Is Biden dangerously unwell?

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 08: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on International Women’s Day as Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost (L) and Army Lieutenant General Laura Richardson (R) listen during an announcement at the East Room of the White House March 8, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced the nominations of General Van Ovost and Lieutenant General Richardson to positions as 4-star combatant commanders. They will become the second and the third women to lead a combatant command in American history. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“Half of America doubts President Joe Biden is “physically or mentally” fit for the job, according to the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports.

It is an alarming finding after reports of President Biden failing to remember the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, calling him “the guy that runs that outfit over there,” the New York Post reported Monday.”

“There are two signals of that one,” said Morris, pointing out that four Senate Republicans have already sponsored a bill to strip Biden of his “war-making authority,” and before that, 30 Democrats wrote a letter to Biden asking him to relinquish sole authority over the nation’s nuclear codes. 

“I think that this is all indicative of a lack of confidence in him, a lack of feeling he’s well enough to make these decisions, and I think the 25th Amendment is not going to be long in coming.”

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Dems Will Likely Invoke 25th Amendment On Biden |

Comment: Elder abuse. That is what I called it months ago and that is what it is. This man is disintegrating before our eyes, and in his more lucid moments he probably knows that. I have previously expressed the thought that it is very dangerous for him to have the nuclear football and the Gold Codes in his grasp.

It is clear that the VP is slowly taking over from him and the Democrat/Leftist coalition is quite willing to let him rot before our eyes in the interest of consolidating power in a one party country. They will have an ocean of appropriated money at their disposal. That can be re-programmed from one purpose to another, and they are changing the country’s constitutionally mandated state control of federal elections so that they can ensure their permanent power.

He couldn’t remember SECDEF’s name? He couldn’t remember what the Defense Department was called? That seems to be true. I have watched this thing on the TeeVee several times and the truth of it seems undeniable.

But, Pilgrim Turcopoles, he can order a nuclear attack by that department whenever he decides to do so. pl

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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Serendipity – just after reading this:

    Admittedly a bit scurrilous, but is it far off? I don’t know. She was a high ranking politician, police official you might say, who was elected to the US Senate from the largest state in the Union. A recommendation? Let me name two others who might be almost similarly described: Ted Cruz, Chuck Schumer.

    • Deap says:

      Harris replaced Barbara Boxer – which explains the wisdom of the California voters.

      How do you explain the fact Harris had to quickly drop out of the DNC primaries just to meet the deadline for taking her name off the California primary ballot – knowing she would lose her “home state”?

      Her race for AG was very, very close and took a long count before she finally “won”. Now we know what the use of certain voting systems can do for deep state favored candidates, so did she really “win” or just officially finish first in a very close race?

      Then as AG she proceeded to re-write the ballot language for two public pension reform ballot initiatives to ensure they would fail, even though they both obtained sufficient qualifying numbers to be put on the ballot.

      After she personally screwed up the ballot language the second time, the pension reform proponents did not even bother to campaign for its passsage since they knew it would be time and money wasted after Harris, in her role as AG, made sure yet again it would fail.

      Basically she took critical and fair public pension reform measure and reduced it to claiming it would unconstitutionally rob food and shelter from widows and orphans.

      But all is now sunshine, puppies and roses since Team Biden got all your suckers in red states to write a blank check to finally bail out we profligate blue states who long over-promised government pension benefits …in exchange for Democrat votes.

      California unions owed Harris big time, but still she knew she could not beat Bernie Sanders in this state, not after her totally disastrous early primary campaigns where she got zero traction, even though she was an early front runner.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        She has little to no personal appeal as of this point in time. A conspiratorial mind might think Meghan Markle’s and Princess Harry’s very disinterested and objective interview by Oprah the Binge eating disorder Empress is meant to cook something up in terms of support before the 2022 Mudterm elections.

      • TV says:

        That she is a product of California is certainly no surprise.
        A state of children that repeatedly elects politicians who harm them – schools, roads, blackouts, fires, all tied to outrageous taxes.
        People get the government they deserve and California is exhibit 1.

  2. Peter Yang-Yeovil says:

    Surely there’s a team of handlers, and the handlers have handlers. And whatever mini-politburo is running the White House (Klain, Blinken, Sullivan, Rice, etc.) couldn’t possibly allow Biden to actually make significant decisions. Also, seriously doubt if Harris is one of the “players.” Suits don’t come any emptier.
    Yes, it’s absolutely elder abuse. But you also have to wonder what level of “authority” a lightweight like Obama ever had. His main roles, it seems, were TV pitchman and the company official who signs off on whatever that administration’s politburo put in front of him, from bank bailouts to standing up proxy armies…

    • Deap says:

      SEIU owned Obama, so one can assume Biden-Harris are also eagerly carrying out the public sector union agenda .

      This has been obvious from Day One: Biden early EO gaming the NLRB staffing make-up in the union’s favor; the blue state public pension bail out; Nancy Pelosi’s $650 million dollar earmark for SF city and county’s grotesque mismanagement; the erratic school re-opening pandering to the teachers unions; and now the pro-unionization cram down on the books right now, as we speak.

  3. Fred says:

    “an ocean of appropriated money”

    A very large ocean of money. In addition they are moving rapidly to ensure mandatory union membership and dues paying obligations in HR 842, which also eviserates employee data privacy by requiring employers to provide to prospective union organizers the home address, personal landline and mobile telephone numbers, and work and personal email addresses of all employees that would be covered in a prospective bargaining agreement said organization is attempting to establish.

    • Deap says:

      Will Bezos and Silicon Valley finally call Biden-Harris out on this essentially forced (strong armed) employee unionization? Anathema to their dark little libertarian hearts.

      • Fred says:

        No, Bezos and Silicon Valley have tens of thousands of H1B visa and green card holders who can be replaced our outsourced readily. This unionization is to destroy their competitors: Small businesses and independent contractors. It will extract a great deal of transactional lobbying money beforehand.

      • Mark McNulty says:

        Bezos and Silicon Valley are as far from Libertarian as one could get…they are 100% socialist authoritarian cronies.

  4. Moon says:

    This was totally predictable, and I wonder why Trump didn’t make more of an issue of the fact that a woman who didn’t win one primary delegate would shortly be President of the United States.

    He was already condemned as a racist, a traitor, and a fascist, so what did he have to lose?

    • TV says:

      Beyond being a tremendous public speaker and maker of massive rallies, Trump isn’t much of a politician and his campaign staff (like the rest of his other bad personnel decisions) were incompetent sycophants and backstabbers.
      Most of his votes can be credited to his personality, not to the half-assed campaign that napped through egregious campaign law violations in PA, Wisconsin and Georgia long BEFORE the election.

      • Deap says:

        Trump mads some good staffing choices: Betty DeVos, Richard Grenell, Ben Carson, Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway are few that immediately come to mind in his round one appointments.

        Going directly from private sector into the public sector snake pit would not be an easy transition for anyone. Trump got a lot done. Biden is the one running the staffing clown show – which proves being an long-time insider is no recommendation either.

        The job has outgrown the capacity of any one person to pull off, particularly with the media jackals ready to pounce on any one at any time, anywhere. How is that a job enticement for the 100% competent?

  5. james says:

    a perfect analogy for the usa at this point – fading before our eyes on the world stage… the empire is fading..

    • Pat Lang says:


      More Canadian envy and jealousy.

      • james says:

        no envy and jealousy for a crack at world domination on my part and yes – canada is irrelevant according to these same anachronistic values that some usa people seem to hang onto indefinitely… wasn’t the british empire enough for you, that you want to recreate the same with the usa?? i just don’t get it!

        • Pat Lang says:


          I have been an opponent of interventionism all my life.

          • james says:

            this is one more of the reasons i admire you pat… that is a hard position to hold, but especially given your past.. thanks for stating this and kudos for holding to it..

          • Pat Lang says:


            Have you ever entertained the idea that duty to one’s oath might require implementing distasteful policy while trying to limit the damage?

          • james says:


            i have never been in your position and i have only been in a position where my own honour was the oath i lived by… so, no – i haven’t really thought about it, but again – i admire you for your position taken here..

          • Pat Lang says:


            I never did anything that I am ashamed of. I would have refused such an order or resigned if I could.

    • JM Gavin says:

      Don’t fret, James, you are safe. The U.S. isn’t trying to encroach on any other nation’s international irrelevance.


  6. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Joe’s “handlers” have been busy little bees:

    The junta digs in, I surmise.

    And also this:


    And that kind of move can’t possibly be related to this announcement:

    Oh, a joint research station, eh? Hmm, I am not a military man, but even I have heard that holding the “high ground” can confer tactical, and maybe also strategic value. What’s that sound I hear? Henry Kissinger slapping his forehead, mayhap?

    Wow, just wow. Our Elites at work again. Can’t say that I am favorably impressed.

  7. Deap says:

    Can we nullify any legislation he signs due to lack of capacity? Works for civil contracts – worth exploring.

    Forget the nuclear codes, we will destroy ourselves a lot faster with the passage of Democrat Rule Forever HR-1 and the current 2 trillion dollar Covid-Hysteria mass wealth transfer.

    In just a few short months we are dangerously learning the dark side of “elections have consequences” for all those who chose to have a Trump snit instead. If we could only send all the future tax bills only to those who voted for this team.

    These are very grim times. And no, we cannot heal, when this is what Democrats and Team Pelosi planned to do along. I cannot believe we actually gave away our country to these people.

    • TV says:

      People like you and I didn’t give away the country.
      Uninformed, badly educated, emotional and immature people (the majority) did it and – fortunately – most of them will bear the brunt of this rolling disaster.

  8. j. casey says:

    Oh, man, I just watched a video compilation of Smokin’ Joe’s gaffes in public speaking. It is not funny. You’re right, he should not have the keys to a car let alone to codes.

  9. JohninMK says:

    Now that the big slush fund bill is done, bar Biden’s signature, the only critical bill that I can see in the short term is HR-1.

    They need Biden in position for that Bill because they need Harris in position in the Senate in case they need her casting vote. If Biden goes before then there will be lots of FUD that could put its passing back for a while. So, even if he almost has to disappear from view, due to ‘illness’, he will be President until he signs that Bill.

    Then he resigns due to that illness, which will be nothing to do with his mind.

    • AK says:

      I could be wrong, but can H.R. 1 pass with a simple majority? It doesn’t seem to me this could fly under budget reconciliation on a simple party-line vote, so they would have to get R support to overcome the filibuster. Unlikely, and any R that supports this travesty would in my mind literally not be able to safely return to their home state. Of course, with Manchin wavering now, they might sense they can run full-g0 and nuke the filibuster in order to pass this monstrosity.

  10. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Colonel, Fellow US Turcopoles,
    What do you think will happen in the US internal politics if a “regional” conflict starts in: 1-Ukraine, 2-Syria, 3-Iraq? Will the polity unite against a common enemy?
    Over here we are starting to get seriously worried that something is going to blow soon and blow hard. If it does, the issues might progress beyond the capacity of the blowhards in the biden regime to handle.
    Ishmael Zechariah

    • Fred says:


      The uniparty is already united against their common enemy – the Deplorables.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      I’m don’t expect much to kick off anywhere. Russia – Long slow squeeze a la Rand corporation report. China is bottled up, but dutifully making everything necessary so the world can survive and our kids don’t live under acid rain and suffocating pollution, as per the plan. So is Iran given Ogre Trumpenstein’s alliances negotiatedvbetween Israel, Saudi, UAE. You know, the worst President in American history unless you count that terrible, awful, “tricky dick” Richard M Nixon who gave us detente with the Soviet Union, ended the Viet Nam war while preventing a Sino Soviet clash, prevented world war from erupting in the middle East, instituted the Environmental Protection Agency. His reward from ever so grateful America? Kicked out.

      I hope the White House has purchased old copies of Dr Seuss on Ebay for our President now that the Woke Imperium intimidated the publisher into canceling six of the most popular vintage editions. Maybe the “what’s his name” in charge of “that outfit” can read them to him if Vice President Kamala Harris is too busy breaking Senate ties and fielding phone calls from world leaders, and distributing the vaccines developed in record time under awful Donald J Trump who maliciously tried to end several overly long enduring conflicts, tried to get along with Russia, and unforgivably, treacherously and unspeakably seemed as though he didn’t start a single war.

    • Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

      To me Afghanistan seems to be the next hot spot. With the naive Blinken plan of having a conference the US will lose even more face.

      As of the other areas you mentioned I much rather fear not those ideologically blinded politicians, but those contraselected generals they pick. See Breedlove SACEUR. Were it for him he would have tried to reconquer Crimea with arms and f@ck the consequences (glonal nuclear war).

      • Mark K Logan says:


        What Biden will do vis a vis The Borg is an open question but there has been a positive tea-leaf on the matter:

        President Joe Biden intends to work with Congress to repeal the war authorizations that have underpinned U.S. military operations across the globe for the past two decades and negotiate a new one that reins in the open-ended nature of America’s foreign wars, the White House said Friday.

        “In a statement to POLITICO, press secretary Jen Psaki said the president wants to “ensure that the authorizations for the use of military force currently on the books are replaced with a narrow and specific framework that will ensure we can protect Americans from terrorist threats while ending the forever wars.”

        Good as far as it goes. Anybody can see the US public enthusiasm for foreign adventures is on a deep down-cycle, so I can’t get real excited about it. What happens if and when something new crops up will tell the tale.

  11. Deap says:

    When so much of California has been lost after 20 solid years of one-party domination, including our own municipal devolution, a ray of hope burst through for our upcoming 2021 mayors race.

    What’s more this Black Swan candidate appears to get a benediction between the lines from the local political king maker, who writes for the local king-maker media outlet. The writer sounds like he gets it – and for sure the candidate gets it.

    A grand sigh of relief was immediately audible across our community, just when it was felt all hope was lost and we would keep getting more of the same old, same old. Will this an emerging political trend in this state?

    Kudos to those who step up, and like this candidate who want to do more than just yell at his computer screen. Gov Newsom take notice, you might be the next to fall.

    We tried 20 years of solid one-party super-majority and we hated the results. But are there enough of “we” left to pull this off?

  12. J says:


    I have to agree with you. What Harris and Pelosi are doing is elder-abuse, no question about it. The trouble is which bat-suit will Harris be fitting Biden for next.

    It appears that Harris is running everything outside D.C., and D.C. is being run by Pelosi. Pelosi has the Congress in lock-down, won’t allow the Members of Congress visits from their voting constituents. Sure sound like a dictatorship.

    Now for some bread crumbs coming out of the Biden-Harris-Pelosi Stimulus bill:

    COVID stimulus price tag: $17,000 per person, $69,000 per family
    [Americans pay 17 Grand for a 2 Grand rebate, what a deal!]

    A $60 billion surprise in the Covid relief bill: Tax hikes

    Democrats Sneaked in $86B for Failing Union Pensions in Supposed COVID Relief Bill

    Biden-Harris continue to do the dirty-work of the Globalist, make the U.S. little more than a banana republic.

  13. fakebot says:


    It’s an interesting question, but I think you need to fill me in more. What gives you reason to seriously believe something is going to blow soon and hard? All signs I’m reading indicate the US is recalibrating her role in these regions and trying to keep tensions from flaring up.

    With regards to Biden’s being dangerously unwell:

    FDR had a wide range of health problems when he assumed a fourth term. He was advised to retire, but refused. He died only months after reelection. Being his vice-president, Truman assumed office. He knew nothing of the US atomic weapons program while serving as vice-president, but within months he tasked Little Boy and Fat Man to be dropped on Japan.

    We worry about Biden having control of the nuclear codes, but what about Kamala? Would she have Truman’s courage if necessary?

    On another note, what if Biden refuses to resign despite his deteriorating condition? Might the Democrats prop him up further if he refuses to go out quietly? Or will they try to force him out?

    There’s a storm brewing on the horizon between Trump and status quo Republicans like McConnel, but also between Biden and the California/Sanders Democrats over his fitness for office and if he fails to stay progressive enough for their liking.

    • Ishmael Zechariah says:

      re: “It’s an interesting question, but I think you need to fill me in more. What gives you reason to seriously believe something is going to blow soon and hard? All signs I’m reading indicate the US is recalibrating her role in these regions and trying to keep tensions from flaring up.”.

      And just what are you reading, gospodin; the banned Dr. Seuss books? Look through the “RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 11 MARCH 2021” by Patrick Armstrong. Gives a good sense of this “recalibration”. Next stop: Colonel Cassad’ site. Their photos of the missile attack on the oil smugglers in Syria is good for a few chuckles. Our tayyip is getting re-calibrated. You might then watch rare screening: video of the ambush of a US supply convoy in Syria. Those folks are feeling their oats…Only thing missing is La Nuland distributing cookies in Syria. Perhaps she will go back to Ukraine?
      Hope the above is helpful.
      Ishmael Zechariah

      • fakebot says:

        Tensions remain more or less where they have always been for the last few years. Overall, the direction the US is moving suggest they’re trying to manage conflicts rather than let them get out of control.

  14. Deap says:

    Biden gets his first “tell all” book, confirming what those here, who knew and worked with Biden in the past, have been saying all along – Biden is one mean SOB:

  15. JohninMK says:


    Don’t let Ukraine slip your minds as a potential flashpoint.

    In my mind it is top of the list for several reasons. Starting with theirs:
    – they have major debts coming due they can’t pay and the IMF won’t lend them more
    – the President’s popularity is on the floor
    – they are increasing activity on the dividing line
    – much extra gear is moving towards that line
    – many years of NATO training leads them to believe they are the superior force
    – there would be a NATO planned false flag in place so they would claim victimhood
    – US/NATO is giving them lots of positivity in terms of words of support such that they believe the US has their back. It doesn’t of course.

    From Washington’s perspective:
    – now would be a perfect time to divert attention in DC on multiple fronts
    – with no legal requirement to help they could get away with a few special forces groups like last time
    – it would help driving a wedge between the EU and Russia if the latter moved overtly to help but would be content with the same unacknowledged help as 2015/6
    – unlike other fronts no risk of US body bags
    – would take Russia’s attention from the ME.

    From Donbass/Russia’s side:
    – they have a solid defensive line built over 4 years but no strategic depth, their two cities are virtually at the front
    – they are defending their land, their families, their lives and they, with their friend, fought the larger Ukrainian Army to a halt
    – Putin said in 2018, in words even Kiev can understand, that he will not let Donbass be over run especially as 500k now have Russian passports
    – the Russian Army barely has to cross the border, its barrel and rocket artillery have half of Ukraine in range and could annihilate the UA in less than 48 hours
    – difficult to keep secrets in a civil war so the timing would not be a secret
    – Russia is not the country it was in 2014, if it went for broke unlike then, apart from wailing, there is not much the US can do, especially if it only pushed as far west as the Donetsk and Luhansk county (Oblast) borders.

    If the US is not careful it is going to give the Russians another opportunity to show to the World their military prowess, the flexibility of their Military District system allowing multi front operation and their unfailing support for an ally. As well as potentially letting the Russians show to Europe that they have nothing to fear, if they stop at 30 miles or so and basically go back home. All whilst the US demonstrates the opposite, but then reinforcing DC may trump the World.

    We will know in the next few weeks.

  16. Susan says:

    John in MK
    What you’ve pointed out here looks very much like the projections made by The Saker in an article he posted on March 10th.

    • JohninMK says:

      I have now read that article. You are correct, the conclusions are inescapable. I have been in the weeds following the ins and outs of this sad situation since late 2014, as long as anyone else has and probably at a more granular level than most.
      It really has been horrific at times. This has been one of the most obscene civil wars with actions of the Kiev forces (the Nazi lot and State Security in particular) matching the Inquisition (the Class Act) at times.
      Poor bastards.

    • Mark Logan says:

      RE, The Saker’s take.

      Dismissing the Minsk agreement is a double edged sword though, it’s a thumbing of the nose to both sides, Russian and the Borg, is it not? On top of that Zelinski’s abandoning of the anti-corruption efforts had already pissed off The Borg. Saw the French foreign minister issued a statement echoing Lavrov’s on the topic recently. Minsk must stand.

      I’m not dismissing the Saker’s concerns, as Ukraine does not appear to be in the hands of rational actors.

      • JohninMK says:

        The writer of the Saker’s article said this evening that he thinks it will start in the next 48 hours.

        Ironically the Normandy Format is sitting there all primed ready for action once this is over and Ukraine will have to do what its told this time. By its actions the US will have written itself out of the script, this mess the Europeans will have to face and sort.

        Lavrov has spent his career working up to this moment.

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  19. Mark McNulty says:

    Politicians that resort to using constant bleeding-heart or fear based demagoguery have both a weak policy position and a very stupid, easily emotionally manipulated constituency. Harris is a great example

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