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A Lot of Nothing at Annapolis

"But the two leaders sprinkled their speeches with references to diplomatic code words that point to the tough path ahead. Abbas, for instance, referred to a U.N. resolution that Palestinians believe gives them the right to return to their land … Continue reading

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The Syrian Opportunity

"In a move that could bolster the credibility of the Bush administration’s upcoming Mideast peace talks, Syria has decided to send a representative to attend the conference this week in Annapolis, Md., the country’s official news agency, Sana, reported today. … Continue reading

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How to Carve A Turkey

"“I don’t cut like a chef, I cut like a butcher,” said Ray Venezia, the meat director for the four Fairway markets, a third-generation butcher and one of the biggest turkey purveyors in New York City. Instead of slicing the … Continue reading

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The Lebanese “Powderkeg”

"Though most Lebanese have grown used to America’s pro-Israel policy, they are now watching with anxiety as the U.S. emphasizes Hezbollah’s role as a surrogate for Iran and Syria. Lebanese have little sympathy for Iran and even less for Syria, … Continue reading

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Baram answers your questions

“Pat, This is an attempt to respond to the reactions to my brief comment from a few days ago. Best, Amatzia “[Ricks and DeYoung]’s article nowhere mentions the plight of the over 2 million internal refugees in Iraq”. I agree. … Continue reading

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Annapolis – Why Bother?

"The Cabinet vote took place ahead of a meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Abbas later in the day. The two men were trying to break a deadlock in preparations for the U.S.-hosted peace summit, which is expected to … Continue reading

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The IAEA’s real views on the Iranian Nuclear Program.

Jim Herring has written from Oklahoma to provide the following analysis and rich trove of documents concerning atomic events in Iran.  pl ————————————————————— "Remember how the bush-cheney cabal was quite critical of this agreement with iran and has declared that … Continue reading

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Amatzia Baram on the big question in Iraq

Pat, Between 1920 and 1924 the Shi’is of Iraq spilled a lot of blood in fighting the British. Their leading clerics under the leadership of Grand Ayat Allah Shirazi called for jihad and even after the collapse of the armed … Continue reading

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Ricks on the big question in Iraq

"Indeed, some US Army officers now talk more sympathetically about former insurgents than they do about their ostensible allies in the Shiite-led central government. "It is painful, very painful," dealing with the obstructionism of Iraqi officials, said Army Lt. Col. … Continue reading

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The Big Question in Iraq

It is now clear that the tactic of weaning tribal and village support away from Sunni insurgent groups is working quite well.  With a minimum of babble about the "freedom agenda" the armed forces are going about the business of … Continue reading

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