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Open Knives – On Human Capital

I’ve seen the following phrase utilized in some variant across cultures, times, and media: “A weapon left lying around will be used against you by your enemy.” I’m sure Machiavelli and Sun Tzu had some form of it, and I can think of at least two series of novels (Robin Hobbs’ Assassin novels and the Kushiel Cycle by Jacqueline Carey) that based their plot and characters around this idea. Personally, I like the line in the latter, where the antagonist is being addressed by one of his advisors regarding the protagonist: “You pick up a weapon that an enemy god threw at your feet and hold it to your breast? Eh, you’re a braver man than me, at least.”

I guess there’s an analogy there to the current situation as well, with the “weapon of an enemy god” being utopianism/various flavors of communism, but I don’t like analogies because they tend to go off the rails. Like the meme image you might have seen about equity, where “equality” is simply kids of three differing heights on cardboard boxes, with the tallest and the shortest getting the same box, and the shortest unable to see the game. Equity, is taking the cardboard box away from the tallest and giving it to the shortest, thereby everyone gets to see the game.

This image inevitably makes its appearance whenever someone is critical of equity, but as I said before analogies break down pretty quickly. In this case, life isn’t simply a fucking cardboard box, but made up of thousand of individual decisions and opportunities. There is also the fact that there is no arbiter present in the picture deciding who gets the cardboard boxes, when in real life there is is in the form of the Government.

Maybe that’s the tall kid’s good reinforced box, maybe he uses it for other things and he doesn’t want to give it up. However, he doesn’t get a choice in equity, because one of the “butch cut lesbian commissars” who resemble Martin Short, as BAP put it, is there to make the call on who gets that box. And she’s backed up by the Government and all their guns. That’s what equity is – a bunch of HR corporate speak behind the threat of raw, naked force. The old saw about “it was a demisexual trans person of color who fired the Hellfire from a drone that wiped out a wedding party, so it’s progressive and Good!”.

Now we come to the meat of this post, which serves as a companion to the wise Colonel’s post about a military purge. Where “Emily” joined the military because of her two moms or something, and the CIA is made up of mentally ill narcissists. This is your national defense right here, folks. There’s been a lot of comparison made between these two adverts and the advertising for China and Russia, and those are valid. However, the USG doesn’t consider those countries an existential threat to its existence.

That doesn’t mean that they are not though – Russia’s absolute signals mastery demonstrated in Syria should have kept some people much more highly placed than me up at night AND that they could work well with MENA region allies. Contra this to the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we got played like chumps. China is rediscovering a naval heritage as old, if not older, than the Portuguese, and that gets little press versus the failures of their army.

However, point this out and you get some handwaving and vague assurances about “tech” by people who are paid hefty figures to ignore the real flaws in the military for whatever boogeymen the woke commissars decide to focus on. Twenty two veteran suicides a day and the Sergeant Major of the Army is pontificating on fucking hairstyles. The main fighter jet for all three services is an overegged chimera of a monstrosity and the General of the Air Force is worried about making sure there are darker bandaids for “airpeople of color”.

The real threat, what actually keeps the USG awake at night, is the flyover proles they hate, the Appalachians and the ranchers and their ilk, might become a threat to their power. You think colleges are just ignoring test scores because of equity? Hah! Its to close off one of the few remaining accesses to power left to everyone based off of merit. Try getting into Harvard or Yale with “4H” on your application. Better to expect the sun to rise in the west.

The purging of the military functions in the exact same way – the USG would rather lose wars than admit its ideology is flawed. Look at what is happening in the SOCOM world with the push for “greater diversity”- these people are literally one of the legs of US military power (a tripod consisting of SOCOM, CAS, and UAVs) and they’re being sacrificed on the altar of diversity. The military is quickly becoming a skinsuit for the Left to wear and dance around in, and demand you respect it while they’ve hollowed out all the organs and the things that made it worthy of respect.

For all the propaganda of “POC are frontline troops!” the reality is that the combat arms have, by and large, been prole whites and hispanics, especially the infantry. However, these people are getting pushed aside and, in many cases, getting pushed out because of things like believing men can’t have children. Ideology over reality.

That doesn’t make these high achieving people go away though – high human capital is STILL high human capital. The cream will always rise, period. And that’s the other impetus behind the unpersoning dogma currently in vogue, in that the current “elite” in the USG are desperately attempting to prevent the rise of a shadow elite, an elite not beholden to retarded bioleninist ideology that HATES beauty and strength and therefore not handicapping itself. An elite that is inherently hostile to the current nonsense, stronger physically, intellectually, and morally.

There can be no Hegelian dialectics, I think, in this case, where thesis and antithesis create synthesis. Especially when the stance taken by the current elites is “I have a thousand credentials I deserve to hold your leash” when they’re unsightly stupid goblin people.

As I said before, the cream rises, the blood shows, etc, and you can’t stop high human capital from creating these parallel institutions. And this terrifies the current powers that be. So what have they thrown at my generation and the following generations in the last two decades? The GWOT, the opioid crisis, the housing market crash, doubling down on offshoring, fucking coronavirus – basically nuclear bombs to try to break down the badwhite/badhispanic who have an opinion that goes against Globohomo Jihad.

Long term thinking isn’t the strong suit of the ruling class though – Harvard School of Business gave them brain worms where all they focus on is the next quarter. Same problem here, except you’re just making your opponents tougher and escalating your response the next time around. You’ve got 400+ people living in conditions worst than Gitmo for daring to disrespect les majestie on 1/6, with federal mandarins ruling that not believing Joe Biden got 81 gazillion votes (more than Obama!) means you’re a threat to the community who deserves to be stuffed in an oubliette. So those of us who can see are realizing more and more to form what amounts to underground cells in order to simply survive and stay sane.

So the badthinkers are out there, and not going anywhere. The mildest of concessions by the current leadership such as “Hey maybe we shouldn’t claim all whites have blood guilt for stuff that was done and dusted before their grandparents were born” brings on full throated rage reactions from the left’s ugly footsoldiers. This human capital is just sitting there, developing in an extremely hostile environment, and you think that maybe Russia or China isn’t noticing this? China is already poaching white business executives who’ve been pushed out for diversity hires. I mentioned the Chinese Army before and how the PLA has…shall we say issues with holding ground, especially in Africa. The vets of GWOT, myself included, are in our late 20s and early 30s. Many wouldn’t have a problem being offered $130k to act as mercenaries for Chinese interests and to mow the grass dealing with angry locals. If the Russians decide to develop Siberia, what stops them from offering dispossessed badthinkers a chance to settle the Wild East versus the Wild West?

In closing, the current regime realizes that badthinkers are a weapon just waiting to be picked up by their enemies, but their current ideology and ruling coalition prohibits them from even adopting an attitude of benign avoidance. Its only a matter of time before one of the other great powers grasps the knife by the hilt and begins to twist.

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Propertius Elegy I.14 to Tullus on Triumph of Love

Translated by Steven J. Willett

Propertius and Cynthia at Tivoli, Auguste Jean Baptiste Vinchon

Note: This elegy concludes the sequence I.6~14 that deals with opposition to a true lover’s ratio vitae based on the poet’s own experience. The conventional wealth of a rich young man like Tullus, whose political and military career provides no room for love, is placed in sharp contrast to a relatively poor young man who has dedicated his life to the joys of love. Elegy I.14 is unique in expounding the full triumph of love. Through the development of Elegies I.6~14, Propertius gives us a comparison of false and true amores.

It’s quite alright, sprawling easily by the Tiber’s water

    you drink the Lesbian wine in Mentor’s cup,

 and marvel sometimes how rapid little skiffs rush along 

    and sometimes how slow barges go on ropes;

 and all your orchard arch its planted woods over head

    with just as many trees that weigh the Caucasus;

 yet none of those would stand to strive against my love:

    she knows not, love, a yield to massive wealth.

 For whether she prolongs with me the longed for night,

    or guides the whole day long in willing love,

 then come under my house the waters of the Pactolus,

    and gems extracted underneath the Red Sea;

 then my delights pledge me that the kings will concede:

    may these endure, till fate wants me to die!

 For who takes joy from riches with love adverse to him?

    No gain if Venus shows her wrath to me.

 She has the power to wreck the heroes’ mighty strength.

    She even is a grief to hardy minds.

 She neither is afraid to overstep the Arabian threshold

    nor fears, Tullus, to slide onto a purple couch,

 and a miserable youth to thresh about in his bedding:

    what mitigate the silken textured brocades?

 For while she’s by me well appeased, then I’ll not care

    to overlook all realms or gifts of Alcinous.

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Open Thread – 18 May 2021


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The Ongoing Purge of the Military

“”I don’t believe I was being partisan. It is not politically partisan to expose or attack critical race theory or Marxism,” Lohmeier told Fox News Monday.

“The reason I say that is because Critical Race Theory and Marxism are antithetical to American values. Critical race theory fuels narratives that attack America’s founding documents.”

In that regard, Lohmeier said he is and was not attacking any political party or official.

“I’m being misportrayed online – I don’t criticize any leader, or any person in the DoD (Department of Defense) or any elected officials – but I try to tee up ideas that I think are toxic,” he said.

In February, Lohmeier said, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III issued guidance to every service member which asked them to “stand up for each other” and that every soldier “has a responsibility to say something when they see impermissible behavior.”

“We owe it to the Oath we each took, and to the American people, to stand up against extremist ideologies,” Austin said in the memo, according to Lohmeier.

“That’s what I’m trying to do,” he told Fox News of his concerns regarding critical race theory and Marxism. “And I’m not trying to be politically partisan.”

On Fox News’ “Hannity” later Monday, Lohmeier told host Sean Hannity that institutionally, the Pentagon has had a zero-tolerance policy against any type of discrimination; whether it be race, sex, politics or religion.

While in command at Buckley, Lohmeier followed that tenet as a commanding officer. 

He said, however, that in his time in leadership, communications sent out to every service member at the base in preparation for what Austin called ‘extremism down-days’, which – in the colonel’s words – alleged that “the country was evil, that it was founded in 1619 rather than 1776, and that White [people] are inherently evil”. “

Comment: It is a well known principal, enshrined in UCMJ, (military LAW) that full time US military people on active duty do not make public political statements in support of or in opposition to civilian political entities or figures. This restriction is freely accepted and understood by all. The restriction DOES NOT apply to reservists not on active duty, to former military personnel nor does it apply to retired military personnel even though they are legally still members of the military.

The question in the case of Lt Col Lohmeier USSF is whether or not his utterances constitute political activism. IOW is it “political activism” to voice opposition to Marxism and the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools and in the vetting of the military.

In my opinion it is not. pl

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Mayorkas lies

Seeking to legalize and expand the role of local law enforcement


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Escaping the Brave New World – Episode V

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ICE is not tracking illegals in the US

Comment: Biden Admin policy is to have BP process illegals into the US and then have HHS facilitate their movement into the interior. ICE is forbidden to track them.

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Hölderlin Ode to Empedocles

Translated by Steven J. Willett

Salvator Rosa, The Death of Empedocles, c. 1665~1670

Note: Empedocles, c. 494~c. 434, was a Greek pre-Socratic philosopher and native citizen of Acragas, a Greek city in Sicily. He was extensively influenced by Pythagoras and his followers. He was also the last Greek philosopher to record his thoughts in verse, and we are fortunate to have more fragments of his work than any other pre-Socratic thinker. For those who might want to explore his complex range of philosophy, I’d recommend The Poem of Empedocles, A Text and Translations with an Introduction, rev. ed., Brad Inwood (University of Toronto Press, 2001).

The life you search for, search, and it wells and gleams

 A godly fire from deep in the earth to you,

   And you in far beholden passion

     Hurl yourself down, into Aetna's blazes.

 So melts the pearls in wine from her arrogance

 The queen; and surely might she! if only you

   Had not your own great wealth, o poet

     Deep in the sweltering chalice offered. 

 Yet holy you’re to me, as the earth’s dominion, 

 That drew you from us, daring the Killedbestower!

   And I might follow down abysses,

     Failed my own love in restraint, to Hero.

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Launch of SPIR – geo – 5

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