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Gone again

Doing the lord’s work.  Hopefully will be back the 6th and will post from the road as possible.  pl

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Quds force mediated Iraqi Fighting.

"….The backdrop to Sadr’s dramatic statement was a secret trip Friday to Qom, Iran’s holy city and headquarters of the dominant Iranian clergy, by Iraqi lawmakers. There they held talks with Brig. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Qods (Jerusalem) … Continue reading

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Serving Patriot on Maliki’s Motives

"COL, You noted to arbogast: "Maliki may have started this on his own trying to strengthen his own hand for the Autumn elections." Methinks there is a lot to this line of thought. Maliki, along with all the other Iraqi … Continue reading

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More on Basra, South Iraq and Iran

"..the damage has not only been to Britain’s military reputation. It has also led to the most profound split between Britain and America since relations froze during the Suez crisis 50 years ago. Shamefully for Britain, the White House is … Continue reading

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Pale Rider on Iraq/Iran and the MSR

I have been writing about the vulnerability of this supply line for several years.  You could deliver the goods through Aqaba in Jordan, but this would require the construction of the terminal and marshaling facilities necessary to a modern LOC/MSR … Continue reading

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“Iraqi Forces vs. The Extremists”

When Joe Lieberman corrected McCain’s "senior moment" in Jordan, he had McCain say that the Iranians were training "extremists," not "alkaydah" (sic).  The two of them and Graham had just come from Iraq, so I guess Joe had gotten the … Continue reading

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“Medellin vs. Texas” Bush lost big time.

"The majority also flatly rejected the Bush Administration’s claim that it could make the ICJ decision binding by presidential memorandum. "The president," the majority wrote, "has an array of political and diplomatic means available to enforce international obligations, but unilaterally … Continue reading

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Why McCain is the Wrong Man

""The United States cannot lead by virtue of its power alone," McCain said, noting that the United States did not single-handedly win the Cold War or other conflicts in its history. Instead, he said, the country must lead by attracting … Continue reading

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Who are the “Iraqi Security Forces?”

"The Sadrists are angry over recent raids and detentions, saying U.S. and Iraqi forces have taken advantage of the cease-fire to crack down on the movement. They also have accused rival Shiite parties, which control Iraqi security forces, of engineering … Continue reading

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UCMJ extends to civilian contractors – Gates

"Jim" sent me this little gem.  The MSM misses most important things and this is one of them.  Under this Department of Defense  directive, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates takes action to assure the extension of the authority of US … Continue reading

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