical, easily built designs often with hard chines perfect for a non-yachtsman like myself. I like the looks of this design. It has a traditional look, especially with the lug rig, with some nifty features in its cabin layout. I could see myself waiting out a stormy day in that cozy cabin reading a book with a mug of tea… or a mug of something else. The oar setup is also somewhat unique. You row standing and facing forward. I’ve only seen that before in some Pete Culler rowing skiffs. Now there was another genius of a boat designer.

Right now, I’m content kayaking the Potomac, the James and a few other places, often with my younger son. But if I want to do the Everglades Challenge or the Blackbeard Challenge and build the “Autumn Leaves” or some other design, I best get to stepping. I’m not getting any younger.


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