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“Jefferson might not agree..” Peter Principle

"All these mournful laments for our dead (or dying) republic remind me of a scene from Robert Graves’ Claudius the God. Claudius has hatched a plot to send his son, Britannicus, into exile, from which he will someday emerge to … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney and the Return of the King.

"..Cheney and Addington will go down in history as the most aggressive and successful advocates of executive powers in this nation’s history. As Fritz Schwarz and I have charted, Cheney and Addington were in large part responsible for the 1987 … Continue reading

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Nir Rosen on CNN – 24 June, 2007

"NIR ROSEN, JOURNALIST: Well, it already did. We created a civil war. This is actually outrageous. Outgoing U.N. envoy to the Middle East peace process, Alvaro De Soto, himself accused the U.S. of fomenting a civil war by training, funding … Continue reading

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..”a horribly distorted secularization of Judaism..” Sidney Smith

Our friend Sidney Smith sends us this to continue the recent discussion: pl ————————————————————– "David Habukkak: Thank you very much for your critique and extraordinary insights. At least in my opinion, the vision underlying economic "shock therapy" is the same … Continue reading

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Neoconisme – A “perverse Secularization of Christian Concepts?”

David Habakkuk sends us this: "Michael Murry, You are I think absolutely right about opportunism of the enthusiasm of people like Krauthammer for alliance with the Armageddonites — and also its incautiousness. An old limerick goes: There was a young … Continue reading

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Krauthammer and the return of the “Comintern”

"Hamas is a client of Iran. Gaza now constitutes the farthest reach of the archipelago of Iranian proxies: Hamas in Palestine, Hizbullah in Lebanon, the Mahdi army (among others) in Iraq and the Alawite regime of Syria. This Islamist mini-replica … Continue reading

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Gaza and Melos- Two Dialogues.

"Last year, I was among a small group of Palestinians that met Elliott Abrams, President George Bush’s deputy national security adviser. He was blunt that the Hamas government, which was democratically elected, must be pushed out at any cost. We’re … Continue reading

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The Washington Post on Hamas.

"The most dangerous illusion to emerge from the U.S.-Israeli discussions is the idea that Hamas can be isolated in Gaza while Mr. Abbas is built up in the West Bank. The Palestinian president is unlikely to abandon the 1.5 million … Continue reading

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Iraq- An Unbalanced Government That Likes it That Way

"In reality, they are forcing the Iraqi government and the Shia and the Kurds to reconcile with the Saddamists," the official added. "This is similar to going to the South in 1865 and forcing the Confederates to reconcile immediately with … Continue reading

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Biography, etc.

Download CompleteCV Download SESbio.pdf Republished because of additions.  pl

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