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Happy Birthday to me.

I am taking a day off from SST and going out for a drink with this guy. I wish I looked this good. My favorite Washington statue.  I still feel like that.  pl

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Korea War – Round 2 part 2

"I don't think the NK forces are a piper tiger, but I believe they would have a very difficult time with a long, protracted fight. And they know it." CWZ, IMHO I think you hit on a truth that's been … Continue reading

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Oil Prices, OPEC and the Financial Markets

"It's a warm spring day in Vienna, and OPEC delegates meeting in the former imperial capital seem more relaxed than they have been in months. There is less behind-the-scenes skullduggery than usual. Instead, it's an opportunity to hold leisurely dinners … Continue reading

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Korean War Round 2?

"The United States could fight an old-fashioned war against North Korea if necessary, even while newer forms of conflict against terrorists and extremists continue, the Army's top officer said Thursday. Asked whether the United States would be prepared to fight if war … Continue reading

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National Journal blog- 25 May 2009

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“A New Kind of War Part 1” Richard Sale

Escalating violence, an acceleration of targeted killings, and deniable attacks by U.S. Special Forces on Taliban strong holds in Pakistan will all be the major results of the administration’s U.S. latest change in command  in Afghanistan, according to senior Pentagon … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Elections

Both Iran and Lebanon are going to the polls soon to elect new governments. In Iran the citizenry face the choice between Ahmadinajad (al-majnoon) and someone else.  It is hard to imagine who could be a worse choice than Ahmadinajad.  … Continue reading

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The National Guard in a Time of endless war

"…On his first day, he woke up early, showered and beat his housemate out the door. Normally, the traffic during his commute to his new office in Charlottesville would have driven him crazy, but not today. He was thrilled to … Continue reading

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Artists versus Bureaucrats – WP Lang

Download Artists Versus Bureaucrats…

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Obama administration creates South Caucasus supply network – By Richard Sale

  As the United States prepares to boost its military presence in Afghanistan, the Obama administration is using all means to secure alternative routes to supply U.S. and NATO forces as the security situation continues to deteriorate in Pakistan, according … Continue reading

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