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3 to 2 in Overtime

 OK.  You win.  Congratulations.  pl

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Go home, Canada.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow,  I must say that it never had occurred to me that Canadians thought they were locked in a third world nationalist contest with the US. I thought we were kin.  Clearly, Canadians do not see it that way.  'We will make … Continue reading

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Soldier Handbook for Iraq.

 Dr. Silverman sent me this.  It is the handbook that was issued to US soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) before the division's initial deployment to Iraq in 2003.  pl  Download Soldiershandbookiraq

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Congratulations to Canada’s Women

I neglected to post a note of felicitation for Canada's victory over the US last night. We hope your men do as well against Slovakia tonight.  We want you, not them on Sunday. pl 

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Turn the whale loose.

 ""We have every intention of continuing to interact with this animal, though the procedures for working with him will change," SeaWorld wrote in its blog Thursday. SeaWorld, which opened as usual Thursday, did not specify how it would change its … Continue reading

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“Will the Dubai hit increase Israel’s global isolation?” By Haaretz Editorial

 "These are the known facts: The Dubai police claim that 26 visitors entered and exited the emirate over the past year on false British, Irish, Australian, German and French passports. Some or all were involved in the assassination of senior … Continue reading

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Seems to be fixed

Typepad tells me that a blank entry in the "blocked" file gummed things up.  How that happened I do not know.  pl  JoeC pls send me that last comment again. 

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Homage to Virtue and Moir

 Absolutely stunning.  pl

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Artillery, Mortars and Indirect Fire

I am impressed by the total cluelessness displayed by civilian readers on these subjects.  I appeal to the soldiers here to write something that I can post as an article on the subject of fire support, the accuracy of weapons … Continue reading

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Homage to Canadian Hockey

As a former goalkeeper at the high school level (pickup team on the pond stuff) I would like to congratulate the men's Canadian Olympic hockey team for the brave struggle that they put up in Vancouver last night.  I was … Continue reading

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