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The arm that has arrived at the ISS

The smart, mechanical arm is made by a Japanese robotics startup, Gitai, which specializes in space robotics. The company says that the S1 has eight degrees of freedom, which is one more than a human arm. Take that, meatbags. Gitai also lists the … Continue reading

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A killer “vaccine?”

“The inoculated people have already been marked. According to former Pfizer Vice President, top-virologist and chief scientist, Mike Yeadon, most “vaxxed” people will experience devastating impacts on their health after having been injected with the mRNA poison. Others, like German Drs. Sucharit … Continue reading

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“Taliban Cut Internet Access …”

“The Panjshir Valley is held by anti-Taliban resistance fighters, and the Taliban effectively cut internet and telecommunications access, a BBC reporter tweeted Monday: “Local sources tell me almost all internet and telecom services have been disrupted by the Taliban in Panjshir. An anti-resistance … Continue reading

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“Money running out for Taliban …”? – Telegraph

“… as the Taliban prepares to govern for the second time, experts have warned that it will not compromise on its hardline Islamist values to secure crucial aid from the West. Afghanistan experts believe that many of the advances in … Continue reading

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Firefly Alpha Maiden Flight

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How is it that we are getting live reports from Kabul?

“Communications in Afghanistan is under the control of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). It has rapidly expanded after the Karzai administration took over in late 2001, and has embarked on wireless companies, internet, radio stations and television channels.” wiki Comment: It is … Continue reading

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Aristophanes on Sending Poets to Meet Dead Poets in Hades

Aristophanes Fragment from Gerytades Athenaeus 12.551A (Loeb Aristophanes Fragments 156) Translated by Steven J. Willett Note 1: The setting of the play is Athens where an assembly of poets select Meletus to represent tragedy, Sannyrion comedy and Cinesias dithyramb for … Continue reading

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“Biden Says Second Kabul Airport Attack Likely in 24-36 Hours” Newsmax

“President Joe Biden warned that conditions in Kabul during the final days of the U.S. evacuation remain “extremely dangerous” and said his military commanders informed him during a briefing Saturday morning that another attack is “highly likely in the next … Continue reading

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Open Thread 28 August 2021


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Kodiak Launch for Space Force

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