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Open Thread 31 January 2019


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Trump and the Spookery.

"Trump and his top aides have taken a hard line on Iran, implying that the Islamist-led country still poses a nuclear threat despite its adherence to a 2015 accord that put curbs on its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions … Continue reading

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A fearless forecast – 29 January, 2019

1.  The Democrats are looking for an "off-ramp" in their conflict with DJT over southern border defense.  They are now saying that they must hear the opinion of "experts" before deciding what would constitute adequate border defense.  This is of … Continue reading

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22 million lifetime page views now


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The Daydreams of Dilbert Dogbert – TTG

This comment was posted earlier today by our friend, dilbertdogbert, at the behest of Colonel Lang. The sentiment expressed by both these gentlemen is one with which I heartedly agree. We can only take so much politics, anger and stupidity … Continue reading

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Bishop Foys says he was “bullied.”

"The bishop of the Covington Diocese in Kentucky claimed that he and Covington Catholic High School were “bullied” into condemning the behavior of students engaged in a controversial encounter with a Native American elder. In a letter to parents, the … Continue reading

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Is Pentagon Planning To Stay in Syria Despite Trump?

by Willy B Trump may have vacillated on the time line for the US military withdrawal from Syria but the available evidence suggests that he is determined that it will happen. At the same time, elements of the US national … Continue reading

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Mueller’s Desperate Roger Stone Gambit by Larry Johnson

I have had to shut off all of the media. The media/establishment hatred of Trump and their desire to force him from office is palpable and on near continuous display on every cable channel, including Fox. These pundits remind me … Continue reading

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Roger Stone is charged with crimes about his appearance before the House Intelligence Committee

By Robert Willmann Now more than ever, it is obvious that the federal criminal justice system (with help from within the intelligence community) is being corruptly used to try to remove the president of the United States, who was nominated … Continue reading

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” for whatever they eat, I eat” Washpost

" … ibn Said soon fled and made his way to North Carolina, where he was captured around Fayetteville. He was jailed, then handed over to plantation owner and future congressman James Owen, the brother of John Owen, a future … Continue reading

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