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“Eco-Holocaust Denial” – Crime or Illness?

In the aftermath of the struggle to compose yesterday's post on Climate Change, I sat up late watching TeeVee and fell into a fitful sleep around midnight.  I often dream of a dystopian  universe in which I wander aimlessly through … Continue reading

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If you believe that climate change will kill us all …

  I am increasingly impressed with the number of people in the US who have been converted to the climate change hysteric state.  People I have known for years are considering winding up their earthly affairs.  One man asked if … Continue reading

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Yes, There Were FBI Informants, But They Were Paid by the CIA by Larry C Johnson

The internet was abuzz on Thanksgiving Eve with a report by the New York Times, Review is Expected to Undercut Trump Claim of FBI Spying. Here is the lede: The F.B.I. never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside the … Continue reading

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Open Thread 26 November 2019


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Who? What?

"As of 2019, members of the royal family are: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh (the monarch and her husband) The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall[a] (the Queen's son and daughter-in-law) The Duke and Duchess of … Continue reading

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Who “debunked” the Biden conspiracy theories?

"Graham's conspiracy theory-based investigation is rooted in the baseless allegation that Biden pressured Ukraine to remove a corrupt prosecutor in 2016 as a way to protect Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, against a corruption probe. Biden's son Hunter was previously … Continue reading

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The US neocons and neo-liberals created The Maidan coup? How odd! – Not

There are many instances of U.S. coups that the Government lied about and that afterward had negative blowback. The 1953 U.S. coup against Iran’s democratically elected Government wasn’t revealed to the American public until decades after it had happened. It … Continue reading

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Punch foresaw The Borg

"Foreign Policy" "This was a debate over policy. Trump’s critics may not have liked the policy he was pushing. But as former Defense Intelligence Agency official Pat Lang noted on his blog last week, the statute in question applies only … Continue reading

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Here is What the Horowitz Report Should Conclude by Larry C Johnson

You do not have to wait for the Horowitz report. I can give you a preview of what he should have found if he conducted an honest audit. The following is not my opinion. It is based on the flood … Continue reading

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24 million lifetime page views for SST


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