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Someday, Someday …

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Another Biden folly coming?

“Members of the progressive “Squad” have quickly responded to news of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement by calling for a Black woman to take his place. “It is past time for a Black woman to be named to the Supreme Court,” Rep. Cori … Continue reading

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Who is THIS Joe Biden?

“Who the hell is this guy? ” (Re-published 26 January, 2022) “The old Biden was a windbag who wouldn’t shut up, the new Biden is a silent Sam, especially when it comes to answering press questions. He ducks, dodges, hides and … Continue reading

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Satellite Images of Russia – A Puzzlement by Walrus

The Australian ABC has today posted an article syndicated from AP entitled “Here’s what sanctions the US could impose on Russia if it invades Ukraine” This suggests, charmingly, that among other targets for sanctions, President Putins alleged partner might … Continue reading

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Truth About COVID is Not a Conspiracy

Facts are a wonderful thing. Especially when you are talking about Covid and how to fight it. Let’s start with masks. The Worldometers database is very straightforward on this issue. If masks worked as advertised then we would expect that … Continue reading

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“NYC Mayor Adams reinstates police unit de Blasio disbanded during defund police movement”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday that he is fulfilling a campaign promise and bringing back a new version of the once-controversial plainclothes anti-gun unit, as part of his blueprint to end gun violence. The New York Police Department is expected … Continue reading

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Good news from the L2 orbit point

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The Guns of February? Are we really that mad?

“Last week, Biden said he had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country’s invasion of Ukraine would cause Washington to send more troops to the region. “We’re going to actually increase troop presence in Poland, in Romania, et cetera, … Continue reading

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Ukraine–A Domestic Brawl That Is Not Our Fight

Friday night two New York police officers were shot trying to intervene in a domestic fight between a mother and son. One was killed and one was critically wounded. The survival of that officer remains in doubt. Ask any police … Continue reading

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Falcon 9 Block 5 | CSG-2

CSG-2 is an Earth observation satellite for the Italian Space Agency, part of a reconnaissance constellation using synthetic aperture radars operating in the X-band.

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