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It’s “Bibi” time again.

Natanyahu takes office today with his cabinet of extreme nationalists, religious parties and a variety of other "friends of AIPAC."  What can be expected from this cast of characters? – An endless evasiveness on the subject of a state for … Continue reading

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“Cast Lead,” a useless effort.

"There have been numerous allegations of Israeli atrocities during the three-week campaign,including the charge that Israel fired white phosphorus shells "repeatedly over densely populated areas." Human Rights Watch made the accusation in a report last week. White phosphorus burns on … Continue reading

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Bob Gates on FNS – Yes, that’s what we are doing.

The Secretary of Defense appeared on Fox News Sunday today.  Chris Wallace, the moderator, took the opportunity to ask every divisive, provocative question available and Gates breezed through the interview coolly answering all questions in a factual, calm way that … Continue reading

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A good plan for Afghanistan…

And more importantly, for the United States. I have been holding my breath to to see what the White House and CENTCOM strategy reviews would produce with regard to Afghanistan in particular.  In the interest of full disclosure I should … Continue reading

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“Oil falls as U.S. inventories rise to 16-year high” Marketwatch

"Total petroleum products supplied over the past four weeks averaged 19.1 million barrels a day, down 3.2% from a year ago, the Energy Information Administration reported. Meanwhile, crude inventories rose 3.3 million barrels last week, more than the 1.4 million … Continue reading

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CNBC as a negative indicator, of everything.

Have these people ever gotten anything right?  On the Sunday news talkies, they pushed the idea that there would be no private investors for the government's toxic paper program.  Yesterday, the stock markets took off like a flock of startled geese … Continue reading

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“The Lobby Falters” Mearsheimer

"An even more important reason for the lobby to drive Freeman out of his job is the weakness of the case for America’s present policy towards Israel, which makes it imperative to silence or marginalise anyone who criticises the special … Continue reading

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Dr. Adam Silverman on US/Israel Relations

Download ALS_Freeman_neo_Cons_Lang

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Iran, Obama, AIG and Britt Hume

"Fox News Sunday" (FNS) is always fun for the feeble minded. Chris Wallace, the ringmaster for this circus, went on and on and on today about his "concern" that because the Congress is taxing away the bonuses of failed but … Continue reading

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Military Access Survey

From time to time I like to take a survey of the locations from which people can access SST on military, on-base computers, NIPR net,etc. Please write to let me know.  Someone please make me a map if you have … Continue reading

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