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The shame of our Syria policy – TTG

I found a reference to this “The Grayzone” article by Ben Norton this morning. The article was written back on 5 November 2019 and updated on 25 January 2021. The original article detailed the revised CSIS plan for regime change … Continue reading

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You did it! Not me!

One of these guys pooped on a White House floor. Some have suggested that Joe actually did it and can’t remember. It has been suggested that we need a DNA test in this matter. My theory is that the dog … Continue reading

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Numerous Convoys Attacked in Iraq; Biden and the Media Say Nothing

I know that our media is a pathetic lot of sycophants with no interest in reporting real news, but the attacks on U.S. logistical convoys in Iraq surely should have merited some comment. So far Crickets. According to, six … Continue reading

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Tibullus Elegy I.8 on Marathus’ Love of Pholoe

Tibullus Elegy I.8: Marathus returns from Elegy I.4 but is now in love with a young girl named Pholoe. Translated by Steven J. Willett The Venus Callipyge also called the Aphrodite Kallipygos (Ἀφροδίτη Καλλίπυγος) is a Roman copy of a … Continue reading

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Wokism has no effect here.

Some ass wrote today to describe Gordon Chang’s piece as “dumb racist talk.” In the world of the Spanish Inquisition come upon us again that may work to intimidate and silence but not here. Such talk will just get you … Continue reading

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“Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists: But Don’t Mention the Palestinians” Giraldi

 “A Department of Defense training manual that has been prepared in response to the discovery of “white supremacy” identifies Catholics and evangelical Christians inter alia as “religious extremists,” presumably because they hold traditional religious views that are unacceptable to the implementers of the currently … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Was Right, Cable News Needs Him

The ratings hemorrhage by CNN and MSNBC is real and dramatic. Fox News also suffered a post-election drop because of its betrayal of the President, but has achieved some measure of stability. That said, Fox is way below where it … Continue reading

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Is this our Turcopolier celebrating his freedom in Iceland? – TTG

In truth it’s Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson, an Icelandic tour guide, as he posed nude near the Geldingadalur. His friend and fellow Icelander, Norris Niman, took the photo as other sightseers watched in glee. No, it’s not our Turcopolier, but I … Continue reading

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“Study: U.S. Media’s Covid Coverage Slants Heavily Negative”

“In July, a Franklin Templeton-Gallup poll found Americans had a poor understanding of the risk of Covid-19 death for different age cohorts: Participants said people aged 55+ accounted for a little over half of the deaths, when the actual share was 92%. … Continue reading

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H.R.353 – Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021

“This bill requires the Office of Personnel Management to revise Standard Form 86 (Questionnaire for National Security Positions) to specifically include questions regarding an individual’s (1) affiliation with organizations or movements that spread conspiracy theories and false information about the … Continue reading

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