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“Elections By the Numbers” By Larry Johnson

How are people getting their news? A fair question. Let me lay some hard numbers on you: Total USA Population as of 2016: 324 million How many people are watching national news on ABC, CBS and NBC? (Data from 2014): Network … Continue reading

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The Russians and Sultan Tayyip?

  It is not clear to me what, if anything, the Russians and Sultan Tayyip have agreed on.  The battle east of Aleppo City out on the green plains of the fertile crescent seems a muddle.  I don't see evidence … Continue reading

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Of Quarterbacks and Colonial Marines – TTG

No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. These … Continue reading

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The United States is indeed exceptional. It is in the only country that ushers in a new Presidency by displacing thousands of the highest Executive branch officials. ‘Change’ you believe in because it is dictated by law and rooted tradition. … Continue reading

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“Will Turkey’s military turn East or West?” by Metin Gurcan

As the number of dismissals from Turkey's military ranks grows after the failed coup last month, we can try to get a clearer picture of who and what will be left when the purge ends.  Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik said Aug. 18 … Continue reading

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US Politics and policy and Syria

US politics.   I am more convinced than ever that HC will be president.  IMO the NY Times estimate of an 80% chance of that happening is "on the money" unless there is a much larger hidden pro-Trump, pro-Republican vote than … Continue reading

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I’m back.


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“Alt Right” by Tyler

Hillary Clinton gave a speech today attacking the “Alt Right” in between simultaneously claiming Trump was a Putin puppet and that Trump was going to start WW3 with nukes by attacking Putin.  There was an ad that featured “scary” KKK … Continue reading

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“A Scytheclaw and her Boy” by Tyler

           “The Lady fell for another          To the Beast she was a mother          Dragons talk and Dragons mock          But the Beast begins his stalk          They stand! They fall! Then they flee!          How many of … Continue reading

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“The World Turned Upside Down” – TTG

ISTANBUL — Syrian rebels backed by Turkish troops and tanks recaptured the Islamic State’s last major stronghold on the Syrian-Turkish border on Wednesday, inflicting yet another defeat on the militants rapidly dwindling “caliphate.” By late afternoon, rebel fighters and Turkish … Continue reading

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