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Tattoo By W. Patrick Lang (

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Open Thread 18 June, 2021

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Criminal proceedings would be appropriate

Comment: for Brennen and Clapper, not Koffler

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Falcon 9 Block 5 | GPS III SV05

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Catholic Bishop’s Conference considers Biden’s fate.

“American bishops will discuss whether the Catholic Church should bar pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ politicians from receiving Holy Communion. 

Church leadership remains divided on the issue as Biden, only the second Catholic U.S. president, holds stances that are contrary to church teachings.


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will hold their annual meeting, virtually, from Wednesday through Friday, during which they will decided whether or not to ask the Committee on Doctrine to draft a teaching document on the topic of Communion, Reuters reported

Some leaders in the church believe that Biden should not be allowed to receive the sacrament, which is central to the Catholic faith. Other high-profile politicians could suffer a similar punishment over their political stances if the debate should go in favor of such a strict move. 


Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chair of the USCCB, asked last month how Biden can say he’s devout when he’s doing things that are “contrary to the church’s teaching,” according to the Guardian.  

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a leading conservative, went so far as to suggest that the church label such politicians as apostates, which would entail the denial of sacraments. 


The USCCB’s decision will not create immediate changes, instead kicking off a process of drafting documents that would eventually outline the church’s stance on the issue, as well as possible procedures to label apostates. 

The conference previously stated that individual bishops could deny communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights.”

Comment:  In Catholic Christianity a sacrament is a visible sign of God’s presence that also bestows God’s grace. This is something like the concept of “Barakat” in Islam. The Eucharist is central to the practice of the Catholic faith. IMO for many years Catholic hierarchs (bishops) have tolerated the public scandal presented by politicians receiving the Eucharist (Holy Communion) who claim to be Catholic but who advocate civil law that allows the murder of unborn children as a convenience to the “mother.” I suppose it is understandable that many bishops take such positions but who are really just politicians themselves.

It should be understood that the RC church will not attempt to control the governmental action of secular politicians. This is entirely a matter of internal church discipline. pl

Eucharist in the Catholic Church – Wikipedia

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Gaza and the Next Lebanon War

And HB has many thousand of these weapons

“As most Western militaries that share the IDF’s values and legal adherence know too well, the doctrine described by Kochavi is currently the least bad of several bad options. This doctrine will no doubt be tested again, not just in Gaza, but also in Lebanon, where Hezbollah’s arsenal is ten times larger than Hamas’s and its fighting forces are much more powerful. Sadly, the Gaza conflict may have been just a trailer for the full disaster film awaiting the parties in Lebanon. For example, Gaza militants launched around 400 rockets per day at Israel in this round, but Hezbollah could sustain five to ten times that pace using heavier, more accurate weapons. At the same time, the IDF is capable of conducting at least a dozen times more daily strikes than its Gaza tally of around 150 strikes per day, perhaps hitting thousands of targets daily in a Lebanon war. These ballpark strike numbers could result in thousands of fatalities, especially since Lebanon’s size and the expected intensity of conflict would make it difficult for the IDF to practice the same collateral mitigating measures it used so widely in Gaza.”

Comment: And, pilgrim turcopoles, Israel is also a mighty small country where the density of of population targets will make a multitude of counter-value targets available to HB. Note that this retired brigadier refers to the possibility of a “cataclysm” if such an event occurs.

The Jewish population of Israel is afraid of the hammer and anvil effect of Hizbullah in the north and Hamas in the south just as the IAF and IDF ground forces fear the combination.

I have been crying like Cassandra since shortly after 2006 warning the Israelis that their position is untenable.

The Hizbullahis remember well that Benny Ganz (the very same) fought a remarkably unsuccessful war against them and when he could not win with his fighter bombers against them remembered the murderous Trenchard/Douhet/Billy Michell books he had read over the years and unleashed a campaign of aerial terror against the whole country, not just Hizbullah assets; the defense line, storage facilities and launch positions. They have no reason to think the Israelis will not do it again so they might as well “let it all hang out.”

They now have the word of this IDF strategist that this what is contemplated. Do you think they cannot read English? pl

Sword of Jerusalem vs. Guardian of the Walls: Gaza and the Next Lebanon War | The Washington Institute

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Jon Stewart Causes Liberal Heads to Explode

Boy, was this unexpected and fun. Jon Stewart, former star of the Daily Show (back when it was funny), hooked up Monday night with his old protege, Stephen Colbert. When Stewart was running the Daily Show, he had a liberal bent but he would also take on liberal hypocrisy. That bit of integrity was on display again last night (today is Tuesday) when the insufferable Stephen Colbert asked his old boss what he thought about the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the exchange:

“I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, which was more than likely caused by science,” Stewart said after Colbert asked how he was feeling about the scientific response to COVID-19.

“Do you mean perhaps there’s a chance that this was created in a lab?” asked Colbert, adding “There’s an investigation.”

A chance?” shot back Stewart – kicking the door open.

Oh my god, there’s a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan, China, what do we do? Oh, you know who we could ask? The Wuhan novel respiratory coronavirus lab. The disease is the same name as the lab. That’s just a little too weird, don’t you think? And then they asked those scientists – they’re like ‘how did this… so wait a minute, you work at the Wuhan respiratory coronavirus lab. How did this happen?’ and they’re like ‘mmmm – a pangolin kissed a turtle?‘ and you’re like ‘no… the name of your lab! If you look at the name! Can I… let me see your business card. Show me your business card. Oh – I work at the coronavirus lab in Wuhan. Oh, cause there’s a coronavirus loose in Wuhan. How did that happen?

‘Maybe a bat… flew into the Cloaca of a turkey and… then it sneezed into my chili. And now we all have Coronavirus.”

Stewart landed one final joke as Colbert desperately tried to control the situation;

“HOLD IT, HOLD IT! What about this, what about this… listen to this! ‘OH MY GOD, there’s been an outbreak of chocolately goodness near Hershey, Pennsylvania. What do you think happened?’

‘Oh I don’t know, maybe a steam shovel mated with a cocoa bean?’

Or… it’s the fucking chocolate factory! Maybe that’s it!” Stewart screamed.

Boy oh boy. Liberal land did not like that. Click here to enjoy the tsunami of liberal hysteria in the aftermath of getting punched in the nut sack by truth.

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New treatment slows Alzheimer’s progression in monkeys

Alzheimer’s disease – elderly health concepts word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.

“NYU Grossman School of Medicine published findings Tuesday in the journal Brain.”

“NYU Grossman School of Medicine published findings Tuesday in the journal Brain, stemming from an investigation with elderly squirrel monkeys with significant signs of neurodegeneration.

Results indicated up to 59% fewer amyloid beta plaque deposits in the animals’ brains following treatment with CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (CpG ODN), versus untreated animals. Treated animals also saw a decline in toxic tau levels, a nerve fiber protein that can inflict damage to nearby tissue when disease alters its chemical structure.

Our findings illustrate that this therapy is an effective way of manipulating the immune system to slow neurodegeneration,” Akash Patel, MS, an assistant research scientist in the Center for Cognitive Neurology at NYU Langone Health, said in a news release posted to


Of 15 female elderly monkeys under study, aged 17 to 19 years old, eight were given a single dose of treatment monthly for two years, while the rest received saline solution. Researchers looked at the animals’ behavior, brain tissue and drew blood samples to assess levels of the toxic protein buildup and inflammation. The treated group outperformed their untreated counterparts when given puzzles, picking up puzzle-solving skills faster and performed the task on par with younger animals.”

By Kayla Rivas| Fox News

Comment; Brings to mind the film “The deep blue sea” pl

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Space Force

Falcon 9 first stage

Comment: This is a big savings in advancing the use of previously flown boosters. pl

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Florida Judges Declare Mask Mandate Unconstitutional

Are you shocked or surprised that this bit of news has received little coverage? Attorney Jeff Childers struck a blow for freedom in Alachua County, Florida.  Alachua County is home to Gainesville, which is where the University of Florida is located.

Childers represents Justin Green, owner of a plant nursery, who brought suit last March after Alachua County commissioners passed an order that required all employees and customers in Alachua to wear masks in businesses. Green lost his initial foray into court, but he appealed.

Jeff Childers, on behalf of Green appealed and the Judges in the First District ruled:

Governmental mask mandates in the 32 counties in the First District of Florida must now be presumed to be unconstitutional after yesterday’s ruling by the First District Court of Appeals (1st DCA) on a lawsuit brought by business owner Justin Green against Alachua County.

The lawsuit was originally filed on May 8, 2020, only days after Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson, then-Chair of the Alachua County Commission, instituted a county-wide mask mandate. Eighth Judicial Circuit Judge Donna Keim denied a request for an emergency injunction on May 21.

Jeff Childers talks about his mask victory with Howie Carr:

This appears to be the first case in the United States where a mask mandate is declared unconstitutional.

You can read the full ruling here.

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A Syrian Update – TTG

Map by Agathocle deSyracuse

“It has been a long time coming, and it seems that an escalation in Greater Idlib might be on the way. After frequent ceasefire violations by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other terrorist groups of the so-called “moderate opposition”, the cup seems to be spilling over. On June 10th, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian support began a heavy shelling operation on various HTS positions throughout Greater Idlib. Significantly, a pinpoint strike claimed the lives of HTS’ military spokesman, Abu Khalid al-Shami, media coordinator, Abu Musab al-Homsi, and Mu’ataz al-Nasir, commander of the group’s internal security forces. Four other, unnamed militants were also killed. Footage was released from a Russian drone which was tracking the three commanders. They were reportedly located with advanced electronic intelligence systems. The HTS officials were likely targeted with a Russian 2K25 Krasnopol laser-guided artillery shell, with their vehicle being laser painted with an UAV prior to that.”

“In addition, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on militants’ positions in Greater Idlib. In total, more than 20 air strikes were inflicted on the settlements of Fatira, Ain-Lapuz, Muzapa, Maapata, Khaluba and Majdaliya in the Jabal al-Zawiya region in the south of the Syrian province of Idlib. A day before, a Russian service member was killed and three others were wounded in a landmine blast in northeastern Syria.”

“The large-scale operation of the SAA and Russian forces seems to be a response to the death of a Russian soldier, as well as frequent ceasefire violations by HTS and other militant groups in the region.”  (SouthFront)

Comment: This one short SouthFront article nicely sums up what is going on in Idlib right now. Yes it does look imminent that the R+6 is finally about to launch the final assault to retake the province, killing as many jihadis as possible and driving out what remains. Erdogan’s troops who stand in the way will undoubtedly suffer the same fate. However, several observers, more steeped in this region than I, do not feel an R+6 assault is imminent. I’m inclined to agree with them. Yes, the Russians and Syrians will continue to pick off jihadis and their leaders with the full range of weaponry available to them. And yes the jihadis will also continue shooting at Russians and Syrians although with far less precision and effect. That’s just the new equilibrium reached in what passes for a ceasefire. Al Masdar News reports what this new equilibrium looks like outside of Idlib with the recent killing of 200 jihadis at a training and base complex near Palmyra, and the destruction of several other jihadi headquarters locations south of Raqqa.

On the other hand, SouthFront also reports that HTS and the Turkish military are massing forces and munitions in preparation for an offensive of their own. That may be Erdogan’s and his jihadis’ plan, but this build up is already under Russian observation. Those massing forces can easily fall prey to the same kinds of attack that killed the HTS commanders last week. I’m still sticking with the new equilibrium… for now.

In the meantime there are signs that the HTS, the reigning jihadis in Idlib, are not that confident of their hold on the people. Aaron Y. Zelin of WINEP alludes to this in his recent article “Hanging on in Idlib: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s Expanding Tribal Engagement.” Zelin surmises that HTS efforts to win the win the hearts and minds of the Idlib tribes “is more performative and coercive than benevolent, aimed at helping the group appear more in control than it really is.” Zelin concludes that “if HTS was stronger, it would likely just ignore tribal dynamics as it did in the past.” 

What does HTS need for this approach, no matter how performative it is? It needs a steady supply of aid coming into the province. Without this aid, their shit is weak. That aid is largely provided by the UN and various NGOs through the established and internationally approved entry point of Bab al Hawa. This program is up for UN renewal. Russia and China hold veto power over the continued use of the Bad al Hawa entry point. Remember this.

Another problem for Damascus is the continued US presence east of the Euphrates and our imbecilic effort to establish a YPG/SDF controlled statelet. We’re apparently still wedded to the “Assad must go” policy. The only bright spot in this goat roping is Biden’s cancellation of the contract of a US company taking over the oil fields and oil production in the region. The Trump administration, or at least the Pentagon, saw that contract as a means to fund the YPG/SDF statelet and deprive Damascus of those resources. Biden seems to be losing interest in that idea. He is also actively negotiating with Baghdad on a timetable for the removal of all coalition combat forces from Iraq. We can’t have forces in Syria with out forces in Iraq. So I doubt our heart’s in staying in Syria, either.

What our heart is in is the continuation of the UN sanctioned aid program for Syria. Why this is, I don’t know. It probably has something to do with our forlorn hope of mythical moderate jihadis toppling Assad. That’s nothing but a delusion. For whatever reason, this gives Biden and Putin something to talk about this Wednesday. How about getting our troops out of Syria in exchange for Moscow’s support for continuing the UN aid program. It doesn’t have to be announced. It just has to play out. At that point the Russian Reconciliation Center can start crafting the return of the Rojava Kurds and the eastern tribes to Damascus. Without the US presence, the Rojava Kurds should come to their senses and accept the inevitable. The sooner they do so, the better chance of salvaging some kind of limited local autonomy.

The return of Syria east of the Euphrates to Damascus will provide much needed resources, both oil and oil revenues, along with additional military units to complete the reconquest of all Syrian territory. The ability to redeploy existing SAA units to the northwest alone will be a big advantage. Even if this Putin-Biden deal doesn’t come to fruition, Putin can stop the UN aid from flowing through Bad al-Hawa putting both the HTS jihadis and Erdogan in an untenable position. Idlib will be liberated one way or another, followed by the expulsion of Erdogan’s forces from Syrian soil.


A Day of Reckoning in Syria

Turkish Forces Preparing to Launch Attack in Northwestern Hama Northern Lattakia

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