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“Egypt Decrees That Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins Be Dispersed” NY Times

"On Tuesday, two Republican senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, frequent critics of President Obama, said he had asked them to visit Egypt next week to help persuade the interim leaders to move forward with new elections and an inclusive … Continue reading

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Is NATO still an effective military alliance?

"… at a time of austerity, the British public's enduring attachment to its men and women in uniform still isn't enough to save the country's £34 billion ($52 billion) defense budget from bearing its share of severe government spending cuts. … Continue reading

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  IMO the case was overcharged in the matters of "aiding the enemy" and the espionage statute.  I think Manning is too trivial a person for that to have been his goal.  Nevertheless, the BBC and other unfriendly propaganda organizations … Continue reading

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What has been happening in Egypt by Dr. Amatzia Baram

First I shall say clearly How I see the June 30 and Tamarrud  phenomenon. I believe that it was a populist impeachment, Egyptian-style, of a hastily elected president who was absolutely incompetent and who tried to seize absolute power. The … Continue reading

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Pope Francis said nothing new.

The media are doing their best to twist Pope Franci' words to their own ends.  It has long been the teaching of the Catholic Church that being gay is not sinful.  The teaching is that doing gay is sinful.  Nothing … Continue reading

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What does Kerry think he is doing?

"Why is it then that US Secretary of State John Kerry is so eager to push both parties into another set of negotiations that are highly likely to be not only unproductive but counterproductive, by fuelling Palestinian anger by their … Continue reading

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Temporary bans.

Tyler and GZP.  You fellows are just too personal.  You are "gone" for a while.  pl

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Is this the Ohio Grassman?

In the spirit our enduring lightheartedness here, ( I am weary of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, etc.) I offer you the spectacle of a hunt by "professional" hunters and trappers from West Virginia (something like Auvergne in France) for the supposed … Continue reading

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History rhymes in Egypt

"… activists at the Rabaa al-Adawia mosque vigil voiced fury.  "The people want the execution of Sisi," a cleric shouted to the crowd from a stage by the mosque. "The people want the execution of the butcher."  Reuters ———————————– Mark … Continue reading

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Islamists murdered major secular politicians in Tunisia.

  "Several thousand Islamists took to the streets of Tunis on Friday to defend the Islamist-led government from popular demands for it to resign over the assassination of a secular opposition politician. As Islamists and secular opponents staged rival protests … Continue reading

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