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“In the Land of the Blind…”

"Indeed, Hamas’s victory has set off a debate whether the administration was so wedded to its belief in democracy that it could not see the dangers of holding elections in regions where Islamist groups were strong and democratic institutions weak. … Continue reading

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Airborne, All the Way

Download 81waystarbursts2.wmv Someone will say this is fake.  I hope not. Pat Lang

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The Duck Rule I listened to the CNN chat with the Hamas fellow from Gaza. I thought he was remarkable frank. Mahmoud al-Zahhar is his name and he is a surgeon. He said (roughly): -We are Islamic. This is an Islamic government … Continue reading

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“Pie in the Sky”

"So," he said, in a conclusion that may not seem immediately logical to outsiders but was repeated again and again in interviews here, "I think it is the best chance for peace. I think Hamas can understand there is no … Continue reading

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“The Buffalo Theory”

Download BuffaloTheory.jpg TGIF

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Review of “King Kong”

Download king_kong.doc Alan Farrell Might have been a better flic with the sex scenes. Actually, the monkey should stop by Ben Benson’s on 52nd street and forget about the rest. Pat Lang

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The Price of Fantasy

"on Thursday morning, Hamas officials said the group had won up to 75 seats — giving it a solid majority in the 132-member parliament. Officials in Fatah conceded that Hamas had won at least 70 seats, or enough to rule … Continue reading

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Picture Title

I have "run into" this picture in a number of settings but have not been able to identify it precisely by title, medium, artist, period, etc.  Anyone know?  Is it an illustration? It depicts the final defense of St. Jean … Continue reading

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A New Palestinian Legislature

"The latest surveys show HAMAS, which obtained major success in the local elections against the group, al-Fatah, lead by President Mahmoud Abbas, will get more than one third of the votes in this election and become an important political power. … Continue reading

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Lebanon, the perpetual pawn.

"No consensus exists on a vision for Lebanon. Hizballah’s strategic alliances with Syria and, more significantly, Iran make improbable a serious dialogue on disarmament, which the party’s leaders consider an existential threat. Nor does Hizballah feel an urge to compromise, … Continue reading

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