“We come in peace.”

Let’s hope so.

DoD/US Navy is producing a report to be released to the public on the subject of whatever they know about UFOs. Congress has written into law a requirement for this report to be released this summer. Whether or not DoD/Navy will come clean on this is an open question.

Luiz Alizondo, former head of ATIP in DoD said last night on the TeeVee that there are three possibilities with regard to what these flying squirrels really are:

  • It’s our stuff. These would be US technology developments that have not been coordinated with other parts of the government. This seems unlikely. I have my ear to the ground and I do not think this could have been “pulled off.”
  • It is Russian or Chinese stuff. If that is so, then this would be the intelligence failure of all time. remember the FBI would not have been involved in this. That reduces the probability of failure by a lot.
  • It isn’t from here unless the film the Abyss guessed right and an ancient superior species has been living at the bottom of the ocean. What other possibilities are there? Interstellar travelers? Time travelers? Creatures from a parallel universe beyond the membrane?

Dana Perino co-host of The Five says she is “deeply skeptical” about the existence of such phenomena. Well she is one of the most severe process persons I have seen in a long time. There does not seem to be any content in her head at all.

I suspect that there is a SAP in which a small number of people actually know what the government at its core has known since Roswell. pl

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  1. sbin says:

    That looks like a poor quality Photoshop.

    • Pat Lang says:


      You have to admit that it is an amusing thing, the idea that a spacecraft would be parked on the deck of USS Gerald Ford.

  2. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    The passage of Oumuamua four years ago was indeed curious:
    “They argued that while the object didn’t quite fall under the definition of either an asteroid or comet, small gas emissions from its surface could explain its unusual trajectory through the solar system, deviating from an expected path that took the Sun’s gravitational pull into account.”

    PS: Does the new blog host capable of accommodating HTML formatting codes like Typepad was? e.g. blockquote?

  3. james says:

    my guess is window # 3 – It isn’t from here..

  4. mathias alexander says:

    If it isn’t from here why would it be on the deck of a US aircraft carrier?

  5. mcohen says:

    The shadow is wrong.The planes and tower haves diffetent shadows

    Anyway my israeli connection has put together 5 thousand camels to tow the “evergreen” .Great name by the way,that is stuck in the suez canal.
    My latest….what my father taught

    what my father taught me

    my father said the gap has to be right
    on a  sparkplug
    to get that flash of light
    as he sipped coffee from his mug

    in his shed
    where he would tinker and repair
    with parts of his head
    mostly on a wing and a prayer

    i remember his words well
    when I search for life’s meaning
    for it is hard to tell
    the time between seeing and believing

  6. LondonBob says:

    Well the whole UFO thing was useful in the early stages of the Cold War to attempt to hide experimental planes and nukes so I would say the first, maybe supersonic weapons, or new drones, this time.

    Strange the US government is being so open on this when everything else is hidden these days, so maybe also a distraction.

    • LondonBob says:

      The F117A had its first flight in ’81, perhaps this is one area in which much progress has been made, rather than the general backsliding of Western society.

      • Mark Logan says:


        Seems unlikely. Seems more likely they dropped by the carrier for a laugh. Most of the galaxy finds the F-35 hilarious, side-splittingly so.

        The implications of quantum linking being real are mind-bending…that at the quantum level space is actually no distance at all. Everybody knows that there is no getting past the speed of light at this level…but on that one? Not so much.

  7. J says:

    Marco Rubio Talks to TMZ About UFOs and the Possibility of Alien Life: ‘There’s Stuff Flying Over Military Installations’ We Can’t Identify


    “TMZ stopped the senator, a member of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, at Reagan National Airport on Monday, noting that the government is now required to release a report detailing everything officials know about UFOs………There’s stuff flying over the top of our military installations and they don’t know who’s flying it, they don’t even know who it is,” Rubio added. “So that’s a problem. We need to find out if we can.”

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      J, Colonel, and all,

      Here is a link to a detailed account of a multi-day incident from summer 2019. A group of USN destroyers were closely followed/surveilled by up to 6 “drones” mear the Channel Islands off the CA coast. These “drones” (if that’s what they were) possessed capabilities well beyond those found in civilian drones. This incident caused quite a stir, both during and after the occurrences, all laid out clearly from FOIAed documents ships’ logs, emails, etc.) by the authors of this post. Pretty remarkable stuff.


      • Mal says:

        @JJ. Human made things that fly have red and green lights (port/ starboard; aviation standard maybe?) so any time I read of flying things with red or green lights, to me, human made. Unless red and green lighting on aircraft/uavs is an Intergalactic Standard.
        The give away, those ships are armed and dangerous, and they let ‘things’ fly around them, someone issued stand down orders, and if it’s a ‘drill’, like a fire alarm test, not everyone is in on the act.


  8. J says:

    “Maria Bartiromo gets former DNI John Ratcliffe to talk about UFOs ahead a deadline for the government to disclose what it knows about them…

    “Usually we have multiple sensors that are picking up these things…there is actually quite a few more than have been made public”


  9. cpm says:

    I agree re Dana.
    What you mean by “process people”?

  10. Pat Lang says:

    The UFO kinda looks like the triangular knob on top of a propane tank.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      So propane tank knobs are are retro-engineered space alien technology? I knew it! Those guys at Area 51 are into everything. The normalization of space aliens began with mass marketing of the frisbee and hubcaps. A clever psy-op, indeed. Get people so used to alien forms and functions that when our interstellar overlords finally land en masse we will hardly notice – or resist.

  11. EEngineer says:

    It’s the long con. Everything in the “news” these days is mere distraction from the ongoing coup. By the time the sheeple figure it out they’ll be living in the Great Reset Utopia. Only it will be anything but. I weep for my daughter’s generation.

  12. jack says:

    The lie is sold by making it seem reasonable, option 2 would preclude declassification so he is speaking to mislead. How did the US react to Zircon? As for the digital picture, meh, what would be the decisions needed to be approved for that to be real? Who would have to say “lets put it on an aircraft carrier”.

  13. Polish Janitor says:

    Allow me to add one more to the list:

    The ‘Unidentified Submerged Object, or USO. The San Diego incident in 2004 (which was a series of encounters ultimately brought to light by US Navy’s Cmdr. Fravor a few years back), and the growing number of new sightings in the eastern and northeastern waters are sufficient enough to take the possibility of USOs into consideration. Most of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and bizarre structures have been discovered so far, so I would like to think that USOs need to be taken equally serious as UFOs.

  14. Harlan Easley says:
  15. scott s. says:

    Whatever that is on the Ford, I’m sure the Air Bosun’s handlers would figure out how to spot it. Since Ford is getting really for shock trials, maybe the aliens want to see how their gear holds up? On Ford they moved the island farther aft compared to the Nimitz class, so there is more space forward of it to spot things like this and not interfere with recovery ops.

    Writing of Ford, it’s another example of Rumsfeld era “transformation” resulting in cramming too much untried technology into too few hulls. They’re still trying to get all the weapons elevators certified, and probably will have to go through them again after shock trials.

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