It Will Not End Well For Christine Margaret Blasey by Publius Tacitus


The Maryland suburbs are buzzing and the noise is likely to increase. Why? The looming battle between Christine Margaret Blasey, who has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, and the Judge. Judge Kavanaugh grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and his family was a member of the Chevy Chase Country Club, which sits north of Mazza Gallerie and between Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues. Kavanaugh is still a member there.

Christine Blasey Ford is the daughter of Paula and Ralph. They were members of the Columbia Country Club (Barack Obama is currently a member there as well). Columbia has the reputation for being the most Catholic of the Country Clubs. For those not familiar with old Washington, the various country clubs catered to particular ethnic/religious populations. Most agreed on one thing–no Jews and no Blacks.

Judge Kavanaugh went to school up on Rockville Pike (about five miles from his house) at Georgetown Prep, which is one of the oldest Jesuit High Schools in the United States. It was and is all boys. I'm told by my Catholic friends that you had less chance of being buggered at a Jesuit institution (that's a sidelight).

Christine Blasey attended Holton Arms School, which sits near the Burning Tree Country Club and is accessed from River Road. It is an inside the beltway piece of real estate. It was and is an all girls school.

So what? One of my friends who is a member of Columbia Country Club was friends with Paula and Ralph Blasey. And the word going around the halls describes Christine Margaret Blasey as a very troubled high school girl who put the "crazy" in boy crazy. The people who knew her and the people who know Brett Kavanaugh are numerous. 

Christine is likely to be blown up at next week's hearing. She cannot remember when Kavanaugh allegedly tried to get her to take her swim suit off. She cannot remember where she was when Kavanaugh allegedly put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming (an odd thing to do for someone who is very intoxicated as Blasey claims about Kavanaugh). And then there is the guy that Blasey claims was an eye-witness. One tiny little problem–the eye witness said it did not happen.

This is not a simple matter of he said, she said. There are two he saids. But the real saying is the talking that is going on in the hallways and tennis courts and putting greens at Columbia Country Club and Chevy Chase Country Club. Advantage Kavanaugh. He stayed in the area and became an exemplary citizen. Those clubs are snake pits and will readily out someone who is dishonest or an ass. We got an indication of Kavanaugh's standing by the fact that several older women, who are hard core Democrats, wrote letters defending the Judge. They do not do that for asses or pretenders.

Kavanaugh is the real deal and the testimony on Monday will bear that out. 

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