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For the past eight years, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been able to retain power with a shrinking and ever-more extremist coalition of settlers, religious parties and his own Likud by fending off critics.  Hardline critics in his own … Continue reading

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Operation “Borders of Hatay” Turn 3 Ending situation and “Hot Wash”

Game situation on 18 January, 2017. 1.  Following Task Force Suheil’s crushing victory over advancing jihadi reinforcements on the M5 axis east of the Takhtanaz airhead,  the task force was loaded on the HETs and other trucks that had followed it and … Continue reading

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“Has Obama betrayed Israel?” Henry Siegman

  "Is it not high time for Israel’s public to wake up to Netanyahu’s deceptions? The countries that voted for this Security Council resolution are not anti-Semitic outliers. They included every major democratic country that belongs to the Security Council. … Continue reading

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Last Concert

I prefer "Katyusha." pl

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  Many of us here are old.  Please arrange that when you go someone will tell us so that we can properly  mourn.  pl

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Christmas in Damascus this year. pl

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Operation “Borders of Hatay” Turn 3

Administration.  Remains the Same. Scenario Turn 3 January 2 to 10 January 12 The Syrian government has now made it clear through broadcasts on SANA that it intends to clear Idlib Province and other west Syria pockets of jihadi control … Continue reading

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Minuit, Chretiens – Jackie Evancho

This was always sung at Midnight Mass in Sanford, Maine when I was a boy.  The man who sang it had an even more haunting voice.  pl    pl

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Operation “Borders of Hatay” – Turn 2

  Administration.  All remains the same. Scenario Turn 2. Christmas Day to 1 January. R+6 elements have continued to eliminate pockets of jihadi/unicorn resistance in the  Damascus region with many former opposition fighters accepting government pardons and amnesty.  Those not … Continue reading

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On December 19, the Florida Bulldog, an online news publication, released an October 2012 FBI document, revealing that the Bureau's investigation into Saudi support for the September 11, 2001 terrorists continued for at least a decade after the Joint Congressional … Continue reading

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